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Crazy Black Bastard Does Push-Ups On Anguished Cat

A fine example of the black race, folks. This is a sublime reason to prevent all blacks from entering Europe for all eternity. The other negroes in the background can be heard chuckling as this vicious simian tortures a cat. This is the greatest difference between the black and white races. Blacks have no sense […]

COVID-19: ‘It’s the System, Stupid!’ Black Alliance for Peace

The current disaster exists in large part because the U.S. healthcare system is the opposite of what is needed. It is fragmented, discriminatory and designed for corporate profits, not the well-being of the public. Even before the pandemic, the United States had the highest number of preventable deaths compared to other wealthy nations and a […]

Gigantic dancing black holes unleash LIGHT EXPLOSION brighter than a trillion stars (VIDEO)

One of the black holes is a complete colossus; weighing in at about 18 billion times more massive than the Sun, it is one of the largest black holes scientists have ever discovered. It dwarfs its dance partner, which is also huge, weighing 150 million Sun masses.  The pair are trapped in an endless dance […]

Jesse Lee Peterson Tries to Inform Black People That They Are Retarded Apes

Watching Jesse Lee Peterson argue with retard-tier black people who believe that a secretive white supremacist cabal is holding them down is comedy gold. Watch this video on YouTube The problem that Jesse always has is that the people he’s trying to reason with have the equivalent intelligence of dung beetles. You can’t convince a […]

Black Guy Shoots Unarmed Teen Stepson to Death for Questioning the Lockdown

You would never suspect that someone with such a friendly face would turn out to be a murderer. The Jewish media and the neo-Nazis told us that saving the economy was not worth even one life. It was an infantile mantra, and none of them ever explained how “not one life” applied […]

Weakling Derek Black Is Now Hanging Out With Jew Bankers & Liberal Media Shills

Derek Black, the son of Stormfront founder Don Black, did a huge about-face a number of years ago. I remember hearing about his betrayal of white nationalism and not really caring about it because he wasn’t really someone that anyone listened to. But I just found him again on YouTube where he’s on panel discussions […]

Beautiful Black German Shepherd Is Spotted on Side of the Road in a Kennel, Left to Die

Have you ever stumbled upon an abandoned animal? What was your reaction? Did you overlooked the frightened creature or approached and tried to gain its trust? The thing is that animals that find themselves dumped at unknown places are terrified and puzzled and probably untrustworthy towards humans, so getting closer to them isn’t as easy […]

The real black box: American Airlines share buybacks are a scam to enrich execs – and the Covid-19 bailouts will fuel more of them

Stock buybacks are the ultimate vehicle of self-enrichment. Consider the following as a ‘case study’ of Wall Street’s legal fraud. Under CEO Doug Parker’s leadership from 2013-2020, American Airlines (AAL) has seen its stock plummet 70%. When one looks at Parker’s pay awarded vs the company’s three-year average economic profits, his pay-for-performance metrics are abominable. […]

Black Essential Workers Refuse To Be Invisible

Black Essential Workers Refuse To Be Invisible Above photo: Charlotte, N.C., sanitation workers, UE Local 150, at April 7 protest over lack of protective gear, after the COVID-19 death of sanitation worker Adrian Grubbs. Charlotte chapter president Dominic Harris speaks at press conference with Chief Steward Craig Brown and Recording Secretary Nichel Dunlap Thompson. April 14 […]

Star proves Einstein’s theory as it orbits supermassive black hole in stunning ‘SPIROGRAPH’ pattern (VIDEO)

Using the European Southern Observatory’s Very Large Telescope (VLT), astronomers have been tracking S2’s orbit around the black hole Sagittarius A* since the 1990s. After poring over the data from the observations, the researchers have now concluded that S2’s orbit isn’t a fixed-in-position ellipse but instead shifts position like a spirograph drawing, as illustrated in […]

Black Teens Execute Girlfriend’s White Parents Over Coronaviris Social Distancing

THE ONLY people foolish enough to believe in MLK’s “dream” of “we are all equal” are propaganda-ridden White people. Sometimes they go so far as to adopt non-Whites or invite them to live in their home. Sometimes these Whites pay for their foolishness with their lives, as did one Wisconsin couple just the other day. […]

Twitter Demands Black Surgeon General Stop Talking Like a Nigger

On Friday, the Black Surgeon General gave a speech about how colored people are dying of the corona flu virus more than whites. This is very simply because they are fatter. It’s not some mystery. Every year more black people die of the flu than whites (2018 study here), and for whatever […]

Roll Up, Roll Up, it’s the Black and Brown Magic Show!

Medical genius abounds in the Afro-American and Afro-European community: 400,000 stock and advertising agency photographs can’t be wrong. ANY OF YOU old enough to remember The Black And White Minstrel Show? It was one of Britain’s most popular — if not the most popular — light entertainment TV  show for over twenty years, up to […]

"Do It For Your Big Momma" – US Surgeon General Slammed For Telling Black Americans To Stop Drinking, Doing Drugs

However, it seems while Adams message may have been both factual and heart-felt, members of the black community are calling out the Surgeon General for “pandering” to them with his use of slang and also for his “offensive” instruction that those specific communities to stop drinking and smoking during this pandemic. “The […]

Black Guy from WHO Says If We Stop Treating the Fake Pandemic Like a Real Pandemic, A Real Pandemic Will Happen

“Nigga don’t push meh.” You had this “black scientific genius” meme in the entertainment media for years, and then they rolled it out in real life with the black head of WHO being labeled a global expert on the coronavirus. It’s turned out about how you’d expect it to turn out. The […]

Black Seed: The Ultimate Mediterranean Powerhouse

The Facts: Some evidence suggests that wild Oregano Oil & Black Seed Oil Can Neutralize Inflammatory Cytokines In The Lungs, according to Dr. Cass Ingram. Reflect On: Are the only solutions to issues prescription medications and other pharmaceutical interventions? (By Dr. Cass Ingram, D.O.) What an impressive finding it is and highly newsworthy. It is […]

Spanish Bigot On White Sluts & Black Men

Spanish Bigot On Dindu White Supremacy April 5, 2020April 5, 2020 Source Article from Hits: 22

Dumb Black Surgeon General Announces He Advises People to Wear Masks

Andrew Anglin Daily Stormer April 4, 2020 The dumb nigger Surgeon General was out there saying that a mask would make it more likely for you to get the disease. Now he says that there’s new evidence that that’s not true! New evidence! The Guardian: Donald Trump has said his administration is encouraging […]

Seattle’s Black Female Police Chief Encourages Public To Call 911 If They Hear ‘Racist Name-Calling’

In the midst of the so-called ‘global COVID-19 pandemic’, Seattle’s Black female Police Chief, Carmen Best, used her most recent “chief’s brief” update on the coronavirus crisis to urge residents to dial 911 if they are the victims of racist name-calling: It’s a time-wasting imperative—and one that’s at odds with the First Amendment. In her […]

Scientists discover ‘missing link’ in black hole evolution after detecting stellar HOMICIDE

Dacheng Lin of the University of New Hampshire, principal investigator of the study, and his team detected a powerful flare of X-rays, a cosmic ‘cry for help’, in 2006 but couldn’t quite track down the source to confirm what exactly happened.   After poring over a slew of hundreds of thousands of observations, the researchers found […]

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