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Smart TVs Caught Sending Sensitive User Data To Facebook And Netflix

Just when social media companies were starting to modify their data collection practices to better respect user privacy, the next threat is coming from the Internet of Things (IoT). Smart TVs are becoming increasingly popular in the US. In some cases, users’ data were being sent to Netflix even though they didn’t have […]

US caught sleeping with ISIS in Yemen—again

…by Jonas E. Alexis If you think that the United States has already spent too much money supporting terrorist cells in Syria and elsewhere, then you ain’t seen nothing yet. I’ve got news for you: the United States, with its headquarters in Israel, is just getting started. Listen to this: “The USA supplies and sells […]

#Israel #Lebanon #SaudiArabia Israel Caught Using White Phosphorus On Lebanese Village & US Coalition Kills 100 In Prison Camp 9/1/2019

Blog of Staś Staś Source Article from Related Posts Joe Biden: ‘White People’ Can Never ‘Fully Understand’ Racism Democrat presidential candidate Joe Biden told a black church that “white people” who try to Blue and White is Right all over With 92% of the votes for the Israeli parliament counted, the picture is quite […]

4 Gazans caught crossing into Israel with grenade, knife as thousands protest

Israeli soldiers on Friday captured four Palestinians who crossed into Israel from the Gaza Strip armed with a grenade and a knife The four were arrested shortly after crossing the border and taken in for further questioning, the army said. The incident came shortly after an incendiary balloon launched from Gaza started a fire in […]

Children as young as four caught carrying knives at schools in the UK

   A four-year-old was among more than 1,000 children caught in possession of a blade at school last year, with one child threatening a teacher that they we re going to stab and kill them, according to Freedom of Information requests. Figures obtained from police through FOI requests by 5 News reveal that there were […]

Cow fatally struck by lightning caught on camera in Murrayville, Illinois

   A video sent to our newsroom is showing just how dangerous lightning can be. We want to warn you, this video may be disturbing. You’re looking at a pasture in Murrayville near Interstate 72. A cow walked in the field and got struck by lightning Tuesday morning. The cow was killed. Again, during thunderstorms, […]

Mercedes Caught Spying On Drivers With Tracking Devices, Sending Info To Bailiffs 

Mercedes has admitted to spying on drivers with covert tracking devices.  The company says are only activated in “extreme circumstances,” such as when finance customers have defaulted on payments – however the car company has also admitted to sharing data with third-party bailiffs and recovery firms for the purposes of repossession, according to The Sun. It is unclear […]

Mercedes caught ‘spying on drivers with secret tracking devices’

   Mercedes-Benz has found itself at the center of an apparently illegal spying operation, following reports that it installed tracking devices on thousands of vehicles and shared customer location data with third parties. According to the Sun, Mercedes-Benz fitted secret sensors to all new and used vehicles sold through its official dealers from as far […]

Huawei employees reportedly caught helping African governments spy on opposition

Well, the US now has yet another reported case of espionage-related misdeeds it can point to as additional proof of why the Huawei ban should remain in place. The Chinese consumer electronics giant is under scrutiny again, this time over a Wall Street Journal report that found some of its employees helped […]

Top Broadway Producer Caught With ‘Sickening’ Child Rape Porn

Ben Sprecher, the Broadway producer behind numerous big-budget musicals, was arrested Tuesday for downloading child-porn and collecting a sickening stash of child rape images and videos — as disgusted neighbors said he once went around collecting signatures to get faster Internet. Sprecher — who has produced everything from Broadway’s “Brighton Beach Memoirs’’ to “American Buffalo,’’ as […]

Drag Queen Caught Teaching Kids How to Twerk: ‘Move Your Bum Up and Down’

A male drag performer named “Mama G” has been caught teaching young children how to “twerk” in a library, issuing instructions such as “crouch down” and “move your bum up and down.” “Several parents have raised concerns over what they describe as an ‘inappropriate’ children’s entertainer who is appearing at a Devon [England] library,” DevonLive reported […]

Big Tech wants you DEAD: Amazon caught removing documentaries about how to stay healthy and prevent disease naturally

(Natural News) Ever since California Democrat Adam Schiff wrote a letter to Amazon’s Jeff Bezos back on March 1 demanding to know what he was planning to do about all of the “medically inaccurate” information on his site, the world’s largest online retailer has been actively scrubbing all sorts of books, videos, […]

Caught in the Strait. Britain’s Confrontation with Iran

It is clear that the United Kingdom could not have thought this through.  Was it a touch of the Suez jitters, the haunting syndrome of 1956 leaving a false impression that the Old Empire still had it?  To taunt a power already under the watchful and punitive eye of the United States was never a […]

2 Gazan boys caught after entering Israel with knife

Israeli forces captured two Palestinian boys who crossed the border fence between Israel and the Gaza Strip on Thursday. The army said the Palestinians, ages 11 and 15, were found carrying a knife. The two were taken in for questioning. Get The Times of Israel’s Daily Edition by email and never miss our top stories Free […]

Mother Teresa’s Order Has Been Caught Trafficking Babies In India

The Facts: A child care facility in India run by the Missionaries of Charity, part of the Roman Catholic Order and founded by Mother Teresa, has been caught trafficking babies for profit. Reflect On: This is not the first time child care facilities have been connected to immoral and unethical acts like the trafficking of […]

Waterspout tornado caught on camera on Lake of the Woods, Manitoba

   Environment and Climate Change Canada has confirmed video of a waterspout tornado on Lake of the Woods Wednesday. Just after 8 p.m. on Wednesday on Hare Island, Sean and his son witnessed a waterspout tornado. Video was sent to Global News and was confirmed by ECCC. There were strong storms in the area at […]

Google caught in yet another blatant lie, claims it doesn’t blacklist websites from its search results

(Natural News) In predictable fashion, one of the world’s largest tech platforms and most profitable Internet advertising companies continues to have a problem with honesty when it comes to questions over its manipulation of search data. And ordinarily, while lying about such a thing wouldn’t necessarily be a problem for the company, […]

Three Iranians Caught Smuggling "Many Tons" Of Nuke-Related Material Out Of US

A major case involving three Iranian citizens who for years allegedly smuggled nuclear related materials into Iran from a US broker has been revealed this week in a New York federal court.  The scheme involved illegally exporting “many tons” of carbon fiber out of the United States between 2008 and 2013, which federal prosecutors say violated existing […]

Thieving Cop Caught on Her Own Body Cam Robbing Murder Victim of $500

July 14, 2019 By Jack Burns Atlanta, GA  — Adding insult to deadly injuries, an Atlanta police officer was caught stealing from a murder victim. Atlanta Police Department (APD) fired Officer Keisha Richburg this week after her own body camera footage was the only evidence APD needed to catch her stealing $500 out of the […]

‘Sad sight’, ‘disgrace’ to see French minister caught throwing lavish parties on taxpayer money

Ecology Minister Francois de Rugy often campaigns for government transparency and has criticized other politicians involved in financial scandals. He got a taste of his own medicine earlier this week when investigative website Mediapart alleged that he hosted more than 10 luxurious dinner parties in which the guests enjoyed lobster, as well as fine wine and […]

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