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Syria in the US’ Bloody Embrace

Syria in the US’ Bloody Embrace The United States, loyal to its aggressive policy, is continuing to fan the military fire in the Middle East. Numerous facts indicate that the current Washington administration has fully adopted ‘scorched earth’ tactics, doing everything possible to make a number of Arab countries turned into huge cemeteries. First of […]

Thousands demand the right to return as smoke envelops Gaza on a new ‘bloody Friday’

Etaf Abdel-Aal and her five grandchildren could not find a better place to sit for lunch than under a fruitless olive tree to have some Somaqeyya, a traditional dish in Gaza. They just 500 meters away from the fence dividing Israel and the Gaza Strip where thousands of angry youths were protesting during the second bloody Friday of the Great March of Return. By late evening, the […]

In Gaza, Israel turned Good Friday into bloody Friday #enoughisenough

In Gaza, Israel Turned Good Friday Into Bloody Friday Shahd Abusalama Rights and Accountability A wounded Palestinian woman is evacuated after Israeli forces opened fire on Palestinians during Land Day marches along Gaza’s boundary with Israel, near Khan Younis, demanding the right to return to their homeland, 30 March. Ashraf Amra APA images   My […]

In Gaza, Israel turned Good Friday into bloody Friday

Shahd Abusalama Rights and Accountability 30 March 2018 A wounded Palestinian woman is evacuated after Israeli forces opened fire on Palestinians during Land Day marches along Gaza’s boundary with Israel, near Khan Younis, demanding the right to return to their homeland, 30 March. Ashraf Amra APA images My 15-year old cousin Muhammad Abu Loz just […]

After 3 days of bloody mayhem 23 family members booted off cruise ship (PHOTO, VIDEO)

     Passengers described three days of mayhem during what was supposed to be an ideal holiday through the South Pacific. The Carnival Legend arrived at its homeport in Melbourne on Saturday, following an unscheduled stop to offload the 23-member family at Eden on the the New South Wales south coast. An NSW police investigation is […]

Jews Dominated the Bloody Terror Apparatus of Stalin’s USSR

Jews Dominated the Bloody Terror Apparatus of Stalin’s USSR Russia Insider This is an article from 2006 written by a Jewish author in one of Israel’s largest online news sites, Ynet. It calls for Jews to recognize their guilt in one of history’s bloodiest crimes. It’s original title was “Stalin’s Jews” Stalins Jews – Ynetnews Here’s […]

Going Underground – Ep. 568: Bloody Sunday, Ballymurphy Massacre & Racist Margaret Thatcher

Going Underground – Ep. 568: Bloody Sunday, Ballymurphy Massacre & Racist Margaret Thatcher Going Underground with Afshin In this episode, we investigate the Ballymurphy massacre – 36 hours in Belfast that left up to 11 civillians dead in August 1971. Sinn Fein member of parliament Chris Hazzard denounces proposals to give British Crown Forces […]

US Making Plans For ‘Bloody Nose’ Military Attack On North Korea

According to a new report in the Daily Telegraph, the concerns about a US attack on North Korea are very well-founded, and the White House has “dramatically” stepped up plans for what it is calling a “bloody nose” attack on North Korea. Apparently ignoring months of analyst warnings that there is no way to have a […]

‘Bloody Hour’–Tel Aviv bar offers 25% drink discount to women on their periods

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The Schedule For Nov. 4th Bloody Violence

Editor’s Note: While some of these groups promoting Antifa, like this one, may seem revolutionary and want change in the current construct, they are either intentionally created, infiltrated or completely unaware that they’re being used in the great game of divide and conquer. Too many people fall victim to this type of  agenda and need […]

Antifa Planning ‘Day Of Bloody Violence’ This November 4th

Antifa has announced that they are planning to kill every single Trump voter, Conservative and gun owner this November 4th. The far-left terrorist organization have vowed to commit acts of ‘bloody violence’ by raiding peoples homes, seizing weapons and causing civil unrest on the streets of America. reports:  Born under the Obama administration some […]

How They Do It– Russian TV series claims Jew Trotsky masterminded bloody 1917 Bolshevik revolution

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Twitter bites back: Mosquito killer banned for posting bloody death pic

Twitter permanently deactivated the Japanese man’s Twitter account after he tweeted about a mosquito he killed, complete with a photo of the dead insect. The man wrote from his Nemuismywife account: “Where do you get off biting me all over while I’m just trying to relax and watch TV? Die! (Actually you’re already dead).” Before […]

Police Chief Outed as Neo-Nazi Group Leader Prepping for Bloody ‘Race War’, Owner of KKK Website

screenshot Colbert, OK – A newly-appointed police chief has come under fire after he was directly linked to a website that promotes international racist skinhead gangs, the Klu Klux Klan, and media titled “Hitler was Right.” Bart Alsbrook was recently hired as the city of Colbert’s third police chief this year, but it wasn’t his […]

Dr. Duke & Pastor Dankof – Jewish Racists Scream Bloody Murder about Duke’s “Zio” Meme – Zio Tears Replenish my electrolytes!

Download Today Dr. Duke and Reverend Mark Dankof got to the bottom of the Jewish supremacism that wrecks our country. Dr. Duke read from an Israeli newspaper article accusing him of racism for popularizing the term Zio. The article pointed out that all sorts of people on the left as well as the right have […]

Cops Beat Man Bloody Then Arrest Him For Bleeding On Them

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Disabled Girl Beaten Bloody by TSA Thugs After Becoming Confused & Afraid at Security Checkpoint

A disabled woman was beaten bloody by federal agents during an airport security screening while on her way to undergo treatment for a brain tumor. “They wanted to do further scanning, (but) she was reluctant — she didn’t understand what they were about to do,” said her mother, Shirley Cohen. Cohen said she tried to […]

Photos: People of Qom commemorate the bloody uprising of 15 Khordad

IRNA l Mohammad Akhlaghi: Thousands of people March in Qom on Monday to commemorate the bloody uprising of 15 Khordad 1342. To the Iranians, the event marks a prelude to the victory of Iran’s Islamic Revolution in 1979. In 1963, a massive crowd of people took to the streets to protest against the arrest of the […]

Syria is the Dam Against More Bloody Chaos

by JONATHAN COOK MAY 9, 2017 A decade ago I published a book, Israel and the Clash of Civilisations, that examined Israel’s desire to Balkanise the Middle East, using methods it had refined over many decades in the occupied Palestinian territories. The goal was to unleash chaos across much of the region, destabilising key enemy […]

Donald Trump and the Revolt of the Proles.

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The U. S. shell game – Syria’s "Moderate rebels" are neither moderate nor rebels.

     Never has the US-led conspiracy against the sovereign state of Syria been so transparent. When recently a Syrian warplane crashed near the Syrian capital of Damascus and its pilot parachuted to safety, he was captured and promptly executed by US-backed “moderate rebels.” In what was clearly an inexcusable war crime, the story began to […]

Europeans outraged over glyphosate renewal, triggering street protests, while calling for an end to industry and government collusion

(NaturalNews) Like undoing a blindfold, many Europeans are beginning to see for the first time. As the light penetrates their blinking eyes, they are slowly awakening to the hard truths about the poison that is sprayed on their food, and about the collusion between industry and government that keeps them tied down in […]

The Hoax Press Conferences and More of the Dallas Cop Shooting Hoax

In an elaborate psyops the Dallas Police Department, in concert with other government agencies, has attempted to prove to the world that there really was a deadly attack upon the department. Yet, there can be no doubt about the actual nature of all this, which is that it is nothing other than an inane hoax, […]

Huge Scandal Erupts Inside NATO: Alliance Member Germany Slams NATO ‘Warmongering’ Against Russia

As we reported in just the past week, not only has NATO accelerated its encirclement of Russia, with British soldiers deployed in Estonia, US soldiers operating in Latvia and Canadians in Poland, while combat units are being increased in the Mediterranean… by Tyler Durden …but even more troubling, was NATO’s assessment that it may now […]

War whores: The three American harpies are back!

     Those were the days when Libya (“We came, we saw, he died”) offered to the world a full-blooded humanitarian imperialist spectacle starring Three American Harpies: Hillary Clinton, Samantha Power and Susan Rice, actually four if Hillary’s mentorette and soul mate, Madeleine Albright, was included. Pop cynics felt tempted at the time to coin those […]

‘We Are Not Numbers’ shares the daily struggles and triumphs of Palestinian life

We can’t say enough great stuff about We Are Not Numbers. A project sponsored by Euro-Med Human Rights Monitor, with more than 75 writers from Gaza including 5 Palestinian refugees from Lebanon (and an equal number of mentors including luminaries such as Susan Abulhawa, Leila El-Haddad, Miko Peled, Alice Rothchild, Ben Norton and Joe Catron), We Are Not Numbers mission is to […]

Tinder Has New Service Helping Migrants Set Up ‘Dates’ With Locals

During the height of the migrant crisis in Europe last fall, Lasse Landt came to a startling realization. Thousands of migrants were pouring into Germany every day, but the 36-year-old startup consultant from Berlin hadn’t met a single one of them. “It was all over the media, every day on the talk shows you had […]

Politician Punches 72-Yr-Old Woman in Her Chest, Knocks Her to Ground: Lawsuit

72-yr-old Elaine Brown, a former Black Panther leader, states that a politician “unleashed a tsunami of criminal, assaultive, violent conduct” upon her. Katherine Proctor | Courthouse News Service OAKLAND, Calif. (CN) – Oakland City Councilwoman Desley Brooks assaulted former Black Panther party leader Elaine Brown at a popular restaurant […]

’Israel’ Must ’Pay Price’ for Return of 4 ’Israeli’ Soldiers

Palestinian resistane said it is holding four “Israeli” soldiers that it captured during the “Israeli” apartheid regime’s 50-day war on the Gaza Strip in 2014. During a Friday televised statement, spokesman of Hamas armed wing, the Ezzedine al-Qassam Brigades, in Gaza Abu Obeida, said the movement has no contacts with the “Israeli” entity over the […]

Two Models of White Racialism: A Preliminary Exploration of a Changing Morality

By Gil Caldwell How would white men of previous centuries or even those of earlier decades of the twentieth century view contemporary presentations of the case for racialism? As surprising as it may seem to some, in all probability they would have seen recent racialist apologetics as hopelessly infected with many of the central assumptions […]

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