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‘Anonymous’ Hijacks Chicago Police Radios to Play NWA’s ‘F*ck The Police’ During Protests

(TMU) – With cities across the United States facing raging unrest in the aftermath of the killing of George Floyd by the Minneapolis Police Department, law enforcement agencies have had their hands full trying to control the massive backlash on all fronts. And now, things may have gotten much more complicated after the long-dormant hacktivist […]

Chicago’s Historically Violent Summer Season

Memorial Day weekend has seen at least 36 people shot so far across Chicago, nine of them fatally. TODAY we remember the brave mongrel soldiers of the Chiraq all against all, the dangerous brown animals who gave their lives to help bring about the coming Semitic nightmare state. Each one of these alien inferiors was […]

Chicago Mayor Conducts Police Raid to Shut Down Black Church’s Sunday Services

On Sunday, Chicago’s far-left mayor, Lori Lightfoot, launched a police raid on a black South Side church for holding services in defiance of her draconian lockdown orders. Lightfoot sent three marked squad cars and two unmarked cars loaded with officers to the Chicago Cornerstone Baptist Church in the South Side’s Woodlawn neighborhood. Woodlawn is just […]

Bug-Eyed Chicago Mayor Says She’s Going to Fine Churches for Holding Services

Mayor Lori Lightfoot has a shockingly zombielike visage. The new law is utter lawlessness, and so much of this lawlessness is targeted directly at Christians. What Christians need to remember is that the entire government is responsible for this. The Republicans have done nothing to stop it. We also need to remember […]

Chicago Doctors See “Truly Remarkable” Success Using Ventilator Alternatives To Treat COVID-19

The Facts: Doctors at the University of Chicago Medicine are seeing “truly remarkable” results using high-flow nasal cannulas rather than ventilators and intubation to treat some COVID-19 patients. Reflect On: Are there better ways of doing things when it comes to COVID-19? Has this issue been politicized, which prevents us from receiving accurate information about […]

Chicago Health Commissioner Tells Public a Mass Vaccination Campaign is Underway, ‘We’ve Already Bought the Syringes’

Alex Pietrowski, Staff Writer Waking Times During a recent press conference, the Commissioner of the Chicago Department of Public Health, Allison Arwady, commented on a city mass vaccination campaign, which she says is already well underway. Chicago has a definite plan, has chosen the locations to vaccinate the public, and has even already purchased syringes. […]

Chicago PMI Corrupted By Global Supply Chain Collapse, National Economic Activity Collapses

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Chicago Mayor Warns — Those Who Go Outside To Exercise Risk Arrest

By Tyler Durden Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot threatened to shut down public areas on Wednesday after becoming increasingly frustrated with people disobeying the COVID-19 stay-at-home order. The mayor’s warning also made clear that anyone breaking the new measure would be fined or even possibly arrested, reported CBS Chicago. “Stay at home. Only go out for […]

MSNBC: Chicago price gouging up 9,000% & the sports-journalization of US media

March 25, 2020 By Ramin Mazaheri for The Saker Blog The Chicago Tribune – seemingly the only major newspaper which did not endorse Hillary Clinton in 2016 (they endorsed Libertarian Party candidate Gary Johnson) – has reported that price gouging in Chicago has skyrocketed a spectacular 9,000% since March 1. What’s worse, that figure only includes […]

Chicago: Trial Starts for Black Who Killed White Cop While Trying to Escape Arrest

Charles Martel Daily Stormer March 6, 2020 Shomari Legghette Another chimp wrangler who ended up getting riddled with bullets. Many such cases. If his family wants justice, they’d better hope the jury isn’t packed with darkies. Chicago Sun-Times: It was broad daylight, and there were bystanders and surveillance cameras everywhere in one […]

Chicago High School Students Hold Sit-In In Defense Of Students Who Refused To Stand For National Anthem

Chicago High School Students Hold Sit-In In Defense Of Students Who Refused To Stand For National Anthem Above Photo: Nicholas Senn High School Principal Mary Beck speaking to protesting students [Photo provided by Shalom] Chicago high school students hold sit-in in defense of students who refused to stand for national anthem Students at Chicago’s Nicholas Senn […]

Chicago Police Are Using a Facial Recognition Program That Scans Billions of Facebook Photos

(TMU) — Manhattan-based Clearview AI is collecting data from unsuspecting social media users and the Chicago Police Department (CPD) is using the controversial facial recognition tool to pinpoint the identity of unknown suspects, reads a report from the Chicago Sun-Times. And according to a bombshell New York Times report, it is also being used by […]

Los Angeles and Chicago Are Readying to Erase 68,000 Nonviolent Marijuana Convictions

Phillip Schneider, Staff Writer Waking Times The cities of Los Angeles and Chicago are taking a big step toward ending the damage caused from the war on drugs by getting ready to expunge nearly 70,000 non-violent marijuana convictions from citizen’s criminal records. Kim Foxx, Cook County’s State Attorney in Chicago, is preparing to eliminate misdemeanor […]

Learning From The Historic Gains We Won In The Chicago Teachers Strike

As a Chicago Public Schools (CPS) student from first grade through high school, and in my 17 years of teaching in the system, none of my schools ever had a full-time social worker or nurse every day of the week. In the first contract the Chicago Teachers Union (CTU) secured in the era of legalized public […]

Hoaxer Jussie Smollett Files Lawsuit Against Chicago for ‘Malicious Prosecution’

Disgraced actor Jussie Smollett has filed a lawsuit against the city of Chicago for “malicious prosecution” following his botched fake ‘MAGA attack’ earlier this year. Smollett’s attorneys filed a lawsuit on Tuesday as a counterclaim to the city’s ongoing efforts to get him to cover the expenses incurred during their investigation into the staged attack.  […]

Chutzpah! Jews Celebrated Duplicity in Oscar Pic "Chicago"

“Don’t shoot, I am alone,” a husband pleads after his wife catches him in bed with two naked women in the movie Chicago. “Believe what I tell you, not what you see.”  Jewish Cabalism is based on the premise that truth is defined by their vanity, perversity, and self-interest. There is no objective Truth. They are God. Increasingly, due […]

Chicago teachers’ strike enters eighth day,300,000 students miss classes

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How Chicago Teachers Built Power Between Strikes

How Chicago Teachers Built Power Between Strikes Above Photo: Chicago teachers and support staff held a rally at Columbus Park next to DePriest Elementary School on October 22 in the South Austin neighborhood of Chicago. Photo by Joeff Davi It’s easy to glamorize the seeming spontaneity of a “strike wave” and miss the long processes of […]

NHL: Chicago Blackhawks 3-5 Washington Capitals

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Chicago Teachers Demand Affordable Housing As Strike Begins

Chicago Teachers Demand Affordable Housing As Strike Begins Above Photo: Thousands of Chicago Teachers Union and Service Employees International Union Local 73 members march through downtown Chicago to demand a budget that funds their students and classrooms on October 14, 2019.MILWAUKEE TEACHERS’ EDUCATION ASSOCIATION VIA FLICKR More than 25,000 members of the Chicago Teachers Union (CTU) […]

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