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Member Circle: Glass Ceiling | Nov 2019

How much of what we see on the television screens is actually real? How many narratives peddled by the establishment can be exposed as fabricated after being examined with objectivist logic? Currently, damaging bush fires are raging across most of Australia, while recent ‘news’ trends are filled with PR hyperbole, distorted information and falsified stories […]

Disney’s “Little Mermaid” Began Raising the Ceiling on Social Boundaries Health Editor’s Note: We took our kids to see The Little Mermaid and while enjoying the music, characters, color,  they were able to see that someone was not comfortable with being who she was supposed to be, a mermaid who lived only in the sea. She wanted to have a life on land.  Over […]

The Debt-Ceiling Impasse Has Meant Mini-QE Since May – Will Mean QT When Resolved

Authored by Bryce Coward via Knowledge Leaders Capital blog, When the US government gets near its statutory debt limit, congress must lift the debt limit in order for the Treasury to continue to issue debt to pay for government expenses. Simple enough. However, even after the debt limit is reached, the Treasury can use “extraordinary […]

Federal Debt Ceiling Reached as Federal Spending Rages

July 16, 2019 By Clint Siegner The federal government will soon run up against its self-imposed borrowing cap once again. Current estimates are for the government to max out its credit limit at a little over $22 trillion in early September. Congress goes on recess in August, so there is some pressure to address the […]

Hello cussstomer service: Huge python plunges through bank ceiling, terrifies staff

     A Chinese bank had an unexpected – and horrifying – deposit on Friday morning when a huge 1.5-meter python decided to quite literally drop in as clerks held a staff meeting. Staff at the bank in south China’s Nanning City were standing together in a circle when the massive snake crashed right through the […]

Ssstrange customer: Huge python plunges through bank ceiling, terrifies staff (VIDEO)

Staff at the bank in south China’s Nanning City were standing together in a circle when the massive snake crashed right through the ceiling and landed among them, only narrowly avoiding taking down a clerk in the process. In the disturbing CCTV footage, terrified staff members can be seen fleeing the bizarre scene as the […]

Post-op patient disappears from bed, found dead two weeks later in hospital ceiling by renovation crew

     “All we wanted was for him to get help.” These are the words of a Kayamandi family in Stellenbosch, who say mystery surrounds the discovery of their 61-year-old relative’s body in a ceiling of an isolated area of the Stellenbosch Hospital. He had undergone surgery. Father of six, Teteteke Gqotsi, was found 13 days […]

Dead cow hanging from ceiling draws outrage at Aussie pizzeria

Vegan activists strip off for ‘bloody’ London protest (VIDEO) The Friesian-Hereford cow is hanging from the ceiling of Etica restaurant in Adelaide in order to call attention to the industrialization of the farming industry, according to owners Federico and Melissa Pisanelli. “It’s talking about how the industry has become industrialized, and how it’s moving in […]

Congress Exploits Hurricane to Raise Debt Ceiling

Congress Exploits Hurricane to Raise Debt Ceiling By rp_admin White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel famously counseled politicians to never let a crisis go to waste. Sadly, this week President Trump and congressional leaders of both parties showed that they have taken this advice to heart when they attached a debt ceiling increase and […]

Trump Signs $15 Billion Harvey Relief Bill, Raises Debt Ceiling

President Trump on Friday signed a $15 billion Hurricane Harvey relief bill that includes a short-term suspension of the debt ceiling and funding to keep the government running for the next three months. Earlier Friday, the package passed in the House of Repreentatives by a 316-90 vote, with all opposing votes coming from Republicans. Congress […]

Looking for deliberate radio signals from KIC 8462852

“We either caught something shortly after an event like two planets crashing together or alien intelligence,” said Dr. Gerald Harp, senior scientist at the SETI Institute in Mountain View, California, referring to the baffling … Source Article from Hits: 4

Cop Harasses Disabled Veteran for Legally Parking in Handicap Spot

Isaah James had all of his documents to prove that he was disabled and he had his handicap placard clearly visible on the dash of his car. He never expected that a cop would waddle over to him and begin harassing him. James is a 28 year-old Veteran of […]

The Trap of Debt Economics

24th October 2015 By Alan Adaschik Guest Writer for Wake Up World Money is a medium of exchange and the study of its use is called economics. In days gone by bartering was the order of the day. If you had corn and wanted wheat, and I had wheat and wanted corn, we would decide […]

How The Released TPP Agreement Will Affect You

As the details in the TPP agreement become known, the worries mount. The BATR RealPolitik Newsletter October 8, 2015 edition, TPP Deceitful Deal is Done, has a number of significant articles on the TPP agreement and links to the recently released sections of the document. ~ James Hall Finally, the opportunity to examine the particulars […]

Senate Attempt To Block Debt Ceiling Increase Fails: Debt Target Is Now $15.2 Trillion, Or Over 100% Of GDP

Zero Hedge Sept 9, 2011 Earlier today we observed that absent immediate action by the House and Senate to enact the critical $500 billion debt ceiling expansion, the US would run out of Keynesian dry powder as soon as Monday. There is no longer a need to worry. According to the Hill, an attempt to […]

Peter Schiff says no ceiling for gold prices

Peter Schiff says gold is more than just another precious metal. According to the president of Euro Pacific Capital, gold is a thermometer for the economy. And with gold prices at a high of $1851 an ounce, the economy isn’t getting any healthier. “Gold going up every day is saying that the economy is sick. […]

Lost in the Debt Ceiling Debate: The Legal Duty to Create Jobs

by Jeanne Mirer and Marjorie Cohn,   The debate about the debt ceiling should have been a conversation about how to create jobs. It is time for progressives to remind the government that it has a legal duty to create jobs, and must act immediately – if not through Congress, then through the Federal […]

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