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London Police Deploy Advanced Facial-Recognition Cameras Across City

Beijing has already allowed the world a glimpse of the lengths that an authoritarian state armed with digital surveillance technology will go to stamp out any and all behavior deemed “undesirable” – even if it’s as mundane and harmless as wearing pajamas in public. And as the New York Times showed us last week, democratic […]

London cops announce citywide facial recognition cameras

  Based on that dismal performance, and perhaps emboldened by the coming Brexit and its liberation from EU privacy rules, the Met have announced that they are rolling out permanent, citywide facial recognition. The system will use “bespoke” watchlists whose criteria are not disclosed, though they will include people “wanted for serious and […]

Cameras Were Rolling From Day One Of Greta Thunberg’s ‘Viral’ Rise

Teen climate activist Greta Thunberg is to be the subject of an upcoming documentary. The film has been made by a professional crew that just happened to have been following the Swedish sixteen year old since the early days of her school strike. Thunberg, who started skipping school in 2018 to protest outside the Swedish parliament, has […]

Cops Offered Deeper Discounts On Ring Cameras Depending On How Much Of The Neighborhood The Cameras Would Surveil

“You know what would be cool,” said the consumer product that wished it was a cop? “If everything we made catered to law enforcement rather than the end user.” That’s the Ring business model: make inroads with security-conscious homeowners by inserting them into a toxic ecosystem that includes a snitch app that amps […]

5G, Smart Street Lights, Face Recognition, and Door Bell Cameras, Oh My!

Derrick Broze breaks down a series of stories relating to surveillance. Source: San Diego Smart Street Lights Draw Criticism From Activists Why You’re in a Police Lineup, Right Now | NYT Opinion U.S. Lawmakers Demand Amazon Disclose How Ring Stores Data U.S. Lawmakers Demand Amazon Disclose How Ring Stores Data Support the Future of […]

Epstein’s NY Mansion Had Secret Cameras to Record Guests in Bedrooms, Bathrooms: Accuser

(ZH) — A longstanding theory about Jeffrey Epstein and how he amassed over a half-billion dollars contends that he was running a high-class blackmail operation, in which powerful men were lured into having sex with underage women. According to accuser Maria Farmer, Epstein’s New York mansion (which was reportedly “stocked with young female “masseuses”” and “A […]

Jeffrey Epstein Victim Confirms That The Pedophile Had Cameras In The Bathrooms and Bedrooms of His NYC Townhouse

Maria Farmer, who along with her younger sister Annie was one of the first women to contact the FBI with allegations about the pedophile, spoke about her horror when she was shown the media room inside Epstein’s home. That horror stemmed from the fact that Farmer quickly realized once she was inside the room that […]

Gartner Predicts 11.2 Million 5G IoT Surveillance Cameras by 2022 and 49 Million Units for Connected Cars by 2023

October 25, 2019 By B.N. Frank Don’t like being watched?  Concerned about all the accidents and warnings associated with automated vehicles (see 1. 2)?  Worried that the Telecom Industry has provided NO scientific evidence that 5G is safe and many doctors and scientists say it isn’t (see 1, 2, 3, 4)?  5G and Internet of […]

Google rolling out "Orwellian nightmare" tech that uses spy cameras to watch you in your own home

(Natural News) Like all the other tech giants, Google has been dogged by issues surrounding the way in which it protects the privacy of its users and what it does with their personal information. The company has had to deal with allegations that it allowed contractors to listen to audio snippets recorded […]

Cameras On Nearly 3,000 Street Lights All Over San Diego

In December 2016, when the San Diego City Council approved a $30.3 million project to upgrade 14,000 street lights with sensors — and a portion of them with cameras — law-enforcement applications had not yet been considered. San Diegans are only just now coming to a wider understanding of how police access and use of […]

Netanyahu fails to pass ‘racist’ bill that would have allowed for cameras at polling stations on election day

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s efforts to install cameras at Israeli voting stations failed on Monday after a parliamentary committee voted down his party’s proposed bill, which rights groups warned was aimed at lowering Palestinian turnout in next week’s elections. Last week, Netanyahu’s Likud party put forward a bill that proposed allowing its party representatives […]

The dark motivations behind Netanyahu’s bid to put cameras into polling stations

This isn’t about left and right: Should we relinquish territory, build more homes over the pre-1967 lines, trust Mahmoud Abbas, extend Israeli law to West Bank settlements, withdraw forces, deepen our security control… We all like to think we have the correct answer when it comes to these issues, but, if we’re honest with ourselves, […]

FBI Studies Two Broken Cameras Outside Cell Where Epstein Died

Mmm hmm. Via: Reuters: Two cameras that malfunctioned outside the jail cell where financier Jeffrey Epstein died as he awaited trial on sex-trafficking charges have been sent to an FBI crime lab for examination, a law enforcement source told Reuters. Epstein’s lawyers Reid Weingarten and Martin Weinberg told U.S. District Judge […]

Distracted Driver Cameras To Spread Across North America

August 29, 2019 By MassPrivateI Imagine driving down a highway or a city street in North America and wondering if anywhere is safe from Big Brother’s prying eyes. That might soon become a reality if we allow politicians and officials to install distracted driving cameras along every highway and street. An article in iPhone in Canada […]

FBI Crime Lab Analyzing Two Broken Cameras From Outside Epstein Cell

By Tyler Durden An FBI crime lab is examining two cameras from the area outside Jeffrey Epstein’s cell which reportedly malfunctioned the night he died, according to Reuters, citing a law enforcement source. The two cameras would have had a view into the Manhattan jail cell where, on August 10, Epstein was found hanging by his bedsheet in […]

Cameras installed in airline seats are now surreptitiously record you during every flight, then store the video files indefinitely

(Natural News) If being subjected to radiation and groped at the airport wasn’t enough, now airline passengers will be monitored in their seats by CCTV cameras that can randomly take pictures of you, watch you eat, and pick your nose. In Hong Kong, individual camera screens are being installed in every headrest, […]

Cherish Your Privacy? New Anti-Surveillance Clothes Trick Cameras by Making You Look Like a Car

August 17, 2019 By B.N. Frank The rise of “Surveillance Capitalism” by businesses and other entities has made it so that we’re all being subjected to data collection by multiple sources almost all of the time whether we’re conscious of it or not. Some people willingly participate in data collection.  Others don’t like it but […]

Likud rejects AG’s opinion that hidden cameras at polls could be illegal

The Likud party on Tuesday lambasted a legal opinion from Attorney General Avichai Mandelblit stating that the party’s camera surveillance operation targeting polling stations in Arab towns could constitute a criminal offense. Mandelblit submitted the opinion last week ahead of a Central Elections Committee hearing on whether to allow Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s party to […]

Man Fined £90 ($115) For Covering Face Near Facial Recognition Cameras

John Vibes, Truth Theory Waking Times A UK man was fined £90 ($115) for disorderly behavior after attempting to cover his face while walking by a facial recognition camera on the streets of London. The cameras were set up in a large green van in Romford, East London. From the street, it is obvious that […]

At least 10% of Airbnb rentals found to have hidden video cameras

(Natural News) The popular vacation rental platform Airbnb is planning to go public later this year, hailing incredible success from its innovative community-sharing model. But there may still be a few more kinks that need to be ironed out before then, including the problem of some Airbnb hosts installing hidden cameras without […]

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