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UN disarmament talks begin in bad blood as Iran, Turkey block rivals’ participation

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FDA: Death, heart attacks, stroke, blood disorders all possible side effects of COVID vaccine

The Most Revolutionary Act < By Michael HaynesLife Ste WASHINGTON D.C, December 8, 2020 (LifeSiteNews) – A document drawn up by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), listing the possible side-effects from a COVID-19 vaccine, includes strokes, encephalitis, auto-immune disease, birth defects, and Kawasaki disease among the potential side-effects to be monitored. A slideshow presentation compiled by […]

WeAreChange: “The Empire the Rest of the World Sees is Covered in Blood” of Their Children, Wives, Relatives and Politicians

Poland Plans to Make Censoring of Social Media Accounts IllegalPosted: 16 Jan 2021 09:11 AM PSTOn Jan. 6, pro-Trump extremists stormed the US Capitol complex and disrupted Congress’s joint session to confirm President-elect Joe Biden’s electoral victory. Days later, social media companies went on a free speech crusade against President Trump, banning or limiting the president from various platforms, including […]

Dem Rep. Jackson Lee: Trump ‘Has Death and Blood at His Feet’

Friday on CNN’s “Anderson Cooper 360,” Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee (D-TX) said that President Donald Trump had “death and blood at his feet” in the wake of the deadly Capital Hill riots last week. Jackson Lee said, “The overall collapse of security including helping with the United States Capitol fell squarely at the feet of the […]

US post-Capitol: Armed, hysterical, depressed & yet out for blood

January 14, 2021 by Ramin Mazaheri (@RaminMazaheri2) for the Saker Blog The FBI says armed protests are being planned in all 50 states from January 16 until Joe Biden’s inauguration day on January 20. It’s a living nightmare in the US right now – what else can be said? “Hysteria” is the one word which […]

‘Jenin, Jenin’: A modern day blood libel

It used to be free of charge.Czar Nikolai’s secret service was never sued for brewing The Protocols of the Elders of Zion’s fantasy about a Jewish plot to conquer the world, and Joseph Goebbels was never tried for concocting filmic atrocities Suss the Jew, The Rothschilds, and The Wandering Jew, which educated millions to fear, […]

Hillary Smells Blood: Impeaching Trump ‘Not Enough!’

Twice failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton is feeling so emboldened by the purge of Trump and his supporters online that she wants more to be done to “remove white supremacy from America.” In an editorial published by the Washington Post on Monday, Clinton characterized last week’s attack on the Capitol as “white-supremacist grievances fueled by […]

Michelle Obama Wants Blood: ‘Completely Ban Trump EVERYWHERE’

Former First Lady Michelle Obama is calling on Big Tech companies to completely erase the memory of President Trump from their platforms. The calls from Obama come as the president’s opponents push for Trump to be memory-holed on the Internet in order to ‘cleanse‘ the pro-Trump movement in America. Despite the rampant censorship and mass […]

‘Blood is on your hands’: Antisemitism Cow returns to rail at Twitter

An anonymous Twitter account that mooed at antisemitic tweeters before quitting the platform returned Monday night to take the platform to task one last time. “You have failed the people who use this platform,” Antisemitism Cow tweeted, tagging Twitter and its CEO, Jack Dorsey. “There is no excuse for your allowing Nazis with tens of […]

The COVID vaccine blood libel against Israel

January 6, 2021 by Jonathan S. Tobin – Read on for article The headline in The Guardian showed why so many people think Israel is the sum of all evil and deserving of international opprobrium. Heads of religious communities in Israel get a COVID-19 vaccine at the Ziv Hospital in Tzfat, Dec. 24, 2020. […]

Nancy Pelosi’s San Francisco Home Vandalized with Pig’s Head, Fake Blood

Nancy Pelosi’s $5 million San Francisco home was vandalized overnight with a pig’s head surrounded by red paint according to reports. It was also spray-painted with a message appearing to allude to the failed $2,000 stimulus checks. Photos posted on social media show the House Speaker’s white garage door defaced with black graffiti text reading: […]

Report: Nancy Pelosi’s California Home Vandalized with Pig’s Head, Fake Blood

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s (D-CA) home in San Francisco, California, was reportedly vandalized with a pig’s head, fake blood, and graffiti, according to reports. Pelosi’s home had the words “CANCEL RENT!” and “WE WANT EVERYTHING!” reportedly written on the garage door after Congress failed to pass $2,000 stimulus checks for Americans amid the Chinese coronavirus […]

Rep.-Elect Luke Letlow Dies From Heart Attack After Surgery for Blood Clot Related to Coronavirus

<span data-mce-type=”bookmark” style=”display: inline-block; width: 0px; overflow: hidden; line-height: 0;” class=”mce_SELRES_start”></span> (New York Post) — Louisiana Rep.-elect Luke Letlow, who died of COVID-19 complications, was operated on for a blood clot before he succumbed to a heart attack, according to a new report. The 41-year-old Republican underwent two procedures to treat a blood clot that he […]

Tufts U passes referendum reminiscent of ‘antisemitic blood libel’

A student reform group at Tufts University that champions Jewish rights has condemned a recent referendum with anti-Israel rhetoric passed by the school’s student government that intends to demilitarize the campus police department.The Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP) group at Tufts forwarded the legislation due to the Tufts University Police Department (TUPD) alleged links […]


In 1911, Ukraine was part of the Empire of Tsar Nicholas II. Certain people, such as Lenin, were planning to overthrow the Tsar.  In 1911, a 13-year-old Ukrainian boy Andrei Yushchinsky (above) disappeared. Eight days later his mutilated body was discovered in a cave near a local brick factory. A non-religious jew called Menahem Beilis (above) was arrested after […]

Most Israelis who died of COVID-19 suffered from high blood pressure, diabetes

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Human Rights Watch gives Israel’s blood diamonds a free pass

In a report investigating human rights violations in jewellery supply chains Human Rights Watch (HRW) cites diamonds from Zimbabwe and Angola but fails to mention diamonds from Israel. Israel’s diamond exports dwarf those of a Zimbabwe and Angola combined and the industry is a major source of funding for a regime that HRW and many […]

Right Wing Round-Up: To the Last Drop of Blood

ALL donations 3X-MATCHED by 12/31 to save our democracy! Every day, the reporters and researchers of Right Wing Watch expose the hateful words and deeds of right-wing leaders and the far-right players who fueled Trump’s rise to power and aim to keep him there. Our work is read daily and used by major media outlets, […]

 Spilling Ink and Spilling Blood: Fighting and Writing Against America’s Forever Wars

Co-Written by William J. Astore and Danny Sjursen If you have a moment, how about joining two retired officers, Bill Astore and me, Danny Sjursen, as we think about this country’s catastrophic forever wars that, regardless of their deadly costs and lack of progress, never seem quite to end? Recently, in a podcast chat about our very different but somehow […]

Strange New Startup Harvests Young Blood To Sell To The Rich

730 Shares A Florida-based company is attempting to combat the aging process by harvesting the blood of young people and transfusing it into patients 30 years old and above in a dubious new fad sweeping the US. Ambrosia, founded in 2016 by Stanford Medical School graduate Jesse Karmazin, has already established transfusion centers in five […]

Jews In Finland Retain ‘Right’ To Mutilate And Suck Blood Off Newborns’ Penises Without Medical License

Caving under pressure from small but inordinately powerful international Jewish groups, lawmakers in Finland removed language that would have banned non-medical circumcision of boys from a proposed bill on female genital mutilation: The measure calling to “clarify” Finland’s ban on the genital mutilation of women passed Friday in the Parliament. Amendments would have potentially limited […]

Basilica of the Holy Blood – Does it Really Hold the Blood of Jesus?

The beautiful city of Bruges in Belgium is so well maintained it is said that strolling through town is like walking through a gallery of European architecture. But it’s not only the buildings which bring it fame. The city is home to the Basilica of the Holy Blood, said to hold one of the most […]

’Blood and Oil’ Co-authors: MBS Only Cares Fir His Image, is ‘Allergic’ to Political Reform

By Staff, OCBS News OCBS News’ Intelligence Matters host Michael Morell interviewed Bradley Hope and Justin Scheck, the co-authors of “Blood and Oil: Mohammed bin Salman’s Ruthless Quest for Global Power,” about the leadership style and strategic decision-making of Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman [MBS]. Hope and Scheck offered their assessment of MBS’ “dichotomy”, […]

Horseshoe crab blood key to COVID-19 vaccine despite negative impact it could have on ecosystem

Image Credit: National Geographic/Getty Images Dwindling in numbers and on the brink of extinction, horseshoe crabs could soon become an indirect victim of the COVID-19 vaccine. Horseshoe crabs have long been a feature of vaccination research. Their blue blood, used to test the safety of vaccinations and other medial products, is “able to detect endotoxins—a […]

Rabbi Lusts for Lots of ‘Goyim’ Blood to be Spilled – “Revenge is Coming”

This is from Rabbi Mordechai Fritzis of Thessalonika  currently in Israel according to someone), who confirms what non-jews have said about jewish Supremacy for some 2000 years, which is that they view themselves of having infinite higher value in God’s eyes than the non-jew and “view all the other nations with the hatred of enemies”- […]

Chupacabra: Legend of a Blood-Sucking Cryptid in Latin America

The Chupacabra is a legendary cryptid often associated with Mexico, and well-known across Latin America. One of the locations the Chupacabra has made a significant impact in the past is in Puerto Rico. Reportedly first sighted there during the mid-1990s, the Chupacabra made headlines across the world when livestock started mysteriously dying. Animals were found […]

The Blood of Saint Januarius and The Miracle of Liquefaction

Saint Januarius is a saint venerated in the Roman Catholic Church . He is the patron saint of Naples but is best-known for a miracle that happens several times each year – the liquefaction of what is alleged to be the saint’s blood. According to popular belief, the liquefaction of the blood of Saint Januarius […]

Blackbird9 – (220) Victimhood Justified Anarcho Tyranny Blood Libel

Blackbird9 – (220) Victimhood Justified Anarcho Tyranny Blood LibelBLACKBIRD9 EFR simulcasts Blackbird9’s Breakfast Club Live on Weds 8pm-10pm US est. Welcome to Blackbird9’s Breakfast Club’s Wednesday Podcast,  Victimhood Justified Anarcho Tyranny.  Tonight we examined the Game Theory and Philosophy of Modern Color Revolutions. In the First Hour  we cover the chaotic events brought on by […]

Dem Mayor Launches Study That Will Collect Blood Samples From Randomly Selected Houston Homes

In an appearance with Bloomberg Tuesday, Bill Gates once again dismissed anyone who questions the motives of his global coronavirus vaccination push as a ‘conspiracy theorist,’ calling them “so crazy”. Host Erik Schatzker stated that “The conspiracy theorists who believe that you helped to create and spread the Corona virus might be easy to dismiss. […]

UK Guy & Conquistador Agree Blacks Are Out for White Blood

This UK guy is wide awake to the problem: black people and their jewish backers. Sub my bitchute. Sub my Telegram. Help me out with some shekels. 00 Hits: 1

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