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Pipeline Fighter Blocks Mountain Valley Pipeline Construction

Pipeline Fighter Blocks Mountain Valley Pipeline Construction Above Photo: From Report from Appalachians Against Pipelines on recent action that shut down construction on the Mountain Valley Pipeline (MVP). Montgomery County, VA — Yesterday, pipeline fighter Phillip Flagg locked himself in the path of the Mountain Valley Pipeline near Elliston, VA. MVP has been clearing […]

US federal judge blocks Ohio abortion law, clinics to remain open

   A federal judge temporarily blocked an Ohio law banning abortions after a fetal heartbeat is detected on Wednesday, siding with abortion clinics that had argued the law would effectively end the procedure in the state. The ruling by U.S. District Judge Michael Barrett halts the July 11 enforcement of the so-called heartbeat bill law […]

Clinton-Appointed Judge Blocks Trump Policy of Keeping Asylum Seekers Locked up

A Clinton-appointed federal judge has blocked a Trump administration policy that would keep thousands of asylum seekers locked up indefinitely while they pursue their immigration cases, according to AP. US District Judge for the Western District of Washington, Marsha Pechman, ruled Tuesday that migrants who are detained after entering the US seeking asylum are entitled […]

Obama-Appointed Judge BLOCKS Construction of Trump’s Border Wall

An Obama-appointed judge issued a permanent injunction Friday blocking construction of President Trump’s border wall. Judge Haywood Gilliam for the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California ruled that it is illegal for the Trump administration to spend military funds for the purpose of building the wall. The DOJ has said it will […]

Tesla blocks access to anonymous workplace chat app Blind amid crackdown on employee leaks

Tesla has begun blocking its employees from accessing anonymous workplace chat app Blind, according to its developers, in an apparent attempt to protect against employee leaks. Blind allows employees to discuss workplace matters anonymously with their colleagues and industry peers through public and private forums. Since launching in the United States in […]

Obama Judge Blocks Trump’s Border Wall

Two-and-a-half years into his presidency, it’s looking increasingly likely that the morass of lawsuits and investigations intended to stymie President Trump and his administration’s agenda will be remembered as one of the president’s defining legacies. In this regard, few antagonists have been more effective than a cabal of San Francisco-based judges, most of whom were […]

Iran to offer 13 oil, gas blocks

Financial Tribune – The National Iranian Oil Company is interested in working with local firms willing to take a reasonable amount of risk, including uncertainty in international markets, tech issues, project-related challenges and difficulties emanating from natural disasters. Seyyed Saleh Hendi, the head of NIOC ‘s Exploration Department made the announcement on the sidelines of […]

No kissing gays or conservative hunters: Overcautious Facebook blocks political ads in Sweden

Just like other EU members, Sweden is preparing to elect its representatives to the European Parliament, so various parties are campaigning for votes. And two of them were surprised to learn that Facebook rules are too restrictive for their messaging, Expressen reported. Christian Democrats were denied a request to promote a political ad supporting their […]

Two Palestinian children killed in home fire after Israel blocks fire trucks

Palestinian children were killed in a blaze at their home after Israeli forces prevented the fire brigade from reaching them in time in Hebron, West Bank Israeli soldiers prevented a Palestinian fire truck from reaching a home fire, resulting in the deaths of two small children. This is just one example of a trend: Israelis […]

Great Pyramids of Egypt: Evidence That the Stone Blocks Might Have Been Cast, Not Quarried

“This is not my day job,” begins Michel Barsoum as he recounts his foray into the mysteries of the Great Pyramids of Egypt. As a well respected researcher in the field of ceramics, Barsoum never expected his career to take him down a path of history, archaeology, and “political” science, with materials research mixed in. […]

The Violence Of Bill Blocks & Shutdowns + Whimsical Resistance At The Border

Here’s what climate refugees need to make it through a disaster. How would you fare? — Next up, how the government shutdown targets survivors of domestic and sexual violence – plus the age-old story of colonial oppression gets a reboot via an outgoing Representative’s bill block. Finally, Elizabeth Vega joins us to talk about the […]

Supreme Court Blocks Mueller Subpoena

The Supreme Court has finally taken interest in the Russia witch-hunt and blocked a subpoena issued by Special Counsel Robert Mueller. Chief Justice John Roberts stayed a contempt order Sunday night, marking the first time the Supreme Court has intervened in the Mueller inquiry. reports: Very little is known of the case, which reached the […]

US judge temporarily blocks Trump’s order refusing asylum to illegal migrants from Mexico

US judge temporarily blocks Trump’s order refusing asylum to illegal migrants from Mexico RT November 20, 2018 A judge has temporarily blocked US President Donald Trumps order to ban Central American asylum seekers from illegally crossing the border into the country from Mexico. US District Judge Jon Tigar in San Francisco placed a restraining order […]

Temperatures Drop As Hazardous Smoke From California Wildfire Blocks The Sun

The wildfire in California has generated so much smoke that it is now blotting out the sun and cities are steeped in the dangerous clouds of smoke. According to the US National Weather Service, this has caused surface temperatures to drop by as much as 10 degrees Farenheit (6 Celsius). The area around the Camp […]

Mitch McConnell Blocks Mueller Protection Bill

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell announced Wednesday that he will block a bill aimed at protecting Special Counsel Robert Mueller. After two years of investigations, the Russia probe has yet to uncover a single shred of evidence linking Donald Trump to Russia. Yet despite this, Democrats have vowed to continue the probe indefinitely in order […]

Judge Blocks Keystone XL Pipeline, Says Climate Impact Can’t Be Ignored

Judge Blocks Keystone XL Pipeline, Says Climate Impact Can’t Be Ignored Above Photo: Despite the court ruling and backlash from land owners and Native American tribes, TransCanada says it is committed to building the Keystone XL pipeline. Credit: Andrew Burton/Getty Images A federal judge ruled the Trump administration failed to follow U.S. environment law when […] Australia is the Testbed for the World’s Most Extreme Copyright Blocks

By Cory Doctorow It’s been three years since Australia adopted a national copyright blocking system, despite widespread public outcry over the abusive, far-reaching potential of the system, and the warnings that it would not achieve its stated goal of preventing copyright infringement. Three years later, the experts who warned that censorship wouldn’t drive people to […]

Justice Roberts Blocks Discovery In Children’s Trust Climate Lawsuit

Justice Roberts Blocks Discovery In Children’s Trust Climate Lawsuit Above: The Minnesota March for Science was held in St. Paul in April of 2017. Photo by Lorie Shaull fro Flickr. Note:  Supreme Court Justice John Roberts blocked discovery on a children’s trust lawsuit filed for climate justice. The Supreme Court stayed discovery and the trial […]

US Army blocks autopsy, seizes body of soldier who died mysteriously in Italy

     The US Army seized the remains of Sergeant Kevin Deon Connor of the 173rd Airborne Brigade from Italian authorities last week after the soldier died on October 1. Connor and some fellow troops are suspected to have been drinking prior to his death. Italian prosecutors were investigating whether negligence played a part in Connor’s […]

Aspiring pop star borrows hubby’s govt car to make music video, blocks Moscow roadway (VIDEO)

Oksana Yakovlev, 29, who uses the stage name ‘Yaxana,’ and her cohorts have been slapped with a number of traffic violations after illegally hogging part of the Moscow Ring Road while performing for a music video. Footage of their traffic-stopping performance shows Yakovlev, flanked by two female accomplices, dancing provocatively in front of a glitz, […]

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