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Here’s Why Californians Are Moving To Escape The Great Middle Class Exodus …

A new report using property searches and census data from reveals which states Californians are moving to when they realize that a $1.4 million McMansion on 1/16th of an acre while staring into their fat neighbor’s bedroom window just isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. Silicon Valley residents in particular are leaving in droves – […]

Arizona Planning for Exodus of Californians to State in Event of Major Quake

Arizona Planning for Exodus of Californians to State in Event of Major Quake May 21st, 2018 Via: NBC: Government agencies, businesses and other organizations in Arizona plan to participate in an exercise to practice how the state would respond to a migration of 400,000 […]

Self-Driving Cars Attacked by Angry Californians

Self-Driving Cars Attacked by Angry Californians March 9th, 2018 Via: Guardian: Two of the six collisions involving autonomous vehicles in California so far this year involved humans colliding with self-driving cars, apparently on purpose, according to incident reports collected by the California department of […]

Yowza! SpaceX launch stuns Californians with mysterious bright light in sky

     A flash of bright light in the skies over California had social media buzzing Friday afternoon, but don’t fret, it’s wasn’t an alien attack. And although seen from the desert, nothing was said about three wise men traveling about. All indications are that the light came from the launch of the SpaceX Falcon 9 […]

Millions Of Californians Have Been Poisoned By ‘Roundup’ Herbicide

Millions of Californians have been poisoned as a result of two decades worth of Roundup (glyphosate) spraying on crops, according to a new study.  The levels of the herbicide Roundup in human urine has dramatically increased among California residents, the study’s lead author, Paul Mills, claims. reports: Urine collected from 100 Californians between 1993 and […]

Californians Tainted by ‘Roundup’ Herbicide Chemical

Californians Tainted by ‘Roundup’ Herbicide Chemical November 2nd, 2017 In other news, Pesticide-Covered Food May Be Linked to Infertility. Via: Health Day: Levels of the herbicide Roundup in human urine have increased dramatically among California residents in the past two decades, a new study […]

Crybully Californians issue death threats to lawmakers after they shelve "universal health care" plan that would have bankrupted the state

(Natural News) After decades of opening the states’ treasury to its increasingly dependent citizenry, California Democrats have finally learned a hard lesson in economics — and now their dependent citizenry is turning on them. As reported by the Sacramento Bee, the leader of the California Assembly, Anthony Rendon, has begun receiving death threats after he decided […]

Facial coloration including rosy cheeks biggest indicator of healthiness, say researchers

(NaturalNews) Your face can reveal a lot about your personality, the state of your health and attractiveness. It is a window into your health and emotions. When you stare into a mirror and dark circles, puffy eyes, acne or other undesirable facial flaws are staring back at you, your face is telling a […]

HORROR: Big Pharma developing baby vaccines for PREGNANT women

(NaturalNews) Vaccine industries have their sights set on a new market that they hope will someday be as massive as that created by the just-shy-of-obligatory childhood vaccine schedule: pregnant women. The industry is working with the FDA to create new rules to test and develop vaccines designed to be given to pregnant women, […]

Newsletter: Creating “Positive Peace”

Print Friendly This weekend the Bilderberg Group is holding its secretive annual retreat in Dresden, Germany. The invitation-only gathering of elites from North America and Northern Europe includes heads of finance and industry, heads of state and intelligence officials. Who knows what schemes they’ll cook up? They don’t keep minutes or allow the press in and […]

EU Demands Release of Venezuela’s “Political Prisoners”

Jeanette Charles (VA) : The European Union reached a non-binding resolution Wednesday calling for the immediate release of Venezuela’s “political prisoners”. The bloc also criticized the Venezuelan government for allegedly not respecting the nation’s constitution nor procedures to allow a recall referendum despite the opposition’s collecting of 1.3 million signatures last month to begin the […]

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