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2 dead & many injured as suspected gas leak triggers blast in central Paris (PHOTO, VIDEO)

Two firefighters have died dealing with the aftermath of the explosion that occurred on Rue de Trevise in central Paris, the city prosecutor has said. Previously, the French interior minister put the death toll at four. Earlier in the day, media reports mentioned over 30 wounded, including 15 people who suffered serious injuries. Also, the […]

Number of injured in Chabahar blast stands at 40

IRNA – Head of the Medical Emergency Center of Iranshahr Faculty of Medical Sciences and Health-Medicare Services Mohammad Naseh said on Thursday that the number of injured people in today’s terrorist attacks stood at 40 while two people were killed. Ten out of these 40 received outpatient medical treatment and were released while 30 others […]

The Tunguska Event of 1908 – A Mysterious Blast 1000 Times Stronger Than The Atomic Bomb

The Facts: In June of 1908, a large blast in a region of Russia that gave off approximately 1000 times more energy than the atomic bomb dropped in Japan. Multiple scientists have made it quite clear that it was not a meteorite. Reflect On: When all info points to the direction of something that could […]

3 US troops killed in Afghanistan blast

A US civilian contractor was also wounded in the blast, and is being treated along with the military personnel. The latest casualties bring to 11 the number of US troops killed in Afghanistan so far this year, per Reuters figures. Ghazni, in central Afghanistan, was seized by the Taliban in August, despite Afghan troops being […]

Car bomb blast kills 4, injures 11 in Idlib – Syrian opposition source

Sputnik – An explosion of a car bomb in the Syrian city of Idlib has claimed the lives of four people, 11 people have been injured, a source in the Syrian opposition told Sputnik on Sunday. “Four people have been killed, 11 have been wounded as a result of the explosion of a car bomb… […]

Moms v Macron: Women blast French leader for claiming educated ladies won’t choose large family

The French leader seems unable to get away from the topic of large families. A year ago, he was bashed on social media for saying that Africa’s main problem is “seven, eight children per woman.”  The 40-year old ‘tried his luck’ again in late September, when he spoke about women and fertility in Africa at […]

Hundreds stranded in Baltic Sea after ‘blast’ & fire on ferry

Fire breaks out on ferry with 1,000+ passengers, prompting massive evacuation (VIDEO) The Regina Seaways ferry carrying 298 passengers and 37 crew members on board was sailing from Germany’s Kiel to Lithuania’s Klaipeda on Tuesday when a “technical failure” occurred, the vessel’s operator DFDS said. The Denmark-based company says the situation is under control, no […]

What a blast! 5,000 foot bridge reduced to rubble within seconds (VIDEO)

The 23 year-old multi-lane Ji’an Ganjiang bridge which spanned across the Gan river in the Jiangxi province was blown up Friday in spectacular fashion to make way for a new structure. Video shows the bridge dissipate into the water within seconds of a loud bang, leaving behind a massive cloud of smoke and debris. The […]

UK black and minority ethnic groups blast Labour Party antisemitism debate for seeking to defend Israel by erasing Palestinian history

Last week an unprecedented intervention occurred into the debate in the UK over the definition of antisemitism. Over 80 community, professional and rights-based organisations representing black, minority ethnic and diaspora peoples decried what they say is the framing of antisemitism in a way to ‘silence’ Palestinians, and other migrant groups, from speaking about their history. […]

MPs blast Mike Pence’s allegations, stress Iran’s respect for religious minorities

FNA – Representatives of Iranian religious minorities at the Parliament in a statement on Sunday lashed out at US Vice-President Mike Pence for his allegations, and underlined that the religious minorities in Iran enjoy complete freedom. “The recent remarks by US Vice-President Mike Pence and US Foreign Secretary Mike Pompeo about the rights of religious […]

Afghanistan suicide blast in Kabul kills 48, injures 67 – Health Ministry

A suspected suicide bomber blew himself up outside an educational center in the western part of the capital. No one has claimed responsibility for the attack, although Islamic State (formerly ISIS) has previously said it was responsible for attacks on Shi’ite targets. The incident comes as the government faces pressure over a Taliban attack in […]

Bologna blast: Enormous crater in highway captured on VIDEO

The blast happened at around 2pm local time and was caused after a truck carrying flammable liquids collided with other vehicles. At least one person died and more than 50 others are injured, Italian news outlet ANSA reports. READ MORE: 1 dead, at least 55 injured in massive highway explosion in Bologna (PHOTOS, VIDEOS) The […]

Smoke & rubble: 25 injured as blast rocks apartment building in western Germany (PHOTOS)

The incident took place in the city of Wuppertal in North Rhine-Westphalia shortly before midnight Saturday, police said in a statement, adding that firefighters arrived at the scene to find the building “almost completely destroyed.”Large parts of the facade of the residential block collapsed on the street, and small fires broke out inside.  Firefighters had […]

At least 10 dead as blast hits meeting of Taliban & Afghan forces during landmark ceasefire

Casualties include Taliban and civilians, Attaullah Khogyani, spokesman for the provincial governor of Nangarhar, said. The timing of the bombing appears to be significant. On Saturday, Taliban members entered the Afghan capital, Kabul urging people to come forward and take selfies with them. The unusual move reportedly occurred elsewhere in the country, as photos and […]

Iran strongly condemns Kabul blast

In a Monday statement, Qassemi said the ‘dirty hand’ of warmongering terrorists committed another crime on a day during which religious scholars from all parts of Afghanistan had come together to hold talks on peace in the country and to condemn terror and violence. Qassemi said the crime was carried out to prevent the righteous […]

Bishop’s Blast At ‘Satanic’ London Fashion Week

Leading clerics branded the event at St Andrew Holborn Church as ‘blasphemous’ after models dressed as devils and vampires sashayed in front of the altar In a statement, the church said: ‘We took this booking in good faith and were not aware of the content or design before the show took place’ A bitter row […]

10 killed, 29 injured in blast at Afghan mosque – police

57 killed, over 100 injured in Kabul suicide blast – health official (VIDEO) The Sunday blast occurred in the eastern province of Khost while people were gathered after afternoon prayers, police spokesperson Basir Bina told Reuters, adding that the number of casualties could rise. The mosque is also being used as a voter registration center […]

Photos: Iran commemorates first anniversary of deadly mine blast

A Look at Iranian Newspaper Front Pages on May 5 Iran Front Page- IFP has taken a look at the front pages of Iranian newspapers on Saturday, May 5, and picked headlines… Source Article from Related Posts Photos: Nishapur artists pay tribute to Omar Khayyam IRNA […]

The Pentagon’s Ray Gun Can Stall Cars, Trucks​​ With Radiation Blast

The extensive use of vehicle-borne improvised explosive devices (VBIEDs) in the Middle East has resulted in a significant amount of military and civilian personnel being killed or injured. A new threat is quickly emerging in the West, as ten civilians were mowed down in a horrific van attack earlier this week in Toronto . Since 2014, […]

48 killed, 112 injured in Kabul suicide blast – health official (VIDEO)

The explosion happened at about 10am local time in Dasht-e-Barchi. According to eyewitnesses, the death toll is thought to be higher than what officials have said, TOLO News reports. Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS) has claimed responsibility for the attack, according to its affiliated Amaq website. Afghanistan is holding elections in October and voter registration […]

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