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Rothschilds, NXIVM Sex Cult Connected to Alleged Child-Trafficking Bunker Found in Tucson

By Jay Syrmopoulos Tucson, AZ — As we reported yesterday, a group of veterans known as Veterans on Patrol (VOP), which looks for homeless veterans around the area and offers them help to get them on their feet, spotted solar lights while on patrol and followed them until stumbling upon an underground bunker, that according to the group, […]

‘Camp Earthworm’: Tour the labyrinthine Nazi bunker designed to hide Hitler’s troops (VIDEO)

Nicknamed the ‘Regenwurmlager,’ or Camp Earthworm, the fortification conceals an eerie set of subterranean buildings once used as training facilities for soldiers and as a storage lock-up for Nazi armaments. READ MORE: ‘Everything within 400 yards was incinerated’: Dresden survivor recalls hellish WWII attack (PHOTOS) The elaborate chain of passageways was part of a defense system […]

Israel’s security cabinet now holds its meetings in an underground bunker

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Fear of Iran: Israel security cabinet to hold meetings in underground bunker

Middle East Monitor– The Israeli security cabinet has started to hold its meetings in an underground bunker in Jerusalem, amid heightened tensions with Iran. The decision, made by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, was reportedly motivated by a desire to avoid any possible security leaks, particularly as officials reportedly move to formulate policy and decide […]

Netanyahu Orders Cabinet Meet In Secret Underground Bunker, Fears Leaks On Syria And Iran

Source: Zero Hedge In yet another sign that broader war between Israel, Syria, and Iran may be on the horizon Israel’s Channel 10 has revealed in an exclusive broadcast that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu recently ordered all national security cabinet meetings to be held in a secure underground bunker in Jerusalem. The […]

NBC News Filmed Inside Hawaii EMA Bunker ‘Hours Before’ False Alarm

(Screenshot via NBC News/YouTube) 21st Century Wire says… A new development has surfaced on the bizarre and embarrassing Hawaii ‘False Alarm’ Missile Drill that occurred earlier this month – it involves NBC’s Nightly News crew, a secure bunker, and an excitable emergency management spokesman. NBC’s Nightly News crew was “granted access to secure bunker that […]

S. Korea rehearses use of bunker-buster missile that can reach entire North (VIDEO)

The exercise was conducted in the air over Taean County, South Chungcheong Province in the country’s west on Tuesday, Yonhap news agency reported, citing the country’s military.  The F-15K multi-role fighter aircraft fired the Taurus KEPD 350 missile, which flew some 400 km and directly hit the target in the waters off the city of […]

Hitler “Bunker Museum” in Berlin Draws Huge Crowds

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BREAKING: Trump Allows Trey Gowdy To Use The Executive Bunker After ‘Very Credible Threat’ To His Life

Trey Gowdy got to witness what it is like for the Chief Executive when the call comes to take him to the Executive Bunker. His feet might have hit the ground a couple of times, but probably not. That’s because of the “credible threat” received by both the FBI and the Secret Service that […]

Caerulus Rising Episode 7 – The Last Stop in Richard Spencer’s Bunker (PG-13 edit)

Caerulus RexDaily Stormer May 25, 2017 For the last stop on my revenge tour, I crashed on Richard Spencer’s couch. The uncut version was pretty degenerate, and will be behind a paywall. S/O to Damn Yankee for the show’s logo/cover art Caerulus Rex Twitter: Richard Spencer Twitter: Damn Yankee Twitter: […]

Meet Bubba, The First Puppy Ever Reported To Be Addicted To Drugs

Bubba is an adorable terrier mix with beautiful blue eyes, and he also happens to be addicted to drugs.  Officers found Bubba in a Tustin, California, motel room, when they were looking for his owner, Joshua West, who had an outstanding warrant. According to police Lieutenant Robert Wright, this is the first time they’ve ever had someone […]

FDA Approve ‘Kiddie Cocaine’ ADHD Candy

The FDA have approved an ‘ADHD candy’ for kids that comes in the form of sweet, chewy amphetamine-based ‘treats’. The drug has been dubbed ‘kiddie cocaine’ due to its addictive and overly appealing design.  Adzenys will replace traditional Ritalin and Adderrall, and have been deliberately designed to appeal to children suffering from Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) by making […]

Bizarre Ocean ‘Buzzing’ Sound Is Solved By Experts

The mystery of a ‘buzzing’ sound coming from deep in the Pacific Ocean has been solved by scientists. Large parts of the ocean are humming with the sound of fish flatulence as they migrate to different depths looking for food and shelter. The Mirror reports: Marine experts believe they may have discovered the noise is […]

Vladimir Putin Accused Of Being An Alien From Planet RU-thless84

As relations between Russia and the West grow increasingly chilly, US officials have revealed that Vladimir Putin is an alien from a cold and distant planet. The Russian leader visits planet RU-thless84 on occasions, where it is rumored he stores his loot from his strong-arm tactics on earth. Putin is reported to have accumulated tens […]

NATO Vows Military Support if Turkey Goes to War with Russia

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Cheney In The Bunker; Cheney in Canada

Professor Hall will discuss his new essay, “Cheney in the Bunker: Cheney in Canada” at the “Democracy in Danger’ Conference, London England, 15 October, 2011.   by Anthony J. Hall   Cheney, Torture, Pedophilia, and the Vancouver Club   (October 8, 2011) – Former US Vice-President Dick Cheney met a large and extremely committed contingent […]

Bunker Busted: Israel planning Iran nuke plant strike?

RT Sept 27, 2011 As the U.S. continues to stand by Israel, Washington’s now coming under fire for new revelations of its dealings with the country. It’s claimed the White House sold dozens of bunker-buster bombs to Tel Aviv – weapons best suited for destroying underground nuclear facilities in Iran. A deal to buy the […]

Obama Secretly Sold Bunker Buster Bombs to Israel – And Red China?

In 2009 Obama began to secretly sell (although Israel probably uses part of the BILLIONS of U.S. tax dollars U.S. politicians give them every year to “pay” The Jewish Communist Jakob Rosenfeld worked to promote Communism in China. for these bombs) bunker buster bombs to the Jewish state of Israel. These types of bombs are […]

UK jets bomb Gaddafi hometown bunker

BBC Aug 26, 2011 British Tornado jets fired precision-guided missiles against a large bunker in Libyan leader Col Muammar Gaddafi’s hometown of Sirte, the UK Ministry of Defence (MoD) has said. The Tornadoes took off from RAF Marham in Norfolk on a long-range strike mission on Thursday night. Libyan rebels are also building up their […]

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