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Boris backs off his Russia-bashing rhetoric when it comes to discussing Tory Party donors

Boris Johnson has some history upsetting the Russian people. In the last year alone, he has likened Putin to Hitler, decried “the anvil of communism,” and accused the Kremlin of deploying a lethal nerve agent in the UK. But when it comes to wealthy Russians making donations to his beloved Conservative Party, that’s a different […]

Boris Johnson gets cold treatment from flood victims

Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, has received a frosty reception during his tour of flood-stricken areas in South Yorkshire. Mr. Johnson received the coldest treatment during his visit to Stainforth, in South Yorkshire, where some local residents refused even to speak to him. One wheelbarrow clutching woman curtly told the PM: “I’m not very happy […]

Boris Johnson’s strategist faces serious allegations about Russia connections

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Does Boris Johnson really want a general election, or does he have something else in mind?

It took me a moment to figure out what on earth Boris Johnson was playing at, attempting to call a general election just after Parliament had passed the Queen’s Speech. The government had set out a plan for what it intends to do with this Parliamentary term, got Parliament to rubber-stamp the overall direction, and […]

Boris Johnson threatens to abandon Brexit bill in the face of Parliamentary opposition

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Boris Johnson appears undaunted by his parliamentary defeat yesterday

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Closing the Brexit curtains: It’s either Boris’ Deal or No Deal

I always believe that it’s best to read what you’re talking about first, and then comment upon it afterwards. Politicians quite often do the opposite, like when Jeremy Corbyn famously didn’t even bother to read Theresa May’s deal before commenting on it. Having read Johnson’s deal, both the Withdrawal Agreement and the new Political Declaration […]

Boris Johnson ‘will dare the Queen to SACK him’

The British Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, is still gambling on winning his Brexit blame game. This time, the PM will dare the Queen to sack him and trigger an election rather than resign in an attempt to drive through Brexit on October 31, the Sunday Times reported, citing cabinet ministers. Senior aides said Johnson would […]

UK cancer hospital falls victim to Boris Johnson policy

The UK Government’s under-delivered policy on healthcare has claimed another victim, this time an NHS cancer hospital in Mount Vernon. A newly released inquiry on the state of UK health services detailed that Mount Vernon Cancer Centre is unfit for purpose with crumbling buildings, out-of-date equipment and staffing problems that endanger patients’ safety and […]

In Rosh Hashanah message, Boris Johnson vows to defend Jews from anti-Semitism

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson vowed to protect Jews against anti-Semitism in the United Kingdom, in a video message to Jews ahead of the Rosh Hashanah holiday on Sunday evening. “I will always be there to defend you against the shameful anti-Semitism that we are increasingly seeing and which is such a terrible blight on […]

Railroaded by the Judges: Boris Johnson Fails in the UK Supreme Court

It delighted Labour supporters and party apparatchiks who had been falling over each other in murderous ceremony at the party conference in Brighton: Prime Minister Boris Johnson would come to the unwitting rescue with his own version of a grand cock-up.  This involved a now defeated attempt to circumvent parliamentary scrutiny and interference ahead of the […]

UK Supreme Court Rules Parliament Shutdown Illegal. Boris Misled the Queen

Since taking office on July 24, virtually everything Tory Prime Minister Boris Johnson put to a vote was defeated — an unparalleled record of failure over a short period, especially for a new leader. Notably, Johnson lost every no-deal Brexit/snap election vote, winning no support from majority MPs, including from some fellow Tories, expelling 21 […]

A Damning  Verdict by the Supreme Court against Boris Johnson Who Should Now  Resign with his Cabinet

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Boris Johnson’s ‘moral hazard’: No money to save Thomas Cook, but plenty for war with Iran (if it comes)

One day, two very different UK government decisions. Prime Minister Boris Johnson effectively signed the death warrant of 178-year-old travel company Thomas Cook, the world’s oldest holiday operator, by refusing to invest in the company the £150mn it needed to carry on trading. He said that bailing out Thomas Cook would have set up a […]

With Boris Johnson steering Brexit towards disaster capitalism, Scottish indy is a lifeboat

I write here as a Scot who was opposed to independence in 2014. Holding this position, I wrote articles, campaigned, and took part in debates making the case that what unites ordinary working people across the UK is far more meaningful and relevant than anything that divides them, such as national identity.  Five years on, […]

#Brexit #BorisJohnson #UK Brexit, Elections, Resignation…What is Boris up to? 9/5/2019

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UK COLUMN: Boris Dealing in Dublin, Farage in Play, Trump Snubs Taliban

PM Boris Johnson raises the Brexit stakes in meeting with the Taoiseach, Leo Varadkar, in Dublin, where Boris clearly said that he’d prefer an exit ‘deal’ to no deal. Tories may have a secret weapon now in Nigel Farage, as No.10 taps the Brexit Party leader in a possible electoral pact in the next General […]

Boris Johnson – Brexit Hero-In-The-Making Or Goat?

Authored by Tom Luongo, This week’s Brexit drama was vitally important for Boris Johnson. And intentional or not he has maneuvered events to a very interesting inflection point. The random acts of vandalism performed by Remainers on all sides of the political aisle in the House of Commons were, I think, invoked by Johnson himself strategically. […]

UK COLUMN: Boris, Brexit, Corbyn and The Queen + Roger Waters gig for Assange

Brexit chaos has taken over Westminster this week, as Boris Johnson fights to stave-off a rebellion in his own party and beyond – as a rebel alliance of anti-No Deal MPs from all sides of the House band together to oppose the Tory leader’s plan to crash out of the EU on October 31st. Also, […]

Let Them Howl, Boris! By Patrick J. Buchanan

“Whatever may be said of him, Johnson has shown himself as a man of action, a risk-taker, a doer, like Trump, who has hailed Johnson for the suspension. And leaders like Johnson are today shouldering aside the cookie-cutter politicians to dominate the world stage.” Facing a Parliamentary majority opposed to a hard Brexit — a […]

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