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Macron’s France Seizes Lorries Carrying 130,000 Masks for Desperate British Hospitals

French authorities impounded two lorries carrying over 130,000 masks destined for desperate NHS staff in the United Kingdom, following President Macron’s pledge to “requisition” all stocks in his territory. The seizure occurred just 24 hours after French border guards took another heavy goods vehicle carrying hand sanitiser to Britain. The incidents triggered a diplomatic row […]

Ohio Department of Health believes 100,000 Ohioans are carrying coronavirus

ore than 100,000 people are believed to be infected with the coronavirus, according statements by officials with the Ohio Department of Health during a Thursday afternoon news conference. That number accounts for around 1% of Ohio’s population. .@DrAmyActon: I know it is hard to understand #COVID19 since we can’t see […]

Bus Carrying Covington Catholic Students Leaving ‘March for Life’ Involved in Deadly Crash

A bus carrying a group of Covington Catholic students attending the March for Life event in DC was involved in a deadly crash on Saturday morning. According to one of the mothers of a student who was involved in the incident between students and a Native American activist last year, the bus carrying students was […]

Roman shipwreck from around 1BC carrying thousands of wine amphorae is found on the Greek seafloor

   A Roman shipwreck that dates from the time of Jesus Christ has been discovered in Greece, with a cargo of around 6,000 amazingly well-preserved pots used for transporting wine and food. The 110-foot-long ship and its cargo, discovered off the coast of the Greek island of Kefalonia, could reveal new information about the shipping […]

Hashd Shaabi: ISIL Exploiting Unrest in Iraq, Carrying out Attacks

December 2, 2019 Iraq’s Hashd Shaabi paramilitary force said that Isil Takfiri group is exploiting the unrest taking place in the country to carry out attacks in several areas. In a statement, Hashd Shaabi, also known as Popular Mobilization Forces (PMF), said that 6 fighters of its fighters were martyred and 17 others were injured […]

Iran denies ships carrying grain are held up outside ports over payment

Press TV – Iranian authorities have rejected reports suggesting that ships carrying imports of food and grain have been stuck outside two main ports in southern Iran simply because American sanctions on the country are creating payment problems.   A senior government official in the southern Iranian province of Khuzestan confirmed on Thursday that ships […]

New Netflix movie fantasizes about time-traveling liberals carrying out the "pre-crime" murder of patriots to prevent an American uprising against globalism

(Natural News) As the delusional, insane cult of liberalism continues to infect every institution across America, Hollywood has been transformed into the place where left-wing fantasies are played out on the big screen to satisfy the delusions of the brainwashed masses. The latest example of these left-wing fantasies is found in a […]

It Happened Again: Ship Carrying ‘Climate Change Warriors’ Concerned About Melting Arctic Ice Gets Stuck in Ice

A ship carrying passengers who included a group of ‘Climate Change Warriors’ who are concerned about melting Arctic ice got stuck in the ice halfway between Norway and the North Pole. Oh, the irony. “Arctic tours ship MS MALMO with 16 passengers on board got stuck in ice on Sep 3 off Longyearbyen, Svalbard Archipelago,” […]

Children as young as four caught carrying knives at schools in the UK

   A four-year-old was among more than 1,000 children caught in possession of a blade at school last year, with one child threatening a teacher that they we re going to stab and kill them, according to Freedom of Information requests. Figures obtained from police through FOI requests by 5 News reveal that there were […]

Indian Spacecraft Carrying Lunar Rover Enters Moon’s Orbit

India is now set to join a very exclusive international club, hoping to become the fourth country to successfully land in the Moon, behind the US, Russia (USSR), and China. Addressing the world’s media, K Sivan, Chairman of the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) said the new mission had achieved a milestone. “Chandrayaan-2 mission crossed […]

Footage Captures NATO Intercept Attempt of Plane Carrying Russian Defense Minister

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A New Disease Carrying Tick Species Has Been Discovered

The Facts: In the 1980s, the Rockefeller Brothers Fund became the authority of global warming. Why would they do this? Are these people really concerned about our planet or simply profiting and justifying heightened states of security for ulterior motives? Reflect On: Why are there so many brilliant scientists publishing papers and making points but […]

Arianespace Vega rocket carrying UAE military satellite crashes into Atlantic after developing ‘major anomaly’

   French commercial rocket launch provider Arianespace has confirmed its VV15 mission, a Vega rocket carrying an Emirati military satellite, failed 2 minutes after launch, veering off course and crashing in the Atlantic Ocean. “A major anomaly occurred, resulting in the loss of the mission,” Luce Fabreguettes, executive VP of missions, operations and purchasing, said. […]

Foreign Ministry: UK’s seizure of tanker carrying Iranian oil in Gibraltar ‘tantamount to banditry’

Following the illegal seizure of an oil tanker carrying Iranian oil by British Royal Marines in Gibraltar on Thursday, British Ambassador to Tehran Robert Macaire was summoned to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs later in the day. According to Iranian Foreign Ministry statement, as the ambassador appeared before the Foreign Ministry, Director of the Third […]

Seconds from disaster: Helicopter carrying Indian MP spins out of control in terrifying VIDEO

The MP was travelling from Delhi to Alwar and attempted to land at Ladpur village in Kotkasim around 10.30am Sunday when the unthinkable happened. The quick-thinking pilot managed to regain control of the aircraft and avoid disaster. Authorities blamed a combination of strong air pressure and an uneven helipad for the incident.  Balaknath’s pilot attempted […]

Every employee of Google is complicit in carrying out crimes against humanity (and coordinated online "book burning" to annihilate human knowledge)

(Natural News) As we witness the shocking depths of criminality and evil being carried out by Google and its censorship agenda, it’s crucial to remember that every Google employee is complicit in carrying out these crimes against humanity. These people are not just “following orders” like the East German soldiers manning the […]

Gazan carrying knife arrested after crossing border into Israel

The Israel Defense Forces on Sunday arrested a man who crossed the border fence from the Gaza Strip and entered Israeli territory, the army said. The Palestinian man was apprehended shortly after breaching the fence and was found to be carrying a knife, according to the military. There were no injuries reported in the incident […]

Source Sought for Picture of Jewish Bankers Carrying Signs Stating "Hinaus mit uns!"

Christopher Jon Bjerknes Douglas Reed wrote in Disgrace Abounding, Jonathan Cape, London, (1939), pp. 249, 251, “Oblivion for a few years, and then came the Kapp Putsch in Germany, the first of the Nationalist conspiracies to overthrow the democratic liberal regime that was so kind to the Jews, and reinstate the big business men, big […]

CIA Is ‘Still Carrying Out MKUltra Experiments’, According to FOIA Release

Disturbing details of secret mind-control experiments carried out by the CIA have been revealed in newly released Freedom of Information Act documents that the agency has been trying to keep hidden for decades.  The new documents reveal how the CIA experimented on both humans and animals using drugs, hypnosis and electronic devices as part of […]

Iran never after missiles capable of carrying nuclear warheads: Spokesman

Tasnim – Iranian Foreign Ministry Spokesman Bahram Qassemi shrugged off some Western countries’ concerns over the Islamic Republic’s missile program, saying that Tehran has never had any plan for developing missiles capable of carrying nuclear warheads. In remarks released on Wednesday, Qassemi responded to anti-Iran comments made by some Western officials as well as a […]

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