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Tale Of Two Cities: Lufthansa Vs United Capital Raises

Submitted by Thomas Kirchner, CFA & Paul Hoffmeister of Camelot Capital Lufthansa’s rescue is entirely government-funded, while United Airlines has received government AND private market support. Arguably, European markets are underperforming in the recovery due to overregulation. European regulators are beginning to recognize the problem. MiFID II to be relaxed by … even more regulation. […]

At least 3 dead as MASSIVE hurricane rips through capital city of Russia’s Urals

   Powerful winds and heavy rain have hit Ekaterinburg in Russia’s Urals, on Monday afternoon, felling numerous trees, damaging cars and obliterating weak structures. At least three people have been killed by the hurricane. The hurricane brought down numerous trees across the city, Russia’s fourth-largest, multiple videos show, blocking some roads and also destroying power […]

Israel launches heavy strikes over Syrian capital

By News Desk -2020-04-270 Last night, the Israeli Air Force launched airstrikes over the Syrian capital, Damascus, causing a number of explosions over the southern suburbs. According to a field source in Damascus, the Israeli Air Force fired several missiles towards the Sayyeda Zaynab District, prompting the Syrian air defenses to engage the hostile projectiles from the […]

The New York Fed, Owned by Multinational Banks, Is Nationalizing Capital Markets

For the first time in the history of the Federal Reserve, it has signed on to a plan with Congress to nationalize the unmanageable debts of global banks and other multinational corporations and put the U.S. taxpayer on the hook for the losses. Conducting the bulk of these programs will be the Federal […]

Did Capital One Run Into A Commodity Prepay Wall?

Submitted by Jacques Simon, In our last post we touted a too-big too fail return in the commodity-sector (a name nobody dare to pronounced. Today prices are down but market volatility is up (VaR is up, prices are down). Capital one, a FDIC-insured bank is allowed to skip a $1B margin call related to energy exposure of an undisclosed […]

COVID-19 And Circuits Of Capital

COVID-19 And Circuits Of Capital Above photo: Aerial image of forest clearance for an oil palm nursery managed by Herakles Farms in the Congo rainforest. Jan-Joseph Stok, Greenpeace. Calculation COVID-19, the illness caused by coronavirus SARS-CoV-2, the second severe acute respiratory syndrome virus since 2002, is now officially a pandemic. As of late March, whole cities […]

Fire Destroys Most Voting Machines in Venezuela’s Capital

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Sequoia Capital Warns Of "Black Swan" As Covid-19 Outbreak Persists

Sequoia Capital, a top Silicon Valley venture capital firm, issued a “black swan” warning on Thursday about the Covid-19 outbreak.  In a memo to Sequoia founders, employees, and CEOs of its portfolio companies, it provided “guidance on how to ensure the health of their business while dealing with potential business consequences of the spreading effects of […]

Yemenis Seize Capital of Strategic al-Jawf as Saudi-led Mercenaries Retreat

Source Yemen’s armed forces, along with Ansarullah fighters, have taken control of the strategic city of al-Hazm, the capital of the northern al-Jawf province, as Saudi-led mercenaries retreated after losing ground in the region. Sources close to Saudi-allied former president, Abd Rabbuh Mansur Hadi, confirmed Sunday that forces led by Yemen’s popular Ansarullah movement took […]

When Motherhood Kills: The Effects Of For-Profit Healthcare In Empire’s Capital

When Motherhood Kills: The Effects Of For-Profit Healthcare In Empire’s Capital Above Photo: Youtube Screenshot/ A special episode that looks at a grotesque statistic and asks the question – if you can judge a government by how they treat their most vulnerable and marginalized — how more pointed is that judgement when you look at […]

BEIJING FALLS TO CORONAVIRUS. Capital of China Locked Down Under Pandemic Quarantine

Natural News, 2/10/2020 (Natural News) Two weeks after a draconian quarantine was slapped down on Wuhan, China, the coronavirus pandemic is now spreading out of control, despite the desperate efforts of the communist Chinese regime to control it. In an emergency order that will no doubt shock the world, China’s capital city of Beijing is now under […]

Thoughts on Corporate Venture Capital

Out of many types of corporate open innovation, Corporate Venture Capital (CVC) is one of the most immediate ways to gain access to ground-breaking technologies and trends. Though not cheap, CVC can attract ecosystem’s attention, expose corporations to new business models and technological partnerships, and solve the issue of the “shrinking market share” – if […]

India Puts Capital on Lockdown as Protests Against Discriminatory Laws Rage on

The protests against the discriminatory Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) and National Registration Council (NRC) laws continue across India. In response, the government of Narendra Modi has placed the capital Delhi under the National Security Act (NSA); legislation that allows any Indian to be detained for up to a year without charge or access to legal […]

Two police officers killed, multiple homes set on fire in Hawaiian capital shooting

   Two police officers have been shot dead in the Diamond Head area of Honolulu, Hawaii, and the suspect remains at large. A huge fire has also broken out in the neighborhood. The officers were responding to a report of assault when they were confronted by a man wielding a firearm, according to local news […]

UPDATE: Up to 47 dead after Indonesian capital Jakarta hit by flooding, ‘Not ordinary rain’, say officials

   Four people died as Indonesia’s capital was hit by flooding, a disaster agency official said Wednesday, while local media reported landslides sparked by torrential rain on New Year’s Eve had killed several more residents. Electricity was switched off in hundreds of waterlogged neighbourhoods across Jakarta, home to about 30 million, with some train lines […]

Capital Flight: Money Leaving China At Record Rate

Authored by Mike Shedlock via MishTalk, China is fighting “abnormal” cash flows. It’s not surprising in the least. Record Capital Flight Please consider Money has been leaving China at a record rate. Beijing is battling to stem the tide Money was leaving the country at a record clip earlier this year through unauthorized channels, according to […]

Slavoj Zizek: Big Capital will use every tool at its disposal to crush socialists like Corbyn

Since, in some sense, the election was about Brexit, the first thing that strikes the eye is the asymmetry in the position of the two big parties. The Tories constantly repeated their mantra of “Get Brexit done!”, while Labour’s stance was the worst possible. Knowing well their supporters were almost symmetrically split between ‘Remainers’ and […]

China First Capital Continues Epic Crash In Hong Kong As Chairman Offloads More Shares

Last week we reported how China First Capital Group, an investment holding company, saw its equity trading on the Hong Kong exchange crash in minutes. The epic implosion continued into the new week, shares are down -23% on Monday as a new report from Bloomberg specifies the chairman of the company unloaded half his stake. Exchange […]

Faroe Islands to recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital

The Faroe Islands plans to open an office for diplomatic representation in Jerusalem and intends to recognize the city as the capital of Israel despite objections from Denmark, according to the Danish-language newspaper Politiken. The Faroe Islands is a self-governing archipelago of islands in the Atlantic Ocean, but is a part of Denmark. Copenhagen has […]

Heavy snow snarls traffic, shuts schools in Iran capital

Asharq Al-awsat English – Heavy snowfall blanketed the streets of north Tehran on Saturday, causing traffic chaos and forcing the closure of schools, authorities in the Iranian capital said. Crews of municipal workers were battling to clear roads and pavements in parts of the capital, where snow began falling at the start of the morning […]

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