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NBA Star J.R. Smith Caught a Rioter Vandalizing His Car: ‘He Broke My Window So I Whooped His A**’

When NBA star J.R. Smith caught a protester vandalizing his truck and smashing its windows during a riot in Los Angeles over the weekend, he decided to take matters into this own hands. The 34-year-old former Cleveland Cavaliers player was filmed kicking a person on the street crumpled on the ground with protesters carrying posters […]

Gov. Tim Walz, Ilhan Omar’s Daughters Caught Sending Intel to Rioters, Mayor de Blasio’s Daughter Arrested at Riot

We knew from recent violent incidents that it’s highly likely the groups behind the riots are domestic terrorists, revolutionary communists, US based radical Islamist organizations and others related to the Democrat Party.  Now we have more evidence this is the case. New York City’s Marxist Mayor Bill de Blasio’s daughter was arrested at a Manhattan protest […]

At Least 11 Local News Stations Caught Airing The Exact Same Amazon Propaganda Segment

John Vibes, Truth Theory Waking Times At least 11 local news stations in the United States were caught airing the same scripted segment about Amazon, and their role during the COVID-19 pandemic. The segment played like a commercial for Amazon, even touting the company’s ability to “keep its employees safe and healthy,” during this difficult time, […]

Amazon, Google and Microsoft caught providing services to BLACKLISTED Chinese firms

(Natural News) According to a new report, tech giants Amazon, Google and Microsoft have been caught providing tech services to several Chinese firms that were added to a U.S. blacklist last year. According to ZeroHedge, the report came out just hours after plans were announced to blacklist more than 30 more Chinese firms over their […]

Father Caught His 2-Year-Old Son Playing Fetch With His Neighbor’s Dog and the Video Is Going Viral

The boy knows that he has another playmate in the yard.. Dogs are man’s best friend, they are not only loyal but also provide unconditional love, even if you are not their owner. In Minneapolis–Saint Paul, Wisconsin, a man named Chad Nelson works for Kare 11 as a photo journalist. He lives with his family and […]

Gov. Whitmer’s Husband Caught Planning Boat Party While She Orders Michigan To Stay At Home

Democrat Gov. Gretchen Whitmer told Michigan residents to cancel non-essential travel and stay-at-home to observe strict lockdown rules, but it seems those rules don’t apply to her own family. A Michigan dock company says Gov. Whitmer’s husband asked to have his boat placed in the water off their second home for the Memorial Day weekend […]

In 2009, 60 million Americans caught “SWINE FLU” and 12,500 died, but no travel ban, no lockdowns, and no one blamed Obama

(Natural News) Don’t even start to try to downplay the Swine Flu pandemic now, just because there’s a new fear trending in America. The CDC themselves are still putting out warnings about H1N1pdm09 flu virus circulating “seasonally” in the United States, causing “significant illnesses, hospitalizations, and deaths.” Oh yes, they are, but […]

Michigan Nursing Home Patient Beaten In Brutal Attack Caught On Video

A shocking video showing a 75-year-old nursing home patient in Michigan being viciously beaten prompted President Trump to express his shock, asking, “Is this even possible to believe?” “Can this be real? Where is this nursing home, how is the victim doing?” the president said on Twitter. The brutal beatdown took place at the Westwood Nursing […]

CNN Reporter Caught Removing Mask When She Thought The Camera’s Were Off

No one is safe. No one is immune. No one gets spared the anguish, fear and heartache of living under the shadow of an authoritarian police state. That’s the message being broadcast 24/7 with every new piece of government propaganda, every new law that criminalizes otherwise lawful activity, every new policeman on the beat, every […]

Wall Street Caught Short Again As "Money Printer Go BRRRRRR To 11"

With US stocks soaring to start the week on the combination of Powell’s 60 Minutes affirmation that the Fed’s money printer go BRRRRR to 11 (as Nomura’s Charlie McElligott poetically puts it) coupled with favorable news of a coronavirus vaccine trial by Moderna (which saw favorable results in a group of 8 “young and healthy” […]

Trump is caught in a Catch 22?

Staś Scenario #1: If Trump sends the country back to work they will die in greater numbers the JMSM destroy Trump. Scenario #2:The JMSM  will blame Trump for the destruction of the economy if he doesn’t get the country back to work. Scenario #3 The Trump supporters have had enough. and don’t give a shit. […]

Rep Ilhan Omar’s Daughter Caught Calling American Soldiers ‘B*tches’: They Are ‘Killing Innocent Children’

Rep. Ilhan Omar’s daughter declared during a video livesteam that American soldiers are “bitches” who are “furthering American imperialism” and “actively killing innocent children abroad.” Omar’s 17-year-old daughter Isra Hirsi made the comments during a TikTok live video captured by conservative activist CJ Pearson. “I know this is a joke, but the fact that these […]

Attorney: Barack Obama Caught Red Handed Trying to Frame Flynn

Top officials within the Obama administration, including Barack Obama himself, conspired to frame former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn, according to Flynn’s attorney Sidney Powell. Powell appeared Sunday on the Fox News program “Sunday Morning Futures” with host Maria Bartiromo. Flynn had originally pleaded guilty to lying to the FBI, but later decided to fight […]

Ahmaud Arbery Was Not Jogging, He Was In Fact Committing Crimes And This Was Caught On Camera (Video)

Ahmaud Arbery was not jogging and had committed multiple crimes, according to newly released footage, 911 audio and eyewitness testimony. Video by Mr Obvious Just out for a jog — Liberty Hangout (@LibertyHangout) May 10, 2020 Comments Source Article from Hits: 8

Beta Male Dr. Doom Neil Ferguson Resigns After Getting Caught Breaking Quarantine to Have Sex with Fat Old Married Woman

Britain’s Dr. Doom Neil Ferguson, ostensibly the man behind the lockdown, who claimed that 2.2 million people would die in America due to “overwhelmed hospitals” if we didn’t shut the entire country down, has resigned after breaking his own quarantine to have sex with a dirty old woman. A lot of men […]

Caught the Coronavirus Blues? Research Shows that Music Medicine is a Powerful Antidote

May 7th, 2020 By John Stuart Reid Guest Writer for Wake Up World English acoustic-physics pioneer, John Stuart Reid, explains how Music Medicine can banish the blues (and fear) associated with the corona virus, while boosting our immune system to help vanquish any pathogen. It’s natural to have low spirits (the blues) and to feel […]

Democrat Gov. Pritzker’s Wife and Kids Caught Visiting Florida While He Orders Illinois To Stay-at-Home

Democrat Gov. J. B. Pritzker told Illinois residents to cancel non-essential travel and stay-at-home to observe strict lockdown rules, but it seems those rules don’t apply to his own family. Illinois Gov. Pritzker’s wife and children recently took a trip to Florida, flouting the state stay-at-home orders to visit the Sunshine State. When confronted by […]

Accused Rapist Released From Jail By Gov. Cuomo Due To Covid-19 Fears Caught Raping Woman Days Later

An accused rapist released from Riker’s Island in New York City to protect him from the coronavirus has been arrested for allegedly raping a woman in Brooklyn just days later his release. Robert Pondexter had been detained in jail on rape charges when he was released after Democrat Gov. Andrew Cuomo ordered state prisons to […]

The S&P Is Caught In A Gamma Trap, Preventing Turmoil From Record High Valuations

Over the past three days, despite a barrage of negative news about the global economy and crushed hopes about Gilead’s Remdesivir treatment which according to the FT was a “flop”, stocks have been stuck in a tight range around the 2,800 S&P level, and there is a specific reason for that. As Nomura’s Charlie McElligott […]

NYC Felon Released From Prison By Gov. Cuomo Due To Covid-19 Fears Caught Robbing Elderly Disabled Man

A New York City man who was released from prison due to coronavirus fears has been caught on camera breaking a disabled man’s arm in the street during a robbery. Video footage shows the convicted felon violently wrestle $80 from the 62-year-old victim’s hand, causing the injury. Here’s what the radical left’s “compassionate” push for […]

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