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Irreconcilable differences: Methodist church goes for breakup over gay marriage row

The plan will be considered at the church’s major yearly conference in Minneapolis, set for May, which if approved would rupture the denomination into traditionalist and ‘progressive’ camps. The former branch would continue to oppose LGBT marriage and the ordination of gay and lesbian clergy, while the other will open its doors to anyone, regardless […]

Never Forget: The US Gov’t Carried Out The Largest Church Massacre In Texas

On Sunday, a horrifying tragedy unfolded as a mass shooting terrorist walked into a Texas church and began slaughtering innocent women, men, and children. The massacre left 26 people dead, according to police, including an unborn child who died inside his pregnant mother. On Wednesday, the names of the deceased were released along with the […]

Greek Orthodox Church in Jerusalem poisoned by Jews

Greek Orthodox Church in Jerusalem poisoned by Jews News Archbishop Atallah Hanna: ‘Israel’ is responsible for poisoning me By َQudsN / December 23, 2019 Amman (QNN)- The Head of the Sebastia Diocese of the Greek Orthodox Church in Jerusalem Archbishop Atallah Hanna said on Monday held the occupation state responsible for poisoning him last Wednesday. […]

Russian Orthodox Church cuts ties with Alexandria Patriarchate over recognition of Ukraine’s breakaway church

   The Russian Orthodox Church has cut ties with the Greek Orthodox Patriarchate of Alexandria and all of Africa Patriarch Theodore II after he recognized the independence of Ukraine’s church from Moscow. Russia’s Holy Synod also decided on December 27 to abolish the Exarchate of the Patriarchate of Alexandria in Moscow and convert it into […]

City Tells Church It Will Lose Religious Designation Because It Shelters Homeless People

By John Vibes Earlier this week, on Christmas Eve, an order from the city of Cleveland was posted on the door of the Denison Avenue United Church of Christ, demanding that they kick out the homeless people that they had been allowing to sleep on their property or face losing their status with the city […]

Pope Francis Lifts Rule That Protected Catholic Church Pedophiles and Silenced Victims

(TMU) — In a move that is being greeted as long overdue, Pope Francis has stricken down Vatican secrecy rules in cases of sexual abuse that had previously been shielded by the Catholic Church’s highest levels of confidentiality. The church had previously defended the rule known as “pontifical secrecy” on the grounds that it protected the privacy […]

Church of the Open Borders: ‘Caged nativity’ is the perfect religious display for a politics that permits no heresy

Three chain-link cages topped with barbed wire holding life-size plaster nativity figures of Jesus, Mary, and Joseph have been placed on display outside Claremont United Methodist Church in the suburbs of Los Angeles, where they have become a lightning rod for controversy. Claremont head pastor Rev. Karen Clark Ristine insists the “protest nativity” – which went […]

Church Displays the Holy Family as “Caged Refugees” at the Border

(CD) — A Nativity scene in the southern Califiornia city of Claremont depicting the Holy Family as a separated family held in cages at the U.S. border is sparking controversy and conversations over President Donald Trump’s immigration policies. “If this isn’t your church’s politics, you’ve got the wrong faith,” tweeted music journalist Zel McCarthy. Vanity Fair writer Anthony Breznican […]

Sweden’s sexualized LGBT church altar is not ‘inclusive,’ it’s driving people away from modern Christianity

The decline in membership of the Church of Sweden should accelerate this Advent thanks to one place of worship in Malmo deciding it needed to enhance its woke credentials despite the risk of upsetting Christians elsewhere. On the first day of the Christmas season, and try not to simply raise your eyebrows yet, it chose […]

Sweden’s sexualized LGBT church altar is not ‘inclusive,’ it’s driving people away from modern Christianity

   The obsession of many Western Christian leaders with “inclusivity” has brought sexual politics and its activists into the church, turning off many seeking a simple solution to their faith, not depictions of gay sex on the altar. The decline in membership of the Church of Sweden should accelerate this Advent thanks to one place […]

Gunmen kill up to 14 in Protestant church attack in Burkina Faso

   A Protestant church has been attacked by unidentified gunmen in the West African nation of Burkina Faso, according to media reports citing security sources. Some 14 people are feared dead in the wake of the massacre. The incident reportedly occurred in the commune of Hantoukoura, located in the east of the country close to […]

Judge orders case reopened in long-running E. Jerusalem church property dispute

A long simmering conflict between a Jewish settler group and the Greek Orthodox Patriarchate over the rights to three church buildings in Jerusalem’s Old City entered a new phase on Thursday when a Jerusalem District Court ruled that the case should be reopened. Ateret Cohanim, a religious-Zionist organization that works to populate the Old City […]

Church of England report admits Christian anti-Semitism helped lead to Holocaust

LONDON — The Church of England admitted Thursday that centuries of Christian anti-Semitism helped lead to the Holocaust. In a major report that was three years in the making, England’s established church cited “the attribution of collective guilt to the Jewish people for the death of Christ and the consequent interpretation of their suffering as […]

#PolishIndependence #CultureWars #LogosRising Poland and the Catholic Church – E. Michael Jones

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Two Pregnant Nuns Being Investigated By Catholic Church

The Catholic Church has launched an investigation after two nuns became pregnant during missionary trips to Africa, despite taking vows of chastity. The women, one a mother superior, from different orders in Sicily, reportedly got pregnant while on separate missions to Africa, their home country. MSN reports: One of the nuns, a 34-year-old based at […]

Antifa Radicals Threaten to “Bring Out the Guillotine” if Church Shows Jordan Peterson Documentary

Antifa leftists are threatening to “bring out the guillotine” if a church shows a documentary about best-selling author Jordan Peterson. Showings of the documentary in Brooklyn and Toronto were already cancelled after theaters complained they were fearful of “getting in trouble.” The precise nature of that “trouble” was revealed when the film’s co-creator, Maziar Ghaderi, […]

Episcopal Church officially bars investments in companies benefitting from the Israeli occupation

This week, the Executive Council of the Episcopal Church adopted a human rights investment screen related to Israel and Palestine and will sell its holdings in Motorola Solutions, Caterpillar, Inc., and the Israel Discount Bank. This is the latest step in response to a July 2018 General Convention Resolution (B016) which committed the Episcopal Church […]

Is the Mormon Church Behind a Worldwide Child Sex Trafficking Ring Operating out of Arizona?

The second episode of the Medical Kidnap Show aired on KFNX 1100 Radio in Phoenix on October 10, 2019. Host Rick Wood and producer Brian Shilhavy started off the show discussing how most of the nation’s child sex slaves that are trafficked in the U.S. come out of the nation’s Foster Care system. American film […]

Catholic Church scrambles aboard the woke train with ‘ecological sins,’ Amazonian virtue-signaling

Church authorities called for an “ecological conversion” that would open Catholics’ eyes to “the gravity of sins against the environment as sins against God, against our neighbor, and against future generations” at a synod in Rome focused on the Amazon region, Vatican News reported on Wednesday.  Also on Amazon is on fire, but are […]

Church of Sweden to Ring Bells in Celebration of Greta Thunberg, Proclaiming Her Jesus’ Successor

The Church of Sweden previously sparked controversy by proclaiming Greta Thunberg “Jesus’s Successor”. Yesterday, the church bells across Malmö, Sweden’s third-largest city, rang in support for Greta Thunberg and her global climate strike. This was done as a token of support for the ‘Fridays for the Future’ climate movement, where thousands of children, inspired by […]

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