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China releases new photo of mystery ‘Moon glass’ and it’s… something (PHOTOS)

To the untrained eye, it appears like just another photo of dirt, but with each new image, the potential for correctly identifying where the substance came from, and what it really is, grows. China’s lunar rover Yutu-2 touched down on the dark side of the moon on January 2. Months later, it stumbled upon the […]

China Braces To Unveil 5%-GDP Growth At Two Key Meetings In Coming Weeks

Earlier this month, Beijing marked the 70th anniversary of the People’s Republic of China with huge military parades, showing off its hypersonic weapons and weaponized drones. But behind the scene’s China’s economy is quickly decelerating, and fresh evidence last week shows GDP could slip under 6%. China’s GDP, published last Friday, showed 6% growth for […]

China Kills Tarantino Movie Over Controversial Bruce Lee Fight Scene

Chinese film regulators didn’t explain their cancellation decision. But another source familiar with the movie told The Hollywood Reporter that Shannon Lee, Bruce Lee’s daughter, “filed a complaint to China’s National Film Administration” due to the inaccurate portrayal of her late father. She said Tarantino’s film made her late father look “arrogant” and “boastful.” […]

The NBA is now communist China’s thought police: "Free Hong Kong" signs confiscated from American fans

(Natural News) It is now a punishable offense to hold up signs or wear t-shirts in support of the Hong Kong freedom movement at NBA games, as the professional basketball league continues to implement the very same authoritarian tactics as its financial bedfellow, communist China. During a recent Washington Wizards game in […]

China’s $3.6 Billion Bailout Insulates Turkey From US

Authored by ‘Spengler’ via The Asia Times, Beijing’s biggest support package ever for President Erdogan arrives at a critical time… Despite the US threat to “obliterate and destroy” Turkey’s economy, the Turkish lira and Turkish interest rates barely have budged in the past week (Turkish stocks, especially banks, are down sharply, in part due to […]

House Passes Hong Kong Human Rights And Democracy Act, China Promises Response

The National People’s Congress, the foreign ministry, Beijing’s top office on Hong Kong policy and state media all issued fiery statements condemning the bill and said China would take action after the House passed the Hong Kong Human Rights and Democracy Act on Tuesday, moving it one step closer to becoming US law. Source Article from […]

Charles Barkley says Americans who don’t like the NBA’s collusion with communist China are "idiots," admits it’s all about money

(Natural News) Former NBA player Charles Barkley has chimed in on the league’s controversial partnership with communist China, calling fans who are critical of this questionable relationship “idiots” and “jackasses.” Citing the “billions of dollars” that are at stake if the NBA in any way crosses communist China by supporting the freedom […]

Hull for China’s 3rd aircraft carrier may be finished in 12 months, satellite PHOTOS of shipyard indicate

The shipyard is located on Changxing Island at the mouth of the Yangtze River, and has been involved in building several larger warships for the Chinese Navy, including the Type 002, Beijing’s first domestically-built aircraft carrier. Its successor, the larger Type 003, is currently under construction there as well. Images provided to Reuters by the […]

2020 Dem Kamala Harris now colluding with Big Tech to silence all dissenters… just like Communist China

(Natural News) Tens of millions of Americans, most of them supporters of President Donald Trump, are well aware that the big tech social media platforms like YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter have been censoring and banning conservatives and pro-liberty, pro-America users. For nearly two years, anyone who posts something the Left-wing speech Nazis […]

China Vows Strong Countermeasures in Response to Hostile US Legislation

The so-called US Hong Kong Human Rights and Democracy Act of 2019 was unanimously adopted by House and Senate committees. On Tuesday, House members unanimously passed the measure, Senate adoption virtually certain, perhaps by unanimous voice vote. The measure ignored made-in-the-USA color revolution-style violence and chaos, ongoing in Hong Kong for months, US officials actively […]

LeBron James Sucks up to China; Attacks Rockets GM and Free Speech

LeBron James has criticized Rockets General Manager Daryl Morey for supporting the protestors in Hong Kong while warning about the “negative” side-effects of free speech. On October 4th, Morey tweeted a message of support of Hong Kong’s protestors, saying: “Fight for freedom, stand with Hong Kong.” That message caused a firestorm of controversy as China […]

UN General Assembly 2019: Venezuela, Russia, China Denounce Violations of International Treaties and Distortions of UN Charter

As Venezuelan Chairman of the Non Aligned Movement, comprising 120 nations and observer states, Foreign Minister Jorge Arreaza denounced devious and Machiavellian ploys attempted by the US to force regime change on his country, with efforts to isolate the country, together with vicious unilateral coercive sanctions. Having failed to force regime change on Venezuela, using […]

Stocks Ramp To Unchanged On China "Breakthrough" Tweet

And just like that, we are unch… Thanks to a perfectly timed tweet from Global Times Editor Hi Xijin, algos ignited momentum at the cash open, sending stocks back to unchanged on the day… Based on what I know, China-US trade talks made breakthrough last week and the two sides have the strong will to […]

Hunter Biden Still Has Millions in China Investment Fund, Expert Says

Democratic 2020 hopeful Joe Biden’s son Hunter Biden likely still has millions of dollars invested in a China-backed investment fund, according to reports. Hunter Biden announced Sunday that he was stepping down from his board position at BHR Equity Investment Fund Management. Biden has a 10 percent stake in BHR, which he acquired though a […]

Communist China just doubled its number of military troops… is an invasion of America the next chapter in global domination?

(Natural News) Americans take it for granted that foreign troops aren’t pillaging their country, vying for military control over U.S. cities, and forcing compliance to a communist government. Neither China nor Russia has attempted such a bold invasion, but their core communist belief systems continue to drive them toward global domination. Taking […]

China & India aren’t best friends – but agreed strategic adjustment might prevent WAR between Asian superpowers

An enduring visual of the second ‘informal summit’ between Chinese President Xi Jinping and Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi in the ancient southern Indian port of Mamallapuram on October 11-12 was of the two holding hands aloft in front of a gigantic circular granite boulder on a hilly slope which has miraculously not rolled down […]

‘It’s a lovefest!’ Trump announces ‘substantial’ US-China trade deal on agriculture, intellectual property, & finance

   The US and China have reached a “very substantial phase one” deal, US President Donald Trump has declared. Tariffs due to take effect on Tuesday have been canceled, and markets responded with elation. Phase one of the deal includes intellectual property, financial services, and agricultural purchases, Trump announced on Friday during a meeting with […]

China Will Shake the Whole World: About Farmers and Artificial Intelligence

For the first time in recent history, a poor, underdeveloped country has in no time developed into an economic superpower, with a major impact on world affairs. How has this been made possible? What does this mean for the rest of the world? A retrospective of 70 years of Chinese revolutions. Back on the world […]

US Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross slams China’s trade practices

Related Posts "This Is Nuts!" – High Valuations, Fed Hopes, & Over-Hyped Trade Deals Authored by Lance Roberts via, Since the lows of last December, the markets have UN calls for overhaul of world trade system The real reason behind this week’s meetings. Photo: MCB The United Nations has called for ‘They have been […]

China’s Global Reach: Surveillance and Censorship Beyond the Great Firewall

By Danny O’Brien Those outside the People’s Republic of China (PRC) are accustomed to thinking of the Internet censorship practices of the Chinese state as primarily domestic, enacted through the so-called “Great Firewall”—a system of surveillance and blocking technology that prevents Chinese citizens from viewing websites outside the country. The Chinese government’s justification for that […]

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