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Hypocritical #MeToo Founder Alyssa Milano SILENT as Joe Biden Accused of Sexual Assault

A couple of years ago Alyssa Milano said, “You can’t pretend to be the party of the American people and then not support a woman who comes forward with her #MeToo story.” Now she’s refusing to support a woman who has accused her “friend” Joe Biden of sexual assault. Hollywood celebrity and founder of the […]

Biden: There Will Be Opportunity in ‘Next Round’ to Use ‘Green Deal’ to Boost Economy

Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden says he believes there will be an opportunity “in the next round” to use his green deal to spur economic growth in America. During video remarks on Wednesday, the former Vice President responded to a question on what policies he will tout to reach out to younger voters. reports:“Well, […]

Larry Rasky, Biden confidante and Boston-area Jewish leader, dies suddenly at 69

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TREASON: Joe Biden Financed By Jewish Billionaire Bernard L. Schwartz, Who Along With President Bill Clinton Sold U.S. Satellite Technology To Communist China To Use On Chinese Rockets Pointed At America

Bernard L. Schwartz mailing address: 600 Third Avenue, New York, NY, 10016 Bolshevik Deep State Created Coronavirus Severing 94% of U.S. Imports, Threatening Gas, Agriculture, Power & Defense, To Usher In Liberty Crushing Force of Economic Collapse, Starvation, Agenda 21 and World War (read more) National File – March 23, 2020 Democrat presidential candidate Joe […]

Biden Plans to Undermine Trump With Shadow Coronavirus Briefings From His Home

Joe Biden is planning on holding shadow Coronavirus briefings from his home in Delaware in order to counter President Trump’s “lies and failures.” This is his winning strategy. According to Politico, Biden wants to start as early as Monday to show voters how he would handle the crisis and address President Trump’s mishandling of the […]

Sanders Capitulates to Biden

Sanders capitulated before the race began. He’s yet to formally announce what’s coming, a repeat of 2016.  It’s just a matter of days or weeks before he officially concedes, ends his campaign, and endorses dirty business as usual advocate Biden — showing he supports what he falsely claims to oppose. Biden and Trump are two […]

Joe Biden crushes Bernie Sanders in Florida primary

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Alpha Male Joe Biden Sweeps Three More Primaries

Andrew Anglin Daily Stormer March 18, 2020 Yo nigga, gimmie yo keeds, we goin ridin with Biden. Joe Biden is so alpha, no wonder everyone wants him to be president. He hates black people. New York Times: Joseph R. Biden Jr. easily defeated Senator Bernie Sanders in three major primaries on Tuesday, […]

Whoopi Goldberg: Biden Should Pick Hillary Clinton as His Running Mate

. . . The @CDCgov has published guidelines on enable every American to respond to this epidemic and to protect themselves, their families and their communities. — Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) March 14, 2020 . It Is Well with My Soul | BYU Vocal Point . This is brilliant. Lock in at all time low oil prices while […]

Deluded Alyssa Milano Thanks God for Biden’s Leadership, Clueless That He’s in Charge of Nothing

Hollywood celebrity Alyssa Milano thanked God for Democrat presidential frontrunner Joe Biden’s leadership this week, unaware that he is in charge of absolutely nothing — including his own mental faculties at this point. The former “Who’s The Boss” and “Charmed” actress said she had tears in her eyes watching former Vice President Joe Biden speak Thursday, presumably […]

Biden Compares Coronavirus Outbreak In US With Being ‘Attacked From Abroad’

Former Vice President Joe Biden has compared the coronavirus outbreak in the US with “being attacked from abroad” His comments prompted many to wonder if he will be held to the same standards by the media as Donald Trump was when he described the disease as a “foreign virus.” CNN call the president xenophobic following […]

Watch Live: Bernie Vs. Biden In 11th Democratic Debate

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As Biden Racks Up Delegates The Crisis Among Black Folks And Democrat Party Deepens

Slick operatives among the Black Misleadership Class have made an electoral pact with big capitalists that is totally against the interests of the Black working class. “More of our folks now understand the role of the race pimps.” Biden wins key state of Michigan and the Democrat Party establishment can barely contain its joy. I am […]

DESPICABLE — Joe Biden promotes Trumpian conspiracy theory that Joe Biden has dementia

   During a “virtual town hall” staged to avoid public gatherings amid COVID-19 fears, former vice president Joe Biden advanced a disgusting, ageist, ableist conspiracy theory about the Democratic Party’s presidential frontrunner, Joe Biden. Throughout the appearance Biden repeatedly spoke in a befuddled, incoherent way, severely confusing the amount of time between March and November, […]

As Biden smashes Sanders’ socialist revolution, Democrats may play a surprise hand in July to fight Trump

Braving the viral winds that have been sweeping the nation and globe, Democrats came out in full force to support Joe Biden, the former vice president whose wildly fluctuating performance has given political pundits whiplash of late. Coming off early victories in Mississippi and Missouri, the Biden juggernaut went on to capture Michigan, the main […]

The Corporate Media Celebrates After Handing Joe Biden Another Win

Joe Biden is once again celebrating after a big night on “Mini Tuesday.” The former vice-president won the popular vote in at least four of the six states on offer yesterday, putting him ahead of his last credible challenger, Bernie Sanders. At a rally in Philadelphia, he framed the contest as over, addressing the Vermont […]

Forbes Quietly Deletes Article Calling for Biden to Undergo Cognitive Assessment

Early Wednesday morning, Forbes published an article titled, “Does Joe Biden Have Dementia? Does It Matter?” calling for Biden to undergo screening for cognitive impairment after a series of disturbing gaffes and telltale behavior. But the business magazine quickly deleted the article by by senior contributor Elizabeth Bauer from its website, hiding it from readers. Breitbart report: According to an […]

Bernie Sanders & Joe Biden: Achieving America’s Death

By Philippe Armstrong Bernie Sanders or Joe Biden plan to achieve a total revolution in the United States. Their totally off the charts costly programs to provide for everyone plus the hordes of illegals that will flow will overwhelm the budget. They think there is a bottomless pit of money. The plan is to impose […]

Joe Biden is more Trump than you know, particularly when it comes to China

With more and more videos emerging of surging Democratic candidate Joe Biden talking brazenly (and quite disrespectfully) to constituents in a Trump-esque fashion, I can’t say I’m too surprised to learn that his foreign policy positions are not so different from Donald Trump’s in a number of ways either. This is notably true with regards […]

Trump: Obama/Biden Admin Most CORRUPT in Our Country’s History

President Trump slammed the previous administration, led by Barack Obama and Joe Biden, for being the “most corrupt” in America’s history. In a series of tweets on Monday, POTUS took aim at “The Fake News Media and their partner, the Democrat Party” for spreading coronavirus misinformation to the American people. The president blasted the Democrats […]

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