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Can Western Central Banks Continue Capping Gold At $1350?

By Dave Kranzler “Shanghai Gold will change the current gold market with its ‘consumed in the East but priced in the West’ arrangement. When China has the right to speak in the international gold market, the true price of gold will be revealed.” – Xu Luode, Chairman, Shanghai Gold Exchange, 15 May 2014 The price […]

‘In Gold We Trust’: Waning confidence in US sends world’s central banks on buying spree

Central banks are among the largest purchasers of gold. So far in 2019, they have bought 145.5 tons of gold, which is more in a quarter of a year than central banks have purchased in the preceding six years. To put it bluntly, this figure represents a 68 percent increase from the year before. Last […]

Trump IDs London as Central Coup Plotter; Brits, Aussies and Ukies Conspired to Overturn 2016 Election

    Trump Targets UK, Australia And Ukraine Over ‘Greatest Hoax In The History Of Our Country’ President Trump on Friday said that he wants Attorney General William Barr to investigate the UK, Australia and Ukraine for their roles in the ‘greatest hoax in the history of our country.’ Speaking with reporters at the […]

Iran calls for revival of Islamic civilization in Central Asia

IRNA – Head of Iran’s Islamic Culture and Relations Organizations (ICRO) Abuzar Ebrahimi Torkaman on Monday called for revival of the Islamic civilization in the Central Asia. “The Islamic civilization was developed by Iran and Turkey in Central Asia as the two countries were potential enough to demonstrate new and modern aspects of the Islamic […]

Mexico Cracks Down: Arrests Hundreds Of Central American Caravan Migrants

Mexican police arrested between 300-500 Central American migrants outside the southern city of Pijijiapan, Chiapas, according to DW. Mexican police an immigration officials rounded up the undocumented migrants who had crossed illegally into Mexico in the hopes of obtaining asylum by the United States. The raid is one of the largest targeting a […]

"It Belongs To The People, Not The Bankers" – Italy Moves To Seize Gold From Central Bank

Two weeks ago, somewhat out of the blue, ECB President Mario Draghi issued an odd statement confirming that the European Central Bank needs to approve any operation in the foreign reserves of euro zone countries, including gold and large foreign currency holdings. “The ECB shall approve both the operations in foreign reserve assets remaining with […]

The Facts About The Humanitarian Crisis In Mexico And Central America

Daily movement news and resources. Popular Resistance provides a daily stream of resistance news from across the United States and around the world. We also organize campaigns and participate in coalitions on a broad range of issues. We do not use advertising or underwriting to support our work. Instead, we rely on you. Please […]

Pipeline explosion kills 21, burns 70+ in central Mexico (VIDEO)

The pipeline had been spewing fuel for several hours near Pemex’s Tula refinery, and hundreds of people had reportedly gathered round with plastic containers and even vehicles to grab whatever fuel they could carry – rendering the eventual explosion that much more deadly. Videos posted on social media, apparently from the scene, show flames shooting dozens […]

2 dead & many injured as suspected gas leak triggers blast in central Paris (PHOTO, VIDEO)

Two firefighters have died dealing with the aftermath of the explosion that occurred on Rue de Trevise in central Paris, the city prosecutor has said. Previously, the French interior minister put the death toll at four. Earlier in the day, media reports mentioned over 30 wounded, including 15 people who suffered serious injuries. Also, the […]

The Truth About All Central Bank Controlled Nations: Here’s How The Financial System Really Works

The Facts: In 1962 Gordon MacDonald, a NASA scientist, published a paper stating it’s more likely that the moon is hollow than not. Columbia’s Sean C. Solomon furthered this statement citing knowledge of the moon’s gravitation field as evidence. Reflect On: What do we truly know about the moon? Why is it that there is […]

US promises a $10.6B aid package to Mexico & Central America, but still no deal on asylum seekers

     The United States on Tuesday announced it was adding billions of dollars to an ambitious Mexican development project for that country’s southern region and Central America as a way to deter migration. But neither Washington nor Mexico City announced any headway in the Trump administration’s goal of keeping Central American asylum seekers in Mexico […]

Corporate Welfare is Small-Scale Central Planning

By Patrick Tyrrell and Amanda Snell Amazon’s long search for its second headquarters has ended. New York and Virginia outlasted the competing cities. Twenty cities were finalists in the running to be the location of Amazon’s second headquarters when the company’s search began over a year ago. HQ2 will be an additional source of Amazon […]

How Private Banks Create Bubbles — With The Help Of Central Banks

By Frank Shostak With meagre resources at his disposal, an individual is likely to allocate these resources (i.e., his wealth) towards essentials such as food, clothing and a roof over his head. He is unlikely to allocate his meagre wealth to less essential goods as far as life and wellbeing is concerned. His variety of […]

France: “State of Insurrection” as Fuel Tax Riots Engulf Central Paris

France: “State of Insurrection” as Fuel Tax Riots Engulf Central Paris December 1st, 2018 There are many images at Daily Mail. Via: Reuters: Rioters ran amok across central Paris on Saturday, torching cars and buildings, looting shops, smashing windows and clashing with police in […]

Sinkhole swallows truck in central Taipei, Taiwan

     A sinkhole suddenly opened up and swallowed a blue construction crew truck as it turned the corner in front of a park in central Taipei’s Zhongshan District yesterday afternoon (Nov. 28). At 3 p.m. yesterday afternoon, as a blue truck driven by a construction engineer started to make a turn at the corner of […]

Thomas Edison Exposed Central Banking Scam in 1921

  November 27, 2018 “Now, here is [Henry] Ford proposing to finance Muscle Shoals by an issue of currency. Very well, let us suppose for a moment that Congress follows his proposal. Personally, I don’t think Congress has imagination enough to do it, but let us suppose that it does. The required sum is authorized […]

Early snowfall continues in northern and central Greece

     As the temperature continues to plummet across Greece, the snowfall as accumulated in many mountainous areas in Macedonia, Thessaly, and Thrace on Saturday morning. People in mountainous villages in Florina, Naoussa, Pelion, Trikala, Grevena, Metsovo and even as south as Nafpaktia and Arcadia woke up and found everything covered in snow, with meteorologists predicting […]

European Central Bank In Panic Mode as Economy Stalls

By Andrew Moran The eurozone could not borrow from the momentum of the U.S. economy in the third quarter as economic growth slumped to a tepid 0.2% , the slowest rate in more than four years. With the 19-nation currency bloc beginning to stagnate, and the heavyweights failing to post significant gains, Brussels is in […]

MPN on the Ground: Global Migrants Converge on Mexico City to Assist Central American Migrant Caravan

MEXICO CITY, MEXICO – Over the past week, Mexico’s sprawling capital has been transformed into the flashpoint of a global humanitarian crisis of forced migration that is rearing its head in all parts of the globe. The crisis, whose latest focal point is the migrant caravan from Honduras, as well as smaller caravans from Guatemala […]

Chicanos Welcome Central American Caravan

Chicanos Welcome Central American Caravan Above Photo: Hoang Tran Le/Flickr Los Angeles, CA – On October 26, as the caravan of refugees from Central America traveled through Mexico, they were welcomed with food, festivity, aid, and clothing. As Chicanos, we must do the same when the caravan arrives at U.S. border. Attacking Mexicans, and by extension […]

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