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Impeachment hearing raises question who is in charge of US foreign policy: Trump or ‘interagency consensus’?

With all due respect to Vice President Mike Pence’s adviser Jennifer Williams, the real “star” of Tuesday’s Schiff Show was Lieutenant Colonel – and don’t you forget that! – Alexander Semyon Vindman, the “top Ukraine expert” on the NSC. Vindman emphasized his military service and immigrant background as a shield from criticism, and even admitted […]

Feds Charge Former Baltimore Mayor With Fraud, Tax Evasion Over Book Scandal 

Former Baltimore Mayor Catherine Pugh has been indicted on federal charges of wire fraud, tax evasion, and conspiracy to defraud the US, reported Fox 45 News Baltimore.  FORMER BALTIMORE MAYOR PUGH INDICTED ON FEDERAL CHARGES OVER BOOK SCANDAL -WASHINGTON POST Pugh has been in hiding for 7 to 8 months, is expected to surrender to US […]

Feds Charge Avenatti With Wire Fraud, But Drop 2 Conspiracy Charges In Nike Case

The Feds have handed Trump nemesis and embattled “creepy porn lawyer” Michael Avenatti – CNN’s one-time favorite to win the Democratic nomination before a series of legal scandals blew up in his face – a bit of a reprieve in a major federal case against him. According to Fox News and an updated indictment filed […]

Twitter Executive in Charge of Middle East is British Army ‘PsyOp’ Soldier

Twitter Executive in Charge of Middle East is British Army ‘PsyOp’ Soldier So it turns out Twitter employs military propagandists and even promotes them to executive positions. Nothing new, since every social media website is run by zionists… pretending to be a college student lol. Why do you think your accounts get terminated, every time […]

Is phony assault charge against Grayzone editor latest twist in US war against Maduro?

The US intelligence service finally ran out of patience with Max Blumenthal last Friday morning and stormed his home, seizing him and spiriting him away to prison for a weekend of illegal detention, mistreatment and threats. ‘Political persecution’: Max Blumenthal arrested in DC police raid, held for 2 days on phony charges over Venezuela embassy […]

‘This charge is 100% false’: Grayzone editor Max Blumenthal arrested months after reporting on Venezuelan opposition violence

By Ben Norton Max Blumenthal, the editor of the news site The Grayzone, was arrested on the morning of October 25 on a fabricated charge related to the siege of the Venezuelan embassy in Washington, DC that took place between April and May. A team of DC police officers […]

Norman Finkelstein rejects anti-Semitism charge over harsh comments on Gaza

Editor’s note: Last Thursday, Norman Finkelstein spoke on a panel at Princeton titled “Black and Palestinian Solidarity,” and made harsh comments about Israel’s treatment of Gaza. The Daily Princetonian covered the event on October 11, and the headline stated flatly, “Finkelstein GS [Graduate School] ’87 delivers anti-Semitic remarks at panel…”  The article focused on Finkelstein’s […]

Chelsea Manning Imprisoned Without Charge For Six Months For Refusing To Testify Against Julian Assange

Chelsea Manning Imprisoned Without Charge For Six Months For Refusing To Testify Against Julian Assange Above Photo: UCLAPubAffairs/Flickr The courageous whistleblower Chelsea Manning has now been held in a federal detention center in Alexandria, Virginia for more than six months. Manning has not been charged with or committed any crime. She was sent to jail on […]

Device Generating Electricity At Night Can Charge Phones

September 19th, 2019 By Amelia Harris Staff Writer for Wake Up World With approximately 14% of people lacking electricity worldwide, creative and affordable power solutions are needed. Dr. Aaswath Raman, Assistant Professor at the University of California, Los Angeles, has developed a device that uses radiative cooling to generate power. This solution could be used […]

MSM Levels Bizarre ‘Anti-Semitism’ Charge at Trump While Conveniently Ignoring US Middle East Policy Train Wreck

SPECIAL RELATIONSHIP: If anything, Trump’s unprecedented over-the-top support of Israel is more akin to subservience to Jewish interests, and can hardly be construed as ‘anti semitic.’ By Igor Ogorodnev The media has willfully misinterpreted Donald Trump’s words to portray the most pro-Israel US president in history as an anti-Semite. It makes more sense to chide […]

Iran, regional countries in charge of ensuring Persian Gulf security

MNA – Deputy Commander of the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC) Rear Admiral Ali Fadavi said on Wednesday that Iran and regional countries are in charge of ensuring security of Persian Gulf, strait of Hormuz and regional waters. “For no doubt, no country other than Iran and the regional countries are capable of ensuring the […]

Detroit music festival tries to charge white people DOUBLE admission fees

(Natural News) The organizers of “AfroFuture Fest,” a black-centric music festival scheduled to take place on August 3rd in Detroit, Michigan, have decided not to follow through with a racist plan they hatched to charge white people twice as much admission as black people. After incurring an onslaught of backlash, the social […]

Photos: Ambassadors, charge d’affaires meet Judiciary chief

mizan | Ali Shirband: A group of foreign ambassadors and charge d’affaires to Tehran met Iran’s Judiciary Chief Seyyed Ebrahim Raeisi on Monday in Tehran.       Source Article from Related Posts Epstein Partied With Harvey Weinstein at Princess’s 18th Birthday, Photos Reveal (TMU) — The Sun recently published photos taken in 2006 […]

Why Is The US Government Letting Big Pharma Charge Insane Prices On Patents The US Owns?

Pills, Image Source: Pixabay As we’ve discussed plenty of times in the past, when the federal government creates something that could be covered by copyright law, US copyright law requires it to be put into the public domain for the benefit of the public. I’ve never quite understood why the same is […]

Feds charge "sleazy porn star" lawyer Michael Avenatti with allegedly stealing from client Stormy Daniels

(Natural News) When it came to allegations against POTUS Donald Trump by porn queen Stormy Daniels, a.k.a. Stephanie Clifford, attorney Michael Avenatti saw his golden opportunity to make a name for himself on the national stage. But in the end, it looks like he’s the one who was trying to screw her […]

Feds charge Rochester Drug Cooperative and CEO in first criminal case over opioids

Federal prosecutors charged drug distributor Rochester Drug Cooperative and its former CEO with drug trafficking charges Tuesday — the first criminal charges for a pharmaceutical company and executives in the nation’s ongoing opioid crisis. The charges signify a groundbreaking move by the government to try to combat the opioid epidemic, which kills 130 Americans […]

American Citizen Detained by Trump Admin Without Charge for More than a Year Finally Set Free

By Derrick Broze A U.S. citizen illegally detained by the Trump administration for more than a year was finally set free thanks to the work of the American Civil Liberties Union. I have been following the saga of the American citizen who was detained by the U.S. military in September 2017 while fleeing from violence […]

Amplify the Charge in Your Chakras for Deep and Transformative Healing

Are you ready to take your understanding of chakras to the next level?  Register here for this free online event and join world-renowned chakra expert and leading somatic therapist Anodea Judith as she shares her expertise on how to activate and harmonize your “charge” — your core life force, which powers everything you do — to heal and transform your […]

Russia Shows Israel Who is in Charge, Sending a Bunch of Weapons to Assad Following Downed Russian Plane

Andrew Anglin Daily Stormer September 25, 2018 This is Russian state media telling Israel that they are in charge of the Middle East. That is fantastic.  Russia is really, really taking some aggressive measure against Israel after they shot down their plane (or caused it to be shot down, or whatever – […]

3D-printed gun promoter arrested in Taiwan, returned to US, and bailed on sex charge

Charged with paying a 16-year-old girl for sex at a hotel in Austin, Texas, Cody Wilson was bailed Sunday and is a free man again—at least for now. The BBC reports that Wilson, famous for promoting 3D-printed gun plans, was arrested by Taipei police and returned to the US over the weekend. KHOU 11 filmed […]

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