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Top 9 Famous Celebrity Car Enthusiasts – 2020 Guide

We all know how celebrities enjoy luxury. Most of them have amazing houses, private resorts, planes, and vehicles. Some celebrities are trying to express their uniqueness by creating collections of various stuff like paintings, items, or vehicles. There are many popular actresses, singers, dancers, producers, and many others, that are known for having an impressive […]

Even during a pandemic, ‘key workers’ of UK press are giggling celebrity fanboys and fangirls

Tough times have a way of revealing true colors, and this pandemic has done exactly that for the British press. The government afforded them key-worker status, meaning they were free to break the lockdown and go about their business. Others in the same category include the likes of medics, teachers, food producers and public transport […]

Covid-19 is the slow death of celebrity: As fame’s brilliance fades, we can see the real heroes clearly

I once had lunch with Charlton Heston at the Hyde Park Hotel in London. We agreed with American historian Daniel Boorstin’s insight that there are few real heroes in the world today. Celebrity is a corrosive condition for the soul. I have tried to restrain its inroads on me, but there are odd corners of […]

Top 10 Celebrity Business Women In India

India is a land of diversity in every area. It is the country of great political leaders, scientists, businessmen, actors, painters and many more. India has a powerful history of business and trading for thousands of years. The kings and emperors were trading with many countries of the world in a variety of items. Indian […]

‘Jackass’Celebrity Clap Margera Detained Found at D.G. Airport

‘Jackass’Celebrity Clap Margera Detained Found at D.G. Airport Taking part in games presents individuals leisure. They will each bought distinct amazing things; throughout their moment any rulers procured got this eliminating in all macho children and teenagers and as such on. Nonetheless repeatedly which contradicts the expression ‘ brethren’that provides previously turn into described. […]

‘Jackass’Celebrity Clap Margera Detained From D.G. Airport

‘Jackass’Celebrity Clap Margera Detained From D.G. Airport Having fun with video gaming features you leisure. These products either experienced particular wonders; during their period the rulers purchased obtained book of ra slot machine your losing off masculine children and teenagers and as such on. But yet as just stated which will contradicts these depiction […]

Stephen King does the worst thing a celebrity can do and goes on a woke apology tour

King is not shy about sharing his opinions on Twitter. He regularly slams Donald Trump and talks up leftist causes. This is likely why some were so taken aback when he recently tweeted an opinion not fully in line with the woke agenda. “I would never consider diversity in matters of art. Only quality. It […]

Soleimani was Iran’s celebrity soldier, spearhead in Middle East

Reuters | Babak Dehghanpisheh: Iranian Major-General Qassem Soleimani, the top commander of the elite Quds Force of the Revolutionary Guards, helped Iran fight proxy wars across the Middle East by inspiring militias on the battlefield and negotiating with political leaders.  His death on Friday in a U.S. air strike on his convoy at Baghdad airport marked […]

How late-19th century actress Sarah Bernhardt pioneered celebrity as we know it

As actress Sarah Bernhardt reveled in her late-19th century fame, her unconventional offstage behavior — from sleeping in a coffin to riding in a hot air balloon — both intrigued and scandalized society. The French-Jewish actress became a household name for her femme-fatale roles such as Cleopatra, as well as for her overall unsurpassed talent. […]

Manny money: Boxer Pacquiao launches world’s 1st celebrity cryptocurrency ‘Pac Tokens’

Named in honor of the fighter’s ‘Pac Man’ nickname in the ring, Pacquiao drummed up interest for the tokens by serenading more than 2,000 fans present at the free ‘concert for champions’ in the Filipino capital of Manila on Sunday. The coins will allow fans to buy Manny’s merch and interact with him on social […]

The Doorknob Sacrifices; A Black-Sun Ritual: 12 Celebrity “Suicides” Related To Pedophilia Cover-Up

A Black-Sun Ritual It would seem that June 2018 culminated a lengthy ritual involving the sacrificing of 12 well-known celebrities and members of royal families. Whereas this will only be news to normies, there has definitely been a lack of coverage on the occultic aspects of these deaths. It would seem that the normies/sheeple of the world have […]

Hollywood’s Midterm Fail: Democrat Celebrity Endorsements Losing Their Effect

The widely held belief that having celebrity endorsements are a key to electoral success came into question again following these 2018 Midterm Elections. Previous experience with Hillary Clinton’s failed 2016 run should have been informative: on the orders of the Hollywood billionaire class, Clinton managed to accrue a monopoly on celebrity endorsements from Hollywood, the […]

Blue wave fizzles… Republicans keep the Senate; celebrity Democrat candidates in near-universal failure

About the author: Mike Adams (aka the “Health Ranger“) is a best selling author (#1 best selling science book on called “Food Forensics“), an environmental scientist, a patent holder for a cesium radioactive isotope elimination invention, a multiple award winner for outstanding journalism, a science news publisher and influential commentator on topics ranging from […]

Man Who Exposed Jimmy Savile Says There Are More Celebrity Pedophiles

British elite society is rife with pedophiles, according to the investigator who exposed Jimmy Savile, who also warns there are two other “very high profile” celebrity pedophiles “on the prowl”. Mark Williams-Thomas helped unmask the twisted Jimmy Savile – who was revealed to be one of Britain’s worst pedophiles who used his fame to prey on […]

Fighting Father Dave: Australia’s pro-Palestine, pro-Putin celebrity priest

Why a fearless and fiery Anglican priest travels to war-torn countries, supports Putin in Syria, and believes that Christians must unite to fight the lies of Western liberal governments      Australian born Anglican priest ‘Fighting’ Father Dave, 55 years old, is a vivid character, dynamite in a religious world which too often closes its eyes […]

Neil deGrasse Tyson: Celebrity scientist – and salesman for the military-industrial-complex

     The idea for this article came from one of those annoying “Recommended for you” thumbnails on YouTube. The title was: “Neil deGrasse Tyson: Trump’s Space Force Is Not a Crazy Idea.” Having written about and researched space weapons for over a decade, I was intrigued as to why a seemingly intelligent man (Tyson) would […]

Australian Celebrity Pedophile Ring Included Bob Ellis, Martin Sharp

At the beginning of the month, The Australian reported that the daughters of prominent playwright and poet Dorothy Hewett, say they were forced into sex at 15 by men including the late Bob Ellis and Martin Sharp.  The shocking revelations by Rozanna and Kate Lilley in their new books recount their mother as the encourager […]

Celebrity Sparks Controversy After Saying She’s Going To Raise A Vegan Child Without Vaccinations

The Facts: Multiple studies and scientists have argued, through scientific rigor, that the ‘Face on Mars’ was actually built by a very intelligent civilization from Mars’ past. Close analyzing shows a mouth full of ‘teeth.’ Reflect On: Why do we ignore, not report and fail to emphasize such important discoveries simply because they go against […]

Smashing the Cult of Celebrity and the Disempowerment Game

Dylan Charles, Editor Waking Times At the dark heart of corporate consumer culture lie the social programs that mass-produce conformity,  obedience, acquiescence and consent for the matrix. The cult of celebrity is the royal monarch of these schemes, the ace in the hole for mass mind control and the disempowerment of the individual. This is […]

Video: Annoying Celebrity Hypocrites

Video: Annoying Celebrity Hypocrites Grammy ratings plunge as Americans reject boring identity politics Paul Joseph Watson January 26, 2018 Grammy ratings plunged 24% compared to last year. An all time low. Americans are sick of being lectured by tedious, annoying, out of touch, virtue signalling celebrities. Please share this video! SUBSCRIBE on YouTube: […]

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