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Paris Holocaust monument for children ‘censored’ in unusual case of vandalism

JTA — Parts of a text commemorating the murder of Jewish children in the Holocaust were painted over, as if redacted, at a newly opened memorial park for victims of the genocide in Paris. Police received reports this week of the unusual vandalism at the memorial space that opened in 2017 near the main Vel […]

Children who use gadgets or watch TV in the dark are at risk of poor quality sleep

(Natural News) These days, more kids are getting used to playing on their own phones and gadgets instead of toys. While there are educational apps that are suitable for kids, an alarming study warns that letting preteens spend time on devices before bedtime negatively affects their sleep quality. The study, which was […]

Terrorist massacre of children in Syrian Christian town of Al Suqalibiyah on borders of North Hama and Idlib

Vanessa Beeley 21st Century Wire This morning, the 12th May 2019, the remnants of terrorist groups still embedded in the countryside of northern Hama and Idlib targeted the Syrian Christian town of Al Skeilbiyyeh. 6 children have been martyred, many others have been injured, some critically. At least one was taken to Hama National Hospital […]

Predator Cops, Guilty of Sex Crimes Against Women and Children, Are EVERYWHERE

“Sexual predation by police officers happens far more often than people in the business are willing to admit.” — Former Seattle police chief Norm Stamper (Source) How could this be happening right under our noses? That’s what readers wanted to know after my column went viral about the extent to which young children are being […]

Vaccination as Orthodoxy: Conflicts of Interest Undermine Children’s Health Part I

The Facts: Actor James Woods has been blocked from posting on Twitter because authoritative figures find his opinions to ‘extremist.’ Reflect On: Have we ever seen this type of censorship before? Why do people with large followings who go against the grain these days have such a hard time sharing their opinion. Why are voices […]

New push to stop US funding torture of Palestinian children

Nora Barrows-Friedman Rights and Accountability 1 May 2019 The US State Department has acknowledged Israel’s routine and systematic abuse of Palestinian children by Israeli forces. Issam Rimawi APA images Israel would be banned from using US aid to detain and torture Palestinian children if a new bill becomes law. The Promoting Human Rights for Palestinian Children […]

Israel has arrested over 50 thousand children since 1967

On October 13th 2017, 16 children and 2 adults were ambushed and arrested in Hebron by the Israeli soldiers. They were detained in a cage at checkpoint 56,  cable-tied,  kicked, and hit, then transferred to an Israeli police station where they were subjected to further physical and psychological violence. All were eventually released without charge, […]

4 children of parents murdered in West Bank sue Syria, Iran in US federal court

The four children of a couple who were killed by a Palestinian Hamas terror cell while driving in the West Bank have filed a $360 million civil damages wrongful death lawsuit against Iran and Syria in federal court in Washington. Eitam and Naama Henkin were killed on October 1, 2015, when the Palestinian attackers, who […]

FBI: Sex with Children is the Fastest Growing Illegal Business in America

“Children are being targeted and sold for sex in America every day.” — John Ryan, National Center for Missing & Exploited Children Children, young girls — some as young as 9 years old — are being bought and sold for sex in America. The average age for a young woman being sold for sex is […]

Ohio Introduces Bill Banning the Sexualization of Children

Lawmakers in Ohio have introduced new legislation that would ban the sexualization of children. House Bill 180, introduced by Republican state Rep. Tim Schaffer, amends Ohio’s child endangerment statute to include involving minors in any material or performance that “suggests a minor is participating or engaging in sexual activity, masturbation, or bestiality.” reports: Adults […]

Over 7,800 Boy Scout Leaders Accused of Sexually Abusing 12,254 Children

Elias Marat, TMU Waking Times While many associate the Boy Scouts of America with its classic motto “Be Prepared,” it would be understandable for some of us to be unprepared to hear the breadth and depth of shocking new allegations over the long-running serial sexual abuse that has been taking place within the U.S. scouting movement. While […]

Sex with Children Has Become Big Business for Jews in America

Sex with Children Has Become Big Business for Jews in America “Children are being targeted and sold for sex in America every day.”—John Ryan, National Center for Missing & Exploited Children Children, young girls—some as young as 9 years old—are being bought and sold for sex in America. The average age for a young woman […]

Japan Leads the Way: No Vaccine Mandates and No MMR Vaccine = Healthier Children

The Facts: This article was written By Kristina Kristen, Guest Writer, for Children’s Health Defense, posted here with permission. Reflect On: How much do pharmaceutical companies really care about our health? Why is important information on vaccines never acknowledged and countered by the mainstream? In the United States, many legislators and public health officials are […]

California School Caught Teaching Children That Pedophilia Is a ‘Sexual Orientation’

Government school officials in California have been caught admitting they believe it is “really important” to teach children about pedophilia and pederasty in the classroom because it is a “sexual orientation.” The stunning admission that California government school officials consider pedophilia to be a “sexual orientation” came after a parent-information meeting last month for the […]

It’s Time To Empower Our Children With Real Hope, Vision And Stop Treating Them Like Templates

April 23rd, 2019 By Marco Torres Guest writer for Wake Up World A child grows in our society conditioned to believe that happiness is perpetually postponed for tomorrow. Their hope and vision is confined to living within society’s expectations and standards of the future where happiness exists in promises. They must pass every grade and […]

Children Of Palestine – This Is Their Story — Rebel Voice

This site has long tried to highlight the terror that the rogue state of Israel inflicts upon the children of Palestine. Whether it’s abducting them, intimidating them, closing down their schools, beating them, shooting them, bombing them and otherwise murdering them, Israel is never to be found wanting when it comes to the destruction of […] […]

Pope Francis Tells Audience of Children: ‘Migrants Bring Us Riches’

Pope Francis has continued to advocate for mass immigration and open borders, telling an audience of children that “migrants are those who always bring us riches.“ According to Pope Francis, globalism is the answer to society’s ills. The migrant crisis may have devastated Europe in recent years, but the pope argues that we must thank […]

How the LGBT lobby is brainwashing Australian children

March 26, 2019 | 0 Comments Over the past 30 years, Australians have attempted to reverse years of historical and social understandings surrounding gender and biology, as the ‘gender revolution’ continues to transform cultural normalities and institutions at breathtaking speed. Behind this push for ‘tolerance and equality’, lies billionaire lobbyists and corporate industry sponsors who […]

A Time for Rain: Teaching Our Children About Sadness

April 2nd, 2019 By Kelly Brogan, M.D. Guest Writer for Wake Up World Stop crying Danny! That tears are a bad thing is so baked into our social fabric that parents might find themselves renouncing crying without any awareness of the deeper implications. It might not even present as admonishment… “Don’t cry Sara, you’re fine, […]

4 Children & 2 Teachers Diagnosed With Cancer: Parents Blame The Cell Tower On Campus

The Facts: Susan Manewech describes her experience with extraterrestrial or extradimensional beings as a child and how they tested her to find out what her empathy levels were. Reflect On: How does the reality of ET life or life beyond human beings change your understanding of our reality? How much have you looked into the […]

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