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Will A Credit Crisis Threaten Boris’s 2020 Brexit Plans?

Authored by Alasdair Macleod via The Mises Institute, Boris and the Conservatives won the General Election with a very good majority. In truth, opposition parties stood little chance of success against the Tory strategists, who controlled the narrative despite a hostile media. At the centre of their slick operation was Dominic Cummings, who masterminded the […]

Woke on steroids, Brexit breakthrough & Iran on brink of war: 2020 predictions from RT contributors

Culture: More woke, more broke Zachary Leeman, author of the novel ‘Nigh’ and journalist who covers art and culture: Woke female Bond (‘No Time to Die’), unnecessary sequels (‘Bad Boys for Life,’ ‘The New Mutants’), reboots (‘Fantasy Island,’ ‘Sonic the Hedgehog’), remakes (‘Mulan,’ ‘Dolittle’), and an election for Donald Trump’s spot in the White House […]

3 Non-Brexit Macro Shocks The New UK Government Could Face In Its First Term

Authored by Bilal Hafeez via, With the large Conservative majority in government, both UK markets and the economy are likely to enter a honeymoon period in the months ahead. While many are focused on Brexit as the main shock that could hit the UK economy, there are at least three other potential shocks that […]

Artist’s compromise over cartoon of Brexit BoJo running from EU death camp just kills the joke stone dead

When Improta posted on social media an illustration of re-elected British PM Boris Johnson dressed as a prisoner fleeing a EU concentration camp, it was a pretty good gag. But when he folded under the pressure of the apparent uproar that followed, it was a kick in the nuts for freedom of speech and an […]

#RT #news CrossTalk Bullhorns: Brexit 2.0

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“One Country, Two Systems”? Britain and Northern Ireland on Brexit

By Tom Clifford Global Research, December 17, 2019 One country, two systems. Britain is leaving the European Union. The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland is not leaving on the same terms. In the UK election, more Irish nationalists than Unionists were elected in Northern Ireland for the first time since Ireland was […]

Brexit: Serving the Jewish Agenda

From the very beginning a referendum lead by Jewish Zio-Marxism was not going to have a desirable outcome for Europeans. The exit strategy itself was led by Jewish Prime Minister’s Cameron’s cousin Boris Johnson so even out of the Jewish construct (EU) we are still under the Jewish yoke. It is also vital to note […]

Labour’s failure to realise this was a 2nd Brexit referendum hands Britain to Boris

There was no other game in town, this was the Brexit election and the only way to win it was to promise to get Britain out of the EU and put everyone out of their Brexit misery, but Jeremy Corbyn (as well as the Liberal Democrats) failed to see which way the wind was blowing.   […]

Brits Prepare to Take to the Polls in the ‘Brexit’ Election

It has been termed the ‘Brexit’ election, but in fact what is arguably the most important election of our lifetime has opened a can of worms when it comes to exposing the ails in our society. Not that the Conservative party have wanted to discourse to be about anything other than Brexit, of course. Prime […]

Will ‘get Brexit done’ ever end? Johnson provokes haters mocking his campaign slogan with… more Brexit mantra!

   Boris Johnson has been lampooned for repeatedly recycling his Brexit slogan during a debate with Labour’s Jeremy Corbyn. Unfazed by his critics, the Tory leader has continued to flood Twitter with his polarizing campaign mantra. The British Prime Minister locked horns with Corbyn during Friday’s BBC debate. While discussing a range of issues, Johnson […]

North Sea Oil Is Doomed With Or Without Brexit

Authored by Haley Zaremba via, The uncertainty of the future of Brexit has left the United Kingdom’s economy in stagnation as business investment falters on the eve of the nation’s December general election. While Boris Johnson tries to rally voters to instill their confidence in him to usher in a new era of economic […]

Labour’s Corbyn will ‘stay neutral as PM’ when/if he orders 2nd Brexit referendum

   British Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn has said that he would remain neutral on a potential second Brexit referendum if he were elected Prime Minister next month. Corbyn promised in September to hold the Brexit vote again. “I will adopt as prime minister, if I am, at the time, a neutral stance so that […]

#Brexit #Farage #UKelections Tories turn to destroy Brexit Party & with it any chance for a real Brexit

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Where the Vulture Funds Nest in Brexit Britain

The UK economy has seen a spike in corporate insolvencies, particularly in the retail, manufacturing and travel sectors since the EU referendum, and the heavy debt burden imposed by private equity has often been a factor. Vulture funds are now circling in search of freshly weakened targets, soon there will be plenty to choose from. […]

Three-month Brexit extension will not necessarily lead to a breakthrough

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Brexit, Workers’ Rights and the Environment: The Withdrawal Agreement Bill (WAB)

The smorgasbord of Brexit terms has been further plated up with the latest acronym: the WAB or Withdrawal Agreement Bill.  It comes in at 115 pages, with an added bonus of 126 pages of explanatory notes.  For something seemingly so significant, not much time was on offer for those in the Commons to peruse, let […]

Johnson & Macron – Caretakers Or Betrayers Of Brexit?

Authored by Tom Luongo via Gold, Goats, ‘n Guns blog, While everyone, including myself, has speculated how Boris Johnson could be the Hero of Brexit, it may come down to French President Emmanuel Macron being that hero. Macron has made noise after noise about not wanting to grant any more extensions to the U.K. to […]

Former NI peace negotiator casts doubt on new Brexit deal

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EU delays Brexit extension decision as France pressures MPs ahead of Bojo’s demand for a general election

   The EU will delay its decision on the length of the Brexit extension until next Monday or Tuesday after France piled pressure on MPs ahead of a vote on Boris Johnson’s demand for a pre-Christmas general election. During a meeting of EU diplomats, the French ambassador stood alone in arguing that it was not […]

EU reins in after UK PM gives ultimatum on Brexit

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