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The Tokyo 2020 Olympics are a Casualty of the Coronavirus

Andrew Anglin Daily Stormer March 23, 2020 There is a 100% chance that every country is going to follow the lead of Canada. The Olympics are not happening. Cape Breton Post: The Canadian Olympic Committee and Canadian Paralympic Committee announced on Sunday night the decision to not send Canadian teams to the […]

Why does Great Britain always see these types of horrific mass casualty events?

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Joe Biden: Impeachment’s First Casualty By Patrick J. Buchanan

“By making Ukraine the focus of the impeachment drive in the House, Pelosi has also assured that the questionable conduct of Biden and son Hunter Biden will be front and center for the next four months before Iowa votes.” Even before seeing the transcript of the July 25 call between President Donald Trump and Ukrainian […]

Another Potential Casualty of 5G: Storm Forecasting and Warning

by Joseph P. Farrell With all the bad weather over the American plains states, people have been sending a lot of articles to me about weather warfare, modification, patents, and so on, but several people sent me this article, and it is, as they say, a “whopper doozie”, because some scientists are sounding the alarm […]

Now Hiring Casualty Role Players ( Crisis Actors)

Now Hiring Casualty Role Players ( Crisis Actors) Now Hiring Casualty Role Players to Support a Washington National Guard Disaster Preparedness Exercise at Spokane Fire Training Facility in Spokane, WA – Saturday and Sunday, 8-9 April 2017 This exercise will be an emergency response to a simulated incident involving contamination elements. CRPs will be moulaged […]

Atlanta Craigslist Ad Seeks Crisis Actors for “Mass Casualty Exercise”

<National Report>Atlanta, GA–Residents of the Atlanta area are seeking answers this evening following the publishing of a Craigslist ad seeking crisis actors for a “simulation of a mass casualty exercise.”  The ad was posted at approx 7:45pm EST and is seeking individuals to take part in a simulated “large scale disaster” June 27-29th. The U.S. government is […]

Watching The Hawks – Californias Wildfires Take Malibu & Veterans Day Casualty Lists

Watching The Hawks – Californias Wildfires Take Malibu & Veterans Day Casualty Lists Watching The A new study by Brown University finds that upwards of 500,000 people have been killed in Americas post-9/11 wars. California wildfires engulf Malibu. And a special report from Scottie Hughes from Paris. [834] Watch our show on RT:… […]

Closing PLO office first casualty of Trump administration war on the International Criminal Court

The Trump administration threatened to sanction the International Criminal Court (ICC) and its staff yesterday on the eve of an impending announcement where The Hague-based tribunal will decide if it will investigate American soldiers for war crimes committed in Afghanistan dating back almost two decades. Speaking at a Federalist Society event in Washington DC, National Security […]

Explosions in Najaf arms depot, no casualty

IRNA – An Iraqi source said the explosions heard in Najaf were the result of an electrical wiring fault in an arms depot. The sources told Islamic Republic News Agency (IRNA) that the explosions took place in an arms depot of a group of armed forces in the suburb of the holy city, Najaf. On […]

Rudolf Hess, Casualty of Conscience

Rudolf Hess was Hitler’s trusted right-hand man, by his side for their rise to power. He flew to Britain to bring a peace offer, and was imprisoned for the rest of his life. Bitchute link Source Article from Hits: 18

Autopsy Reveals Tom Petty Died of Accidental Drug Overdose, Another Casualty of Big Pharma

Alex Pietrowski, Staff Writer Waking Times Legendary rocker Tom Petty passed away recently, on October 2, 2017 of cardiac arrest in his home in California. Now, some three months later, an autopsy has revealed the true cause of death to be accidental overdose on prescription medications. “Petty had a mixture of fentanyl, oxycodone, temazepam, alprazolam, […]

1 dead, 6 injured at ‘mass casualty incident’ at Tennessee church, shooter in custody

It’s understood the shooting occurred shortly after 11 a.m, according to local reports. Metro Nashville Police Department said one woman was shot dead in the parking lot, and six other “innocents” were shot, while another was pistol whipped. The gunman has also been hospitalized for his injuries.   […]

Paris, Brussels, Nice, Berlin, Manchester… The Role of “Massive Casualty Producing Events”. The Roadmap to a Police State?

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Mental Gymnastics: How The Pentagon Misreports Casualty Numbers

An employee of Doctors Without Borders, MSF, walks inside the charred remains of the organization’s hospital after it was hit by a U.S. airstrike in Kunduz, Afghanistan. (AP/Najim Rahim) June 2014, around the time ISIS was making headlines across the world, the Wall Street Journal reported that the terror group had 4,000 fighters in Iraq. […]

Casualty count from Afghan base attack rises to 100 – Defense Ministry

The attack lasted several hours and ended with two of the attackers blowing themselves up, with seven others killed, the ministry said in a statement. Earlier US military estimates had put the death toll at no less than 50, while anonymous officials cited by Reuters said as many as 140 soldiers may have been killed. […]

Russia’s “China Dreams” Are Less of a Fantasy Than Skeptics Say: Moscow Becomes Top Oil Supplier to China?

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Trump: Bush Had “Advanced Notice” of 9/11

Donald Trump says that George W. Bush knew 9/11 was coming and had “advanced knowledge” of the attack, but he failed to stop it: He’s right … Overwhelming evidence shows that 9/11 was foreseeable. Indeed, Al Qaeda crashing planes into the World Trade Center and the Pentagon was itself foreseeable. Even the chair […]

Could Egypt’s new reconciliation law unfreeze Mubarak assets?

Samar Samir (TCP) : The Swiss Attorney General Office is currently analyzing the legal situation of former President Hosni Mubarak’s frozen assets, as the Egyptian government has opened the door for unfreezing the smuggled money through passing new amendments to the Illicit Gains Authority (IGA) law, the Swiss Foreign Ministry told The Cairo Post via […]

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