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Boris Johnson’s Brexit to drive UK under virtual US vassalage

Prime Minister Boris Johnson will fail in his promise to give back control to the UK over its policies post-Brexit. In fact, London will have fewer foreign policy alternatives to subservience to the United States. While the UK was negotiating with Brussels over its divorce from the European Union, Johnson said the transition period […]

Brexit pioneers with loose ties to UK

Here is an inexhaustive list of leading, hypocritical, Brexiteers with extensive foreign connections.   Source Article from Related Posts The Original Pioneers of Mind Control on Why You Must Protect Your Mental Sovereignty Now Sigmund Fraud, Staff Writer Waking TimesYou don’t believe everything you see or hear in the RT pioneers revolutionary cooperation project […]

EU ready for no-deal Brexit while UK will suffer most – European Commission spokesperson

   UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson has stated on numerous occasions that he is willing to pull the United Kingdom out from the European Union with or without a deal. Brussels, in turn, has repeatedly underlined its commitment to the already agreed deal with former UK PM Theresa May, which, however, was blocked by the […]

Brexit: 8 reasons the EU will suffer far more than the UK

   The EU would be wise to make a deal with the UK. It will get clobbered in the event of no deal. Conventional wisdom says the UK will get hit harder than the EU in the event of a no deal Brexit. Conventional wisdom is wrong. Here are eight reasons the EU will suffer […]

Trump-Boris Trade Deal: The Brexit Endgame is Becoming Clear

The Brexit endgame is now becoming clear – the US-UK bilateral trade deal will make Britain an economic outpost for US transnational corporate interests. To achieve this, the Trump Administration needs Boris Johnson in power, so John Bolton is not shy in openly backing Boris for the upcoming general election. The US knows that a […]

Boris Johnson confident on Brexit as no deal Brexit fears grow in EU

As UK Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, expresses confidence that the UK will leave the European Union by 31 October, fear continues to grow of an impending no-deal Brexit and the havoc it may lay on the economies of the 27-nation bloc. Swedish Trade Minister, Ann Linde, has warned that small, and medium sized businesses, […]

Bolton says Washington favors a no-deal Brexit

US National Security Adviser John Bolton has said the United States “enthusiastically” supports a no-deal Brexit. The European Union’s French chief negotiator for Brexit Michel Barnier had warned  Britain  if it wanted to avoid a no-deal Brexit then London needed to stick to the divorce agreement signed with Brussels. EU’s Barnier says the current deal […]

No Deal has 17-point lead over ‘no Brexit’ as October deadline looms

   A bombshell new Opinium poll has exposed how there is massively more public support for finally leaving the European Union on 31st October without a deal than cancelling Brexit. Remoaners once again exposed as a shrinking fringe amplified by Remainstream media. The poll, carried out days ago, asked voters: “If Boris Johnson is unable […]

Project Fear Panic: Predicted Hard-Brexit Job Losses Across Europe

youtube twitter facebook rss Source Article from Related Posts Problem of NYT 1619 Project isn’t that it sees America through slavery, it’s that it tells untruths For all the right-wing outrage engulfing Twitter now, the conclusions reached by the 1619 Project ‘Gold Over Life, Literally’: How Trump Forced Reversal on Mining Project EPA Scientists […]

Britain after Brexit: Welcome to the Vulture Restaurant

“Britain has no leverage, Britain is desperate … it needs an agreement very soon. When you have a desperate partner, that’s when you strike the hardest bargain.” So warned former US treasury secretary Larry Summers on Radio 4 ‘Today’ programme this morning, as new foreign secretary Dominic Raab jets off on a tour of North […]

UK government admits to "uncertainty" about post-Brexit arrangements

A government memo “mistakenly” emailed to the BBC has revealed the extent of “uncertainty” about Britain’s capacity to patrol its coastal waters post-Brexit. The memo, from the Department for the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, discloses that there are just 12 ships “to monitor a space three times the size of the surface area […]

Ireland can Stop a no-deal Brexit. Here’s How

youtube twitter facebook rss Source Article from Related Posts ‘British occupied Ireland?’ BBC accused of hypocrisy over ‘Indian-occupied Kashmir’ description The query was first put to the British broadcaster on Sunday by British-Indian film director Confronting Censorship In Ireland Confronting Censorship In Ireland Above Photo: From According to exit polls from late May, an impressive 82% […]

UK COLUMN: Boris’s Brexit Blag, Tulsi vs Twitter, Politics of Mass Shootings

This week: Boris’s Brexit blag, and Brussels’ new ‘EU Army’ becomes reality. Also, election meddling by Twitter as the Silicon Valley attempt to derail Tulsi Gabbard’s insurgent presidential run. Also, two back-to-back mass shootings in El Paso and Dayton set the stage for an artificial civil war in America. All this and much more. Watch […]

Irish Times’ Brexit Sinn Féin fantasies betray fact that English-Irish misunderstanding is mutual

Around the turn of the millennium, Dublin’s “paper of record” had quite a few ‘star’ columnists. The most famous was Vincent Browne. Best described as a sort of Irish answer to John Pilger, with the earnestness removed and replaced by the sardonic delivery of Dave Allen. Kevin Myers was another household name, a pseudo-toff who […]

Tell me again how we are likely to benefit from #Brexit

Brexit is crazy, there are no perceivable advantages or benefits for the average British citizens. Nearly 50% of our trade is with the EU and there are no guarantees that can be replaced from elsewhere. Boris Johnson seems to believe that his friend Trump will help him but any trade deals with the USA would […]

Boris Johnson, Brexit and the Deep State

August 01, 2019 by Nick Griffin for The Saker Blog Nick Griffin, a life-long opponent of the European Union and former Member of the European Parliament, explains why – after three years of believing that the rulers of Britain would block Brexit, he now believes it is more likely than not to be delivered. Are […]

Parliament is just as confused about Brexit as you may be!

Following the appointment of UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson, as well as his pro-Brexit cabinet, many are wondering if London can forge a deal to leave the European Union. Don’t fret if you are having a hard time making sense of any Brexit news, because nobody seems to know what will happen, even those […]

‘Lenny Verruca’: As Brexit crunch looms, British press ramps up attacks on Irish PM

After much speculation and hand-wringing, newly-minted British Prime Minister Boris Johnson finally spoke with his Irish counterpart by phone Tuesday amid concerns over rising bilateral acrimony and anti-Irish sentiment in London ahead of the October 31 Brexit deadline.  Euroskeptic press in the UK, including the Daily Telegraph, the Sun, and the Daily Mail have all […]

Major news story: It’s Sir John v Boris in the Tory Brexit war

Could BoJo and Brexit be derailed by Europhile Tories, or will fears over a ‘Marxist’ Corbyn government unite warring Conservatives? It’s a major news story. Literally. Former British Prime Minister Sir John Major announced earlier today that he would seek a judicial review in the courts if a future prime minister sought to shut down […]

Brexit: British Lorries to be Turned Back at Dover by Shipping Companies

youtube twitter facebook rss Source Article from Related Posts Overstock CEO Turned Over Docs To DOJ ‘on FBI’s Russian and Hillary Clinton Probes’ Overstock CEO Patrick Byrne delivered to the Department of Justice a number of documents, Who Turned off Moscow’s Internet During Recent Protests? By Maxim Edwards The situation in Moscow remains […]

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