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‘Restoring My Lost Childhood’: How children’s homes revived the youngest Holocaust survivors

Browse > Home / Featured Articles / ‘Restoring My Lost Childhood’: How children’s homes revived the youngest Holocaust survivors January 24, 2021 by Deborah Fineblum Read on for article It’s been 75 years, but Yaakov Guterman can still recall nearly everything about the nine months he lived in Zakopane, Poland. Lena Küchler (centre), director of […]

Has the Childhood Home of Jesus Christ Actually Been Found in Nazareth?

An archaeologist believes that he may have found the childhood home of Jesus Christ. He has evidence that the remains under a convent in Nazareth are probably those of the family home of Mary and Joseph. Ken Dark, a distinguished professor of archaeology and history at Reading University, in the United Kingdom, has spent the […]

Archaeologist ‘discovers childhood home of Jesus’ in Nazareth

    A prominent British archaeologist has put forward a compelling case arguing that a well-preserved ancient house in Nazareth was the childhood home of Jesus. The building dates back to the first century and the site is now home to the Sisters of Nazareth Convent. In modern times, it was first identified as the […]

For Palestinian kids, the occupation childhood becomes a pandemic childhood, too

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Paintings of Childhood by Henri-Jules-Jean Geoffroy

Henri-Jules-Jean Geoffry (1853 – 1924) was a French painter who was an illustrator and painter of portraits, landscapes, and genre paintings, and is best known for his depictions of children in scenes. According to Web Gallery of Art: Geoffroy gained popular acclaim as an artist during his lifetime. His paintings were exhibited throughout Paris. Although […]

Video: A Specialist Speaks About The Effects Of Childhood Trauma

Next Story Do you feel like you have a broken heart from your childhood? Do you feel like it’s affected your health? Are you struggling as a parent with how you are raising your own children?  Or, perhaps you just feel really unhappy with your life and with yourself? If this is you, then you […]

Stolen childhood: Life after prison for Palestinian minors

OCCUPIED WEST BANK – Sometimes, 18-year old Mohammad dreams that he is back in Ofer military prison. “I remember my friends in prison. I feel that I am in there again,” the young Palestinian said softly, looking down as he recalled the eight months he spent imprisoned by Israel between 2016 and 2017. She lost her childhood […]

How the Shamanic Medicine Iboga Can Resolve and Heal Childhood Trauma

Dylan Charles, Editor Waking Times Imagine being able to go back in time to relive those experiences from your childhood which have had the greatest impact on your life. Imagine being able to witness yourself as a child, but from the perspective of yourself today, looking at traumatic events with the understanding and compassion […]

Undisclosed risks of caesarean births: childhood obesity before age 5 and asthma for the newborn child

(Natural News) While most women are considering giving birth by caesarean section (C-section), not many of them are aware that infants born via this procedure “are 50 [percent] more likely to be obese before the age of five.” A review looked into the long-term risks of C-sections by examining 79 large scientific studies, and […]

Conflict of interest: Coca-Cola funded more than 40 studies on childhood obesity – and they all failed to disclose the firm’s financial influence

(Natural News) Childhood obesity is a complex epidemic, with lots of factors playing a role in the problem at the general and individual levels. Nevertheless, many weight problems can be boiled down to two driving forces: inactivity and poor eating choices. When fingers started pointing to soft drinks maker Coca-Cola for playing […]

Who Does The Childhood Vaccine Injury Act Protect? Here’s A Hint – It’s Not The Kids

Next Story The laws of a country are, generally, designed to protect its citizens. How this ideal is interpreted is a topic of debate in various circles, but its goal is lofty, if not quite perfect. Of specific necessity are laws aimed at protecting children, including child abuse, welfare, and labor laws. Of zero necessity, […]

All 8 Extreme Childhood Food Allergies Are Also Common Ingredients in CDC-recommended Vaccines — Coincidence?

Food allergy awareness posters in elementary schools list the following 8 food products as the most popular food allergies among children. Allergic reactions from exposure, consumption or injection of these foods can be fatal. Those 8 ingredients include peanuts, nuts, wheat, soy, milk, eggs, fish and shellfish. If your M.D. tells you that your food […]

Watching The Hawks – FCC Sees No Evil & Imprisoning Childhood

Watching The Hawks – FCC Sees No Evil & Imprisoning Childhood Watching The The FCC takes steps allowing a radical restructuring of the nations media. A new study explains just how cruel and unusual some of the US penal systems methods really are. Investigative journalist Tony Gosling delves into the medias complicity with government […]

Childhood obesity skyrocketing across America, and Big Pharma can’t wait for future wave of patients needing drugs for everything

(Natural News) Parents lead their children by example, and today’s youth are suffering in a big way because of their poor role models. America has an obesity epidemic, with more than a third of adults now falling into this category. Therefore, it’s hardly surprising that childhood obesity is also skyrocketing given the bad example many […]

Flu Vaccines in Pregnancy and Childhood: What You Need to Know

Next Story Download and print our flu vaccine brochure. Share with your family, friends, doctors and community leaders. Visit our flu vaccine web page. It’s full of flu facts to help you make informed decisions about your family’s healthcare. You want to do everything right for your child, and would never knowingly allow someone to inject a […]

How childhood trauma affects the brain

     It is not news that people abused as children are more exposed to clinical depression, anxiety, and a higher risk of death from suicide. But now, researchers have begun to reveal what happens in the brain following this kind of trauma. According to data provided by the Children’s Bureau of the United States Department […]

Senator Asks Doctor For “Reputable Peer-Reviewed Study” Linking Childhood Vaccines To Autism

Next Story Earlier this year, Dr. Alvin H. Moss, a physician and professor in the Centre for Health Ethics & Law Department at West Virginia University, testified at the West Virginia Senate Education Committee on the topic of childhood vaccinations. As most of you reading this probably already know, multiple countries and communities around the world are now implementing […]

Research Shows How Our Childhood Experiences Can Change Our DNA

Next Story In this day and age, many of us understand that our childhood experiences often define our adult years. Any trauma, abuse, or neglect we experience as children, we carry with us into adulthood, and with this emerging awareness, many people are taking the necessary steps to overcome and release their childhood baggage so they can […]

All Childhood Vaccines Will Soon End Up In A Single Jab

US researchers have developed a technology that could soon see every childhood vaccine delivered in a single injection. The one-shot solution stores the vaccine in microscopic capsules that release the initial dose and then boosters at specific times and has been shown to work in mouse studies. The researchers say their technology could help patients […]

Childhood Vaccines May Go Into One Jab

Childhood Vaccines May Go Into One Jab September 14th, 2017 Via: BBC: A technology that could eventually see every childhood vaccine delivered in a single injection has been developed by US researchers. Their one-shot solution stores the vaccine in microscopic capsules that release the […]

White House petition demands moratorium on childhood vaccines… sign it here

(Natural News) Late last month, a formal Administrative Procedures Act Petition was filed with the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) to establish a five-year moratorium on childhood vaccinations. The petition was filed by Kent Heckenlively, JD, an attorney from the state of California whose child was injured by […]

BANA ALABED: A Lost Childhood and a Future Jeopardized by Ongoing Child Exploitation

Who ever is running this campaign, Please stop, it’s harming the children… ” ~ Rami Jarrah on Facebook VIDEO ~  Rami Jarrah is a NATO state, George Soros funded, Syrian “regime change” propagandist – but even he recognised the grotesque child exploitation that was being inflicted upon then 7 year old [now 8] Bana Alabed […]

BREAKING: Chelsea’s Childhood Friend Just Blew The Lid Off MURDEROUS Clinton Family Secrets

Chelsea Clinton’s big, nasty mouth may have just gotten her criminal family in even more trouble, if that’s even possible. According to one of her closest childhood friends, who contacted Freedom Crossroads after she ” felt personally threatened” by Chelsea, the Clintons have been using violent means to hush their opponents for decades. BREAKING: UNCOVERED […]

New research shows that prebiotics can combat the epidemic of childhood obesity

(Natural News) According to a radical new study, the solution to childhood obesity could lie in a prebiotic supplement. Specifically, a prebiotic supplement added to water that greatly improves gut bacteria profile. “Powdered fiber, mixed in a water bottle, taken once a day is all we asked the children to change, and we got, what […]

Breaking: Glyphosate Found in Childhood Vaccines

It’s no shocker folks. We’ve been talking about this in our live videos as well as on our Facebook page and website for some time. Glyphosate, the class 2A carcinogen (carcinogen means can cause cancer) in Monsanto’s flagship herbicide Roundup and countless other herbicides, has been found in vaccines. (Please watch this new interview with […]

Photo Series Shows Kids Enjoying Childhood Without Technology

Do you remember a tech-free childhood? For the most part, I do, with the exception of television. I am thankful I didn’t grow up during the era of iPads and iPhones, and everything that comes with them — easy access to streamed movies and TV shows, YouTube, games, and endless social media feeds. I didn’t have a device […]

Why Trump’s revolution succeeded, and Bernie’s fizzled

The scenes from the Cleveland arena last night as the Republican convention nominated Donald Trump for president were truly staggering. Here were a lot of ordinary people, mere outsiders, who had wrested the party leadership away from the establishment. They looked hokey and they acted hokey, and the media made fun of their repeated demonstrations that they […]

After 36,000 years, an ancient volcano near Rome is rumbling to life

     The country of Italy, home to one of the most famous volcanic disasters in history, is showing signs that another massive eruption is brewing, according to a new study published in the journal Geophysical Research Letters. Almost 2,000 years after the burial of Pompeii and nearby Herculaneum during the eruption of Mt. Vesuvius in […]

Farage on Brexit and TRUMP’s election, as a new “Independence Day” for both the UK and America

Farage on Brexit and TRUMP’s election, as a new “Independence Day” for both the UK and America   .   This entry was posted on July 16, 2016 by Simon Gibson. It was filed under Uncategorized . Leave a Reply Cancel reply Connecting to %s Notify me of new comments via email. Notify me of new […]

Bernie Sanders takes to Twitter advocating for GMO labeling while urging Congress to represent the PEOPLE, not just wealthy corporations

(NaturalNews) For all the ways he’s dead wrong about healthcare, education, and the replacing of our constitutional republic with democratic socialism, Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders admittedly has two things going for him: his consistent rejection of globalist trade scams like the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) and his vehement support for states’ rights when […]

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