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US offers $5m. reward for info on China ignoring sanctions on N.Korea

The US State Department on Tuesday accused China of “flagrant violation” of its obligation to enforce international sanctions on North Korea and said Washington would offer rewards of up to $5 million for information about sanctions evasions.Speaking to Washington’s Center for Strategic and International Studies think tank, Deputy Assistant Secretary for North Korea State Alex […]

China successfully lands spacecraft on moon to retrieve lunar rocks

BEIJING  – China successfully landed a spacecraft on the moon’s surface on Tuesday in a historic mission to retrieve lunar surface samples, Chinese state media reported. — Jonathan Amos (@BBCAmos) December 1, 2020 China launched its Chang’e-5 probe on Nov. 24. The uncrewed mission, named after the mythical Chinese goddess of the moon, aims to […]

China to Enjoy Better Post-COVID Economy Than All Other Major Nations

Cabinet Office Minister Michael Gove contradicted his own government’s vaccine minister by asserting that there were no plans to issue ‘vaccination passports’ that would be required before people were allowed to enter bars, restaurants and other venues. As we highlighted yesterday, during an interview on BBC Radio, UK vaccine minister Nadhim Zahawi suggested that the […]

China Will ‘Drive America to Its Death’ – Chinese Sociologist Boasts

China is on the brink of overtaking the United States as a superpower and eradicating the Western nation for good, according to a Chinese sociologist. Dr. Li Y made the chilling prediction at a forum in Shenzhen. “Chinese sociologist Dr. Li Yi said in an October 16, 2020 speech delivered at the Shenzhenwan Dialogue Forum […]

From Turkey to China, NATO focuses on challenges ahead of meeting

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Australia demands China apologise for ‘repugnant, outrageous’ doctored image of soldier murdering child

Australia’s prime minister Scott Morrison has demanded an apology from China over a “falsified image” shared by an official Chinese government Twitter handle showing an Australian soldier holding a knife to the throat of an Afghan child. “It is deeply offensive to every Australian, every Australian who has served in that uniform, every Australian who […]

BOMBSHELL New Evidence: Dominion Voting Software Was Used By China To Rig Election For Democrats

Bombshell new evidence filed by Attorney Sidney Powell proves that Communist China and Iran had backdoor access to the Dominion voting software used in the 2020 election. On Thanksgiving eve, brave attorney Sidney Powell filed a 104-page lawsuit detailing how both China and Iran rigged the election in favor of the Democratic Party so that […]

Japan Begins Cozying Up to China as Biden Administration Looms

Japan has initiated attempts to improve its relationship with China, accepting a visit from Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi on Tuesday. The timing of Japan’s moves to expand economic partnership with China — including joining the world’s largest trade agreement, the China-led Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP) — precedes the likely inauguration of Joe Biden as […]

China’s President Calls for QR Code-Based Global Travel System

Photo Credit: Gerd Altmann/Pixabay (BBC) — Chinese President Xi Jinping has called for a “global mechanism” that would use QR codes to open up international travel. “We need to further harmonize policies and standards and establish ‘fast tracks’ to facilitate the orderly flow of people,” he said. The codes will be used to help establish […]

Rock samples from China’s lunar mission could unlock ‘enigma’ of moon’s history

A lunar expert says any rocks returned from the moon by China’s Chang’e 5 lunar probe could answer the unexplored ‘enigma’ of the moon’s history. The probe is on course to reach the moon by the end of the week. It’s Beijing’s first attempt at retrieving moon rocks – and the world’s first – since […]

China’s Reaction to a US Unannounced visit to Taiwan – PressTV Interview

By Peter Koenig Global Research, November 24, 2020 Background China has reacted strongly to a senior US official’s unannounced visit to Taiwan, warning that it will take legitimate and necessary action according to circumstances. The Chinese foreign ministry spokesman reiterated Beijing’s firm opposition to any official ties between Taiwan and the US. The reaction came after […]

China employs Uighur Muslim labor to manufacture face masks, PPE – NYT

Chinese companies are employing Uighur Muslim labor to create personal protective equipment (PPE) such as face masks amid the coronavirus pandemic, according to a New York Times visual investigation.The autonomous Xinjiang region in northwest China is home to a large population of Muslim Uighur people, an ethnic minority who speak a Turkic language and face […]

China ramps up testing frozen imports after finding COVID-19 on packaging

China has ramped up testing of frozen foods after saying it has repeatedly discovered the coronavirus on imported products and their packaging, triggering mass scale testing of food and related personnel, suspension of certain imports and disruptions to trade flows.China, which has suspended imports from 99 suppliers in 20 countries, argues these measures are needed […]

U.S. Companies with ‘Made in China’ Products, ‘Optimistic’ About Joe Biden

American companies that do business and make their products in China are, by a majority, “optimistic” about a Joe Biden presidency, a new survey reveals. The American Chamber of Commerce in a Shanghai, China, survey asked 124 business executives their opinions on a Biden presidency, to which a majority, nearly 63 percent, said they are […]

The China Moment

November 19, 2020 by Peter Koenig for The Saker Blog China has achieved the almost impossible – a free trade agreement with 14 countries – the ten ASEAN, plus Japan, South Korea, Australia and New Zealand, altogether 15 countries, including China. The so-called Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership, or RCEP, was in negotiations during eight years […]

Trump Plans Series Of Actions Against China Before Biden Inauguration

Above photo: President Trump and Chinese President Xi Jinping meet at the G-20 summit in Japan in 2019. Associated Press. NOTE: As we wrote earlier this year, the United States is on a dangerous path with China. China is a powerful player in the multipolar world that is developing. The United States needs to change […]

Climate Billionaires, China’s Rise, What If – New World Next Week

Podcast: Play in new window | Download | Embed Watch on Archive / BitChute / LBRY / Minds / YouTube This week on the New World Next Week: the super wealthy form a super elite club for saving the planet while making money; the US State Department releases a blueprint for Cold War with china; […]

Zhouzhuang: China’s Stunning and Popular Venice of the East

Zhouzhuang is a small town located in China’s Jiangsu province not far from the modern metropolis of Shanghai. As one of the China’s most famous water towns, Zhouzhuang has been nicknamed the “Venice of the East.” Apart from the picturesque natural scenery, the town is also known for its well-preserved architecture, including several stone bridges, […]

China has the world’s tallest outdoor lift

Welcome to the world’s highest outdoor lift. Located in China’s Zhangjiajie Forest Park, it whisks visitors up a cliff face in just 88 seconds. At the top of the 326-metre-high lift, tourists can enjoy breathtaking views. The alternative is a three-hour climb up on foot. The cliff face inspired the landscape for the blockbuster movie […]

British diplomat praised for saving drowning woman in China

A British diplomat is being praised for saving a drowning woman in southwestern China. Stephen Ellison jumped into a stream to rescue the woman after she fell into the water in a village on the outskirts of Chongqing. Ellison is the British consul general in the Chinese city. “We are all immensely proud of our […]

China Lavishes Praise on Americans Who Voted For Biden

The Chinese Communist Party’s foreign ministry today extended praise to Americans who voted for former vice president Joe Biden in the 2020 election, declaring the Chinese nation respects the choice of these Americans. ‘We have been paying attention to the domestic and international community’s reaction to this US presidential election,’ foreign ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin […]

Hybrid War On China Crafted By Marquee Brands Like Frontline

Above photo: Profusely distributed photos proclaiming “Chinese atrocities”, but absent the proper contextual investigation to understand the issues. A classical case of Western propaganda. NOTE: To learn more about the World Uyghur Congress, a far right US-funded network, read this excellent article from Ajit Singh of The Grayzone. – MF From Hong Kong to Xinjiang […]

Cotton: Biden’s China History ‘Another Reason’ GA Senate Races Are Key

On Monday’s broadcast of the Fox News Channel’s “The Story,” Sen. Tom Cotton (R-AR) stated that one of the reasons that re-electing Sens. David Perdue and Kelly Loeffler (R-GA) is important is “Joe Biden has a 48-year history of selling out American workers and American jobs to China, to say nothing of his son’s shady […]

China in, Denmark out: Israel amends COVID quarantine requirements for returning passengers

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UK Brings In Army To Help With First “China-Style” Mass COVID-19 Testing In Liverpool

By Tyler Durden Following in the footsteps of China and tiny Slovakia, the UK is embarking on its first “moonshot” mass-testing campaign in the city of Liverpool, known to most people outside the UK as the hometown of the Beatles. According to the Guardian, up to half a million people in the city are set […]

China Predicts ‘Fall of U.S. Political System’

Chinese state media predicts that the U.S. political system as we know it is about to collapse, in a grim assessment of this week’s election. “The decline of U.S. politics in 2020 is destined to be recorded in history,” wrote China’s state-run Global Times. The outlet cited gun and ammunition purchases as evidence that a civil […]

The Russia-China vote

November 03, 2020 by Pepe Escobar with permission and cross-posted with Asia Times Whatever the geopolitical and geoeconomic consequences of the spectacular US dystopia, the Russia-China strategic partnership, in their own slightly different registers, have already voted on their path forward. Here is how I framed what is at the heart of the Chinese 2021-2025 five-year plan […]

The World is Changing: China Launches Campaign for Superpower Status

October 23, 2020 China’s President Xi Jinping (R) and US President Donald Trump. (Photo: File) By Ramzy Baroud The outdated notion that China ‘just wants to do business’ should be completely erased from our understanding of the rising global power’s political outlook. Simply put, Beijing has long realized that, in order for it to sustain its […]

How A Key Pentagon Official Turned China Policy Over To Arms Industry And Taiwan Supporters

Above photo: From The Grayzone. The “Fortress Taiwan” arms deal overseen by ex-Assistant Secretary of Defense Randall Schriver is one of the most provocative U.S. moves against China in years. And a big win for his think tank’s arms industry and Taiwanese patrons. When the United States finalized a set of seven arms sales packages to Taiwan […]

US Empire Building in China/ Sth Pacific.. watch Pilger’s ‘Coming War On China’

The Free from The Most Revolutionary Act shared with thanks The Coming War on China Directed by John Pilger (2016) Film Review They’re Baaack: US Navy Returns to Philippines’ Subic Bay Amid China Fears ….. The Real Secret of the South China Sea Two things I’ve learned over the years about John Pilger films are […]

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