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Long-lost $6.5M Renaissance masterpiece called "Christ Mocked" found in kitchen of elderly French woman

   An elderly French woman in the northern town of Compiegne didn’t realize she had long had a Renaissance masterpiece hanging on her kitchen wall, but just thought it was a random religious icon. After an expert came to the home to take a look at it, it was discovered to be by the hand […]

Political analyst to ST: The so-called US-Turkish “Safe zone” means nothing in strategic terms

Sunday, 08 September 2019 21:00 ST The researcher in political and military affairs Basem al-Shihawi has underscored that there are both political and military reasons behind the terrorist organizations’ repeated drone attacks against Syrian military posts in Hama and Hmeimim airbase in Lattakia. He told the Syria Times e-newspaper that terrorists groups holed up in […]

Taliban warns US will suffer more than anyone after Trump called off landmark peace talks

   President Donald Trump’s decision to cancel talks with the Taliban will backfire in the future, inflicting more damage to the US, the group said following a terrorist attack that put the Afghan peace process in jeopardy. The United States will suffer more than anyone else for ditching the negotiations, Reuters quoted Taliban spokesman Zabihullah […]

Taliban says US will suffer more than anyone after Trump called off landmark peace talks

The United States will suffer more than anyone else for ditching the negotiations, Reuters quoted Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid as saying. He claimed that negotiations with the US were going smoothly until Saturday, when Trump tweeted his condemnation of a blast in Kabul that killed 12 people, including civilians and a US service member.  Also […]

Poland built the so-called Death Camps?

Blog of Staś Staś Source Article from Related Posts Conservative Nationalist Populism TRIUMPHS in Poland!!! Source Article from Poland’s LGBT-Pride Events Use Paid Actors   October 15, 2019 Source Article from Poland’s right-wing could lose absolute majority in vote: polls 5G Cell Phone Transmission Across Poland: Prime Minister Morawiecki Did not Sign […]

No Agreement on Idlib: So-called “Militants” (aka Al Qaeda) Continue to Kill Syrian Civilians

The 13th round of negotiations on Syria in Astana format was held in the capital of Kazakhstan on the 1st and 2nd of August. As the result, three guarantor states – Russia, Turkey and Iran – accepted a statement which pays special attention to security in Idlib province and initiates a ceasefire. Moreover, Moscow, Tehran […]

FLASHBACK: It’s called Apophis. It’s 390m wide. And it could hit Earth in 31 years time

   In Egyptian myth, Apophis was the ancient spirit of evil and destruction, a demon that was determined to plunge the world into eternal darkness. A fitting name, astronomers reasoned, for a menace now hurtling towards Earth from outerspace. Scientists are monitoring the progress of a 390-metre wide asteroid discovered last year that is potentially […]

Forget ‘Operation YellowHammer’ – the original one is called ‘The Doomsday Plan’

By TruePublica: The huge mainstream media coverage of ‘Operation YellowHammer’ is a deliberate leak, not by a Remainer within the Tory ranks or cabinet – it is a leak deliberately designed to re-align public thinking on what to expect. Do not forget that in The Times article all the information provided is the […]

How To Avoid Being Called A Russian Agent Online

By Caitlin Johnstone The always reliable NBC News has published an important and informative article titled “Russia-linked Twitter accounts promoted ‘doxxing’ over racial tension videos”, which uses fearless investigative insinuations and cutting-edge vagueness to inform readers that viral videos of Americans being racist are essentially a Russian fabrication. The article’s four authors boldly document the […]

Army & navy called in to save 700 people stranded on flooded train in India

   Hundreds of passengers in India spent over 15 hours without food or drinking water after their train got stuck in a giant lake created by torrential rain. Army and navy units were deployed to the scene. The long-distance Mahalaxmi Express left Mumbai for Kolhapur in India’s western coastal Maharashtra state on Friday night, but […]

Army & navy called in to save 700 people stranded on flooded train in India (VIDEOS, PHOTOS)

The long-distance Mahalaxmi Express left Mumbai for Kolhapur in India’s western coastal Maharashtra state on Friday night, but managed to travel just 60km before getting stuck in the downpour. Around 700 passengers instantly became stranded as the field in which the train stopped turned into a large lake. The trapped travelers recorded cellphone videos, pleading […]

SCIENCE IN DENIAL: Questioning so-called “normal” levels for deadly substances like formaldehyde, mercury and glyphosate

(Natural News) It’s not difficult to find medical management guidelines for the world’s most deadly chemicals and heavy metal toxins that somehow find their way into human bodies regularly, especially in America. The EPA, FDA and CDC all establish “legal” and “normal” levels for neurotoxins in human blood, periodically and conveniently raising […]

FBI called in to investigate "hate crime" noose that turned out to just be a fishing knot… Leftists are hallucinating HATE CRIMES everywhere they look

(Natural News) Liberals have become so wound up and paranoid over the idea of racism hiding under every rock that a handful of them from the University of Michigan (UoM) reportedly called campus police recently over a piece of innocuous rope they stumbled upon, which they immediately assumed was a noose like […]

Zarif Describes US-Called Meeting of IAEA Ironical

Wed Jul 10, 2019 5:48 TEHRAN (FNA)- Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif said it was paradoxical that the IAEA Board of Governors is holding a meeting on Tehran’s compliance with the nuclear deal upon a request by the US while Washington has repetitively voiced contempt against it and breached the deal. In a tweet […]

Biden and Harris pal around with a politician called ‘racist’ by Sanders and O’Rourke

Joe Biden has been stumbling since Senator Kamala Harris upbraided him at the debate June 27 for expressing nostalgia for the “civility” he had in the 1970s with segregationist southern senators whom he was able to work with despite political differences. Biden has now apologized for the comment. It must be noted that Biden has […]

CNN’s Chris Cuomo Recently Called Antifa ‘a Good Cause’

CNN’s Chris Cuomo praised Antifa just a couple of months ago, referring to the violent organization as “a good cause” live on-air. “You can talk about Antifa, I’ve watched them in streets protesting in different situations, OK?” Cuomo said back in April. “There are certainly aspects of them that are true to a cause, that […]

Israeli regime main loser of so-called ‘Deal of Century’

“The US-proposed Deal of Century not only will yield no positive results for the Israeli regime, but it also will help boost the Palestinians’ and their supporters’ resistance,” Hossein Amir-Abdollahian said in a meeting with Representative of Palestinian Islamic Jihad Movement Representative in Iran Nasser Abu Sharif in Tehran on Wednesday. “The Israeli regime will be the main […]

Jordan Peterson Is Backing A Censorship-Free Platform Called ‘Thinkspot’

by Joe Martino In the era of dire need for new and meaningful social media platforms, author and clinical psychologist Dr. Jordan B. Peterson confirmed he is backing a new free-speech platform called Thinkspot. He confirmed the platform is in beta testing during a podcast last week. According to Peterson,, will be a space […]

Jordan Peterson Is Backing A Censorship-Free Platform Called ‘Thinkspot.’ Here’s Why

The Facts: Donald Trump was recently asked about UFOs, and he hinted towards the fact that he’s not really a believer, despite the fact that the reality of these objects can no longer be denied. Reflect On: How much do presidents really know about UFOs and other programs that don’t really have any government oversight? […]

All the Times John Bolton Called for War with Iran

This article was originally published in 2018 The fact that Donald Trump’s recent hawkish stance on the Syrian government coincided with John Bolton’s first day as national security advisor is most likely no accident. Syria and Iran have been bound by a mutual defense treaty for some time, and there are a significant number of […]

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