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British Aristocrat Defends Prince Andrew: ‘Soliciting Sex From Minors Is NOT Pedophilia’

Lady Colin Campbell has caused outrage after defending Prince Andrew’s friendship with convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein and claiming on live TV that soliciting sex from minors ‘is not the same as pedophilia’. The aristocrat, 70, made the comments on Good Morning Britain on Tuesday as the Royal Family began circling the wagons around Prince Andrew. […]

Karma: British “White Helmets” Co-Founder Dead in Turkey

By Tony Cartalucci Source Former British military officer James Le Mesurier suspected of ties to MI6 and the co-founder of the so-called “White Helmets” front was found dead this month in Turkey from an apparent fall from his residence. The Western media wasted no time linking it to claims Russia had recently made that he was an […]

As a British Jew I don’t fear Corbyn, but I’m horrified by how ‘Antisemitism’ is being used against him

I’ve been told to fear the prospect of Jeremy Corbyn becoming Prime Minister. I’ve been warned that the Labour Party leader is antisemitic. And, according to a new poll, nearly half of British Jews are considering leaving the country if Labour wins the General Election on December 12th. Despite the doomsday picture being painted for British Jews, I’m not […]

White Helmets co-founder & ex-British officer Le Mesurier found dead in Istanbul – media

Le Mesurier’s body was discovered near his home in Istanbul’s Beyoglu district. The circumstances surrounding his death are still being investigated.  Turkish Sözcü newspaper, citing his wife, said that Le Mesurier had been taking medication to treat depression. The outlet reports that suicide is among the versions police are working on. Hailed as fearless rescue workers by […]

Twitter Executive in Charge of Middle East is British Army ‘PsyOp’ Soldier

Twitter Executive in Charge of Middle East is British Army ‘PsyOp’ Soldier So it turns out Twitter employs military propagandists and even promotes them to executive positions. Nothing new, since every social media website is run by zionists… pretending to be a college student lol. Why do you think your accounts get terminated, every time […]

Climate change protesters want to mug British taxpayers with £1m in compensation claims over Autumn Uprising

So far this year, counting April and October protests, the London Metropolitan Police have spent around £37 million on policing Extinction Rebellion events. That’s equal to a fifth of the £200 million the UK Government pledged in July to research and technology to help developing countries with climate change. If you prefer you climate change […]

Former British Ambassador to Syria: UK complicit in Trump’s Syria Oil Grab

The cat is out of the bag. The UK is potentially complicit in a war crime. With typical insouciance the U.S. military dropped this bombshell by tweet and apparently without realizing the implications for U.S. partners: We are repositioning @CJTFOIR forces to Deir ez Zor #Syria to continue partnering w/ #SDF to defeat ISIS remnants, […]

BEST OF THE WEB: British state sentences victim who named his elite pedophile rapists to 18 years in prison for ‘false accusations’ and… pedophilia

Comment: This report is actually from mid-summer this year. We’re running it today because we missed it at the time. Carl Beech was not the first to go down on the basis of being sentenced for the very thing he was exposing his accusers of doing, and he probably won’t be the last. The pedocracy […]

British royal family ‘threatened’ ABC News for report on Epstein

Leaked footage shows a US TV anchor complaining that editors “quashed” a story about paedophile Jeffrey Epstein due to pressure from the Royal Family. ABC’s Amy Robach is seen in the clip griping that her interview with an alleged victim of Epstein and Prince Andrew never made it to air. […]

Any cooperation with British Council will lead to prosecution: Iran’s Intelligence Ministry

Press TV – Iran’s Intelligence Ministry says any form of cooperation with the British Council — which has a record of helping London recruit spies — is forbidden and will lead to prosecution. The ministry’s Public Relations Office said Tuesday that “the UK — which has a long history of infiltration, creating networks and generating propaganda […]

UK intelligence report finds NO EVIDENCE of Russian meddling in British politics, No.10 delays release until after election

   A report which allegedly puts to bed the notion that Russia meddled in Brexit won’t be published before the upcoming general election, sparking outrage from those convinced Moscow swayed the vote, despite evidence to the contrary. Downing Street has blocked the publication of the 50-page report from the Intelligence and Security Committee (ISC), which […]

God Save the Queen. The US Destruction of the British Empire

This is a little-known and never-discussed part of US history, but yet one of the major factors that propelled the US to its overwhelming manufacturing and economic supremacy after the Second World War. It involves the final destruction of the British Empire, for which no thinking person would have regrets, and also the conditions obtaining […]

Media Ignore Unmasking Of Twitter Exec As British Psyops Officer

Media Ignore Unmasking Of Twitter Exec As British Psyops Officer Above Photo: From Government penetration and control over media of little interest to those who are subject to it A recent investigation from independent news outlet Middle East Eye (9/30/19) uncovered that a senior Twitter executive is, in fact, an officer in the British Army’s 77th Brigade, a […]

Most British voters think violence against MPs is ‘price worth paying’ over Brexit

   A majority of voters in England, Wales and Scotland believe that the possibility of some level of violence against MPs is a “price worth paying” in order to get their way on Brexit, an academic survey has found. The poll from Cardiff University and the University of Edinburgh asked respondents what they would be […]

Report: British Intelligence Questioned Christopher Steele’s Judgment In Assessment Given To FBI

Report: British Intelligence Questioned Christopher Steele’s Judgment In Assessment Given To FBI Source Article from Related Posts McCabe says Steele told FBI he ‘could not vouch’ for Trump dossier material    Disgraced former FBI boss Andrew McCabe sat down with Carl Bernstein this week to Steele Dossier Timeline This post comes from Yaacov Apelbaum. […]

British Special Forces in Syria beat a hasty retreat following the US withdrawal

Related Posts ISIS Secrets Spilled In Rare On-Camera Interviews: "We Just Walked Into Syria" Over the years of the war in Syria, an overwhelming amount of evidence Zionist Media Says Formula Changed: Syria Will Respond to Any Israeli Attack Zionist Media Says Formula Changed: Syria Will Respond to Any Israeli Attack The Zionist […]

Will outrageous EU interference in British democracy ever end? European Parliament’s beastly bid to block Brexit

While the President of the European Parliament David Sassoli was in London on Tuesday to meet with the British prime minister to discuss Brexit, he took an unpublicised stop en route. He also met with John Bercow, the supposedly-neutral Speaker of the House of Commons, to discuss how best to frustrate a no-deal Brexit. The […]

What would it take for the UK to apologize for centuries of atrocities carried out under the British Empire?

The British government made a rare move last week: it expressed regret for the killing of Maori in New Zealand in 1769. When Captain James Cook “discovered” New Zealand, it wasn’t long before local Maori people were being attacked and killed by Cook and his band of merry men. To be fair, the government only […]

Thought police on campus: What’s behind ‘consent classes’ at British universities

Universities UK (UUK), the body representing higher education institutions, reports that universities are making young people take ‘consent classes’ before enrolling for their degrees. Some universities are trialing ‘pre-arrival online consent courses’ with a view to ensuring that they are a ‘condition of registration’. A handful of universities already demand that prospective students take an […]

The British Aristocracy Pedophocracy

“Officers in London were inquiring into allegations made by a teenage rent boy that a Cabinet minister had been abusing him. The youth claimed to be one of a number of boys regularly having sex with rich and powerful men in the 1980s – some of whom would fly to the illegal orgies from Europe. […]

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