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These 3 lawsuits are protecting the rights of companies like Beyond Meat to call their products ‘burgers’, ‘hot dogs,’ and other words associated with meat

   As demand for plant-based meat and dairy alternatives is booming, so is legislation around how such products can be labeled in grocery stores – and lawsuits protecting the free speech rights of companies that make them. In nearly half of the states in the US, bills have been announced or passed that would monitor […]

Beyond Meat Bleeds Back Below Secondary Offering Price

Well that escalated quickly… Since the secondary offering on 7/31 at $160, it’s been a one-way streak lower, and now back below that secondary offering price… Some respite for the shorts but BYND is still up 546% from its IPO open… Still beyond belief. Source Article from Related Posts Forex drops to 8074t/1$ in […]

Way beyond censorship, California Democrats now trying to de-platform President Trump from the election BALLOTS

(Natural News) Are California Democrats getting so worried about losing their grip on one-party rule in the Golden State they are willing to act like tyrants and usurp the Constitution in order to keep POTUS Donald Trump off the 2020 ballot? It sure seems that way based on a new law the […]

Electrical Engineering Team Brags About “Beyond 5G” Wireless Transceiver

July 17, 2019 By B.N. Frank So a group of inventors are psyched and bragging about their new “beyond 5G”wireless transceiver that will utilize higher frequencies and boost speeds. A new wireless transceiver invented by electrical engineers at the University of California, Irvine boosts radio frequencies into 100-gigahertz territory, quadruple the speed of the upcoming […]

GMO Impossible Burger Tests 11x Higher for Glyphosate Residue than Beyond Meat Burger

A Monsanto trial jury awarded the plaintiffs over $2 billion dollars, for the connection between the glyphosate-based herbicide, Roundup, and their cancer. Today, Moms Across America announces that the Impossible Burger* tested positive for glyphosate. The levels of glyphosate detected in the Impossible burger by Health Research Institute Laboratories were 11x higher than the Beyond […]

Netanyahu’s threat against Iran is beyond Israel’s capability, analyst says

International lawyer and peace activist Barry Grossman says Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s threat to use F-35 warplanes against Iran is funny because it is beyond Israel’s capability.   Source Article from Related Posts Brad Pitt: President Trump Is a ‘Threat’ on ‘Serious Issues’ Hollywood star Brad Pitt tried to warn a French interviewer that President Trump […]

Iran Rightfully Increases Uranium Stockpiles and Enrichment Beyond JCPOA Limits

Iran recently increased its enriched uranium stockpiles and uranium enrichment levels beyond JCPOA limits in response to Washington’s unilateral withdrawal and increased sanctions. Fourteen months ago, Donald Trump unilaterally pulled the United States out of the 2015 Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) agreement, also known as the Iran Nuclear Deal. Soon after the withdrawal, […]

Do the rules of environmental protection extend to exoplanets beyond our solar system?

(Natural News) A German researcher did not believe it was possible to justify the environmental protection of planets outside our solar system on the grounds of potential use by humankind in the future. He also believed it was irrelevant to regulate the environments of exoplanets that can support life if the same worlds happened to […]

Transcendence: Move Beyond Stress, Fear and Anxiety – FREE Online Docu-Series

Stress has become one of our greatest enemies in this modern, high-pressure life. This 21st century health epidemic is a silent killer. Now, from the filmmakers of Food Matters and Hungry For Change, comes Transcendence: a 5-part FMTV original series that explores the current state of our physical, emotional, and mental health in a captivating new way. Click […]

"Beyond Ridiculous" – Trader Warns The Fed "Won’t Do Anyone Any Good By Doing Anything"

Sometimes, the hardest thing to do is nothing… and this week’s FOMC decision will be among the hardest The Fed has faced in months – do they once again give stocks exactly what they are demanding, teaching the spoiled child once again that if they scream enough, they’ll get their juicebox; or remain “patient”, reminding […]

The Duality of Polarity: Beyond Nationalism and Globalism

June 18th, 2019 By Ethan Indigo Smith Contributing writer for Wake Up World All around the world, the institutionalization of society and of government is ruled, subtly and overtly, by mutually dependent opposition. This is the right wing and left wing dynamic of government the world over. The wings are apparently opposing but in fact the right […]

Raising issues beyond JCPOA fail to save treaty : Iran

Mousavi made the remarks in reaction to allegations raised by French President Emmanuel Macron during his Thursday meeting with US counterpart Donald Trump. Despite of delivered speeches and political statements, the European parties have actually failed to fulfill their commitments under JCPOA to nullify the impacts of the US illegal withdrawal from the deal, the spokesman […]

The Third Dimension of Fire – Blood Sacrifice and Beyond

Elva Thompson, Contributor Waking Times “The thing that hath been, it is that which shall be; and that which is done is that which shall be done: and there is no new thing under the sun.” ~Ecclesiastes 1:9  What a bizarre and seductive reality we live in. A chaotic world of speed where survival is […]

Beyond Meat Soars Above $100 As KFC Said To Plan Vegan Fried Chicken Alternative

Call it Kentucky Fried Tofu. According to Business Insider, America’s iconic deep-fried meat company, KFC, is meeting with major plant-based “meat” makers to discuss what a vegan version of fried chicken could look like. The revolutionary shift in company strategy comes as vegan, plant-based “meats” join the menu at chains like Del Taco and Burger […]

Ukraine one of the poorest nations in Europe & beyond – World Bank

   Ukraine is rated as one of the poorest countries in Europe and Central Asia when it comes to GDP per capita, according to the country’s key creditor, the World Bank. The agency placed the nation on the same level as Moldova, Armenia and Georgia, saying that it would take Ukraine more than 50 years […]

Is It True Former FBI Head Robert Mueller Is Beyond Reproach?

Op-Ed by Catherine J. Frompovich We know of Robert Mueller’s involvement with Uranium One, i.e., Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s having Mueller deliver the first sample of highly enriched uranium to the Russians. In 2009, then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton directed FBI Director Mueller to deliver a sample of Highly Enriched Uranium (HEU) to Russia. […]

ROLL-OUT MISREPRESENTATION: 5G is simply not scalable beyond dense urban areas

High frequency, small coverage area With 4G, carriers prioritized so-called “beachfront spectrum” below 1GHz in order to cover the entire US, both rural areas and cities. 5G networks will use both low and high frequencies, but they’re supposed to offer their highest speeds on millimeter waves. Millimeter-wave spectrum is usually defined to include frequencies between […]

Three Real-World Examples of Magical Power Far Beyond Anything Scientists Have Ever Seen

The Facts: Dean Radin, Chief Scientist at the Institute of Noetic Sciences has published a book titled “Real Magic.” In it, he provides multiple examples of people who possessed these. They have existed throughout history, and have always been outlawed. Reflect On: These abilities have been proven to be real in a scientific setting, as […]

Beyond the Breaking Point

January 25th, 2019 By Michele Waterman Guest writer for Wake Up World My story isn’t unique. I’m one of many millions of Americans who bought into an unproven theory that depression and anxiety are caused by unbalanced brain chemistry. After taking psych meds for sixteen years, I can honestly say I’ve given traditional psychiatry and allopathic […]

Beyond free speech

When a delegation of pro-justice activists and community leaders met with Washington state governor Jay Inslee in 2017, to urge him not to endorse the “Governors United against BDS” letter (which, sadly, he signed onto, like every single US state governor, as well as the mayor of Washington, DC), he spoke of it as a […]

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