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By censoring all voices that progressives don’t like, YouTube becomes the biggest bigoted bully of them all

(Natural News) During a recent interview with Axios on HBO, Google CEO Sundar Pichai openly admitted that YouTube, which is owned by Google, plans to continue ramping up its censorship efforts in order to rid the platform of all “harmful content.” But isn’t forcibly silencing speech that powerful technocrats like Pichai personally […]

‘Xenophobic, bigoted remarks’: Democratic congresswomen hit back at Trump tirade

WASHINGTON (AP) — Defiant in the face of widespread censure, US President Donald Trump escalated his demand for four Democratic congresswomen of color to leave the country “right now,” stoking the discord that helped send him to the White House and claiming “many people agree with me.” At the Capitol, the four lawmakers fired back, […]

Violent, Bigoted Supporters Of Juan Guaidó Attempt To Invade Venezuela’s D.C. Embassy

Violent, Bigoted Supporters Of Juan Guaidó Attempt To Invade Venezuela’s D.C. Embassy Above Photo: Activists pose for a photo after an evening of Palestinian resistance music and presentation on the Black Alliance for Peace’s “Shut down AFRICOM” campaign by Pan African Community Action inside Venezuela’s DC Embassy. Photo | Courtesy WASHINGTON — Emboldened by the attempted military […]

Top Israel supporter launches bigoted attacks on Rashida Tlaib

Michael F. Brown Power Suits 7 January 2019 US Representative Rashida Tlaib looks up into the gallery during the first session of the new Congress at the US Capitol in Washington, 3 January. Jonathan Ernst Reuters Top Israel lobby figure Adam Milstein is one of the leading purveyors of racial hatred and Islamophobia targeting Rashida […]

Retail monster Amazon is bigoted against transgenders because they sell clothing and shoes divided into "Men’s" and "Women’s" categories

(Natural News) Editor’s note: In our effort to be more inclusive to progressive ideas, we welcome a new progressive writer who asked to use this platform to express grievances dealing with gender inequality, climate change, and things about culture and society that need to be fixed, since progressives think they can fix […]

If you believe in healthy eating, you are a bigoted, intolerant American, say leftist professors

(Natural News) Just when you thought that there was nothing left for liberals to politicize, along comes a pair of feminist sisters and college professors who say that the concept of “healthy eating” is essentially racist, stemming from primarily white, “Western values” that are culturally centered around athletic performance, longevity, and being […]

Our Bigoted Brains

Our Bigoted Brains Above photo: From Art Killing Apathy. If you’ve ever moved beyond small talk and vapid pleasantries in conversation then you’ve likely dealt with the infuriating occurrence of trying to convince someone of a fact they just don’t want to accept. Beyond just avoiding the information, they almost seem hardwired to reject your […]

State Dep’t is ‘bigoted, anti-Semitic, Israel-hating’ for saying Palestinian statelessness fosters violence

In yet another exposure of the fraudulent peace process, the State Department report on terrorism for 2016, released this month, said that some Palestinian violence is driven by “a lack of hope” in ever gaining sovereignty: Continued drivers of violence included a lack of hope in achieving Palestinian statehood, Israeli settlement construction in the West […]

Bigoted Americans, Far More Supportive of War Against Syria

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