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Facebook Employees Protest Company’s Refusal to Censor Donald Trump

So the actual staff of the company are demanding that they engage in radical censorship of the President of the United States. Because after all, Twitter did it… CNN: Some Facebook employees staged a virtual walkout on Monday to protest CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s decision not to take action on a series of […]

Facebook appoints Israeli censor to oversight board

Tamara Nassar Power Suits 26 May 2020 Facebook habitually censors Palestinian journalists and news organizations on its platform. (Anthony Quintano / Flickr)  Facebook has hired the former director-general of Israel’s justice ministry as a member of its new oversight board. This body will effectively determine what content to censor or permit on the social media […]

EU Agrees to Censor an Article Published in China

A war with China is one of the really obvious possible end game elements of this virus hoax. We wonder how Europe is going to feel about that. They’re already bending to the will of the Chinese. CNN: The European Union has acknowledged it allowed the Chinese government to censor an opinion […]

If YouTube can now censor doctors for their opinions, they can censor anyone talking about nutrition or healthy eating

(Natural News) Two California doctors who published a video to YouTube stating that the chances of dying from the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) in the Golden State are slim-to-none have had their content censored by the Google-owned platform. In the nearly one-hour video, which is no longer available on YouTube because it supposedly […]

YouTube and Twitter censor pharma company researching UV light treatment for Chinese virus

   Twitter and YouTube have censored AYTU BioScience, a publicly-traded Colorado-based pharmaceutical company, after it promoted ultraviolet (UV) light developed in conjunction with Cedars-Sinai Medical Center as a potential treatment for the Chinese virus. Twitter later reversed its censorship, saying the company’s account was “mistakenly” caught in a spam filter. AYTU is publicly traded on […]

Stupid College Students Want the Government to Censor Criticism of Minorities

These libtard college students want a Bolshevik dictatorship to compel white people to love and cherish parasitic minority groups. Watch this video on YouTube If these brown people gain political power in America or any Western country, the first thing they’ll do is abolish freedom of speech and make any criticism of the privileged poo-skin […]

Big Tech Firms are Using Automation to Censor News About the Coronavirus

Big tech is again attempting to define the range of acceptable political discussion on its platforms; this week YouTube announced a number of changes in the face of the global COVID-19 pandemic, chief among those being that automated systems, rather than humans, will predominantly be authorizing or removing content in the foreseeable future. “As COVID-19 […]

IDF censor redacted two thousand news items in 2019

2019 was a year of relative calm for the IDF Censor. According to official figures provided to +972 Magazine, Local Call, and the Movement for Freedom of Information last month following a freedom of information act request, the censor barred the full publication of 202 stories in media outlets, and partially redacted another 1,973 stories. […]

More Coronavirus Censorship: Social Media Companies Partner With WHO To Censor Info

Social media companies have made the decision to partner with “health authorities” (government officials like those who work for the CDC) to combat “misinformation” about the coronavirus. We all know what this means. Under the mainstream media’s seemingly innocent words lies a rash of new censorship coming down the pipes. Only […]

NYT calls for Twitter to censor Owen Shroyer after he attempted to speak out against Nadler’s TREASON

(Natural News) The far-left New York Times is calling on Twitter to ban Infowars host Owen Shroyer for disrupting Monday’s House impeachment proceedings by livestreaming himself calling out House Judiciary Chairman Representative Jerry Nadler (D-NY) for committing treason. As to be expected, it was a tumultuous start to the week with Shroyer […]

Establishment media now openly pushing tech giants to censor all independent media

(Natural News) The very first amendment to the U.S. constitution deals with the sensitive subject of freedom of speech, and it is sacred to many people, who feel that the 1st amendment protects their religious, ethical and other freedoms. The right to have your own opinion and express it freely is something […]

Reasons Why Many People Refuse The Flu Shot: Facebook Has No Right Censor This Information

The Facts: Dr. Patrick Moore is a founding member of Greenpeace and has been a leading environmental activist around the world for a very long time. In the video below he shares his thoughts on the climate change/global warming phenomenon. Reflect On: Why is one side of this debate constantly ridiculed by mainstream media instead […]

Corrupt bureaucrats demand Facebook censor all dissenting speech on vaccines to SILENCE the parents of vaccine-maimed children

(Natural News) New Jersey Senator Bob Menendez has reportedly sent a letter to Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook whining about how the measles outbreak that reportedly occurred in New Jersey last winter was, in Menendez’s opinion, “fueled, in part, by misinformation about vaccine safety spread via Facebook ads.” Besides being a politician, Menendez […]

Puritan gatekeepers’ wish to censor Paul Gauguin paintings demeans art

Curators of the current display of Gauguin portraits at the National Gallery in London have not included any of his famous nudes, even though they could be described as portraits. Gauguin is in the firing line because of his erotic paintings of Polynesian women and his life, while living in Polynesia from 1891 until his […]

How the Israeli military censor killed a story about ‘terrorist’ bombing campaign in Lebanon in 1980s

June, 1980. Over the previous weeks Israeli air and sea attacks on “Palestinian and leftist positions” have been “almost nightly events.” According to Christian Science Monitor journalist Helena Cobban, however, a “more sinister Israeli hand is seen behind some of the increased unrest throughout the country.” Indeed, “several enormous car bombs have exploded here recently […]

Australian Newspapers “Censor” Their Front Pages in Protest Against Government Secrecy Laws

By Mong Palatino In an unprecedented show of unity, Australian media outlets ran similar stories and redacted front pages featuring the ‘right to know’ campaign in response to government actions that undermine the work of journalists. Australia’s Right to Know coalition said that rival media groups have joined forces to defend press freedom: The media […]

Not A Free Speech Platform: Facebook Declares It’s A ‘Publisher’ & Can Censor Whomever It Wants, Walking Into Legal Trap

Facebook has invoked its free speech right as a publisher, insisting its ability to smear users as extremists is protected, but its legal immunity thus far has rested on a law which protects platforms, not publishers. Which is it? Facebook has declared it has the right, as a publisher, to exercise its own free speech […]

Monsanto Paid Google to Censor Results – Operated Fusion Center to Discredit Journalists and Activists

Aaron Kesel, Activist Post Waking Times Monsanto (Bayer) operated an intelligence-gathering “fusion center,” to discredit journalists and activists, including singer Neil Young, and paid Google to bury results in its search engine, The Guardian, reported. Activist Post previously reported that Bayer/Monsanto — the formerly merged company of potentially two of the evilest businesses in history — had kept a […]

Monsanto Paid Google To Censor Results; Operated Fusion Center To Discredit Journalists And Activists

By Aaron Kesel Monsanto (Bayer) operated an intelligence-gathering “fusion center,” to discredit journalists and activists, including singer Neil Young, and paid Google to bury results in its search engine, The Guardian, reported. Activist Post previously reported that Bayer/Monsanto — the formerly merged company of potentially two of the evilest businesses in history — had kept […]

Beto O’Rourke Calls on Social Media to Censor ‘Hate Speech’

Democratic 2020 candidate Beto O’Rourke has demanded social media companies censor what he considers “hate speech”. Speaking with MSNBC, O’Rourke linked President Trump to “hate speech” while at the same time advocating for total censorship of such speech online. “We must confront hate, no matter where it is or how high up it goes. That […]

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