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Bombshell report: Brett Kavanaugh completely exonerated by sex crimes investigator Rachel Mitchell

(Natural News) Perhaps one of the smartest and politically strategic moves made by Republicans attempting to shepherd Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh to the high court was to hold another Senate Judiciary Committee hearing last week giving him and his chief accuser, Christine Blasey Ford, an opportunity to be heard by the […]

Bombshell: George Soros Funded Dossier Creators Fusion GPS

Billionaire Democrat mega-donor George Soros indirectly funded Fusion GPS, the firm behind the infamous Steele dossier.  According to Soros spokesman Michael Vachon, Soros helped fund Fusion’s post-election work on framing the Trump administration as Russian colluders via a grant to the nonprofit group called the Democracy Integrity Project. reports:  That organization, which was formed […]

Another Project Veritas bombshell reveals the IRS is still infiltrated by deep state operators who weaponize the agency to target conservatives

(Natural News) Over the past several days Project Veritas has published a number of videos featuring its undercover journalists exposing “Deep State” operatives within various federal agencies. On Tuesday, the group released another video, and it’s every bit the ‘bombshell’ the previous videos have been. The latest video – the fourth in […]

Bombshell Project Veritas undercover investigation reveals how government bureaucrats are ENEMIES of the people, working from the inside to weaponize government

(Natural News) James O’Keefe, founder of Project Veritas, which uses undercover journalists to expose Left-wing, anti-government, anti-America corruption, has struck again. In the second of a series of videos exposing the Deep State, DoJ paralegal Allison Hrabar is seen discussing how she uses government software and computers to push her socialist agenda […]

Bombshell video reveals Google is a "threat to the Republic" after proof of election meddling, anti-American corporate culture

(Natural News) A recently leaked video has shown the world Google’s true, anti-American colors — and now, Trump campaign manager Brad Parscale is calling for an investigation. Parscale, President Trump’s 2016 digital campaign manager and 2020 re-election campaign manager, has called Google a “threat to the Republic” in response to the shocking footage […]

New York Times caught covering up bombshell Google video that outs the company as a deranged left-wing CULT of techno-lunatics

(Natural News) By far the world’s largest and most prolific search engine, Google is working on new strategies to meddle with and change the outcomes of American (and possibly other) elections, and The New York Times (NYT) doesn’t want you to know about it. Jack Nicas, a reporter for the NYT, deliberately […]

Bombshell Email Shows That Google Interfered In US Election To Help Clinton

A senior Google employee deployed the company’s resources to increase voter turnout in ways she believed would help Hillary Clinton win the election according to an email obtained exclusively by ‘Tucker Carlson Tonight’ Fox News host Tucker Carlson delivered the bombshell email showing proof that Google conspired to help Clinton win the 2016 presidential election […]

BOMBSHELL Documents Expose The Secret Lie That Started the Afghan War

September 4, 2018 By corbettreport How did the war in Afghanistan start? And how did NATO become involved in this conflict? These details are never discussed because they have for nearly two decades, been hidden behind a shroud of secrecy. But now, after nearly two decades of lies, the remarkable truth […]

Bombshell: Stephen Paddock’s Girlfriend Worked For The FBI

The girlfriend of Las Vegas shooter Stephen Paddock worked for the FBI, according to consumer credit records. Marilou Danley, whose fingerprints were found on Paddock’s horde of ammunition, applied for a loan and stated that she worked for the FBI on her application. Publicly available data obtained from consumer credit reporting bureaus show Danley listed the […]

Trump Bombshell: It’s Finally Time To Send Hillary To Prison

President Trump dropped the mother of all bombshells at a rally in Pennsylvania on Thursday, promising to finally send Hillary to prison once and for all. During repeated chants of “lock her up,” Trump initially responded with, “some things just take a little bit longer.” Just the mere hint that justice may be coming for Clinton […]

WORLD EXCLUSIVE! — Trump’s bombshell letter to Theresa May sparks panic in corridors of power

A cleaner has discovered a copy of a letter in a White House waste bin, allegedly written by Donald Trump to Theresa May, and smuggled it out for publication. We are among the first to be handed this sensational document. Watch this space for further developments.   Abridged by Lasha Darkmoon “Theresa, you’ve gotta stop those […]

Putin Bombshell: US Intelligence Funneled $400 Million to Clinton Campaign from Russia

Collusion actually between US intelligence and Democrats Vladimir Putin made a bombshell claim during Monday’s joint press conference with President Trump in Helsinki, Finland, when the Russian President said some $400 million in illegally earned profits was funneled to the Clinton campaign by associates of American-born British financier Bill Browder – at one time the largest […]

Bombshell new report reveals how tech giants are systematically destroying the First Amendment

(Natural News) On Monday, Natural News founder/editor Mike Adams, in conjunction with Infowars, released a new report that outlines in stunning detail how the tech media giants — think Facebook, Google, YouTube, and Twitter especially — are working in tandem to deny tens of millions of Americans access to news and information […]

Bombshell accusation: Hillary never had a State Department email address; all emails were sent to her at her private unsecured email

Related Posts Israel: democracy or apartheid state? A bloodied Israeli flag hangs on the main building at the University of Cape Town San Diego State University Normalizes Pedophilia as a “Sexual Orientation” San Diego State University is teaching students that pedophilia could merely be considered to be State Takes Child from Parents, Forces Him to […]

Ben Rhodes Admits Obama Armed Jihadists In Syria In Bombshell Interview

Someone finally asked Obama administration officials to own up to the rise of ISIS and arming jihadists in Syria. In a wide ranging interview titled “Confronting the Consequences of Obama’s Foreign Policy” The Intercept’s Mehdi Hasan put the question to Ben Rhodes, who served as longtime deputy national security adviser at the White […]

BOMBSHELL: Government limits on chemicals in the water supply found TOO HIGH; toxins impact human health at far lower levels

(Natural News) Most people tend to fall into one of two categories: those who believe that governmental bodies like the Environmental Protection Agency help us and keep us safe, and those who know better. In news that will only be surprising to those who fall into the first group, a new study […]

Why is the media still ignoring the Samantha Power ‘unmasking’ bombshell?

     One of the challenges of Spygate is that it’s such a sprawling, complicated tale, filled with competing narratives and motives open to interpretation. We understand that this is a serious situation – possibly the biggest scandal in U.S. history. But how can one get the message across to the average American without his eyes […]

LVMPD Bombshell: Stephen Paddock Had 3 Accomplices

A recent batch of documents released by the LVMPD reveals that Las Vegas shooter Stephen Paddock had 3 accomplices on the night of the shooting – some of whom had ties to ISIS.  The documents shed light on more discrepancies and abnormalities surrounding the official story of the tragedy as originally given by Sheriff Joe Lombardo and Special […]

Bombshell: Senior FBI Agent Ready To Rat On Comey

FBI Special Agent Joe Pientka is ready to expose Obama-era leaders, including former Director James Comey, according to a new report.   On Friday May 11, 2018, Senate Judiciary Chairman Chuck Grassley (R-IA) sent a letter to FBI Director Christopher Wray and Deputy AG Rod Rosenstein stating Comey testified the FBI didn’t think General Flynn lied.  Grassley also revealed Joe Pientka […]

Bombshell: Comey’s FBI approached Russian oligarch weeks before 2016 election to push phony Trump collusion narrative

(Natural News) We already knew that the Obama-era Justice Department and FBI were weaponized against the campaign of then-GOP nominee Donald J. Trump, but a new bombshell report on Monday provided additional insight into how far the Deep State was willing to go to undermine him while subverting the American political process. […]

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