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United States Air Force At Incirlik, Our National “Black Eye”

United States Air Force At Incirlik, Our National “Black Eye” Current events concerning Turkey and the Kurds in Syria remind me of a conversation I had with a US Air Force colonel almost 17 years ago in a courtroom in Des Moines. To refresh my memory, I dug deep into my closet and dusted off […]

Satanic Black Magic Rules the World

  October 20, 2019 They are inter-related, and they are bound together by bloodlines and Satanism – with pedophilia, rape, murder, war and genocide to follow. Fiona warns that every organization in Australia has been infiltrated, including hospitals, psychiatry, politics, child advocacy groups – everything. The Satanists have even created a False Memory Foundation, a […]

DNC cheats: Ami Horowitz: How white liberals really view black voters

Source Article from Related Posts Guardian inclusively forgets to include white children in a ‘kids these days’ piece which has nothing to do with inclusivity The Guardian has published a feel-good article describing how modern-day 15-year-olds try to complete everyday Erdogan’s war crimes: the truce broken by Turks with 18 dead. White phosphorus against […]

Video: Gender studies professor blames Trump for black female obesity

(Natural News) During a television appearance, a New Jersey gender studies professor claimed that Donald Trump’s policies were to blame for black female obesity. (Article by Paul Joseph Watson republished from “I hate when people talk about Black women being obese. I hate it, because it becomes a way to blame […]

Behind Hong Kong’s black terror

“If we burn, you burn with us.” “Self-destruct together.” (Lam chao.) The new slogans of Hong Kong’s black bloc – a mob on a rampage connected to the black shirt protestors – made their first appearance on a rainy Sunday afternoon, scrawled on walls in Kowloon. Decoding the slogans is essential to understand the mindless […]

Meet the black, transgender Cinderella’s godmother you’ve all been waiting for (or so the woke media tells us)

   Who’s really clamoring to see a black, transgender fairy godmother on cinema screens? Certainly the liberal media. But do audiences really care for woke remakes of childhood classics? Is there any phrase more guaranteed to ruin a sweet childhood memory than “a modern re-imagining of…”? Especially when ‘modern’ means ‘sanitized’ and ‘injected with pointless […]

Fort Worth Police Fatally Shoot Black Woman In Her Home – Time For A Change?

The Facts: A recently published paper by Physicist Dr James Benford in the Astronomical Journal hypothesizes that newly discovered near-Earth objects (there are many thousands) might be a hub for extraterrestrial ‘probes’ to monitor the human race. Reflect On: Given what’s been disclosed, and what’s being disclosed about life on other planets and intelligent life […]

Five Years Later, Do Black Lives Matter?

Five Years Later, Do Black Lives Matter? Above Photo: From Five years since its inception, a look at what the Black Lives Matter movement accomplished and the important work it left unfinished. “Today, there are few signs of the grassroots Black Lives Matter movement that in its first years captured the imagination and hopes of […]

Black Passengers Cited, Punished Disproportionately By Transit Enforcement

Black Passengers Cited, Punished Disproportionately By Transit Enforcement Above photo: A Sound Transit fare-enforcement officer boards a train at the International District/Chinatown Station. Sound Transit data shows that while 9%… (BETTINA HANSEN / The Seattle Times, 2014) Seattle, WA – When fare-enforcement officers board a Sound Transit train, they begin at either end and work their […]

The black ridge oak from Asia found to inhibit glucose, shows promise as a natural diabetes medicine

(Natural News) Black ridge oak (Quercus phillyraeoides) is an evergreen tree typically found in China, Japan, and Korea. The leaves of this plant are used in Korean folk medicine for treating diarrhea and dermatitis. In a study published in the journal Food Science and Human Wellness, researchers found that the leaves of […]

Finding a path to an enduring Black-Palestine solidarity

When I visited a Palestinian refugee camp in the West Bank with a group of activists from working-class Black neighborhoods in the United States, I was astonished to discover just how much it reminded me of home. But then it didn’t. By Eli Day The Dream Defenders on their fourth delegation to Palestine, 2019. (Erik […]

Making the case for optimism about black progress in America

   When was the last time you heard good news about the state of black America? Given the way the topic is reported in the media, you could be forgiven for not remembering. Most will be familiar with the standard portrayal: black people are disproportionately poor, incarcerated, born into single-parent homes, and harassed by cops. […]

Cosmic hide and seek: Can you find the huge black hole lurking in this Hubble photo?

Black holes are incredibly dense with extreme gravity which sucks in matter at high speed, creating a bright disk of superheated gas and particles around it. Their behavior also distorts their surroundings and magnetic fields, propelling some material away and back out into space, creating dramatic columns of light. So, follow the bright trail back […]

Planet X might just be a bowling-ball-sized black hole, researchers say

Mathematical evidence for a planet, dubbed Planet Nine or Planet X by space scientists, was revealed by Caltech researchers in 2015. The strange object, they said, could have a mass some 10 times that of Earth and take up to 20,000 Earth years to complete one orbit of the Sun as it sits between 45 […]

BLACK SWANS EVERYWHERE: Global Economic & Financial System on Verge of Collapse

Related Posts Making a monster: How a racist, patriarchal system allowed serial killer Samuel Little to flourish In January 2013, Samuel Little was convicted of murdering three women in Los Angeles during Russia Scraps Carbon Trading System, Pollution Penalties After Uproar From Businesses The Russian government has abandoned key provisions of a new climate legislation […]

Politicians Agree: ‘Any White Cop Can Kill A Black Man’

Politicians Agree: ‘Any White Cop Can Kill A Black Man’ Above photo: Green Party candidate Elston McCowan at 2017 protest. Provided by the author. In 2017 my article, “Any White Cop Can Kill a Black Man at Any Time,” told how St. Louis cop Jason Stockley killed a 24-year-old black man, Anthony Lamar Smith.  Though Stockley […]

Black cumin is great for allergic rhinitis – and many other conditions

(Natural News) Black cumin (Nigella sativa), also known as black seed or fennel flower is a commonly grown plant in India, Arabia, and many parts of Europe. Historically, it is widely used as a spice, especially in Indian cuisine. Today, it is used as a medicinal herb for many ailments because of […]

Will the US Use Greece to Block Russia in the Black Sea?

The Trump administration last week made its first major step to create a Greek-centric NATO corridor following United States Ambassador to Greece, Geoffrey R. Pyatt, announcement that his country intends to acquire the strategic port of Alexandroupoli. If Athens is to accept such a proposal, the country would be contributing to a geopolitical escalation. The […]

The Black Swan Is A Drone

Authored by Charles Hugh Smith via OfTwoMinds blog, What was “possible” yesterday is now a low-cost proven capability, and the consequences are far from predictable. Predictably, the mainstream media is serving up heaping portions of reassurances that the drone attacks on Saudi oil facilities are no big deal and full production will resume shortly. The […]

Sweden: Nigerian Migrant Rapper Urges Black People to Shoot, Enslave, and Kill Whites

by Arthur Lyons Jesse Ekene Nweke Conable, a Nigerian-born rapper who goes by the handle JCBUZ, has openly called for his fellow blacks to commit violence against white people during a hate-filled rant in a social media group. In the rant, Conable propagates racism and urges fellow Africans living in Europe to kill whites, Samhällsnytt […]

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