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One Bad Apple? Over 1,000 Cops Caught Illegally Accessing Police Database to Stalk Citizens

By Jack Burns California — In what police accountability activists are claiming is not an isolated incident, more than 1,000 law enforcement officers accessed the California background check database for personal reasons. The Sacramento Bee (SacBee) reported the criminal background searches have absolutely nothing to do with the work the police officers do. Instead, the […]

Kraft Heinz, Unilever caught advertising on pornography website that promotes sexual violence and other perversions

(Natural News) Food giant Kraft Heinz has become the center of a new controversy over the company’s shocking decision to advertise its products on a pornography website that features themes of racism, incest, violence against women, and sex trafficking. As part of the brand’s “Super Bowl activation,” DEVOUR, a frozen food brand […]

Caught on Video: Hong Kong Protester Shot by Police in Chest as Chaos Erupts Across City

(ZH) — Hong Kong police opened fire and hit at least one protester on Monday, the SCMP reported, as chaos erupted across the city a day after officers fired tear gas to break up demonstrations that are entering their sixth month. Police fired live rounds at protesters on the eastern side of Hong Kong island, […]

Danske Bank Caught Using Gold Bullion to Launder Illicit Funds

By Jamie Redman The Danish financial institution Danske Bank has been embroiled in a massive money-laundering scandal associated with an Estonian branch that allegedly laundered $223 billion in an eight-year period. According to documents uncovered this week stemming from 2012, Danske Bank’s Estonian branch let a select group of clients from Russia convert their money […]

ABC anchor caught on mic saying network quashed Epstein story

In a leaked hot mic video, ABC’s Amy Robach says that network executives blocked her report on pedophile Jeffrey Epstein. She says she had “everything” three years ago – info on Clinton, Prince Andrew, Alan Dershowitz… Epstein, according to a former top Israeli intelligence official, worked with Israeli intelligence. By If Americans Knew from reports In a […]

#TheStory #FoxNews Anchor caught on hot mic claiming ABC spiked Epstein bombshell

Source Article from Related Posts Lawsuit Filed To Obtain Epstein Grand Jury Records A South Florida newspaper is demanding grand jury records from wealthy sex offender Jeffrey Epstein’s Jeffrey Epstein’s guards could face criminal charges, source says Email Us For general inquiries and advertising, email: Admin (at) Article Jail guards […]

Illegal Immigrants Caught Staging Hoax Robbery To Avoid Deportation From The US

Illegal immigrants at a Seattle-area restaurant claim they were hog-tied, robbed and sexually assaulted last month during a robbery at the restaurant by two armed men.  However, after a police investigation it was determined that the entire episode was a hoax by the illegals to obtain a ‘U Visa’ — a program that protects victims […]

PG&E Sued By Insurance Companies When “Smart” Meters Caught Fire on California Homes

By B.N. Frank Many people are aware that California utility company PG&E is being held accountable for playing a significant role in the state’s devastating wildfires. What many may not know is that insurance companies have taken legal action against PG&E after their “Smart” Meters caught fire on California homes. […]

Bong-smoking "throuple" Democrat Katie Hill resigns after caught in highly inappropriate lesbian relationship with her own staffer

(Natural News) In November 2018, Katie Hill become the first Democrat to win an Orange County, Calif., congressional district in 26 years. A little less than a year later, she’s resigning in disgrace. A rising star in her party, Hill, who was openly bisexual, was the No. 2 Democrat on the House […]

Woman caught on camera STRIPPING in street during stand-off with taxi driver

The woman was arrested for public nuisance after dramatically tearing off her garments on the city-state’s Middle Road. The unidentified 31-year-old was arrested following the early morning incident during which she was seen striking the driver.  Censored footage of the incident was posted to the Facebook page where it has been viewed nearly 150,000 […]

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo Caught Dropping N-Word In Radio Interview

Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D-NY) dropped the N-word during a live radio interview in which he discussed discrimination faced by Italian Americans. “The Times also said in an article the other day, apropos of nothing, they were talking about it,” Cuomo told WAMC in reference to the Time’s op-ed titled “How Italians Became White.” “Going back to […]

Yes, the deep state is real… and it’s watching you: FBI caught running 3.1 million covert searches of U.S. citizens in latest abuse of power

(Natural News) We were hoping that President Donald Trump’s promise to “drain the swamp” would involve the firing (or indictment and conviction) of rogue members of the deep state who couldn’t care less about the Constitution and run their agencies like their own unaccountable fiefdoms. So far, the president has managed to […]

Chuck Todd Caught Bragging About Suppressing News From NBC Viewers

Meet the Press moderator Chuck Todd has been caught bragging about suppressing news and keeping NBC viewers in the dark about potential Democrat corruption. Just when you thought Todd’s journalistic reputation could not sink any lower, he went on the air to brag about how he has decided to hide news from his viewers, as though […]

The FBI And NSA Caught Spying On American Citizens ILLEGALLY AGAIN!

October 12, 2019 By Jason Bermas The news isn’t necessarily that they got caught; it’s that even a secret court has told them that it’s illegal. The fact is that these surveillance systems pre-date 9/11 and every major telecom company has special servers for federal access. Jason Bermas covers the many violations of our privacy […]

Caught: Trump Lying in Attempts to Derail Whistleblower Filing, Adjudged Correct and Proper

Trump’s fake tweets, Graham’s lies debunked by Inspector General who confirms Trump’s guilt Source Article from Related Posts What a joke: Adam Schiff claims he doesn’t know the name of the “Ukraine whistleblower” his office COACHED to lie (Natural News) Someday perhaps we will know and understand why House Speaker ABC […]

Never forget Cameraman caught in aftermath of Twin Towers collapse on 9/11

Source Article from Related Posts This Map Shows the Cities Where 5G Cell Towers Are Being Rolled Out by Isabelle Z.Ultra-high speed 5G is being rolled out all across the country, despite serious Hundreds of Bees Dying Near 5G Cell Towers in California     HUNDREDS OF BEES ARE DROPPING DEAD AROUND 5G CELL […]

WATCH: Cop Caught on Video Punching Man in Head 12 Times Indicted on Federal Crimes

A federal grand jury has indicted a Camden County police officer who was caught on video punching a man 12 times in the head after stopping him on a Camden street in February. The U.S. Attorney’s Office announced Friday that a grand jury found evidence that Officer Nicholas Romantino, 25, of Egg Harbor Township, violated […]

‘They got caught!’ Trump reacts to report that whistleblowers exempted from need to have firsthand info as part of ‘RECENT’ guidelines update

   US President Donald Trump has cried foul after reports suggested a whistleblower complaint form, which allows second-hand information to be submitted, is the result of a recent revision of intelligence community guidelines. “WOW, they got caught. End the Witch Hunt now!” the US President wrote on Saturday evening, tweeting a link to the Federalist […]

Belgian F-16 Pilot Ejects Before Fiery Crash, Gets Caught In High Voltage Power Lines

A Belgian F-16 fighter jet crashed in Northwestern France on Thursday, leaving one of its pilots hanging by his parachute from high voltage electricity lines, according to the BBC.  Both pilots had minor injuries after they ejected from the plane, which clipped the roof of a house and crashed in a field near Pluvinger. The pilot stuck […]

Smart TVs Caught Sending Sensitive User Data To Facebook And Netflix

Just when social media companies were starting to modify their data collection practices to better respect user privacy, the next threat is coming from the Internet of Things (IoT). Smart TVs are becoming increasingly popular in the US. In some cases, users’ data were being sent to Netflix even though they didn’t have […]

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