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Nearly 9K Catholic Churches In The US Were Approved For “Paycheck Protection” Loans

John Vibes, Truth Theory Waking Times As a part of the US government’s economic relief plan for the coronavirus pandemic, loans were offered to small businesses so they could stay afloat during this difficult time. However, many small business owners who attempted to get funding through the federal Paycheck Protection Program found that the money had […]

Catholic Clergy’s Decades of Child Abuse Exposed by Inquiry

[Editor’s note: Last month I reported on the tragic case of paedophile Catholic Cardinal Pell’s acquittal on a technicality. This was a very real tragedy for the victims and their families as Pell’s guilt was long established and he should still be rotting in a prison cell. The response to my article was astounding both […]

Jack Heart: Human Sacrifice among the Catholic Clergy II (the Khazar-Nazi Antichrist III)

Foreword My mother-in-law was Witch, a real Witch. She never got over the fact that I had my children baptized. The Magick of the Catholic Church is strong medicine. The recipient of Baptism, Communion and Confirmation has delivered their soul to the Christian god and the Christian god is not who the church says he […]

Catholic Pope Declares Lucifer As God

This might come as a shock to many catholic followers. But this clip below cannot be misunderstood, it is a prayer that the Pope conducted in Latin but if you interpret it you will be shocked who the Pope is praying to and the masses aren’t even aware. Pope Francis and the Vatican has introduced […]

14 of the Most Absurd and Unforgivable Things the Catholic Church Has Ever Done

14 of the Most Absurd and Unforgivable Things the Catholic Church Has Ever Done by Lea Rose Emery It’s hard out here for a pope. See, when it comes to religious history, the list of Catholic Church transgressions makes for pretty uncomfortable reading. Despite exalting virtue and kindness in its teaching, Church leadership has spearheaded […]

Catholic Priest With Coronavirus Shakes Hands With 500 Parishioners In D.C. To Eliminate The “Fundamentalist Scourge” of Christianity

Antichrist, Jesuit Pope Francis: Christians Who Believe The Bible and Second Coming Of Jesus Christ Are a “Fundamentalist Scourge” (read more) Antichrist, Islam Allied Jesuit Pope Francis Tells Christian High School Students To Not Convert Nonbelievers (read more) Lesbian Priest Pushing Prepaid Gas Cards For Women Seeking An Abortion (read more) 301 ‘Predator Priests’ Named […]

Voting Pro-Choice Is Worse Than Pedophilia Says Catholic Priest

A Catholic priest in Rhode Island has claimed that voting pro-choice is worse than raping children. The priest defended his decision to ban 44 pro-abortion state politicians from receiving communion in his parish, by saying ‘pedophilia doesn’t kill anyone’ but abortion does. According to Patheous: Newsweek reports: CATHOLIC PRIEST SAYS ‘PEDOPHILIA DOESN’T KILL ANYONE’ AFTER […]

Bus Carrying Covington Catholic Students Leaving ‘March for Life’ Involved in Deadly Crash

A bus carrying a group of Covington Catholic students attending the March for Life event in DC was involved in a deadly crash on Saturday morning. According to one of the mothers of a student who was involved in the incident between students and a Native American activist last year, the bus carrying students was […]

Next wave of lawsuits involving Covington Catholic kids being launched against Leftists who incited violence against them

(Natural News) A year ago this month, a group of young men from Covington Catholic School in Kentucky were in Washington, D.C., attending a pro-life event and sightseeing when they were accosted by a Native American activist named Nathan Phillips. While the teens were taking in the Lincoln Memorial, Phillips approached one, […]

Commission Finds 33 Catholic Priests Guilty of Raping 175 Children

A large number Catholic priests have been fond guilty of sexually abusing nearly 200 children, according to a damning new report. Since its founding in 1941, 33 pedophile priests who were members of the Legionaries of Christ abused 175 young children, according to a report released by an internal commission. “The commission did not address […]

Pope Francis Lifts Rule That Protected Catholic Church Pedophiles and Silenced Victims

(TMU) — In a move that is being greeted as long overdue, Pope Francis has stricken down Vatican secrecy rules in cases of sexual abuse that had previously been shielded by the Catholic Church’s highest levels of confidentiality. The church had previously defended the rule known as “pontifical secrecy” on the grounds that it protected the privacy […]

Catholic Priest Jailed in Poland for Warning that Jews Intend to Destroy and Enslave Them — Mothman777’s Blog

Catholic Priest Jailed in Poland for Warning that Jews Intend to Destroy and Enslave Them via Catholic Priest Jailed in Poland for Warning that Jews Intend to Destroy and Enslave Them — Mothman777’s Blog Source Article from Hits: 40

Jews Manipulated Catholic Deicide Teaching

  November 19, 2019 Source Article from Hits: 20

#PolishIndependence #CultureWars #LogosRising Poland and the Catholic Church – E. Michael Jones

Source Article from Hits: 21

Two Pregnant Nuns Being Investigated By Catholic Church

The Catholic Church has launched an investigation after two nuns became pregnant during missionary trips to Africa, despite taking vows of chastity. The women, one a mother superior, from different orders in Sicily, reportedly got pregnant while on separate missions to Africa, their home country. MSN reports: One of the nuns, a 34-year-old based at […]

Pedophile Priests Abused Children For Decades At ‘Sadistic’ Catholic School In London

A culture of cover-up and denial allowed monks and teachers to rape and abuse boys at a “sadistic and predatory” Catholic school for decades, a damning inquiry has found. According to an Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse (IICSA), Pedophile priests acted “like the mafia” and sexually abused pupils with “impunity” at St Benedict’s School in Ealing, […]

Catholic Church scrambles aboard the woke train with ‘ecological sins,’ Amazonian virtue-signaling

Church authorities called for an “ecological conversion” that would open Catholics’ eyes to “the gravity of sins against the environment as sins against God, against our neighbor, and against future generations” at a synod in Rome focused on the Amazon region, Vatican News reported on Wednesday.  Also on Amazon is on fire, but are […]

Catholic Churches in France Vandalized, Set on Fire & Smeared With Excrement

Catholic churches in France are being targeted with arson attacks, vandalism, desecration of holy statues, and the destruction of the Eucharist. The attacks have been happening since the start of the year. The Church of St. Sulpice in Paris, where the Da Vinci Code movie was filmed, was set on fire just after midday mass […]

German Churches Lost 430,000 Catholic and Protestant Members Last Year

The Catholic and Protestant churches both lost over 200,000 members last year. The losses have hit the churches hard, as members of both churches pay up to 9% of their taxable income as church taxes. Germany’s Catholic Church lost 216,078 members and Protestant churches lost some 220,000 in 2018, according to data published on Friday […]

Catholic Bishop Personally Escorts Migrants over US Border

An American Catholic bishop staged a protect against immigration laws by personally escorting Central American migrants across the U.S. border on Thursday. Surrounded by media and activists, El Paso Bishop Mark Seitz slammed the government for their “inhumane” treatment of migrants coming into the United States illegally. Bishop Seitz is live now… Posted by Diocese […]

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