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Bernie Sanders Field Organizer caught on tape revealing plans to mass execute liberals and throw American citizens into GULAGS run by left-wing communists… or BURN DOWN cities if Trump wins

(Natural News) Project Veritas strikes again. Today, James O’Keefe’s organization has released another bombshell undercover video featuring a Bernie Sanders campaign field organizer revealing plans to carry out mass executions of both liberals and conservatives if Sanders wins the 2020 election, thrusting actual communists into power in America. Communists revolutions throughout world […]

Syrian Rebels Caught on Film Getting Transferred to Libya on Commercial Plane

(ZH) — Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has continued warning that terrorist groups as well as a ‘flood of refugees’ will show up on Europe’s shores if the Tripoli government were to fall to renegade General Khalifa Haftar, amid his continued offensive to control the Libyan capital. Erdogan’s statement came a day before he heads to Berlin for a major peace […]

45-Year-Old Man Caught With Child Pornography Says He Identifies as an 8-Year-Old Girl

A 45-year-old man caught with child pornography had a novel defense in court; he claimed he identified as an 8-year-old girl. Facing up to 20 years in prison, Joseph Gobrick told a judge in Michigan that he had a First Amendment right to view child porn on his computer and that he […]

Delta airplane caught "chemtrailing" schoolchildren with fuel during emergency landing at LAX

(Natural News) In a bizarre and highly disturbing incident that took place in the sunny skies above Southern California, a Delta Air Lines flight headed towards Shanghai, China, blasted an elementary schoolyard with fuel during an emergency U-turn landing back at LAX (Los Angeles International Airport), giving a whole new meaning to […]

After Getting Caught in Massive ‘Four Embassy’ Lie, Trump Says It Doesn’t Matter

(ANTIWAR.COM) — President Trump’s claim Gen. Qassem Soleimani was going to attack four embassies was immediately suspect, both because of the absence of evidence offered with it, and its odd specificity. It sounded made up. It was. Trump’s accusation is rapidly falling apart, with Defense Secretary Mark Esper conceding that there simply was no evidence behind […]

Iraq is caught in the middle as Iran and US trade blows

BAGHDAD — For months, Iraqis have watched with deepening anxiety as tensions between Iran-backed militias and US forces soared, fearing their long-beleaguered country would turn into a battleground for direct and open conflict between America and Iran. Those fears were realized in the past week when a US airstrike killed top Iranian military commander, Gen. […]

‘Pedophile dad caught with scores of clips of babies being raped’ is freed from jail

   A suspected pedophile father caught with over 1,000 child abuse videos including clips of babies in diapers being raped has been freed on bail. Trevor Fraley, 24, posted $500,000 bond Monday, despite sheriff Richard Jones, from Butler County in Ohio branding the child sex abuse material ‘the most terrible thing I have ever seen.’ […]

Illegal Alien Caught Selling Baby For $2K – Media Refer To Her As ‘Kentucky Mom’

A woman accused of selling her baby for $2,000, described by the national media as a “Kentucky woman” and a “Kentucky mom,” is actually an illegal alien from Guatemala, according to new reports. Maria Domingo-Perez, a 31-year-old mother of five children, was arrested in Warren County, Kentucky after she allegedly sold her baby to 37-year-old Catarina Jose Felipe […]

LAPD Cop’s Own Body Camera Caught Him Fondling a Dead Woman’s Breasts

(TMU) — A veteran Los Angeles police officer is facing an investigation after footage from his body-worn camera appeared to show him groping a recently deceased woman’s breasts. The officer and his partner, also male, had responded to a call about a possible dead body in a residential unit, reports the […]

Three 12-Year-Old Boys Caught Deliberately Setting Fires in Australia

(TMU) — In what has been called the “most challenging bushfire season ever,” a shocking five million acres of Australia’s land has been ravaged by more than 7,000 fires since July. A total of six people have died in the fires that have destroyed 673 homes and around 1400 other structures and rendered koalas “functionally […]

NO JAIL for Police Chief Caught Stealing 3,000 Bags of Heroin from Evidence Room

by Matt Agorist Elizabeth, PA — In the land of the free, there are two sets of justice systems — one for all those connected to that system, and one for everyone else. Time after time, we’ve seen police officers and politicians alike accused of terrible crimes and they escape with little to no jail. […]

Jewish Rothschilds got caught in Switzerland—again

Jewish Rothschilds got caught in Switzerland—again   By Jonas E. Alexis – July 24, 2018 …by Jonas E. Alexis The Rothschilds can never stop getting caught with their pants down. The only way they will stop their covert activities is if the authorities start putting them behind bars. It has recently been reported that   […]

Rioters caught shooting at people in Iran’s Khuzestan province

Tasnim – Rioters were filmed shooting at people and security forces in Iran’s southwestern province of Khuzestan following peaceful protests over price hikes in the past few days. A video footage was released by Iranian State TV showing at least four rioters targeting peaceful protesters, passersby and police forces who were providing security for people […]

One Bad Apple? Over 1,000 Cops Caught Illegally Accessing Police Database to Stalk Citizens

By Jack Burns California — In what police accountability activists are claiming is not an isolated incident, more than 1,000 law enforcement officers accessed the California background check database for personal reasons. The Sacramento Bee (SacBee) reported the criminal background searches have absolutely nothing to do with the work the police officers do. Instead, the […]

Kraft Heinz, Unilever caught advertising on pornography website that promotes sexual violence and other perversions

(Natural News) Food giant Kraft Heinz has become the center of a new controversy over the company’s shocking decision to advertise its products on a pornography website that features themes of racism, incest, violence against women, and sex trafficking. As part of the brand’s “Super Bowl activation,” DEVOUR, a frozen food brand […]

Caught on Video: Hong Kong Protester Shot by Police in Chest as Chaos Erupts Across City

(ZH) — Hong Kong police opened fire and hit at least one protester on Monday, the SCMP reported, as chaos erupted across the city a day after officers fired tear gas to break up demonstrations that are entering their sixth month. Police fired live rounds at protesters on the eastern side of Hong Kong island, […]

Danske Bank Caught Using Gold Bullion to Launder Illicit Funds

By Jamie Redman The Danish financial institution Danske Bank has been embroiled in a massive money-laundering scandal associated with an Estonian branch that allegedly laundered $223 billion in an eight-year period. According to documents uncovered this week stemming from 2012, Danske Bank’s Estonian branch let a select group of clients from Russia convert their money […]

ABC anchor caught on mic saying network quashed Epstein story

In a leaked hot mic video, ABC’s Amy Robach says that network executives blocked her report on pedophile Jeffrey Epstein. She says she had “everything” three years ago – info on Clinton, Prince Andrew, Alan Dershowitz… Epstein, according to a former top Israeli intelligence official, worked with Israeli intelligence. By If Americans Knew from reports In a […]

#TheStory #FoxNews Anchor caught on hot mic claiming ABC spiked Epstein bombshell

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Illegal Immigrants Caught Staging Hoax Robbery To Avoid Deportation From The US

Illegal immigrants at a Seattle-area restaurant claim they were hog-tied, robbed and sexually assaulted last month during a robbery at the restaurant by two armed men.  However, after a police investigation it was determined that the entire episode was a hoax by the illegals to obtain a ‘U Visa’ — a program that protects victims […]

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