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6 Natural ways to boost your stamina and improve your mental and physical health

(Natural News) Your stamina determines your ability to sustain physical and mental activity. There are natural ways to boost your stamina and improve your overall wellness. These include drinking caffeine, taking supplements, and exercising regularly. Why is stamina important? If you have low mental stamina, you may have trouble focusing on tasks for […]

Trump Made Up "High Level Phone Calls" With China To Boost Markets, Aides Admit: Report

Just before Europe opened on Monday morning, with US equity futures tumbling below 2,800 and the Chinese yuan in freefall after a tense weekend in which traders stewed over the latest trade war escalations and rushed to sell, algos sent risk surging following a statement by President Trump in Biarritz, France, that “China called last […]

6 Foods to Boost Your Mood

August 27th, 2019 By Alex ‘Earthie Mama’ Du Toit Contributing writer for Wake Up World How are you feeling? Could your mental state use an uplift? What you are putting in your body could be contributing to the way you feel. I’m sure you have heard the famous quote from Hippocrates, “Let food be thy medicine and […]

Top 14 Herbs and Minerals to Boost Your Brain – FREE Ebook

Big pharma has failed to find an effective treatment for Alzheimer’s. The journal Current Neuropharmacology has recently acknowledged that even drugs for early stage cognitive impairment have failed to demonstrate significant improvements. And yet Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia continue to ruin the health and lives of millions of people worldwide. You don’t have to […]

Iran, Tunisia to boost bilateral coop.

MNA – Assistant Secretary of Iran’s Foreign Minister and Tunisia’s Foreign Minister held talks on expansion of cooperation. Assistant secretary and Secretary General of the Middle East and North Africa Department, Hamid Reza Dehghani met Tunisian Foreign Minister Khemaies Jhinaoui during his visit for funeral of Tunisian President Bejo Caid Essebsi. Both sides stressed on […]

Iran to boost Internet speed: ICT Minister

IRNA – Iran’s Minister of Communications and Information Technology wrote in a tweet that Iran is to increase the speed of the Internet fourfold. “From tomorrow ADSL can be changed to VDSL, which is four times faster,” wrote Mohammad-Javad Azari-Jahromi. The high-speed Internet is based on VDS (very high bitrate subscriber line) or one of […]

This refreshing smoothie is full of gut healing superfoods that can boost your digestion

(Natural News) Gut health is crucial for proper digestion. If you’re having digestive issues, try drinking a nutritious, gut-healing smoothie that contains superfoods like bananas, papaya, and pineapple. These fresh ingredients can also promote weight loss. The recipe below is from Kimberly Snyder’s book “Recipes for Your Perfectly Imperfect Life.” Snyder is a nutritionist and […]

Israel’s Far-Right Seizes on Settlement Rape Case to Boost Electoral Prospects

WEST BANK, PALESTINE — Signs of blood libel are all over the case of a Palestinian worker accused of raping a seven-year-old Jewish girl in a religious Jewish settlement in the West Bank. Politicizing a horrifying tragedy such as this is tantamount to sacrilege, and this case, which is all over Israeli headlines, is more […]

INF treaty suspension enables Russia to develop new arms and boost national security – Moscow

Valentina Matvienko, who chairs the Federation Council, made a statement shortly after president Vladimir Putin had submitted to parliament a draft resolution on Moscow’s suspension of the key Cold War era agreement. The move came as Washington unilaterally pulled out of the INF treaty back in February. We were forced to react this way under […]

Bipartisan thirst for more war: 75% of Congress calls on Trump to boost intervention in Syria, to ‘pressure’ Iran and Russia

While Trump threatens Iran and Venezuela with new wars, 400 Congress members, including leaders from both parties, want to intensify the eight-year war on Syria, to weaken Iran, Russia, and Hezbollah. While the Donald Trump administration is threatening two new wars on Iran and Venezuela, a substantial majority of […]

Failing news outlet Vice Media receives cash boost from George Soros

Vice Media, looking to revitalize its flagging business, has gotten a $250 million cash infusion from an investment consortium that includes billionaire George Soros. The company’s new debt financing was led by 23 Capital, a financing firm focused exclusively on sports, music and entertainment sectors, with participation by Soros Fund Management, […]

Yemeni Military Successes May Boost Secret Peace Negotiations with Saudis

AL-BAYDA, YEMEN — For the past two weeks, Yemeni military forces loyal to the Houthis have been waging a fierce campaign to rid the country’s southern al-Bayda and al-Dali provinces from al-Qaeda, ISIS and Saudi Coalition fighters. Dozens of cities, villages, and military sites in the provinces have been captured in the campaign, which was […]

Boost Visitor Engagement and Grow Your Mailing List with the Mailchimp Block

Keeping your visitors interested is the key to a successful website—and one great way to do that is with email. A smart email outreach plan piques peoples’ interest, keeps them engaged, and brings them back to your website. To send emails, you need a mailing list, and Mailchimp is the list-building tool of choice for […]

5 Ways to Save Money and Boost Your Savings

We’ve all been through tough times where we find it hard to scrape by. In today’s economy, it can be a serious struggle to pay bills, make rent, save for retirement, and set aside a nest egg for a rainy day. Although there are several reasons why it’s harder for […]

A Navy Seal’s 4 Tips To Boost Mental Toughness

I’ve had a 20-year career as a Navy SEAL, 30 years of martial arts training and more than 15 years of yoga practice and teaching to warriors. If there is anything I can teach you, it’s how important your mental strength is, over any physical ability you may possess. The mantra of mind over body […]

Study shows lutein can boost heart health

(Natural News) Vegetables with the carotenoid lutein, such as carrots and kale, are often consumed because they can help improve eye health. However, the results of a study have revealed that lutein is also good for the heart. Lutein: A carotenoid that can keep your heart healthy Lutein is crucial for eye […]

Brave talk: israel (apartheid state) to Boost ‘Efforts’ in Syria After US Troops Pullout – Netanyahu

Israel to Boost ‘Efforts’ in Syria After US Troops Pullout – Netanyahu Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s remarks follow US President Donald Trump’s decision to withdraw all 2,000 American troops from Syria after declaring victory over Daesh. Speaking at the fifth Israel-Greece-Cyprus summit held in the southern city of Beersheba, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu pledged to intensify […]

U.S. Army Personnel to Compete in eSports to Boost Recruitment

U.S. Army Personnel to Compete in eSports to Boost Recruitment November 12th, 2018 In other news: Too Fat to Fight: Military Threatened by Childhood Obesity. Via: Stars and Stripes: The Army is putting together a team of video gamers from within its ranks to […]

UK Companies Prepare To Microchip Employees To Boost ‘Security’

Some of the the UK’s largest companies are planning to implant their staff with microchips to “improve security” and restrict employees from accessing “sensitive documents,” sparking ethical concerns over such a move. The Swedish firm, Biohax, which makes human chip implants, claims it is in talks with a number of the UK’s major businesses from […]

Can Iodine Boost Your IQ?

November 13th, 2018 By Dr. Joseph Mercola Contributing writer for Wake Up World Most have heard of iodine, but may not realize how crucial it is to your health, particularly brain health, as it improves energy levels, brain function, memory and mood, repairs damaged neurons, and even helps prevent brain degeneration later in life. Perhaps the best […]

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