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NZ’s National Library is culling 600,000 books

Wiping out the data. Same as the internet cull. Precursor to tyranny. Guns gone, info gone, democracy gone, health freedoms going fast. Military on the streets. All the ducks in a row. EWR ___________________________________________________________________ Academics, historians, researchers and scholars feel a literary crime is taking place during the distraction of the global pandemic. Sheltered in […]

Stolen books worth €2.7m found in Romanian basement during police raid

Priceless books by Galileo, Sir Isaac Newton, and Francisco Goya have been recovered in a police raid in Romania three years after being stolen in a sophisticated heist on a London postal depot. Police recovered around 200 books with a combined value of some £2.5 million (€2.7m) during the raid on a house in the […]

"It’s Ridiculous" – Parents Furious As Australia Seeks To Ban Use Of "Boy" Or "Girl" In Books

“For goodness sake, this is social engineering gone crazy… Leave kids alone to be kids. Stop trying to destroy kids’ childhoods…” That is an example of the furious reaction from parents in Victoria, Australia where the local city council has announced plans to audit children’s books and toys with a […]

According to science reading books should be your priority

     You’re not doing yourself any favors if you’re in the 26 percent of American adults who haven’t read even part of a book within the past year. More than a quarter – 26 percent – of American adults admit to not having read even part of a book within the past year. That’s according […]

5 Common Problems Many of Us Face & The Books That Helped Me Overcome Them

Next Story We all have issues. And as unique as we all are from one another, it’s in our issues that this uniqueness tends to fade away. The characters and circumstances involved may differ from person to person, but at the core, pretty well everything you’re currently going through someone has gone through before. While […]

Looking For Something Good To Read? 5 Awesome Fiction Books With A Conscious Message

Next Story I don’t know about you, but I’ve read countless conscious”self-help” books in an attempt to learn more about myself, how I react, my emotions, and how to continue growing on this never-ending path towards enlightenment. Sometimes it’s an information overload and I completely give up and turn my back on any thing that […]

US to continue aid to UNRWA if changed school books

American administration has proposed UNRWA changes its school textbooks in order to continue to receive US donations, Jordanian newspaper Al-Ghad reported on Tuesday. The newspaper said the US proposed two amendments to the textbooks that includes abolition of all references to the right of return and issue of refugees in general, as well having no […]

Discarded Treasures: Why we forget most of the books we read

     Pamela Paul’s memories of reading are less about words and more about the experience. “I almost always remember where I was and I remember the book itself. I remember the physical object,” says Paul, the editor of The New York Times Book Review, who reads, it is fair to say, a lot of books. […]

7 Fiction Books to Empower the Nonfiction Soul

Gary ‘Z’ McGee, GuestWaking Times “All good books have one thing in common –they are truer than if they had really happened.” ~Ernest Hemingway “I think that most of us, anyway, read these stories that we know are not “true” because we’re hungry for another kind of truth: the mythic truth about human nature in […]

The Indian Holocaust – What The British History Books Will Never Tell You

Did you know that over 60 million Indians were systemically killed by the ruling British elite during the 200 years of colonial rule between 1765 and 1947? During this period, the British committed one of the worst holocausts in history – only surpassed by the European Colonization of the Americas. reports: During its 190 years of looting […]

7 Books that Will Jumpstart Your Cosmic Awakening

Gary ‘Z’ McGee, Staff WriterWaking Times “A book should serve as the axe for the frozen sea within us.” ~Franz Kafka 1. The Doors of Perception by Aldous Huxley “If the doors of perception were cleansed everything would appear to man as it is, Infinite. For man has closed himself up, till he sees all things […]

5 Books That Have Had A Tremendous Impact On Me & Why You Should Read Them Too

Next Story Aside from during my teenage years, when the world of video games consumed the vast majority of my spare time, I’ve always been an avid reader. And while I’ve delved into many different genres, the one that I’ve explored most extensively by far, especially since my mid-twenties, is personal development. Whether it be a […]

10 Books That Will Literally Blow Your Mind & Have You Reading Until The Last Page

Next Story **This is an updated version of an article we’ve. We will continue to update the list and re-publish it for those who are interested in some good reads! Reading is incredible. It sparks our imaginations, enhances our critical thinking skills, improves our vocabulary, exercises our brain, and much more. While our love for […]

Free books no more: Greek students storm education ministry after publishers suspend scheme (VIDEO)

The video shows students throwing stones and chairs at the building entrance. Police in riot gear stop the demonstrators from entering the compound, but the confrontation eventually results in scuffles. READ MORE: Anarchists throw petrol bombs and stones in clashes with police in Athens (VIDEO) College students in Greece usually get textbooks for free, and […]

Cooking Books: DOD, HUD Defrauded Taxpayers Of $21 Trillion From 1998 To 2015

Last year, a Reuters article brought renewed scrutiny to the budgeting practices of the U.S. Department of Defense (DOD), specifically the U.S. Army, after it was revealed that the department  had “lost” $6.5 trillion in 2015 due to “wrongful budget adjustments.” Nearly half of that massive sum, $2.8 trillion, was lost in just one quarter. […]

The Ancient Flying Machines of The Mahabharata, The Tibetan Books Tantyua, The Tulli Papyrus & More

Next Story I want to start off by saying that what I present in this article is a very minuscule amount of information that’s available on prehistoric flying machines. I try to stay on the topic of flying objects, and stay away from details of extraterrestrial beings, for which there is also an enormous amount […]

Dr. Duke with Andrew Hitchcock of Barnes Review on NFL Insanity & His Books on Jewish Supremacism

Download Today Dr. Duke and British talk show host Andrew Hitchcock had a discussion about the kneeling crisis in the National Football lead. It now appears that Donald Trump is following Dr. Duke’s lead and suggesting a boycott of sportsball if millionaire athletes and their billionaire owners want to use it as yet another platform […]

Female archer books berth at Archery World Cup Final

MNA– Parisa Baratchi, female Iranian archer, has been awarded a place at 2017 Archery World Cup Final to convene in Italy. Upon completion of all four stages in 2017 World Cup, World Archery, the international federation for the Olympic sport of archery, has announced overall points garnered by participating athletes. Accordingly, the top seven athletes […]

3 Important Books That All Women Could Benefit From

Next Story I often find myself caught up between a cluster of self-help books, and when that happens, I either take an eternity to finish them or don’t finish them at all. Sometimes, however, there are certain books that prevail among the rest that I just cannot. stop. reading. The books I have listed below certainly […]

5 Holy Books That Predate The Bible

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Could This Be The Biggest Find Since The Dead Sea Scrolls – Seventy Metal Books Found In Cave In Jordan Could Change Our View Of Biblical History

SHEPHERD’S DISCOVERY THAT UNEARTHED A TREASURE TROVE The Dead Sea Scrolls, counted among the most important archaeological finds of the modern era, were discovered in a cave (pictured) by a Bedouin shepherd in the West Bank. The scrolls consist of 30,000 separate fragments making up 900 manuscripts of biblical texts and religious writings from the […]

Sweden’s Libraries Destroying Pippi Longstocking Children’s Books Because of Racist Phrases

A Swedish council has admitted that local libraries have been throwing out copies of a popular children’s book because it contains racist expressions, with one local journalist even claiming the books are being burnt. Older versions of the Pippi Langstrumpf [Pippi Longstocking] book entitled ‘Pippi in the South Seas,’ have been discarded by libraries in […]

Haymarket Books’ plan to buy Chicago mansion is latest battleground over Zionism/anti-Zionism

Once again, anti-Zionism and anti-Semitism have been conflated, and this time it’s in the Windy City. Haymarket Books, the left-leaning Chicago-based publishing company, is under contract to purchase property for its new offices in an old mansion in Chicago’s Buena Park neighborhood on the north side, but it had to get a zoning variance to […]

‘You are thieves of history!’ Hotovely tells Palestinians, waving books at them

Speaking on Wednesday at the Knesset, Tzipi Hotoveli, Israel’s highest ranking diplomat, went on a rant against Palestinians, calling them “thieves of history”: “You are thieves of history. Your history books are empty, and you are trying to co-opt Jewish history and Islamicize it.” Hotoveli’s accusation was aimed at Palestinian-Israeli Members of Knesset, whom Israel […]

TSA Wants To Know What Books You’re Reading Before Allowing You To Board Planes

The federal government will soon begin searching through travelers’ books at the airport as airlines test out fingerprint scans. Next time you choose to take a flight in the United States, you will not only be given the option of a free walk through the full body scanner or a complimentary rub down courtesy of the Transportation Security Administration. Your […]

3 Books to Help You Slay Your Dragons and Find Your Purpose in Life

Dylan Charles, EditorWaking Times  A young friend of mine, who was 17 years-old when we met, was going through what so many young men his age go through today in this sick society. He was uninterested in education, heavily into drugs and partying, mixed up with the wrong crowd, and so warped with anger […]

Experts Predict When Artificial Intelligence Will Take Our Jobs: From Writing Essays, Books & Songs, to Performing Surgery and Driving Trucks

Image via Flickr Commons We know they’re coming. The robots. To take our jobs. While humans turn on each other, find scapegoats, try to bring back the past, and ignore the future, machine intelligences replace us as quickly as their designers get them out of beta testing. We can’t exactly blame the […]

Missing Brazilian Man Left Behind 14 Cryptic Books on Aliens, Alchemy and the Occult

In his room: 14 manuscripts, walls covered in encrypted handwriting, alchemical symbols, alien connections and a statue of a 16th century philosopher burned at the stake for claiming the universe is infinite. Now this is something you don’t see everyday. Bruno Borges, the son of local entrepreneur Athos Borges has recently disappeared from his family […]

Sunday Insights: Hardback Books are Snakelike Trick

Andrew AnglinDaily Stormer April 30, 2017 Seriously, why do they keep making these? I generally refuse to buy them, but was really excited about Robert Cinaldini’s “Pre-Suasion” (plus I was ordering some other stuff at the time, and it had just came out) and bought it when it was only available in […]

Global Research PDF Collection: 6 PDF Books for 1 Price

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