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Trump’s key advisers Pompeo and Bolton are longtime supporters of ‘regime change’ in Iran: Analyst

US President Donald Trump’s National Security Adviser John Bolton and Secretary of State Mike Pompeo are longtime supporters of “regime change” in Iran, despite Trump’s recent comments that he is not trying to topple Iran’s government, says Rodney Martin, a political analyst in Arizona. Despite Trump’s recent comments that he is not trying to […]

Iran deal was ‘the worst diplomatic debacle in American history’ — John Bolton to CUFI

Lemmeseeherenow. Hmmm. Bolton has never engaged in anything approaching ‘diplomacy’. Neither has Pompeo nor Abrams, nor for that matter~ Trump. All neocons, except perhaps Trump who has no idea what/how to do anything smart and has surrounded himself with the scumbags of America/Israel and other choice scumbags. Found this yesterday: “Religious Fanatics Have Hijacked America’s […]

Bolton and Netanyahu killed 2005 Iran talks, ‘lured’ Trump into shredding 2015 deal – Iranian FM

Russia Today – National Security Adviser John Bolton and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu scuppered a 2005 nuclear agreement between Iran and the west, and did the same with President Trump, Iranian Foreign Minister Javad Zarif said. “Bolton & Netanyahu killed Paris agreement between E3 & Iran in ’05 by insisting on zero enrichment,” Zarif […]

Bolton Crushes Putin as UK Blockades Syria

…by Gordon Duff, Senior Editor Russian President Vladimir Putin was humiliated today as Britain seized oil supplies heading to Syria.  Britain, in doing so, declared a blockade of Syria and asserted, as a US proxy, total control of the Mediterranean, a sea where Russia has a naval base and maintains a flotilla of nuclear armed […]

Bolton gets ready to kill New START arms control agreement with Russia

   If Bolton gets his way, New START is not long for this world: At the same time, the administration has signaled in recent days that it plans to let the New Start treaty, negotiated by Barack Obama, expire in February 2021 rather than renew it for another five years. John R. Bolton, the president’s […]

Memo to Trump: Trade Bolton for Tulsi By Patrick J. Buchanan

“If she makes it into the second round, Gabbard could become the catalyst for the kind of globalist vs. nationalist debate that broke out between Trump and Bush Republicans in 2016, a debate that contributed to Trump’s victory…” “For too long our leaders have failed us, taking us into one regime change war after the […]

‘Dialogue at gunpoint’: Bolton says Iran’s ‘silence’ is DEAFENING while it’s actually pretty vocal

Bolton blamed Iran for avoiding dialogue with the US during his visit to Jerusalem on Tuesday. As we speak, American diplomatic representatives are surging across the Middle East, seeking a path to peace. In response, Iran’s silence has been deafening. The official insisted that Washington “has held the door open for real negotiations,” and all […]

Trump Finally Confirms: John Bolton is a Menace

In a recent sit-down interview with Chuck Todd on NBC’s Meet the Press, Trump let on that he was “being pushed into military action against Iran” by his hawkish Neocon advisers. “I have two groups of people. I have doves and I have hawks,” said Trump. “John Bolton is absolutely a hawk. If it was […]

US military ‘ready to go’: Bolton warns Iran not to ‘mistake US prudence for weakness’

The US National Security Advisor made the dissuasive remark while speaking alongside Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in Jerusalem on Sunday. Tehran should not “mistake US prudence and discretion for weakness,” Bolton cautioned. “Our military is rebuilt, new and ready to go,” he added, days after Trump called off a planned attack on Iran, a […]

Provocations in the Gulf of Oman: Will John Bolton Get His War on Iran?

“America’s declared policy should be ending Iran’s 1979 Islamic Revolution before its 40th anniversary…Recognizing a new Iranian regime in 2019 would reverse the shame of once seeing our diplomats held hostage for 444 days.” – John Bolton (January 15, 2018) [1] LISTEN TO THE SHOW  Click to download the audio (MP3 format) Coincidentally or not, America’s […]

The Trump-Bolton Duo Is Just Like the Bush-Cheney Duo: Warmongers Using Lies to Start Illegal Wars

[False flag operations:] “The powers-that-be understand that to create the appropriate atmosphere for war, it’s necessary to create within the general populace a hatred, fear or mistrust of others regardless of whether those others belong to a certain group of people or to a religion or a nation.” James Morcan (1978- ), New Zealander-born Australian […]

America willing to talk to Iran: John Bolton

MNA – White House National Security Adviser John Bolton has claimed that the United States is willing to talk to Iranian leaders to ease the rising tensions. In an interview with the Washington Free Beacon, White House National Security Adviser John Bolton said the United States is willing to talk to Iranian leaders to ease […]

The Navy vs. John Bolton: The Pentagon is spoiling for a fight — but with China, not Iran 

The recent White House decision to speed the deployment of an aircraft carrier battle group and other military assets to the Persian Gulf has led many in Washington and elsewhere to assume that the U.S. is gearing up for war with Iran. As in the lead-up to the 2003 invasion of Iraq, U.S. officials have […]

If Trump does not fire Bolton by Election Day, war with Iran is guaranteed if he’s re-elected!

    The Pathology of John Bolton John Bolton has been saying for years he wants the Iranian government overthrown, and now he’s made his move. But this time he may have gone too far, writes Joe Lauria. By Joe Lauria Special to Consortium News I knew John Bolton and interacted with him on a […]

Trump not seeking regime change in Iran, says Bolton amid reports of policy divide

Trump not seeking regime change in Iran, says Bolton amid reports of policy divide Source Article from Related Posts Trump: Iran’s claim it broke up CIA network ‘totally false’ US President Donald Trump on Monday denied Iran’s claim that it dismantled a CIA spy Comey Under DOJ Investigation For Misleading Trump While Targeting Him […]

Bolton Alleges Iran Maritime Sabotage But Evidence Points Elsewhere

ABU DHABI, U.A.E. — On Wednesday, National Security Advisor John Bolton told a group of reporters in Abu Dhabi that “naval mines almost certainly from Iran” had been used to conduct the alleged “sabotage” attack on four commercial vessels off the coast of the United Arab Emirates’ port of Fujairah earlier this month. “There is […]

Moscow mistrusts Bolton’s claims Iran ‘Almost Certainly’ attacked oil tankers

Sputnik – Moscow does not trust US National Security Adviser John Bolton’s claims that Iran is “almost certainly” behind the recent attack on oil tankers in the UAE and qualifies this as a US attempt to impose its opinion on the whole world, Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov said in an interview with Sputnik. […]

This is how Neocon Bolton is setting up Iran with a series of false flag attacks to push the U.S. into war.

  AFP – The Norwegian vessel Andrea Victory was one of four oil tankers damaged on 12 May   Tankers almost certainly damaged by Iranian naval mines, US says BBC US National Security Adviser John Bolton has said “naval mines almost certainly from Iran” were to blame for the damage to oil tankers in the […]

Bolton’s allegation against Iran psychological op: Academic

US National Security Advisor John Bolton is resorting to psychological operation against the Islamic Republic of Iran when he claims Tehran was behind recent mysterious attacks on commercial vessels off the coast of Fujairah in the United Arab Emirates, says a commentator. Speaking at a press conference in Abu Dhabi on Wednesday, Bolton alleged […]

Iran lashes out at ‘warmonger’ Bolton over ‘ridiculous’ claims about UAE oil tanker attacks

While Foreign Ministry spokesman Abbas Mousavi mocked the allegations against his country, he noted that it was unsurprising that Bolton would make them at a press conference in the United Arab Emirates, a country who has developed a rivalry with Iran. Mr Bolton and other warmongers need to know that the strategic patience, high vigilance […]

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