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Flash floods cause major damages in Neuchâtel, Switzerland

Flash flooding caused major damage in Val-de-Ruz district of Neuchâtel Canton in western Switzerland from 21 June, 2019.    The villages of Villiers and Dombresson were the worst hit, with some areas under flood water 1 metre deep. Photos of the floods showed cars dragged along roads that had been ripped up by flood water. […]

Statins Found to Cause ALS, a Fatal Nervous System Disorder

by Isabelle Z. Many people take statins with the aim of improving their health, but these drugs come with so many side effects that they’re often not worth taking.  Long under fire for their lack of results and their role in raising the risk of diabetes, yet another reason has emerged for avoiding these drugs: […]

Will A False-Flag Iran War Cause A Financial Crisis?

Authored by John Rubino via, Just a couple of weeks ago the financial world’s biggest worry was the plunging price of oil. Supply was up, stockpiles were building and speculation was pointing towards $40 a barrel, a price at which the fracking/shale oil “miracle” would evaporate. A trillion dollars of related junk debt would […]

ARKANCIDE: Whenever a Clinton ‘associate’ dies from an unknown cause

    Tony Rodham, Hillary Clinton’s brother, has died BY CAROLINE LINTON CBS News Tony Rodham, the youngest brother of Hillary Clinton, has died, Clinton tweeted on Saturday. Clinton said he died Friday night, but no cause of death was released. “It’s hard to find words, my mind is flooded with memories of him today,” Clinton tweeted. […]

Will Driverless Cars Cause DNA Damage and Cancer?

Driverless cars are seen as the next big market potential for the automotive industry. But before we get too excited about these driverless cars, we need to carefully consider the many levels of health risks involved with this technology, as well as the loss of privacy. Vehicle crashes and fatalities are minor concerns compared to potential […]

Cholesterol Does Not Cause Heart Disease

June 6th, 2019 By Dr. Joseph Mercola Contributing writer for Wake Up World Originally published at and reproduced here with permission. Cholesterol is a waxy substance found in nearly every cell of your body, vital for optimal functioning. For instance, your body uses cholesterol in the construction of cell membranes and in regulating protein pathways required […]

97% of Scientists Don’t Agree On The Cause of Climate Change, But They Do Agree On Some Things

The Facts: The notion that the planet is warming at an alarming rate due to an increase in man-made CO2 emissions is not nearly as proven by real science as the politicians, lobbyists, and activists would have you believe. Reflect On: Can we recognize the patterns used in consensus-building and perception-building of global issues to […]

Healing Addictions, Solutions at the Spiritual Root Cause (Part 3 of 11)

Healing Addictions, Solutions at the Spiritual Root Cause (Part 3 of 11) is written by Steve Robertson and authorized by Gordon Duff, Sr. Editor. This article, “Healing Addictions, Solutions at the Spiritual Root Cause”, will attempt to deep dive into the root causes of addictions and then offer spiritually empowering solutions from which one can […]

Chemicals in California Tap Water Predicted to Cause Over 15,000 Cases of Cancer, New Study Shows

Uranium. Radium. Arsenic. These chemicals are known to cause cancer. Now, thanks to a shocking study from the Environmental Working Group (EWG), we now know that these and other harmful contaminants are found in California’s public tap water. The study was just published in the latest edition of the peer-reviewed journal Environmental Health. EWG’s findings […]

Bahrain: Sole aim in hosting US peace confab is to back Palestinian cause

Bahrain on Tuesday defended its hosting of a conference next month, during which the Trump administration will roll out the first phase of its peace plan, after the Palestinians signaled they would stay away from the event. Khalid bin Ahmed Al Khalifa, the Gulf kingdom’s foreign minister, denied there was any hidden motive behind the […]

Quack scientists now claim cancer is caused solely by bad luck, not cause and effect; confirms lunatic belief in "spontaneous disease"

(Natural News) No one would argue that getting cancer is a stroke of bad luck — but is that really the only cause? Researchers from Johns Hopkins Kimmel Cancer Center have recently claimed that errors in DNA copying occur “at random.” The team alleges that despite the long-standing belief that cancer is […]

Update: Mother Enraged As Cause Of Baby’s Death 36 Hours After Vaccination Ruled ‘Undetermined’

The Facts: A document published by Wikileaks clearly implies that the United States had a “secret” base on the Moon that was destroyed by Russia. It’s one of many interesting documents that suggest strange things are and have been happening on the Moon. Reflect On: Is our world really as it’s been presented? There are […]

The Hidden Cause Of Brain Fog & How To Heal From It

The Facts: One of the greatest health-hacks has to do with which foods we eat together. Combining proteins and carbohydrates (starches or fruit) causes neutralization of digestive enzymes. This causes symptoms such as bloating, gas, heartburn, and more. Reflect On: Sadly, protein and starchy carbohydrates make up much of the world’s diet. It seems we […]

Could a Root Canal Be the Cause of Your Chronic Health Problem?

Dr. Mercola, Guest Waking Times Root canal treated teeth may harbor harmful microbes, the toxic metabolic waste products of which can have systemic health impacts and contribute to a variety of chronic diseases. The Netflix documentary “Root Cause” investigates these issues, interviewing doctors and dentists around the world, including yours truly (although briefly), who believe […]

Why Heart Disease is the Leading Cause of Death – and How to Avoid It

Makia Freeman, Contributor Waking Times Heart disease is not just the leading cause of death in the USA, but also in the whole world. It’s not just the leading cause of death for men, but also for women. Heart disease is not just one disease. It’s a whole group of diseases which affect the circulatory system and […]

UPDATE: Israeli Digs Cause Landslides in Silwan

Underground excavations executed in recent months, by Israeli authorities and settler organizations in the occupied Jerusalem neighborhood of Silwan, have caused landslides in the area, as it came under heavy rain during the past few days, according to Wadi Hilweh Information Center. The Center said, according to WAFA, […]

FDA admits popular medications can cause life-threatening breathing problems in kids

(Natural News) The United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has cautioned against the administration of medications containing codeine and tramadol, saying in an official statement that these opiod drugs can cause “life-threatening breathing problems,” particularly in children below the age of 12. “Some children and adults break down codeine and tramadol […]

Sen. Lindsey Graham: Trump’s Antiwar Stance Will Cause ‘Second 9/11’

Sen. Lindsey Graham has warned that President Trump’s antiwar stance risks America suffering “a second 9/11.” As Neocons and Democrats expressed their disdain over Trump’s decision to pull troops out of Afghanistan, Graham also made his desire for endless wars clear in a series of tweets. reports:  “I have just returned from Afghanistan and can say […]

israeli Apartheid Viciousness the Root Cause of Violence

Israeli Apartheid Viciousness the Root Cause of Violence by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman) Time and again, Israeli soldiers, police, or other security forces assault, wound or kill Palestinians with impunity. At times, incidents like December West Bank shootings and similar violence are state-sponsored Israeli provocations for preemptive war on Gaza, earlier […]

Flash floods cause havoc in Melbourne, Australia

     Flash floods have caused havoc for some in Melbourne on Saturday afternoon, with flash flooding turning backyards, suburban streets and ponds into gushing rivers. A Christmas party at a Pakenham housing estate in the city’s outer southeast was called off Saturday afternoon when heavy rainfall halted celebrations. Organiser Samantha Thorpe said a little pond […]

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