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Disney Goes Full Vaginal Scissors with Lesbian Unicorn in New Children’s Cartoon Film

Andrew Anglin Daily Stormer February 22, 2020 When I was a kid watching Disney movies, I always asked my mother, “mommy, why are none of these women rubbing their vaginas together and shoving dildos into each other, then beating each other up?” Finally, Disney has decided to make it so no child […]

Is the Sexual Commercialization of Women and Children a Spiritual Issue?

Vic Bishop, Staff Writer Waking Times “This happens because we look the other way.” ~Jaco Booyens Some call it the ‘pornification of America‘ because the commercialization of sex and the over-sexualization of women and children in America is worse than any other country in the world. It’s such a disturbing topic that almost no one […]

Dr. Lawrence Palevsky Testimony: Unvaccinated Children Are “The Healthiest Children I’ve Ever Seen”

The Facts: Many fabric softeners are loaded with toxic chemicals that may cause harm to our health. Reflect On: Have you looked for alternatives to make or to buy? There are plenty out there. Fabric softeners are one of the most unnecessary dangerous chemicals that you may be using in your home, and it’s important […]

Joe Biden Claims Obama Put Migrant Children In ‘Cages’ To ‘Keep Them Safe’

Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden has defended the Obama administration’s use of holding facilities and cages for migrant children claiming it was done to keep them ‘safe‘. In an interview Friday posted on Facebook, Univision journalist Jorge Ramos grilled Biden on a claim he made in September that the Obama administration never put migrant children in cages. […]

Pakistani court suspends corporal punishment for children ‘in good faith for their benefit’

On Thursday, the Islamabad High Court suspended Section 89 of the Pakistan Penal Court, which deals with the power parents, teachers, and legal guardians have over children. The section in question says that “Nothing which is done in good faith for the benefit of a person under twelve years of age… is an offence by […]

Maternal obesity can cause neuropsychiatric problems in children – study

Researchers at Ben-Gurion University of the Negev (BGU) and Soroka University Medical Center researchers say maternal obesity can cause neuropsychiatric issues in their children, defined as autism, eating, sleeping and motor disorders, in the long-term. Obesity is already known to be a risk factor for adverse maternal, fetal and offspring outcomes. It has been found […]

The IDF Spokesman Announces: Continue to Shoot Palestinian Children

Israeli soldiers deploy during clashes with Palestinians as they protest the Mideast plan announced by the U.S. President Donald Trump, in Hebron, West Bank, January 30, 2020.AP/Mahmoud Illean The dehumanization of Palestinians has reached the IDF spokespeople. Even children no longer rouse human sentiment such as sorrow or mercy, certainly not in the IDF. by […]

What is ‘resignation syndrome’? Oscars doc legitimizes illness that affects only children of failed asylum seekers (yes, really)

I am not surprised that the film ‘Life Overtakes Me’ has won an Oscar nomination for a documentary short. This film resonates with Western filmmakers’ – and activists’ – fascination with psychological problems, particularly those suffered by children. Resignation syndrome is an almost-entirely mysterious condition that had never been diagnosed until the 1990s, and is […]

What Does School Really Teach Children?

People are not being educated; they’re being tested for levels of obedience. School is about memorizing what you are told short term and repeating it. The bulk of how you are graded is by completing daily work. Obedience is, in fact, work force’s most important quality in a worker bee. “School is the advertising agency […]

Feb 4-5: Israeli forces kill Palestinian teen, attack school children, demolish homes, etc

Muhammad Salman Tohme Al-Haddad, 17, shot dead by Israeli forces on Feb. 5, 2020 in Hebron. (Shafa News) Israeli soldiers shot a Palestinian teen in the heart, attacked school children in Bethlehem, attacked fishermen in Gaza, abducted a mayor, children, and others, demolished homes, etc. in the past day and a half… News reports from […]

Children’s mental health is affected by sleep duration

   Depression, anxiety, impulsive behavior and poor cognitive performance in children is effected by the amount of sleep they have researchers from the University of Warwick have found. Sleep states are active processes that support reorganization of brain circuitry. This makes sleep especially important for children, whose brains are developing and reorganizing rapidly. In the […]

The Importance of Teaching Empathy To Children

The following is a chapter from my book ‘Parables For The New Conversation.’ One chapter will be published every Sunday for 36 weeks here on Collective Evolution. (I would recommend you start with Chapter 1 if you haven’t already read it.) I hope my words are a source of enjoyment and inspiration for you, the reader. If perchance you would […]

US Government Wants to Ban Encryption in the Name of Protecting Children

(TMU) — In the name of protecting the children, U.S. lawmakers and the Department of Justice want to ban end-to-end encryption, opening Internet users to a host of attacks on their privacy by not only the government but also malicious hackers. Attorney General William Barr is claiming he wants to protect the children but his […]

Jill Biden: Trump’s Attacks on My Dear Children Are ‘DISGRACEFUL’

Former second lady Jill Biden slammed President Trump’s criticism about her stepson Hunter Biden as “disgraceful.” Appearing on MSNBC on Monday, host Nicolle Wallace asked Jill about the President’s ongoing attacks against the Biden family in relation to their corrupt dealings in Ukraine. “You’ve been in the center of the beginnings of the primaries, but […]

Dem Rep says he might support bill prohibiting detention of Palestinian children…if it only focused on “younger” children

At a town hall in Santa Barbara last week, Rep. Salud Carbajal (D-CA) was asked about H.R. 2407, the Promoting Human Rights for Palestinian Children Living Under Israeli Military Occupation Act. Despite pressure from local constituents, Carbajal has not signed on to cosponsor Rep. Betty McCollum’s (D-MN) historic bill. The legislation would prohibit U.S. aid […]

Commander-In-Chief: ‘Unborn Children Never Had a Stronger Defender in the White House’

President Trump made history Friday when he became the first U.S. president to address the annual March for Life event, where he declared he is the strongest advocate for unborn children to ever sit in the White House. “Unborn children have never had a stronger defender in the White House,” President Trump told hundreds of thousands […]

US Airstrike Kills 15 Civilians in Afghanistan, Including 3 Women and 3 Children

(ANTIWAR.COM) — A US airstrike against a Taliban splinter group, which killed Mullah Raaz Mohammed Nangyalai, also killed 15 civilians, according to the Independent Human Rights Commission (IHRC) of Afghanistan. The IHRC went on to say this was a “clear violation of human rights” and issued a report calling on foreign forces to be more careful that […]

American Zionists choose lies over children

August 27, 2011: A Palestinian child confronts Israeli soldiers in a protest against the encirclement of the West Bank town of Al-Walaja by the Israeli separation barrier. A bill before Congress seeks merely to stop US aid dollars from subsidizing the incarceration and torture of Palestinian children. Pro-Israel organizations would rather believe outrageous fallacies than […]

EVIL RISING: Disney now flat-out promoting demons and witchcraft to children

(Natural News) In accordance with its stated agenda of making the “demon realm feel like home,” The Disney Channel is releasing a new program for children called “The Owl House” that glorifies demons, witchcraft, and hell. According to Disney, the series centers around a teenage girl named Luz who “discovers a portal […]

Robert Kennedy, Jr. and Children’s Health Defense Sue FCC Over Wireless Radiation Exposure Health Guidelines

By B.N. Frank The Federal Communication Commission (FCC) is not a health or environmental agency; however, they are supposed to protect the public by regulating the telecom industry.  They’ve been doing a lousy job since long before the Trump administration (see 1, 2).  It’s much worse now (see 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7).  […]

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