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Modern-day Artistic Reaction: The New York Times Considers “Canceling” French Painter Paul Gauguin

According to Victoria Charles, a biographer of French Post-Impressionist painter Paul Gauguin (1848-1903), the artist died in Atuona, in the Marquesas Islands in French Polynesia, “having lost a futile and fatally exhausting battle with colonial officials, threatened with a ruinous fine and an imprisonment for allegedly instigating the natives to mutiny and slandering the [French] […]

U.S. Hospitals Turning Away Patients and Canceling Surgeries Due to Ransomware Attacks

By B.N. Frank Being targeted by cybercriminals is no laughing matter – especially for health care facilities.  Non-payment of ransomware puts lives at immediate risk. Thanks to Threatpost for providing details about recently targeted hospitals, as well as plans being discussed to reduce risks: Ransomware overall continues to be […]

Researchers develop a pillow with an embedded noise-canceling system that can help people with snoring partners sleep better

(Natural News) The newest design for a noise-canceling system can fit inside a pillow of a person who has to share their bed with someone who snores in their sleep. By placing it closer to the head of a person, it can efficiently cancel out loud snoring noises that can ruin sleep. A sound with a noise level of at […]

Jordanian lawmakers urge canceling $10 billion natural gas deal with Israel

Jordanian lawmakers are pushing for the government to cancel a $10 billion deal for the supply of natural gas from Israel, reportedly demanding that the 2016 agreement be canceled at any cost. During a parliamentary session on Tuesday, lawmakers insisted that the kingdom seek alternative sources from other Arab states, the Jordan Times reported. They […]

Spokesman denies China canceling investment plans in Iran

SHANA — Iranian Foreign Ministry Spokesman Bahram Ghasemi denied rumors that Chinese investors had backed down on bankrolling projects in Iran’s oil industry. Speaking to reporters on Monday, Ghasemi reacted to rumors that a Chinese company had decided to cancel its investment plans in oil and gas projects in Iran, saying, “Until we receive an […]

Theresa May Scrambles After Canceling Brexit Vote, Juncker Says “No Renegotiation”

Andrew Anglin Daily Stormer December 11, 2018 How has this bitch not been forced to resign yet? How can you screw something up this badly? BBC: Prime Minister Theresa May has called off Tuesday’s crucial vote on her Brexit deal so she can go back to Brussels and ask for changes to […]

Iran Sanctions – U.S. Responds To Court Order By Canceling Treaty That Gave The Court Jurisdiction

Iran Sanctions – U.S. Responds To Court Order By Canceling Treaty That Gave The Court Jurisdiction Above Photo: Trump administration steps up sanctions on Iran, Russia. Nasim Abbas/Flickr Earlier today the International Court of Justice (ICJ) issued a provisional judgment (pdf, 29 pages) against some of the U.S. sanction against Iran. The ruling is a preliminary injunction over urgent […]

After Canceling Concert in Israel, Shakira Back in Semitic Spotlight for Selling Black Sun Necklaces

Back in May, hip-shaking musician Shakira cancelled her scheduled concert in Tel Aviv, Israel after receiving a number of appeals from The Palestinian Campaign for the Academic and Cultural Boycott of Israel (PACBI). They organization said: (PACBI) welcomes the announcement that Shakira will not be performing in Tel Aviv anytime soon, dashing Israel’s hopes to use […]

Palestine FA Thanks Argentina for Canceling its Pre-World Cup ‘Friendly’ with Israel

Daniel Edwards Argentina’s controversial friendly against Israel has been suspended after the match scheduled in Jerusalem provoked waves of protest, according to multiple reports.  According to sources close to the Argentine FA, consulted by the NA agency, concerns over player and fan security for the game that was to be played on Saturday led to its cancellation, […]

Canceling NAFTA Could Be The Best Way Forward

Above photo: Adam Scotti/PMO. Canada – Have you ever wondered what would happen if you called the bully’s bluff? As Liberal members of Parliament return to their seats in the House of Commons, they need to consider the sometimes-veiled opportunities that political bullying provides. Are you listening, Foreign Affairs Minister Chrystia Freeland? More than 20 […]

Israeli musicians to Thom Yorke: Canceling Radiohead show will disrupt Israel’s ‘business as usual’ facade

Dear Thom Yorke, We are Israeli musicians writing you about your scheduled performance in Israel this July 19. It is our understanding that the public appeal urging you to respect the Palestinian picket line and cancel this concert was published only after a private appeal went unanswered. Likewise, we will only publish a public letter […]

Elon Musk Flips His Lid Over Trump Canceling Stranglehold Hoax Suicide Pact, Quits the Team

Andrew AnglinDaily Stormer June 2, 2017 Trump pulling out of the Paris Climate Accords was a big deal. This is a MASSIVE LEAP in bringing sustainable industry back to the United States. The fact that it made Musk decide to hurl himself off the Trump Train is a big bonus. Am departing […]

Killary demoralized Secret Service officers who protected her – ‘drove them to dangerous habits’ says former agent

     Blockbuster book due out Monday paints Clinton as a shrewish, paranoid ‘Bridezilla’ monster who verbally abused Secret Service at every turn A blockbuster book set for release on Monday paints Hillary Clinton as a shrewish and paranoid monster during her time as America’s first lady – so mercurial and antagonistic that some U.S. Secret […]

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