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Lao Christians Detained in Jail for Planning Christian Funeral

Laos (International Christian Concern) – For over three months, four Lao Christians have been jailed in the country’s Khammouane province for planning a Christian funeral that is contrary to the local customs. According to Radio Free Asia (RFA), on July 3, the four Christians travelled to Khammouane’s Phousath village to attend a funeral that was […]

An Open Letter to Christians and Christian Leaders

Real News Australia [Editors note: This piece is not a reflection of any personal beliefs nor is it intended to discriminate against anyone with or without personal religious beliefs. Please consider sharing regardless of your personal & religious beliefs. This does in no way encourage incitement to break the law] By Pete Veritas. Dear Christians and […]

Christians in India Who Refused to Deny Faith Left Devastated After Attack by Extremists

Photo Credit: Parij Borgohain/Pexels (International Christian Concern) – On Sept. 22, members of the Sarya Adivasi Samaj (SAM) group summoned 15 Christian families to a meeting in Kakadabeda village, located in the Kondagoan district of India’s Chhattisgarh state. At this meeting, the Christians were told they had to recant their faith or be forced to […]

Six Nigerian Christians Killed in Fresh Fulani Militant Attack on Beleaguered Plateau State Village

(Barnabas Fund) — Six people were murdered, including the acting village head, and three seriously injured in an attack by armed Fulani militants on Oct. 5 in Wereng, a beleaguered Christian village in Plateau State. The heavily armed attackers, who were wearing police uniforms according to eyewitnesses, sporadically fired their guns as they stormed the […]

Three Young Christians Assaulted in North Sudan

(Morning Star News) – A pastor’s son, his cousin and their 20-year-old aunt were assaulted in a suburb north of Khartoum, Sudan on Tuesday (Oct. 6) as Muslims continued targeting church members despite religious freedoms favored by the new transitional government. Levi Hakim, 17, had gone into a shop in the Alsamrab neighborhood in Khartoum […]

Survey Shows Many Professing Christians Being Shaped by Culture Rather Than Biblical Truth

Photo Credit: Samuel Martins/Unsplash GLENDALE, Ariz. — The 11th installment of the “American Worldview” survey conducted by Dr. George Barna and the Cultural Research Center at Arizona Christian University has found that many professing Christians are being shaped by the culture instead of biblical truth. “As Christians, we are called to be ‘salt and light;’ to […]

Indian Christians in ‘Fear and Shock’ After Extremists Warn Leave Faith or Die

(Barnabas Fund) — Christians were warned “to leave their faith or face fatal consequences” before around 16 of their homes were razed by extremists in India’s Chhattisgarh state on Sept. 22 and 23. The series of “brazen and perilous” attacks by extremists on three villages in the district of Kondagaon have left the Christian victims […]

U.S. Ambassador to Poland Says LGBT ‘Human Rights’ More Important Than Rights of Christians

    The U.S. Ambassador to Poland, Georgette Mosbacher, has been rebuked for meddling in Poland’s internal political affairs after she was a signatory of an open letter published by the U.S. Embassy in support of subversive LGBT activists in Poland: In an interview for news portal Wirtualna Polska, US ambassador to Poland Georgette Mosbacher […]

Iranian Christians’ Adopted Child to Be Removed From Their Care

(Article 18) — Lydia was just three months old when she was adopted by Iranian Christian converts Sam Khosravi and wife Maryam Falahi. Now, just one month before her second birthday, a court has ruled she must be taken away from them, as Sam and Maryam – who are currently appealing against convictions related to […]

Twin Sisters Kidnapped, Pastor and Three Other Christians Killed in Nigeria

JOS, Nigeria (Morning Star News) – A church elder was shot as his daughters were kidnapped in northwest Nigeria on Friday (Sept. 18), days after a pastor and three other Christians in a north-central state were killed earlier this month. Hassana and Hussaina Garba, teenaged Christian twin sisters, were kidnapped from their home beside their Evangelical Church […]

European Christians Will Establish “Settlements” in Hungary – PM Orbán

Many Christians will likely migrate from Western Europe to Hungary and establish “settlements” there in the coming years, according to Prime Minister Viktor Orbán. PM Orbán predicted a growing exodus of Christians from other parts of Europe – likely a reference to increasing hostility against Believers as the influences of Islam and secular neoliberalism continue […]

Study Confirms Growth of Iranian Christians

Photo Credit: Mostafa Meraji/Pixabay (The Christian Institute) — New research shows the rapid growth of the church in Iran, with Iranian Christians now numbering around one million. The study was conducted by The Group for Analyzing and Measuring Attitudes in Iran (GAMAAN). The Netherlands-based research group seeks to access the opinions of Iranians on sensitive […]

Attacks on Christians Continue in India’s Most Persecuted State

Photo Credit: Free Photos/Pixabay (International Christian Concern) – Christians in Uttar Pradesh, a state located in northern India, are no strangers to persecution. Year after year, Uttar Pradesh is identified as the state where most Christian persecution incidents are recorded in India. According to the Evangelical Fellowship of India (EFI), 86 of the 366 violent […]

Sri Lankan Christians Harassed by Mobs

[embedded content] (Voice of the Martyrs Canada) — Mob demonstrations are a common way to disrupt and protest Christianity in the nation of Sri Lanka. Although opposition often comes from the dominant Buddhist community, two recent incidents in the Batticaloa District appear to have been instigated by Hindu leaders. On July 19, a group of […]

Three Christians Flee Iran in Facing Combined 35 Years in Prison

(Article18) — Three Iranian Christian converts whose appeals against a combined 35 years in prison were recently rejected want to let their supporters know they are safe and well outside the country. The cases against Kavian Fallah-Mohammadi, Hadi Asgari and Amin Afshar-Naderi were tied up with those against the Iranian-Assyrian pastor Victor-Bet Tamraz and his […]

The Persecution Of Christians Is Escalating Dramatically All Over The World

All over the globe, thousands upon thousands of Christians are being ruthlessly killed simply because of what they believe.  But if you only rely on corporate-controlled media sources for your news, you literally never hear about this relentless persecution. In fact, in this article I don’t link to a single mainstream news source. I had […]

Tens of Thousands of Christians Rise Up Against Gov. Newsom and Worship at State Capitol

Tens of thousands of Christians of all races and backgrounds gathered in the sweltering heat to defy California Gov. Gavin Newsom and exercise their constitutional right to worship Jesus Christ at the state capitol building in Sacramento, California. The Christians did so in defiance of Democrat Gov. Newsom, the man responsible for shutting down many […]

Attacked Christians in India Risk Arrest if Worship Draws More Assaults

NEW DELHI (Morning Star News) – Police in eastern India have threatened to arrest Christians for “disturbing the peace” if their worship draws more opposition after recent attacks, including one that has nearly cost an elderly woman her sight, sources said. Complaining that Christian prayers have driven away their nature-based gods, tribal animists in Badaguda, Odisha […]

Three Christians in India Banished From Village for Refusing to Renounce Faith

Photo Credit: Devanth/Pixabay (International Christian Concern) – According to local report, three young Christians from Talbora village, located in India’s Odisha state, were banished from their home village because they refused to renounce their Christian faith and convert to Hinduism. Surander, age 22, Subash, age 20, and Jamuna, age 19, became Christians in 2017 and […]

Survey Finds Half of Professing Christians Think Sex Outside of Marriage Is Sometimes or Always Okay

Photo Credit: Kate Hlitznitsova/Unsplash WASHINGTON — The Washington-based Pew Research Center has revealed the results of a survey in which the organization asked sample Americans their views on dating and what is acceptable in relationships. While non-Christians were not surprisingly more approving of fornication, the Center found that many who profess to be followers of […]

At Least 500 Ethiopian Christians Reported Slaughtered in Relentless Attacks Since June

(Barnabas Fund) — An Ethiopian Christian leader called for an international inquiry into the slaying of hundreds of Christians, including pregnant women, children and whole families, in ongoing Oromo Muslim extremist attacks in the parts of the Oromia regional state, extending south, south-east and east of Addis Ababa, since the end of June. According to […]

Christians in Mexican Village Risk Losing Water, Electricity if They Can’t Pay Fines as Part of Illegal Agreement

Photo Credit: TUBS/Wikipedia (Christian Solidarity Worldwide) — Two Protestant families, who were forced to sign an illegal agreement in which they renounce their right to hold religious services in order to have their access to water and other essential services reinstated, were informed at a community meeting on Aug. 22 that they risk being cut […]

‘Spiritual Wickedness’: Podcaster Warns Christians About BLM’s Practice of Conjuring Up Spirits of the Dead

A podcaster and Bible teacher recently exhorted Christians to be aware of the occultic spiritual practices of Black Lives Matter (BLM) and to practice discernment instead of linking arms with the organization. “When the apostle Paul said that we wrestle not against flesh and blood but against spiritual wickedness, this is what he was talking […]

Former Persecutor of Christians in Vietnam Now Suffers for His Faith

(Christian Aid Mission) — A policeman in northern Vietnam who used to go to villages to threaten and arrest Christians now goes to the same villages to tell people about Christ — under threat of harsh punishment. For years officer Thien* had followed orders to infiltrate worship services to search for pretexts for arresting church […]

Pastor, 16-Year-Old Girl Among 11 Christians Killed in Kaduna State, Nigeria

JOS, Nigeria (Morning Star News) – A 16-year-old girl, a father of nine children and a church pastor were among 11 Christians killed by Muslim Fulani herdsmen this week in southern Kaduna state, sources said. On Tuesday (Aug. 18) in Zangon Kataf County, herdsmen attacked Unguwan Gankon village, killing a 16-year-old student, Takama Paul, and another Christian, […]

‘We curse Christianity three times a day’: Can Jews and Christians truly reconcile?

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What fuels Evangelical Christians’ love-hate relationship with Jews

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[Satanic] Talmud Commands to Kill Christians

CHRISTIANS TO BE HARMED DIRECTLY Lastly, the Talmud commands that Christians are to be killed without mercy. In the Abhodah Zarah (26b) it says: “Heretics, traitors and apostates are to be thrown into a well and not rescued.” And in Choschen Hammischpat (388,10) it says: “A spy is to be killed, even in our days, wherever he is found. […]

What Happens When pro-Trump Christians Weaponize the Bible

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It’s time for us Jews to start crediting the Christians

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