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Abortion the Biggest Cause of Death in 2020 by Far

Photo Credit: Rebecca Schonbrodt-Ruht/Pixabay (The Christian Institute) — Abortion was the biggest cause of death worldwide in 2020,  responsible for more fatalities than cancer, heart disease and coronavirus put together. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), around 73.3 million abortions take place every year, with almost 30 percent of pregnancies ending in abortion. The […]

The far-right will be one of Biden’s biggest problems – here’s how he can fight back

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Biggest threat to global leftism returns to power: US fake-leftism (1/2)

Ramin Mazaheri is currently covering the US elections. He is the chief correspondent in Paris for Press TV and has lived in France since 2009. He has been a daily newspaper reporter in the US, and has reported from Iran, Cuba, Egypt, Tunisia, South Korea and elsewhere. He is the author of ‘Socialism’s Ignored Success: […]

‘Our biggest enemy’: North Korea’s Kim says next US president will likely continue ‘barbaric sanctions’

Regardless of who is president in the United States, Washington will continue to be North Korea’s “biggest enemy,” said the country’s leader Kim Jong-un, insisting “barbaric” US policies will carry over to a Joe Biden government. “Our foreign political activities should be focused and redirected to subduing the US, our biggest enemy and the main […]

Julian Assange: UK court to rule on WikiLeaks founder’s US extradition in ‘biggest press freedom case for decades’

Julian Assange supporters celebrate outside court WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange cannot be lawfully extradited to the US to face charges over WikiLeaks due to his mental health and suicide risk, a UK judge has ruled. District Judge Vanessa Baraitser said that the isolated conditions Assange would likely to face in the US meant that extradition […]

Vatican City: The Tiniest Country with the Biggest Influence

Vatican City, known officially as the Vatican City State, is the smallest and one of the most remarkable countries in the world. It is enclaved within Rome, the capital of Italy. There are only three enclaved countries in the world, the other two being San Marino, also surrounded by Italy, and Lesotho, which is an […]

Illuminate: Biggest, Brightest Celebration in the Jewish World

RECORDED EARLIER [embedded content] This Hannukah, Jews around the world are tuning-in for a historic unity event on December 17.  Illuminate, broadcast from Jerusalem, celebrates the President of Israel’s endorsement of the Declaration of Our Common Destiny, which brings the common values of the Jewish people to life. The event launches a new global campaign […]

Kamala Harris’s 4 Biggest Threats Facing America: Coronavirus, Recession, Racial Injustice, Climate Change

Vice President-elect Kamala Harris posted a video on Twitter Tuesday thanking her supporters and promising that she and President-elect Joe Biden would confront the “four existential threats” facing the nation — coronavirus, the economic downturn caused by the pandemic, racial injustice and climate change. The video starts with a woman from Atlanta asking Harris: “I […]

Joe Biden’s biggest challenge

[embedded content] “Life is going to return to normal,” Joe Biden promised in a recent address to the nation. He was talking about life after COVID, but he might as well have been making a promise about life after Trump. But a return to “normal” would be disastrous. We can’t give in to the allure of […]

South Korea reports biggest daily jump in COVID-19 cases

South Korea reported their biggest daily jump in COVID-19 cases since the beginning of the pandemic. The country reported 928 new infections, a much lower number than in European countries seeing thousands of cases a day, but the largest daily increase in the East Asian country. South Korea has now recorded more than 41,000 infections, […]

More MKs expected to join Sa’ar’s party, which poll predicts will be 3rd biggest

Several lawmakers, including Communications Minister Yoaz Hendel and MK Gideon Hauser, the two Derech Eretz faction lawmakers in the Knesset, are expected to soon declare they will join MK Gideon Sa’ar, who resigned from the Knesset Wednesday morning after announcing the night before he was leaving the Likud party to form a rival political movement. […]

Right Wing Bonus Tracks: The Biggest Landslide in History

ALL donations 3X-MATCHED by 12/31 to save our democracy! Every day, the reporters and researchers of Right Wing Watch expose the hateful words and deeds of right-wing leaders and the far-right players who fueled Trump’s rise to power and aim to keep him there. Our work is read daily and used by major media outlets, […]

Trump spy chief labels China biggest threat to freedom since WWII – WSJ

WASHINGTON  – The top US intelligence official stepped up the Trump administration’s harsh attacks on Beijing on Thursday, labeling China the biggest threat to democracy and freedom worldwide since World War Two and saying it was bent on global domination. “The intelligence is clear: Beijing intends to dominate the US and the rest of the […]

Naftali Bennett: Approving a Palestinian State Would Be ‘Biggest Mistake’

Israeli Knesset Member Naftali Bennett warned that Israel approving a Palestinian state would be the “biggest mistake” of the country’s history during a December 2 Zionist Organization of America (ZOA) webinar. Bennett, a member of the New Right party, said during the conclusion of his remarks: “It would be [the] biggest mistake in Israel’s history […]

Parscale: Trump’s Biggest ‘Error’ Was Not Showing Empathy on COVID — ‘Would Have Won in a Landslide’

Former Trump 2020 campaign manager Brad Parscale said during his Fox News interview Tuesday night on “The Story” that he pushed for President Donald Trump to show more public empathy about the coronavirus pandemic, which Parscale believes would have resulted in a landslide win. Parscale said, “One, two percent — suburban men and women we lost […]

Newt Gingrich: 2020 Election May Be ‘Biggest Presidential Theft’ Since 1824

Newt Gingrich believes the 2020 election may be the “biggest presidential theft” since 1824 and is urging state legislatures to “demand recounts.” “The more data comes out on vote anomalies that clearly are not legitimate the more it looks like 2020 may be the biggest Presidential theft since Adams and Clay robbed Andrew Jackson in […]

Documentary Called “SOROS” Portrays the Globalist Boogeyman as ‘One of the Biggest Actors for GOOD the World has Ever Known’

Absolute Truth from the Word of God Those who know me and follow my writings also know that I am no fan of George Soros.Actually, that is not strong enough. I believe that Mr. Soros is one of the MOST EVIL and DANGEROUS men on the planet. I have written often about Soros, mostly to […]

Trump frees biggest Israeli Spy Ever Jonathan Pollard before Leaving Office

    Jonathan J. Pollard, the American convicted of spying for Israel in one of the most notorious espionage cases of the late Cold War, completed his parole on Friday, the Justice Department said, freeing him to go to Israel as he has said he intends to do. The Justice Department’s decision to let his […]

Coronavirus Israel live: As cases rise, virus czar warns biggest challenge is Arab communities

Israel, the West Bank and Gaza are dealing with a renewed coronavirus outbreak, leading to proposals and measures intended to curb its spread and mitigate the economic ramifications of the crisis by both Israeli and Palestinian authorities. Israel currently has 8,456 active cases; 2,806 people have died. In the West Bank, there are 6,428 active […]

Dr. Roger Hodkinson, Covid-19 is the biggest hoax ever perpetrated on an unsuspected public | Masks don’t protect, social distancing does nothing, tests are also useless

Wednesday, November 18, 2020 Dr. Roger Hodkinson, Chairman of the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons committee in Ottawa, CEO of a large private medical laboratory in Edmonton, Alberta and Chairman of a Medical Biotechnology company SELLING THE COVID-19 TEST: “There is utterly unfounded public hysteria driven by the media and politicians. This is the […]

Biden’s biggest priority on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict isn’t a peace plan

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The LEGO Colosseum: Biggest Brick Set Brings the Ancient Roman World Home

LEGO, one of the world’s most popular toymakers, has announced a new brick set. What is unusual about this launch is that it is a model of one of the most famous structures from the ancient Roman world. It is a LEGO Colosseum, replicating the world’s most famous amphitheater. Soon the many fans of LEGO […]

Rockefeller, Davos, IMF, and World Bank, CFR, Rothchild, are responsible for the C virus. The biggest con of my life

Benjamin Fulford letters: Rockefeller, Davos, IMF, and World Bank, CFR, Rothchild, are responsible for the C virus. The biggest con of my life Prepare For Change / Edward Morgan Sir, Madam, Here is the evidence. This C virus scenario has been in preparation and under study for many years. See the 2010 Rockefeller Report. […]

Thousands collect trash from shores and seas in Israel’s biggest beach cleanup

Thousands of people equipped with trash bags and disposable gloves joined an effort on Friday dubbed as Israel’s biggest beach clean up, hoping to not only clear the shores, but also draw policymakers’ attention to the need to better protect marine life. Organizers estimated that between three and five tons of garbage would be collected […]

State Of Survival mobile game is the biggest Rip-off in the history of Gaming

    Remember when we wrote a few articles a few years ago heavily criticizing the In-App Purchases scam scheme? Well now, at least those games had some limits, at least in those games you could buy and buy and buy and buy, spend $1000, spend $2000, spend $5000 and finally you reach a limit, […]

Coronavirus Fraud Scandal — The Biggest Fight Has Just Begun

Story at-a-glance The German Corona Extra-Parliamentary Inquiry Committee (Außerparlamentarischer Corona Untersuchungsausschuss), launched July 10, 2020, was founded by four trial attorneys to investigate and prosecute those responsible for implementing the economically devastating lockdowns around the world, as well as using fraudulent testing to engineer the appearance of a dangerous pandemic The Corona Extra-Parliamentary Inquiry Committee […]

AMAZON: The Biggest Joint CIA-Corporate Covert Operation in U.S. History

State of the Nation Just like Walmart was used to take over the American retail industry after it was incorporated in October of 1969, Amazon was actually established to completely dominate the Internet-based retail industry, which it has successfully done. As of January 31, 2019, Walmart has 11,348 stores and clubs in 27 countries, operating […]

BIGGEST OCTOBER SURPRISE OF 2020: The launch of the COVID-19 bioweapon against any political target who the Democrats can then exploit before the election.

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THE GREAT SCAMDEMIC: How it has triggered ‘the biggest tort case in world history’

Dr. Fuellmich announces an International networkof lawyers will argue the biggest tort case in world history. by Hsaive VIDEO:  Kary Mullis Speaks To Misuse Of PCR (1993) 10/3/2020: Attorney Reiner Fuellmich presents comprehensive overview of how the fake PCR test was adopted as the standard for Covid-19 “diagnosis” and how Germany’s Green Party persuaded the […]

Australia’s beached whales: 200 more animals die in biggest stranding on record

Authorities in Australia have found a further 200 dead whales in Tasmania, close to where hundreds of beached animals were discovered earlier this week. It’s the biggest ever recorded stranding of whales in the world. Watch the report in the player above 00 Hits: 2

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