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Phytoplankton bloom: Lava that destroys on land spurs new life at sea

     The Big Island’s lava-spewing volcano has torched neighborhoods, choked vegetation and desiccated a lake. But in the open ocean, scientists are finding surprising new evidence that Kilauea’s apocalyptic ooze is breathing new life into the sea. Phytoplankton blooming off the coast of Puna has grown so dense since the onset of the Lower East […]

They made the real estate section bloom

It could seem too much of a coincidence, at first, even for the New York Times, to feature a 4.8 million dollar home for sale outside Tel-Aviv in its International Real Estate section on July 18, 2018, the same day the Israeli Parliament passed a law declaring Israel the national home of the Jewish people. […]

israel’s “making the deserts bloom” myth

The Real Story Behind Israel’s “Blooming Desert” A Palestinian farmer looks at Israeli army soldiers after he planted an olive trees near the West Bank town of Tubas in the Jordan valley, during a protest against the closure of land to Palestinians by the army and Jewish settlers, Tuesday, April 8, 2014. Dozens of Palestinians […]

#Skripal Paranoia in full bloom: British government goes full retard in desperate effort to frame Russia for ‘chemical weapons attack’

Paranoia in full bloom: British government goes full retard in desperate effort to frame Russia for ‘chemical weapons attack’ Harrison Koehli My, how the mighty have fallen. In presenting hasty ultimatums to Russia then taking unilateral punitive measures, the British government is skirting dangerously close to inciting war, itself defined as a war crime […]

Israel ‘made a desert bloom’ — and I helped — Kamala Harris to AIPAC

Senator Kamala Harris of California, who is viewed a progressive leader with higher political prospects, spoke to the rightwing Israel lobby group AIPAC last week. Her remarks to students were private and were not recorded, AIPAC told the Intercept’s Zaid Jilani. The appearance is a reminder that Harris is taking the inside lane in the […]

Democrat Attorney Lisa Bloom Paid Trump Accusers “Millions Of Dollars”

Democrat attorney Lisa Bloom has been caught paying Trump accusers millions of dollars in cash in order to falsley accuse the President of sexual assault. The women’s right Attorney worked behind the scenes to operate a scheme in which potential accusers, regardless of their merits, would be given money in order to go to the […]

The Bloom of the May Queen

By John Michael Estes Once there was a lonely lass who tended hedge of green, Sowing it with seeds to bring forth colors of the Spring. With fair and fruitful fingers she broke the loamy Earth; She planted from her heart to see what she could birth. Beside the edge of the lawn she planted […]

The psychology of ‘Pokémon Go’: What’s fueling the obsession?

     Perhaps you’ve seen them: roving bands of (mostly) young people, gathering together with smartphones aloft, talking about something called Rattata or Squirtle. If not, you’ve probably at least seen the headlines about these folks — players of the massively popular new game “Pokémon Go.” The game, which uses geolocation to place virtual Pokémon characters […]


JUNE 30, 2016 MADDCOLDSONOFKUFA by Jonathan Azaziah Al-Jazeera, like the Wahhabi-Takfirism it sympathizes with and provides political cover for, is a curse on the world and needs to be abolished. The Qatari tyrant’s mouthpiece has just put out a pitiful propaganda garbage-pile entitled, “Recordings: Houthi leaders planned general’s killing“, which doesn’t serve any purpose whatsoever […]

World remembers Muhammad Ali as champion of peace, justice, equality

Alwaght- The world is mourning the death of legendary boxer Mohammad Ali who is remembered as a champion of peace especially when he refused to be drafted into the United States army which had invaded Vietnam. The three-time heavyweight boxing champion passed away at the age of 74 late on Friday at a hospital in […]

Ford’s Jewish Critique Was Largely Accurate

Related Posts California: Illegal Beaner Kills White Man During Vibrant 24-Hour Crime Spree Before dying in a car crash during a police pursuit in Porterville on Monday, a Vibrant Enrichment Escalating in London Joe JonesDaily Stormer August 8, 2017 He does make a good point Vibrant Enrichment: Another Diverse Acid Attack in […]

Encirclement of Russia: the War for Ngorno-Karabakh between Armenia and Azerbaijan

Encirclement of Russia: the war in Ngorno-Karabakh between Armenia and Azerbaijan: April 3, 2016: There have been military clashes between the armed forces of Armenia and Azerbaijan since the night of Friday to Saturday. Many deaths are reported.  The strong fighting is reported between Martakert and Hadrut on the front line. The Armenian army based […]

Syrian army pushing ISIS into full retreat in Raqqa

     The Syrian Arab Army (SAA) and its allies are pushing into ISIS territory at an alarming, almost reckless speed. No wonder the Saudis are desperate to enter the fight: Moments ago in the Al-Raqqa countryside, the Syrian Arab Army’s 555th Brigade of the 4th Mechanized Division – in close coordination with the National Defense […]

Godfrey Bloom: Euro Fail for Christmas

RT Sept 21, 2011 Italy’s docked a point for not moving fast enough – a credit ratings giant loses faith in Berlusconi’s budget ability, while his Eurozone partners are left wondering who’s next. RT talks to MEP Godfrey Bloom who’s in Brussels. Print this page. Comment Rules Leave a Reply You must be logged in […]

HSBC’s David Bloom: “Gold Is The Only Safe Haven Asset That Will Not Do QE, Put In Capital Controls Or Complain”

Washington’s Blog Sept 12, 2011 Switzerland’s Currency Move Could Boost Gold We asked last month: Will Easing By The Swiss Central Bank Drive Investors to Gold As The Only Safe Haven? HSBC’s head of foreign exchange strategy – David Bloom – says yes. “Gold Is The Only Safe Haven” Bloom told BBC last week: The […]

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