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Public to Be Scanned in Real Time as Police Body Cameras May Soon Get Facial Recognition

By Jack Burns New innovations in technology are allowing police officers to contribute to a growing database by implementing facial recognition software in Breathalyzer tests and body cameras. The largest maker of body cameras in the United States, Axon, announced last week that it has purchased two artificial intelligence companies and it is […]

DHS Expands Police Spying by Adding Surveillance Cameras to Bus Stops

By MassPrivateI Not content with surveillance cameras on buses, the police state has now begun adding them to bus stops. Last month an article in WTVR 6 revealed that the Greater Richmond Transit Center (GRTC) is installing more than one hundred surveillance cameras at bus stops. What should really concern everyone is the […]

AnyVision’s Facial Recognition Cameras Are Being Installed In “Smart Cities” Everywhere

By MassPrivateI Everywhere you turn politicians and corporations are trying to convince the public we need to convert our cities into ‘smart cities’. Last week AnyVision and Nvidia announced that they are working together to put facial recognition cameras in cities across the globe. AnyVision is an Israel-based company that profits from spying on everyone. NVidia has partnered with AI […]

Mixing of food supplies, confiscating cameras, and storming of villages — crimes of occupation in Hebron 2017

The following is a special report, “Crimes committed against Palestinians by the Israeli occupation forces,” in 2017 in the Hebron District of the occupied West Bank. ⦁ The area covers 375,000 acres (1.5 million dunams). ⦁ The Palestinian population includes 706,000+ people. ⦁ 121 types of military occupation attacks are described. Who claims to be […]

Spy Cameras Are Misreading More Than A Million Number Plates A Day

A report by Britain’s surveillance tsar has warned of problems with Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) technology. While senior officers insist that the technology is needed to help prevent and solve serious crimes, the Big Brother spy cameras are misreading 1.2million number plates every day. This means that innocent motorists could be caught up in […]

Palestinian prisoners: In the Dark, without Witnesses and Cameras

By Miko Peled | American Herald Tribune | December 26, 2017   By Miko Peled | American Herald Tribune | December 26, 2017 “In the case of the girls the price must exacted at another time, in the dark, without witnesses and cameras.” Wote Israeli journalist Ben Caspit about Ahed Tamimi who kicked and slapped […]

Big Brother Installing Surveillance Cameras in Places of Worship

By MassPrivateI Forget the fact, that minsters, priests, rabbis, etc., are secretly spying on worshipers. Forget the fact that places of worship want their own police force. And, finally, forget the fact that places of worship are paying the government a $100 dollars a month to spy on families. Because, now, Big Brother […]

What Orwell Failed To Predict Is That We’d Buy The Cameras Ourselves, And That Our Biggest Fear Would Be That Nobody Was Watching

What Orwell Failed To Predict Is That We’d Buy The Cameras Ourselves, And That Our Biggest Fear Would Be That Nobody Was Watching By Great quote from Keith Lowell Jensen: What Orwell failed to predict is that we’d buy the cameras ourselves, and that our biggest fear would be that nobody was watching. — […]

Turn off cameras and tracking devices in children’s Christmas presents to prevent hacking, Information Commissioner tells parents

Parents should turn off the cameras and automatic tracking devices in their children’s Christmas presents because of the risk of hacking, the Information Commissioners’ Office has warned. With a rise in the number of ‘smart’ toys and devices gracing the wish list this year, parents should consider the safety of them being connected […]

Surveillance Cameras Made by China Are Hanging All Over the U.S.

Surveillance Cameras Made by China Are Hanging All Over the U.S. November 13th, 2017 Via: Wall Street Journal: The Memphis police use the surveillance cameras to scan the streets for crime. The U.S. Army uses them to monitor a base in Missouri. Consumer models […]

Secret life of bears: Hidden cameras capture ‘vicious’ mother & 3 cubs roaming woods (VIDEO)

The Värmland county board, located in west central Sweden, set up the camera to track bears and other wildlife to gain a better understanding of their natural behavior. In August, the cameras first spotted a mother and her three cubs, who are believed to have been born in February. The footage, released on Thursday, shows […]

Schools Installing Cameras In High School Bathrooms; Parents Outraged Over Disgusting Privacy Violation

By Aaron Kesel Windsor Charter Academy in Colorado is under fire by parents of students for its decision to install cameras in its high school bathrooms, KDVR Fox reported. Windsor Charter Academy executive director Rebecca Teeples stated that the installation of cameras “improves safety for students while helping secure the building.” The stalls […]

Israeli police places cameras to monitor Palestinians at Al-Aqsa Mosque

Israeli occupation police have begun placing new cameras at the Council Gate of Al-Aqsa Mosque to monitor Palestinians’ entry and exit through the Islamic holy site. Director of Al-Aqsa Academy for Science and Heritage Sheikh Najeh Bkeerat said that Israeli police “are placing the cameras to monitor the movement in and out of Al-Aqsa Mosque […]

Parents Outraged After School Installs CCTV Cameras In Toilets

Pupils at a UK  secondary school have been avoiding going to the toilet after their school installed CCTV cameras in the toilets. School bosses at Summerhill School in Kingswinford argue that the cameras are to combat bullying and vandalism, but parents are furious calling the surveillance ‘creepy and intrusive’. They also fear inappropriate images of […]

NHL to install facial recognition cameras to limit their liability

It’s official, big brother has invaded sports arenas, stadiums and parks. According to an article in TSN, The National Hockey League (NHL) plans to install facial recognition cameras in their arenas. The above video, is a perfect example of how law enforcement uses our fears of terror to justify losing our privacy. Retired, […]

‘Virtual Block Watch’ Wants Every Home to Have Four Surveillance Cameras to Spy on the Public

If you have never heard of Virtual Block Watch (VBW) don’t worry, you soon will. At first glance, you might think it’s like law enforcement’s Neighborhood Watch but you’d be wrong. VBW’s are law enforcement’s latest national surveillance program that encourages the public to use surveillance cameras spy on one another. Why do we need another national spying program? […]

Tehran Police equipped with body cameras

In a ceremony in Tehran on Monday, held during the Police Week, body cameras became part of the police officer’s uniform in the capital. Mounted onto the officers’ uniform, the body cameras record footages during the operations. The footage can be monitored online from a central department. A top police commander, General Mohammad Sharafi, said […]

City Council Member Says Minneapolis Police Officers Are Not Using Body Cameras Often Enough

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All Slaughterhouses In England To Have Mandatory Cameras Installed

Next Story In the past, there’s been a lot of controversy surrounding the filming of animal agriculture practices. Clips of undercover footage have made it into the mainstream through animal activists and documentaries such as Earthlings, and it hasn’t boded well for factory farming corporations. These undercover films led to the creation of “ag-gag” bills, a […]

Wikileaks Reveals “Dumbo”: CIA Tool To Shut Down Cameras And Mics

Donald Trump, background, speaks at the CIA in Langley, Va. (AP/Andrew Harnik) Since Wikileaks began releasing classified CIA documents back in March as part of its “Vault 7” series of leaks, purportedly the largest document dump in the agency’s history, it has publicly unveiled programs with innocent sounding names like “Marble”, “Scribbles” and “Archimedes” that the agency employs to help […]

Georgia To Roll Out Tens Of Thousands Of CCTV Cameras With Real-Time Facial Recognition Capabilities

Surveillance using CCTV cameras is old hat these days, even for locations outside the world’s CCTV capital, London. But there’s an important step-change taking place in the sector, as operators move from simply observing and recording, to analyzing video feeds automatically using facial recognition software. Techdirt has written about this area a few times, […]

Wikileaks Drops New Vault 7 Load Showing CIA Hacking of Mics and Cameras

Andrew AnglinDaily Stormer August 3, 2017 RELEASE: CIA project ‘Dumbo’ to switch off security webcams and corrupt recordings to hide physical intrusions — WikiLeaks (@wikileaks) August 3, 2017 These CIA dumps get a little bit boring. What I always tell everyone is: just assume everything is being monitored. Everything. I […]

No Cameras and No Jury For Ex-St. Louis Police Officer on Trial For Murder

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Arab List MK: Israeli authorities install additional cameras around al-Aqsa amid ongoing unrest against new security measures

Israeli authorities on Sunday installed extra security cameras around the entrances of the al-Aqsa mosque compound, Member of the Israeli Knesset’s Arab Joint List, Aida Touma-Suleiman, confirmed to Mondoweiss. The newly installed security cameras were added amid growing unrest and daily clashes over security measures instituted ten days ago following a deadly attack near the site. On […]

Video: Man Alleges Lincoln Police Turned Off Body Cameras Before Knocking Him Unconscious

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Facial Recognition Coming to Police Body Cameras

Facial Recognition Coming to Police Body Cameras July 17th, 2017 Via: Defense One: Even if the cop who pulls you over doesn’t recognize you, the body camera on his chest just might in the future. Device-maker Motorola announced Monday that would partner with artificial […]

Facial Recognition Coming to Police Body Cameras

Even if the cop who pulls you over doesn’t recognize you, the body camera on his chest just might in the future. Device-maker Motorola announced Monday that would partner with artificial intelligence software startup Neurala to build “real-time learning for a person of interest search” on Motorola products such as the Si500 body camera for […]

First Arrest Made From Cameras Linked To Public Facial Recognition Database

June 12, 2017 By Josie Wales U.K. police recently made their first arrest using facial recognition software following a series of trials at large-scale public events. According to authorities, the man was arrested three days prior to the UAEA Champions League Final June 3rd while South Wales police were conducting their most […]

Should Body Cameras Be Mandatory For All Police?

In Balch Springs, Texas, where a police officer recently shot and killed 15-year-old Jordan Edwards as the teenager’s car was driving away. The police department had video that showed what happened was inconsistent with the officer’s initial statement, thanks to the body-worn camera on the officer. Three days after […]

Russian Company Adds Pre-Crime Emotional Recognition Tech To Surveillance Cameras

By Nicholas West Nearly all areas of the modern world have now adopted some form of surveillance camera apparatus. With the concurrent rise in biometric identification technology, we are now entering the next phase of unprecedented privacy reduction: surveillance cameras equipped with real-time facial recognition, tied into police departments. Russian company NTechLab made headlines […]

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