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Beyond Ukraine: America’s Coming (Losing) Battle For Eurasia

Authored by US Army Major Danny Sjursen (ret.) via, Academic historians reject anything smacking of inevitably. Instead they emphasize the contingency of events as manifested through the inherent agency of human beings and the countless decisions they make. On the merits, such scholars are basically correct. That said, there was something – if not […]

Nutty Nadler: Our Case Is ‘Proven Beyond ANY Reasonable Doubt’

House impeachment manager Rep. Jerry Nadler has declared that the impeachment case against President Donald Trump has been proven by Democrats “beyond any doubt at all.” Nadler repeatedly boasted the claim during Wednesday’s Senate impeachment trial, despite demands by Democratic colleagues that they need to see more witnesses and documents in the trial. reports: […]

‘We Beyond the Fence’–Why I partnered with an Israeli journalist to share stories from Gaza

This commentary is produced as part of the Gaza-based We Are Not Numbers project. After the 2014 war in Gaza–in which the Israeli military targeted and killed my oldest brother, the person I most admired–I wrote about the impact of his death on my parents and myself. To Israel, he was a militant, but to […]

Asteroid EXPLODES over Earth after travelling from beyond Mars (VIDEO)

Numerous eyewitnesses reported seeing the raging fireball streak across the sky on Tuesday night and experts calculate that it travelled nearly half a billion kilometers before coming to rest in its watery grave on the floor of Lake Huron. Meteor scientist Peter Brown reported that the trajectory of the space rock’s flight reveal that it […]

Amazon Echo’s Privacy Issues Go Way Beyond Voice Recordings

By Garfield Benjamin, Solent University Amazon Echo and the Alexa voice assistant have had widely publicized issues with privacy. Whether it is the amount of data they collect or the fact that they reportedly pay employees and, at times, external contractors from all over the world to listen to recordings to improve accuracy, the potential […]

Beyond Sadness & Despair: Understanding The 11 Hidden Signs of Depression & How To Address Them

 Depression – for the serious condition that it is – can go unnoticed in many people. Some of its more salient symptoms — such as feelings of sadness, hopelessness or loneliness — are easy to recognize, but even people who don’t exhibit these can still be depressed. Here are 11 hidden signs that indicate whether you, or someone you […]

Help Global Research Make It to 2020 and Beyond

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Concern at anti-Semitism extended beyond Jews, played key role in Corbyn defeat

Britain’s Labour Party paid a devastating price for Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership in the December 12 general election. Deserted by millions of its traditional working-class supporters in the pro-Brexit Midlands and north of England – and weighed down by allegations of extremism and anti-Semitism which dogged Corbyn throughout the six-week campaign – the party suffered a […]

Beyond Habeas Viscus: Mourning my father

There are pains that never heal, and there are institutions that are designed to dehumanize others. The institutions of a colonizing power are designed to not only steal land but they are also intended to inflict pain on the hearts of its indigenous people. Since 1948, an ongoing genocide, affecting the freedom and sovereignty of […]

Patriot Act on Steroids: Surveillance State Beyond Section 215

November 25, 2019 By Michael Boldin While Constitution supporters are outraged about the latest extension of parts of the P.A.T.R.I.O.T. Act, there is much more that was permanent from day one. Everything from fusion centers and information sharing, to national security letters, TSA enhanced screening and the growth of facial recognition – all come from […]

Beyond the price of gas: Iranian protests raise specter of regime change

Gas prices doubled or even tripled over the weekend, following a decision by the government to cut fuel subsidies and redirect those funds into other social programs. Widespread protests across Iran have escalated into riots in some places, with reports of half a dozen deaths and multiple injuries. The authorities have blamed the US for […]

Beyond 11:11 – The Significance of Repeating Number Patterns

November 18th, 2019 By Nikki Harper Staff Writer for Wake Up World Numbers are everywhere, all around us, especially in this modern digital age. From your smartphone to your smart fridge, electronic devices often tell us the time, and we may also notice numbers in car registrations, addresses, phone numbers and other data chunks. So, […]

Looking beyond ‘women and children’ in Gaza’s casualties

Once again, I am reading the statistics about the casualties from Israel’s latest raids on the Gaza Strip, and one again, I am deeply disturbed by the emphasis on the number of women and children.  In Israel’s November 11-13 raids on the Gaza Strip, one third of the killed, and close to sixty percent of […]

From Canada’s Election to Public Action: Beyond the Moral Tumor of Alberta Tar-Sands

For months during and after Canada’s 2019 federal election campaign, corporate media provided daily frontline news space for non-stop Alberta demands for more tar-sands export infrastructure through British Columbia, as well as discrediting stories on the Trudeau government for questionable legal protection of a Quebec big business to his playing blackface in a youthful costume. […]

In Search of Truth: Beyond the Red Pill

October 31, 2019 | 2 Comments It is one thing to know that humans can be programmed. It is another thing to reconsider one’s own programming. Are ‘alternative’ thinkers just as influenced by fear-based programming as their mainstream counterparts? Furthermore, what effect has this had on a growing movement that claims to fight in pursuit […]

Teen Vogue: ‘We need to think beyond the incorrect idea that periods are just for women,’ wants tampons provided in men’s bathrooms

(Natural News) Teen Vogue, the publication that encourages teenagers to consider sex work, is now telling their young readers that “we need to think beyond the incorrect idea that periods are just for women” and that tampons should be available in men’s bathrooms. (Article by Cassandra Fairbanks republished from In an op-ed for […]

A massive backlash is building against fake meat products like Beyond Meat and Impossible Foods

(Natural News) When it comes to foods that people miss most when giving up red meat for health reasons, burgers are firmly at the top of the list. That’s why some food companies have been putting so much effort into finding meatless alternatives. While products from Beyond Meat and Impossible Foods might […]

China’s Global Reach: Surveillance and Censorship Beyond the Great Firewall

By Danny O’Brien Those outside the People’s Republic of China (PRC) are accustomed to thinking of the Internet censorship practices of the Chinese state as primarily domestic, enacted through the so-called “Great Firewall”—a system of surveillance and blocking technology that prevents Chinese citizens from viewing websites outside the country. The Chinese government’s justification for that […]

Beyond Impeachment: Remove This Regime From Below

Beyond Impeachment: Remove This Regime From Below Above Photo: White House – Public Domain The impeachment of Donald J. Trump is coming. What to make of it? It’s hard not to enjoy watching the Malignant One (Trump) squirm and lash out like a wounded animal. There is no public humiliation too great for this sorry excuse […]

Occupy Down Town Beirut! Is Lebanon’s Economy Collapsing beyond Resuscitation?

By Fatima Haydar – Beirut Lebanon, the tiny Middle Eastern country on the Mediterranean Sea, is still recovering from a devastating civil war. Almost three decades had passed and Lebanon is still suffering from the consequences of that war which ended in 1990. The economic situation in Lebanon is beyond repair; and the situation is […]

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