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FBI Raids Home of Former Clinton Campaign Co-Chair

FBI agents raided the home of former Clinton campaign co-chair Jack Evans on Friday, a day after a confidential memo made public alleged that Evans “knowingly” violated ethics rules to benefit his friends and clients. The Washington Post reported Friday that FBI agents raided D.C. councilman Evans’s Georgetown home early in the morning, instructing Evans to wait outside in a car […]

Germany’s Historic Campaign: “No to Military Bases and Wars”. “NATO Out – Out of NATO”

The 3rd International Conference “No to Military Bases & Wars” (1) takes place in a country where the legal situation allows to eliminate all military facilities of USA and NATO, namely by terminating the “Convention on the Presence of Foreign Forces in the Federal Republic of Germany” (in short: troop deployment treaty) and withdrawing from […]

Sudan police fire tear gas as civil disobedience campaign starts

Sudanese police have fired tear gas at protesters taking part in a “civil disobedience” campaign, called in the wake of a deadly crackdown on demonstrators, that began on Sunday. Protesters gathered tyres, tree trunks and rocks to build new roadblocks in Khartoum’s northern Bahari district, an unnamed witness told AFP news agency, but […]

Biden’s Past Catches Up With Him As 2020 Campaign Mired In Crisis

Forget the constant groping, allegations that he abused his office for his son’s financial gain in two countries, and the fact that he accomplished virtually nothing of import over five decades of public service – Joe Biden is now wrestling with two new scandals that his campaign must address while he enjoys a double-digit lead over his 2020 Democratic competitors.  […]

Johnson launches UK leadership bid in campaign video

Former British Foreign Minister Boris Johnson has launched his campaign to become the next prime minister by releasing a video in which he reiterates Britain under his leadership will certainly leave the European Union no matter if it could be a disorderly and costly withdrawal. The video released on Monday on Twitter showed Johnson […]

Trump Tells ’Dumb Lies’ To Attack FBI Campaign Investigation, Comey Says

  By Staff, Agencies Former FBI Director James Comey said in an op-ed for The Washington Post that US President Donald Trump tells “dumb lies” to attack the FBI and investigations of his 2016 campaign. Comey’s comments in the piece, published Tuesday, followed Attorney General William Barr’s review of the beginning of special counsel Robert […]

Palestinian online campaign bids to counter Israeli narrative

By Yousef Alhelou Palestinian history has been subjected to distortion by Israel and its supporters since the days of the Nakba in 1948 — from the old notion that Palestine was a land without a people to today’s propaganda use of the term “self-defence” to justify an illegal military occupation’s killing of civilians. Despite being […]

Sex Trafficking Cult Members Donated to Hillary Clinton’s Campaign to Buy Her Political Influence

By Chris Spargo for It seems that Hillary Clinton may have unknowingly played a large role in the racketeering charges that Nxivm founder Keith Raniere is currently facing in court. Court documents filed by the US Attorney’s office prior to the trail detail how multiple members of he cult – including all five of […]

French authorities catch Monsanto running black ops "spy" campaign on European journalists, lawmakers and regulators… "Stasi"-like tactics about to be exposed

(Natural News) Right now, Monsanto is looking a whole lot like the Titanic just after it hit the iceberg. The lights are still on and the music is still playing, but the company’s foundational framework has sustained a devastating and likely fatal blow beneath the surface, and is currently sinking into the […]

“Journaille… Canaille!”, Media Disinformation: Karl Kraus’ Campaign against a “Warmongering Press”

Karl Kraus, born in 1874, was one of the most important Austrian writers of the beginning of the 20th century and a sharp critic of the predominant press and inflammatory journalism of his time. “Journaille” means in reference to the French word “Canaille” as much as “Presse-Gesindel” or “Presse-Pack”. Karl Kraus made the expression known […]

Facebook busts Israel-based campaign to influence politics in West Africa

Occupied Jerusalem (QNN)- Facebook on Thursday said it banned an Israeli company that that was engaging in what it calls “coordinated inauthentic behavior,” which is the company’s broad phrase for election interference and other forms of public manipulation via news and social media, directed primarily at West African countries. Nathaniel Gleicher, Facebook’s head of cybersecurity […]

‘NY Times’ disgracefully joins the propaganda campaign to push for war against Iran

I’m old enough to remember the 1964 Gulf of Tonkin incident, which the U.S. used as the pretext to massively escalate the Vietnam war. In early August that year, the American press indignantly reported that the USS Maddox, innocently patrolling in the South China Sea, had been the victim of two attacks by North Vietnamese […]

Obama’s 2012 Campaign Crimes Finally Exposed

    How Barack Obama received $21.6M in illegally funneled foreign campaign contributions and stole the presidency By Shepard Ambellas Democrats meddled with the 2012 presidential election and the hammer is about to be dropped. (INTELLIHUB) — According to reports circulating at the highest levels in Washington, former U.S. President Barack H. Obama’s political campaign […]

Rapper Indicted for Funneling $21M of Foreign Cash into Obama’s Presidential Campaign

Pras Michel was indicted Friday for illegally funneling millions of dollars of foreign money into Barack Obama’s 2012 presidential campaign. The Justice Department accused The Fugee’s rapper of funneling money to pro-Obama super PACs without disclosing the origins of the money, which was reportedly tied to Malaysian businessman, Jho Low. reports: Jho Low was […]

Obama’s Frustration with Clinton Campaign Should be a Warning to Dems

A recent Daily Mail article presents former President Barack Obama’s anger, frustration and delusion with Hillary Clinton’s loss to an orange haired, xenophobic buffoon. Obama felt that he left a good economy behind for Clinton and that she failed to capitalize on his messaging. He also compared himself to the fictional Michael Corleone and was […]

Video: The Veto. The Western Media’s Propaganda Campaign against Syria

youtube twitter facebook rss Source Article from Related Posts UN: Western Countries Must Take Back Captured ISIS Terrorists The United Nations wants western countries to take back captured ISIS terrorists currently imprisoned in ‘We Are Golunov’ but Not ‘Assange’: Western Hypocrisy Knows No Bounds The case of Julian Assange poses many questions about the […]

Labour & ‘anti-Semitism’: Real goal of establishment smear campaign is to deny socialists power

There have been 673 allegations of anti-Semitism by Labour Party members and, since the new general secretary started a crackdown on this issue back in April 2018, 296 members have either been expelled, sanctioned, or have resigned. Some 227 have been cleared of these accusations, and 150 cases are still under investigation, according to the […]

US Defeat in Syria Leaves Only a Campaign of Spite

After the long war for Homs, Syria (Photo: Patrick Henningsen 2017) Tony Cartalucci 21st Century Wire The US-engineered proxy war against Syria, beginning in 2011 and the crescendo of the so-called “Arab Spring,” has ended in all but absolute defeat for Washington. Its primary goal of overthrowing the Syrian government and/or rendering the nation divided […]

BLOCKBUSTER: Clinton Campaign Received Illegal Campaign Contributions from NXIVM Sex-Cult

    NXIVM Sex-Cult Prosecutors Have Evidence Of Illegal Clinton Campaign Contributions For “Political Influence” US Attorney Richard Donoghue asked a federal judge last month for permission to present a mountain of new evidence in the NXIVM sex-cult trial – including evidence of an “illegal scheme to exceed contribution limits to a presidential primary […]

Citing School Officials’ Campaign Contributions To Pugh, Hopkins Students Protest Private Police Plan

Citing School Officials’ Campaign Contributions To Pugh, Hopkins Students Protest Private Police Plan Above Photo: Students opposed to Johns Hopkins University’s private police force plan have been occupying Garland Hall since last week. (Mira Wattal) Occupying a campus building for nearly a week, protesters say plan is tainted by its ties to a “pay-to-play” mayor They […]

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