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BBC Journalist Blasted For Chasing Non-Mask Wearer Down the Street

A BBC journalist has been blasted for proudly showcasing a segment where he chased a man down the street for allegedly not wearing a mask when he entered a shop. BBC Northern Ireland presenter Stephen Nolan enthusiastically broadcast the footage as a promo for his show, telling viewers, “Why do people not get it that […]

Even Johnny Carson Blasted Biden for Plagiarism (Video)

Joe Biden’s been around so long, Johnny Carson was hammering him for plagiarism way back in 1987. — Scott Whitlock (@ScottJW) September 17, 2020 Hits: 4

Biden Blasted for Nakedly Disingenuous Statements About Riot Violence

‘The official message of the Biden campaign: If you dare reelect Donald Trump, prepare for more rioting’ By Sam Dorman | Fox News Democrat Joe Biden delivered what “may have been the most thoroughly dishonest speech ever given by a major presidential candidate” in Pittsburgh Monday, Fox News host Tucker Carlson argued. “Virtually every word of it was the opposite […]

‘Piercing the atmosphere’: Hurricane lightning blasted antimatter at the Earth

On 23 October 2015, the NOAA Airborne Detector for Energetic Lightning Emissions (ADELE) flew through the eyewall of the category five storm. In order to be classified as a category five, a hurricane must have sustained winds exceeding 156mph (70 m/s; 136kn; 251kph). The crew became the first humans to witness a terrestrial gamma-ray flash […]

‘Expel the Israeli ambassador’: Irish FM blasted for double standards over Gaza and Skripal case

Foreign Minister and Deputy Prime Minister Simon Coveney expelled a Russian diplomat in March following Britain’s claim that Russia was behind the poisoning of double agent Sergei Skripal and his daughter Yulia in Salisbury, England. The decision faced pushback from many in Ireland who claimed it was a hasty move, made before any evidence was […]

Moby blasted by liberals for daring to suggest food stamps should be limited to healthy groceries instead of junk food… the NERVE of that guy

(Natural News) Earlier this month, electronic pop music star Moby made an argument that has the liberals absolutely outraged. What was the argument, you might ask? That food stamps shouldn’t pay for junk food – because God forbid somebody insists that taxpayer money shouldn’t be used on welfare recipients looking to stock […]

Facebook blasted by US and UK lawmakers

nsnbc : Lawmakers in the United States and the United Kingdom are calling on Facebook chief executive Mark Zuckerberg to explain how the names, preferences and […]

Afghan official blasted for thanking Iran for recruiting Afghan fighters for Syria

nsnbc : Deputy Afghan Chief Executive Mohammad Mohaqiq has come under fire after a video transpired in which he, during a conference in Iran, […]

‘Weapons for tyrants’: UK blasted for inviting human rights abusers to arms trade fair

‘Weapons for tyrants’: UK blasted for inviting human rights abusers to arms trade fair Weapons For Tyrants’: UK Blasted For Inviting Human Rights Abusers To Arms Trade Fair Britain’s biggest arms fair starts Tuesday, and will play host to several countries labelled human rights abusers by the UK Foreign Office. The full list of the 56 […]

New Zealand blasted by 2200 lightning strikes in 24 hours

     New Zealand has been hit by lightning more than 2200 times over 24 hours, with the West Coast of the South Island bearing the brunt of the strikes. MetService meteorologist Tui McInnes said from 6.15pm on Friday to 7.20pm on Saturday, the country was blasted by 2206 lightning strikes as unstable weather took hold. […]

‘I Stood Them Against the Wall & Blasted Them’—Israelis Confess to Massacre IDF Tried to Censor

By Claire Bernish “I saw a fair number of corpses,” recalled former Knesset member and Israeli government minister, Yair Tsaban, on the massacre carried out on the Palestinian village of Deir Yassin, for director, Neta Shoshani. “I don’t remember encountering the corpse of a fighting man. Not at all. I remember mostly women and old men.” […]

Police Department: Somalian Cop Blasted Unarmed White Women Because He Heard a Loud Noise

Andrew AnglinDaily Stormer July 19, 2017 With regards to the Minnesota killing of Yoga instructor Justine Damond by the beloved Somalian cop, I am not of the opinion that it was likely malicious in the sense that the Somalian was like “emmm, boutta be keel me da wite bitch nah, hggghhh.” More […]

Female store mannequins blasted for being "medically unhealthy"

(Natural News) “Emaciated” and “unrealistic” are just some of the choice words Dr. Eric Robinson has used to describe female mannequins. Robinson, a behavioral scientist and senior lecturer at the University of Liverpool, has criticized female shop mannequins as representations of what he’s called “the ultra-thin ideal”. His concerns over mannequin size were brought out […]

Israeli PM under fire after proposing hawkish far-right leader Lieberman to head defense

Lieberman served as Israeli foreign minister from 2009 to 2012 and from 2013 to 2015. He currently chairs a right-wing Yisrael Beiteinu party and is known for his controversial proposals. For example,  Lieberman wants to “cut off heads” of Arab-Israelis not “loyal” to Israel, bomb Egypt’s Aswan dam, and offer Israeli towns with large Arab […]

Why the Corporate Media Hates Sanders (and Has a Love/Hate Thing with Trump)

A media professional clued me into why the Corporate Media hates Bernie and will move Heaven and Earth to defeat him: Sanders is the only candidate who is seriously promoting campaign finance reform. When a Super-PAC raises $100 million for Hillary, Jeb, et al., where does 90% of that money go? To the […]

Largest investment bank Goldman Sachs may be forced to fundamentally question how capitalism is working

     One of the most heated debates among investors is the question of whether corporate profit margins can maintain their elevated level, or whether they will inevitably revert to mean. Here’s a quick look at S&P 500-stock index profit margins, for example, going back more than 25 years. They remain high by historical standards.      […]

Investors robbed of $23 trillion in stock market crash

     The stock market rout is starting to get really expensive — destroying $2.3 trillion from the market’s top last year and $1.5 trillion in net wealth just this year. The giant companies that predominantly populate the Standard & Poor’s 500 have fallen an average of 8.9% this year — which, when translated into dollars, […]

Hungarian PM blames Soros for fueling refugee crisis in Europe: Zio-Watch, October 30, 2015

Dr. Patrick Slattery’s News Roundup A service of Published time: 30 Oct, 2015 20:46 Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban. © Bernadett Szabo / Reuters The Hungarian Prime Minister has lashed out at billionaire George Soros, criticizing the support he has expressed towards refugees from the Middle East heading to Europe, saying that he undermines stability […]

New York City’s X-Ray Vans

New York City’s X-Ray Vans October 20th, 2015 Via: The Atlantic: Dystopian truth is stranger than dystopian fiction. In New York City, the police now maintain an unknown number of military-grade vans outfitted with X-ray radiation, enabling cops to look through the walls of […]

New footage of Tower 7 blasted into rubble

  4409 August 14, 2011 Demolition blasts clearly seen in new video. Bookmark on Delicious Digg this post Recommend on Facebook share via Reddit Share with Stumblers Tweet about it Subscribe to the comments on this post Print for later Bookmark in Browser Tell a friend   Print this page. Comment Rules Leave a Reply […]

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