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Why is Canada preparing quarantine camps to detain people who DON’T have COVID? – listen to the Minister’s evasion of the pertinent questions

This is not good news. Leaked inside info in the Canadian parliament tells of their plans which 30% of those in the know inside are not happy with. The plan refers to the next wave which Bill Gates of course has been warning us about with a smile (video at link). The info comes from […]

More on the Global Reset from Canada Dr. John Reizer A global reset is in progress, and I believe that additional lockdowns will be forthcoming in the next several months. I also believe that the next set of lockdowns will be much more severe than the first one. The false-positive case numbers are already being increased by the powers that be […]

Canada: Old Raghead Sexually Assaults Young Girl On Bus

So why do Canadian white women keep voting for faggot politicians like Justin Trudeau who flood their country with these perverted rag heads? CTV News: Police in Abbotsford are asking the public for help identifying the suspect in an alleged sexual assault on a transit bus in the city earlier this month. The incident took […]

The MEC Saga Shows That Canada Needs More Co-operation

Above photo: Co-ops, like MEC was for a long time, are all about community. Photo by MEC Montreal, Creative Commons. Our largest retail co-op floundering does not mean the model isn’t viable. In fact, it’s more vital than ever. The campaign to “Save MEC” — Mountain Equipment Co-op — has rallied more than 140,000 Canadians together to […]

UN Agenda Soldiers Moved In To Quebec (Oct 7, Liberty Talk Canada)

[embedded content] Liberty Talk Canada 12.2K subscribers Canada is now clearly on the same path as Australia towards tyranny from the Globalists agenda. It’s time to rise up Canada. Join Your Freedom Community Here:… ** Please help my show to continue, support us:… or etransfer to (Yes we are begging… and THANKS […]

Indefinite Non Cooperation-GOOD! [With Zionist Infested Gov’t of Canada]

[embedded content] Kevin A15.1K subscribers Having ignored a lawful order by the people to stand down from its covid police state measures, the Canadian government was declared a rogue power today, October 1, and an indefinite civil disobedience campaign was launched against it. Taxes, elections and complying with covid measures will now be boycotted. Moving […]

UK and Canada impose sanctions on Alexander Lukashenko and seven Belarus officials

Britain and Canada have announced sanctions on senior Belarusian figures including President Alexander Lukashenko following last month’s election and the subsequent crackdown on protesters. Seven other officials including the country’s interior minister, the public security police chief and Lukashenko’s son Victor — a national security adviser — are covered by the sanctions, which include an […]

Trump’s Surprising Alaska-Canada Rail Announcement: Might America Join the Polar Silk Road?

By Matthew Ehret for the Saker Blog On September 26, President Trump announced that a long-overdue project would receive Federal support which involves connecting Alaska for the first time with Canada and the lower 48 states via a 2570 km railway. In his Tweet announcing the project, Trump said: Ever since the days of the […]

Forced Vaccinations in Australia, U.S. & Canada Next

by Admin · September 28, 2020 Tags: GeopoliticsVaccines You may also like… 2014 Maidan Was U.S .-British Fascist COUP November 20, 2019 March 26, 2016 Belarus Besieged by CIA Staged Protests (CIA Is Organized Crime) August 12, 2020 Hits: 0

Confirmed Mass Testing in Canada Schools (17 Sept. 20)

Remember our recent post on this? Watch your children. Be on the alert for changes in your country’s Bill of Rights. For intrusion into schools of the testing regime as they look for new cases (given it’s proven to be not the pandemic they first told us). NZ’s has changed thanks to avowed globalist Jacinda […]

Uber announces plan to electrify ride-hailing in US, Canada and Europe by 2030

Image Credit: Angela Lang/CNET In an attempt to reduce pollution, Uber announced its commitment to be a 100 percent electric vehicle ride-hailing company by 2030 in the United States, Canada and Europe and by 2040 in the rest of the world. According to Union of Concerned Scientists (UCS), ride-hailing is a problem for the climate. […]

Canada: Evil Psychopath Justin Trudeau Announces $221 Million Loan Program for Blacks

Privileging blacks appears to be the sole modern political mandate of these faggot and pedophile politicians. CBC: Prime Minister Justin Trudeau today announced a new multi-million dollar program to help Black Canadians get business loans with national banks and said his government is looking at measures to tackle systemic racism in Canada. The $221-million program will receive about $93 million from […]

Canada’s Regime Change Efforts In Nicaragua Rife With Hypocrisy

Above photo: A woman stands near a burning barricade holding Nicaraguan flag, April 2018. Canada is supporting US efforts to overthrow Nicaragua’s government. A recently leaked USAID document highlights “the breadth and complexity of the US government’s plan to interfere in Nicaragua’s internal affairs up to and after its presidential election in 2021.” The stated aim is […]

The Beothuk Key: Finding a Lost Chinese-Norse Civilization in Canada

Two mysteries – one Oriental, one Western – have attracted considerable attention recently both in academic and popular spheres: the disappearance of the Seventh Chinese Treasure Fleet and the disappearance of the people of Greenland. Until now, people have not considered that the two stories might be somehow connected. Indeed, although very much in retrospect, […]

Lockdown Uprisings, Canada Reset, News Updates – New World Next Week

Podcast: Play in new window | Download | Embed Watch this video on BitChute / LBRY / / YouTube This week on the New World Next Week: Protesters around the world rise up against the lockdowns; Canadian globalists ready a green reset; and James and James run through a bunch of other important stories CLICK HERE […]

Euthanasia Deaths Rise in Canada With One Third Citing ‘Being a Burden’

Photo Credit: Raw Pixel/Pexels (The Christian Institute) — Canada has seen a significant rise in the number of deaths by euthanasia taking place in the last year, with a third giving ‘not wanting to be a burden’ as a reason. A government report revealed that in 2019, 5,631 people were killed by euthanasia or assisted […]

Canada today slipped beneath the waves, like the Titanic, but into deep dictatorship.

August 18, 2020 By Marcel Woland for The Saker Blog Today, the Minister of Finance, Morneau, was forced by Trudeau to resign, after he and Trudeau were caught (*see below) diverting one billion dollars to personal, non-governmental, associates. George Soros, through an Ukrainian agent/mole, is now the de facto head of Canada. George Soros’s designated ‘biographer’ (hagiographer) Ukrainian-Canadian Fascist, […]

Canada’s Post-Pandemic Response

Canada’s Post-Pandemic Response Socialism For The Rich, Austerity For The Poor And Working Class. Community groups and unions are speaking out against COVID-19-related deficit burden being placed on most vulnerable. Too often, discussions about the deficit are laden with the perceived inevitability of austerity cuts. The COVID-19 pandemic and its economic ramifications are in no […]

Canada: Doctor Fleeing Violence in South Africa Murdered by Sudanese Migrant

Trudeau’s Somali terrorist minister of immigration and citizenship will continue importing these violent African animals to “enrich” Canada with terror and death. National File: Walter Reynolds, a South African doctor who relocated to Canada in search of a better life, was allegedly by a Sudanese migrant at his medical practice while defending over a dozen […]

Canada: Two Beaners Terrorize People With Chainsaws at Toronto Beach

Welcome to multicultural Canada, where beaner drug dealers terrorize people with chainsaws on beaches. Blogto: Two people were injured this morning and two others were arrested after a fight broke out between what police are describing as a “large group of people” near Toronto’s Cherry Beach. Chainsaws were involved. “Encountered two man bleeding, carrying running […]

Trudeau’s third Canada scandal is MASSIVE billion dollar family pay-off (Video) — The Duran

[embedded content] Via Global News ()… According to Justin Trudeau, the reason his government handed a sole-source contract to WE Charity to run a $912-million student-grant program is a pretty simple one. 270 more words via Trudeau’s third Canada scandal is MASSIVE billion dollar family pay-off (Video) — The Duran Share this: Like this: Like Loading… […]

Canada: 32-Year-Old Mother of Two is Shocked When She Finds Vin Diesel Isn’t Planning to Meet Her

Sounds Healing

This 32-year-old single mother had every reason to believe that a movie star was contacting her for romantic purposes. She’s beautiful and she deserves everything that will always make her happy forever. She also deserves a shiny new truck. If someone does a trick and steals the movie star lover from a […]

First Nations Leaders Speak Out Against Canada’s Trans Mountain Pipeline Approval

First Nations Leaders Speak Out Against Canada’s Trans Mountain Pipeline Approval Above photo: Rueben George pic by Vancouver Sun. Kinder-Morgan’s application for approval of the Trans Mountain Pipeline expansion (TMX) has been bouncing around in Canada’s federal courts like a pinball since 2013. First Nations tribes and environmental groups have valiantly worked the flippers of the […]

FOI response from Canada’s National Research Council: No record of “COVID-19 virus” (SARS-COV-2) isolation by anyone, anywhere on the planet.

Christine Massey FOI response from Canada’s National Research Council: No record of “COVID-19 virus” (SARS-COV-2) isolation by anyone, anywhere on the planet. Hits: 0

The Crown in Canada linked to funding new Cold War and coup against Donald Trump using Trump-Russia dossier


Posted by Paul W Kincaid Corruption, World news Monday, December 31st, 2018 US Senator McCain recruited by GMF to start new Cold War and stage coup against US President Donald Trump using Trump-Russia dossier Investigation into true purpose of the Halifax International Security Forum has found that the forum was established by the Crown in […]

Watching The Hawks – Canada Says Yes to Pipelines, No to Activists

Watching The Hawks – Canada Says Yes to Pipelines, No to Activists Watching The Despite immense pushback from Indigenous and environmental activists, the Canadian government plans to spend US$3.4 billion on a controversial new oil pipeline. RT Canada Correspondent Alex Mihailovic discusses. WATCH OUR SHOW ON RT @… LIKE Watching the Hawks @ […]

Two men blow up IED inside Indian restaurant in Canada, multiple injuries

Police say they received a call for “an incident” at 10:32 pm and have cordoned off the area. Local media report that there has been an explosion at an Indian restaurant in the central area of the city. Law enforcement is asking for public assistance in the hunt for the two male suspects who “fled […]

White Identity Politics Is Enshrined in Canada’s Constitution

Richardo Duchesne, Council of European Canadians, 10 May 2018 Don’t let them deceive you. Canada’s Charter of Rights and Freedoms (1982) and the Multiculturalism Act of 1988 encourages Euro-Canadians to “preserve” and “enhance” their cultural heritage and ethnic identity. Section 27 of the Charter clearly states that the “Charter shall be interpreted in a manner […]

EMFs and RFRs Finally Taken To Court, In Canada That Is

Air Canada for inflight cabin Wi-Fi; Apple Canada for all its tech products producing EMFs; Arris Canada for Internet protocols and satellite transmissions; BCE, Inc. (Bell Canada) for cell towers, cell and smart phones, etc.; Cisco Systems Canada Co. for modems, networks, and Internet of Things; Ericsson Canada, Inc. for cell phones and mobile broadband; […]

Facebook is bringing back facial recognition to users in the EU and Canada

While the Cambridge Analytica scandal rumbles on, Facebook is quietly asking users in the EU and Canada to let it use its facial recognition to scan their faces and suggest tags in photos. It isn’t the first time Mark Zuckerberg’s firm has tried to get access to millions of Europeans’ facial data. […]

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