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Fusion Centers, Citizen Spies and the Debasement of the American Character

By Karen Melton Stewart No matter if you are in the “Trump-resistance” or a QAnon Patriot, it is likely significant numbers of you have been successfully debased by your state Fusion Centers, despite political leanings. Only raw avarice and a total disregard for the Constitution is needed. For those who do not know what a […]

Palantir’s Software For Fusion Centers Exposed In California FOIA

By Aaron Kesel ‘Gotham’ software written by Palantir shows how government agencies can use very little information to obtain quick access to anyone’s personal minutiae. VICE NEWS Motherboard via public records request has revealed shocking details of capabilities of California law enforcement involved in Fusion Centers, once deemed to be a conspiracy theory like the […]

UN urges Libya to evacuate migrant detention centers after deadly strike

The United Nations Refugee Agency on Wednesday called for the evacuation of migrant detention centers in Libya and a full investigation into an airstrike that killed at least 44 people and wounded more than 130. The strike hit a detention center for mainly African migrants in a suburb of the Libyan capital Tripoli late on Tuesday. […]

Gaza cultural centers and artists call for a boycott of Eurovision 2019

May 9, 2019 Besieged Gaza, Occupied Palestine We are Palestinians representing Gaza cultural centres and musicians and singers from Gazavision and we call for a global boycott of the Eurovision song contest held in Apartheid Israel on 18th May. In the midst of twelve years of Israeli siege of the Gaza Strip and decades of […]

Communist Chinese embedding spies in cancer centers to steal U.S. government-funded cancer research

(Natural News) When you think of jobs that are serving the greater good, cancer researchers often come out near the top given the potential to save millions of lives. However, not all of them have such pure aspirations. Two tenured scientists at a renowned cancer hospital in the U.S. were recently fired […]

Time To Mobilize: Transportation Centers Announced For Hands Off Venezuela Nat’l March

Time To Mobilize: Transportation Centers Announced For Hands Off Venezuela Nat’l March No coup, no sanctions, no new U.S. war! Organizers in the following areas have already started organizing transportation to Washington for March 16th: Click here to download the flyer(Spanish version coming shortly) Asheville, NC Atlanta, GA Baltimore, MD Boston, MA Chicago, IL Detroit, MI Minneapolis, […]

WikiLeaks Releases A Detailed List Of All Amazon Web Services Data Centers Ahead Of DoD Decision

By Aaron Kesel WikiLeaks has published an alleged “highly confidential” document outlining the addresses and operational details of Amazon Web Services (AWS) data centers called Amazon Atlas. The international whistleblowing organization claims to have published the document as an attempt to shed light on the “largely hidden” locations of cloud-based servers. “While one of the benefits […]

China Says Concentration Camps for Moslems are Reeducation Centers

Andrew Anglin Daily Stormer September 18, 2018 tfw Islamic in China Emperor Xi is so BASED. He gives so few fucks that he is literally a black hole of fucks – any fuck in his orbit gets sucked into another dimension. It really is a shame that we have to have this […]

Syrian, Russian warplanes pound terrorists’ centers in Hama, Idlib

FNA – The Syrian and Russian fighter jets carried out a fresh round of heavy assaults on the positions and movements of Tahrir al-Sham Hay’at (the Levant Liberation Board or the Al-Nusra Front) in Hama and Idlib provinces, inflicting major losses on the terrorists, a Syrian daily reported on Sunday. The Arabic-language al-Watan daily reported […]

Calls to Poison Control Centers Have Increased Significantly Due to Children Taking ADHD Drugs

New research published in the journal Pediatrics has found that calls to US poison control centers have increased significantly due to children taking ADHD stimulant medications, such as amphetamine (Adderall) and methylphenidate (Ritalin). The research was led by Gary Smith at the Center for Injury Research and Policy, The Research Institute at Nationwide Children’s Hospital, […]

‘Ghettoes are never good’: Locals fear new migrant ‘anchor centers’ in Germany will fuel tensions

The mood in the Bavarian town of Bamberg became heated when a migrant reception center recently opened in the area, the locals told RT. “Putting people into migration centers makes no sense at all because it makes them like a ‘ghetto’. Ghettoization was never good in history,” one person said. The new centers are part […]

Are government detention centers forcing psychiatric medication on children?

(Natural News) A government detention center in Texas is now under investigation after a U.S. District Court learned that the facility was forcibly medicating children against their will and injecting drugs without parental consent. The lawsuit, filed on April 16 by the Center for Human Rights and Constitutional Law, alleges that children are […]

California Shopping Centers Are Spying for an ICE Contractor

By Dave Maas Update 10:45 a.m., July 11, 2018: The Irvine Company has disclosed the three shopping centers are Irvine Spectrum Center, Fashion Island, and The Marketplace.  The local police departments are the Irvine, Newport Beach, and Tustin police departments.    Update 7:30 p.m. July 10, 2018: The Irvine Company provided The Verge […]

Democrats never cared about immigration detection centers while Obama was President… suddenly it’s a "manufactured crisis" for political gain

(Natural News) In what can only be described by reasonable people as pathetic political manipulation, seven Democratic lawmakers showed up at an Immigration and Customs Enforcement detention facility over the weekend and demanded access. The group of seven — New Jersey Reps. Bill Pascrell, Frank Pallone and Albio Sires, as well as […]

April Fools: Science Centers and Smart Meters and 5G “Small Cells” and Smokescreens Oh My!

March 30, 2018 By Patricia Burke In the 1950s, during the Cold War, the United States established a “science center” at Camp Century, on the Greenland Ice Sheet. However, the “science center” was not a research center; it was a storage site for an estimated 600 medium-range ballistic missiles with nuclear […]

Commander: US, Israel after damaging Iran’s N. centers by cyber war

FNA- Commander of the Iranian Armed Forces’ Cyber and New Threats Base Major General Mostafa Izadi warned that the US and Israel have plotted to inflict damage on Iran’s nuclear sites through cyber attacks. “The US and the Zionist regime are attempting to damage Iran’s nuclear installations, and the enemies of the revolution are after […]

Slave Labor Widespread At ICE Detention Centers, Lawyers Say

Above Photo: From There are nearly 200 federal detention centers across the country. Here, people suspected of violating U.S. immigration laws wait for court hearings to find out if they’ll stay in the United States or be deported. While they wait, many detainees work as part of the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) “voluntary work […]

Australia’s Offshore Detention Centers Get Legal Stamp of Approval

August 17, 2017 0 Source Article from Related Posts Israel Was Forced on Palestinians . Trump Deal is a US Rubber Stamp of the Status Quo It’s been 71 years now, to the day, and the Jewish State of Israel is still Pompeo Puts ‘Rubber Stamp’ of Approval on Saudi Arabia’s Slaughter of Yemeni Civilians As […]

COMMENTARY: Deep State FEMA Camps Will Become Decapitation Centers- 30,000 Stored Guillotines

Sounds crazy?! What we do know is that it is not the first time they do this, they did it during the French Revolution. They are experts at carrying out unthinkable atrocities. Think about the Bolshevik Revolution! What makes you think they will not do it again? They will kill us all and this is […]

Bee-friendly plants sold at garden centers found to be heavily contaminated with deadly pesticides

(Natural News) Bee-friendly plants sold at garden centers may not be so friendly after all, as new research found that a vast majority of these plants were laden with toxic insecticides. As part of the study, a team of researchers at the Sussex University in the U.K. examined leaf specimen of 29 plant samples — such as dahlias, allium, bellflowers […]

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