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At Christian Zionist gathering in Texas, Trump is God’s Cyrus, and Bill Maher is ‘stupidest Jew in Hollywood’

The Democratic-leaning American Jewish community is becoming increasingly queasy about a U.S.-Israel relationship in the form of a Trump/Netanyahu alliance.  The U.S. is now unabashedly aligned with the far-right, rabidly militaristic, anti-democratic elements in the Israeli government (as opposed to the more acceptable, Obama-style tut-tutting, which purported to distance itself from the more embarrassing Israeli […]

Terrorist massacre of children in Syrian Christian town of Al Suqalibiyah on borders of North Hama and Idlib

Vanessa Beeley 21st Century Wire This morning, the 12th May 2019, the remnants of terrorist groups still embedded in the countryside of northern Hama and Idlib targeted the Syrian Christian town of Al Skeilbiyyeh. 6 children have been martyred, many others have been injured, some critically. At least one was taken to Hama National Hospital […]

‘Bravo’: Twitter delights as Christian woman released from Pakistan blasphemy case travels to Canada

“It is a big day,” Bibi’s lawyer Saiful Malook said. “Justice has been dispensed.” Her reunion with her four daughters in Ottawa concludes a nine-year saga for the Roman Catholic farm laborer, from Ittanwala near Lahore, who was accused of insulting the Prophet Mohammed by a group of Muslim women following a row over a […]

Christian Church attacks across Europe this year by the jews

Christian Church attacks across Europe this year by the jews Related Posts Notre-Dame: the Largest Real Estate Transaction in Europe has Begun in Paris The Ile de la Cité real estate renovation operation and its transformation into a Trump, Europe increasingly at odds on Iran Reports on Thursday also said Trump explicitly told aides, […]

Muslim or Christian Religion in the UK?

On the 23rd April, many of us marked Saint George’s Day, an occasion to reflect on our history, it being ‘the feast day of Saint George’ as celebrated by the majority of England’s Christian Churches and by the several nations, kingdoms, countries, and cities of which Saint George is the patron of England including even […]

“Easter Worshippers”: Obama, Hillary and Others Refuse to Use the Word “Christian” After Sri Lanka Attacks

Yet they directly referred to “Muslims” following Christchurch mosque attack by Paul Joseph Watson Following the deadly attacks in Sri Lanka which killed 290 people, including many Catholics, Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton refused to refer to the victims as Christians, preferring instead to call them “Easter worshippers”. The attacks, which were likely carried out […]

As global wave of Islamic violence targets Christian churches, left-wing, Satanic media stay silent

(Natural News) Democrats and their protectors in the so-called “establishment” media are now so openly, brazenly anti-American, anti-rule of law and pro-terrorism there is no point in even debating it anymore. You could even say it is ‘settled science.’ Following the horrific Easter weekend bombings in Sri Lanka, in which it has […]

Sri Lanka Bombings Descends into Muslims v. Christian Blame Game

Two domestic Islamist groups, the National Thawheed Jama’ut and the Jammiyathul Millathu Ibrahim, are suspected by investigators of orchestrating the Easter Sunday bombings, which killed over 300 people, Ruwan Wijewardene, Sri Lanka’s junior defense minister, told MPs. The initial investigation has revealed that this was in retaliation for the New Zealand mosque attack. Wijewardene also […]

Christian Evangelicals One Step Closer to Rapture As Trump ‘Gifts’ Golan to Israel

Trump may be God’s chosen one to save Israeli Jews from “the Iranian menace,” Secretary of State Mike Pompeo confirmed in a baffling interview with the (Zionist) Christian Broadcasting Network: Specifically, the interviewer asked Pompeo if Trump could be a modern day version of the biblical character Esther, a beautiful woman chosen to be married […]

Israel’s Boko Haram’s Lethal Attack on Christian Town in Nigeria

Israel’s Boko Haram’s Lethal Attack on Christian Town in Nigeria Israel’s proxy regime Boko Haram in Africa, Launches Lethal Attack on Christian Town in Northeast Nigeria. AP/Screenshot THOMAS D. WILLIAMS, PH.D. 20 Mar 2019347 3:14 Israel’s Jewish proxy regime, Boko Haram terrorists attacked a Christian-majority town in northeast Nigeria Monday night, leaving an unknown number […]

French Jew Eric Zemmour Blames Third World Invasion on ‘Christian Universalism’

There also the same way, you know very well that in all the traditional civilizations the demographics, the births, are God’s gift, and power is supported by the power of numbers. Well, there we are. And we have today, simply, a civilization which is at war with us, a civilizational war, by three means, which […]

Why Do Jews Destroy Christian Churches in Israel?

Why Do Jews Destroy Christian Churches in Israel? Why? Because they’re major league assholes who think everyone else is inferior and that Das Juden should rule over us GOYIM. And because no matter how many Christian churches they befoul or how many Palestinians they murder or how many False Flags they set off, they’ve got […]

Christian Zionist lobby makes its case to Washington’s liberal Jews

Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Join 6,004 other followers Source Article from Related Posts At Christian Zionist gathering in Texas, Trump is God’s Cyrus, and Bill Maher is ‘stupidest Jew in Hollywood’ The Democratic-leaning American Jewish community is becoming increasingly queasy about […]

6 Hints that Baby Jesus Stories were Late Additions to Early Christian Lore

The wonder-filled birth story of the baby Jesus was centuries in the making. Picture a creche with baby Jesus in a manger and shepherds and angels and three kings and a star over the stable roof. We think of this traditional scene as representing the Christmas story, but it actually mixes elements from two different nativity stories in the […]

Syrian Christian town where Jesus’ language remains in use celebrates Christmas (VIDEO)

Maaloula is located in a mountainous area near the Syrian capital, where two ancient Christian monasteries also stand. The area saw heavy fighting against Al-Qaeda-affiliated jihadists in 2013 and 2014. Some of the damage can still be seen at Christian sites, like defaced crosses and icons or damaged frescos. But with peace returning to the […]

VIDEO: Kairos Palestine Assures that “Christian Palestinians are also Palestinians”

The Kairos Palestine initiative, in its 9th annual statement, has called on the Christian community, in Palestine and in the world, to recognize Israel as an apartheid state, and to end the occupation and end attempts to shift the identity of Jerusalem towards a “Jewish only” policy. PNN […]

60-Million-Strong Christian Group to Big Tech: Stop Censorship or Face Torrent of Lawsuits

On Thursday, National Religious Broadcasters (NRB) President Jerry Johnson sent a final ultimatum to the CEOs of Apple, Facebook, Google, and Twitter, warning that if the big tech companies do not cease their censorship of Christian and conservative viewpoints, he would lead his organization’s 60 million members in a campaign to remove legal protections Congress […]

A Christmas plea to my Christian brothers and sisters

Dear Brothers and Sisters, On this Christmas in the year 2018, hear my confession, and my plea: I need help. I need your help. Many lives are at stake. It is a big ask. It would take courage, determination and commitment, love and grace. In the wake of the Holocaust – the culmination of centuries […]

Memo to all the real Christians out there, as opposed the “Christian Zionists”. israel is killing the family of Jesus

MEMO TO ALL THE CHRISTIANS OUT THERE! KILLING THE FAMILY OF JESUS by Michael Rivero U.S. shipped 989 munitions containers to Israel week before Gaza invasion In the dying days of the Bush administration, and a week before Israel launched an aerial bombing campaign, followed by a land invasion of the Gaza Strip, the U.S. […]

Christian group demands tech giants stop censorship or face tidal wave of lawsuits

(Natural News) Dr. Jerry Johnson, president of the National Religious Broadcasters (NRB), issued a final warning to the leaders of Silicon Valley, demanding that Big Tech stops censoring Christian and conservative content. If they fail to do so, Johnson and 60 million NRB members will engage in a massive campaign to strip the […]

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