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The Cabalist Plot to Destroy Civilization ( Pandemic in Context)

Bigger Text | Default Text | Smaller Text |   May 13, 2020 Source Article from Hits: 29

COVID-19: Coronavirus and Civilization

As time goes on in close confinement, even people bound by love may start to find each other unbearable. On a larger scale, in this crazy mass confinement, people brought together by a common rejection of the lies of our criminal rulers may find themselves at each other’s throats because of conflicting interpretations of why […]

Caffeine has been a boon for civilization, Michael Pollan says. But it has come at a cost

   Michael Pollan laughs and says, yes, he’s on drugs while conducting this interview. Okay, he doesn’t use those exact words, but he acknowledges that he has a “tall, takeout container” of half-caff coffee at his side as we discuss, via phone, his latest project, simply titled “Caffeine,” available only as an audiobook from Audible. […]

Archaeologists in Mexico Discover Ancient Palace From the Peak of Mayan Civilization

(TMU) — Mexican archaeologists have uncovered the ruins of a vast palace dating back to the height of Mayan civilization 1,000 years ago in an ancient city lying 100 miles west of Cancun. The remains of a building that was 20 feet (six meters) high, 180 feet (55m) long, and 50 feet (15m) wide and comprised of […]

Nasty Nancy: ‘Civilization’ and ‘The Planet’ ‘At Stake In The Next Election’

Planet Earth may not be able to sustain another four years of President Trump, according to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA). During a town hall on CNN on Thursday, Nancy Pelosi stated that “Civilization as we know it” is “at stake” in the 2020 election, “and certainly, our planet.“ Pelosi says that she doesn’t know […]

Pelosi: "Civilization Itself Is At Stake" If Trump Wins Re-Election

Authored by Paul Joseph Watson via Summit News, Nancy Pelosi has ludicrously claimed that “civilization itself is at stake” if President Donald Trump wins re-election. The Speaker of the House made the comments during a town hall on CNN last night. “Civilization as we know it today is at stake in the next election, and […]

Satanists Use Women to Destroy Western Civilization

  August 7, 2019 Source Article from Hits: 28

Western Civilization Has Been Systematically Destroyed—But buy who and why?

    TMR Editor’s Note: It makes no sense anymore to list the societal ills and countless problems  of America without identifying the true culprits.  The most obvious traitors to the American Republic are cultural marxists at heart; and we know from whence they come from.  As follows: HOW THE JEWS ARE DESTROYING AMERICA 1. The […]

Iran calls for revival of Islamic civilization in Central Asia

IRNA – Head of Iran’s Islamic Culture and Relations Organizations (ICRO) Abuzar Ebrahimi Torkaman on Monday called for revival of the Islamic civilization in the Central Asia. “The Islamic civilization was developed by Iran and Turkey in Central Asia as the two countries were potential enough to demonstrate new and modern aspects of the Islamic […]

Impact of Ancient Egyptian Culture on world civilization (video)

In this video Dr. Ashraf Ezzat interviews Prof. Rafik Khalil Prof. Khalil is the chairman of l’atelier d’alexandrie, chairman of the Medical Syndicate of Alexandria and vice-chairman of the archeological society of Alexandria. Throughout this exclusive interview Prof. Khalil provides us with great insights on the unceasing impact of Ancient Egyptian Culture on world civilization. […]

Could A Green New Deal Save Civilization?

Could A Green New Deal Save Civilization? Above Photo:  by Justin Lim on Unsplash To fully and systematically address the climate/energy crisis, the plan will have to be far broader in scope than what is currently being proposed. And while we need to mobilize society as a whole with a World War II-level of effort, the reality is that […]

How the Corruption of Science is Contributing to the Collapse of Modern Civilization

January 29th, 2019 By Richard Gale and Gary Null Ph.D. Guest writers for Wake Up World Modern Medicine and Big Pharma. Healthcare Crisis in America. This year will likely mark another milestone in science and medicine. Again, Americans will spend more money on diagnostic tests, surgeries and other medical procedures, and patients will consume more […]

Creative capitalism? Switzerland as a model for Western civilization

     Is there any hope in the Western World that individual citizens can win some release from the relentless and imprisoning growth of government? In the US, government spending, a reasonable proxy for their power over us, increases every year, except for a few minor blips. The citizens’ situation becomes more and more dire. We […]

Archaeologists Find Massive Underground World Belonging to a Long Lost Civilization in Peru

Researchers in Peru have discovered a complex underground world belonging to the ancient Chavín culture that has been identified as burial chambers that date back thousands of years. The culture developed in the northern Andean highlands of Peru from 1,300 and 550 BC. The Chavín extended its influence to other civilizations along the coast. The […]

Censorship And The Decline Of Civilization

By Jon Rappoport We can understand why leaders and rulers want to censor certain ideas and views. But why do large chunks of the citizenry want to go along with it? How do you comprehend their ignorance? Censorship is made possible when the majority of people live by what they like and don’t […]

Censorship and the Decline of Civilization

Jon Rappoport, Guest Waking Times We can understand why leaders and rulers want to censor certain ideas and views. But why do large chunks of the citizenry want to go along with it? How do you comprehend their ignorance? Censorship is made possible when the majority of people live by what they like and […]

Scientists WARN: The food riots will begin in just one generation, and human civilization will collapse

(Natural News) Many of us feel that society will collapse eventually, but lots of people don’t think it will happen during their lifetime. Although no one wants to believe that we could one day face such a scenario, a scientific model suggests that it could be coming a lot sooner than we […]

Detroit: The Death of White Civilization

By Daily Archives Anyone who doubts the long-term effect of the swamping of the First World by the Third, need look no further than Detroit, where a new report has revealed that almost half of all adults in the city are “functionally illiterate” and essentially unable to operate in normal society. The report, issued by the […]

Signs Of End Of The Civilization And Signs Of Its Rejuvenation

Signs Of End Of The Civilization And Signs Of Its Rejuvenation Above Photo: From There are many signs of end of the civilization and signs of its rejuvenation.  These difficult times do test people’s souls and minds and while we find those who fail the test (Netanyahu, Trump, Hagee, BinSalman, etc), we do find so […]

The Lost Global Civilization of the Sun

Most are familiar with stories of the lost civilization of Atlantis, but this video presents another lost civilization that lies even closer to us in time and gave rise to similar megalithic sites, and the spread of the same religion across the world. Source Article from Hits: 15

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