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Ex-Cop Claims Cannabis Oil Has Allowed Her Son To Go Seizure-Free For 224 Days

Mandy Froelich, Truth Theory Waking Times Meet Lisa Quarrell, 38, a devoted mother and cannabis advocate. For months, she has been giving her son, who suffers from epilepsy, cannabis oil. Although she has faced a police rap, she says the natural remedy has allowed Cole Thomson, 7, to remain seizure-free for 224 days. Before the 7-year-old received […]

Iran Denies Claims They Were Sending Black Boxes to Ukraine

(ANTIWAR.COM) — Iran has denied claims that began to emerge Saturday that they were going to send the black boxes from the Ukrainian International Airlines Flight 752 to Ukraine, saying that they are still in the process of reading them and have made no decision yet on sending them elsewhere. The previous report had said Iran had decided […]

WikiHow propaganda article claims vaccine injuries are a "conspiracy theory" peddled by violent, abusive parents

(Natural News) If you’re under the age of 18 and your parents won’t let you get vaccinated, then they must hate you and want you to die. This is what WikiHow is telling children, anyway, in a new “learn how to do anything” information page that teaches young ones how to secretly […]

US killing of Soleimani & claims it has right to attack Iran is not ‘restoration of deterrence,’ it’s return to the Wild West

This week, Secretary of Defense Mark Esper in a media interview claimed the US has the right under Article II of its Constitution to attack Iranian territory in response to offensive action by Iranian-backed militia in Iraq. There has been a reported surge in rocket attacks on US bases in Iraq following the killing of […]

45-year-old man claims he identifies as 8-year-old girl in child porn defense

(Natural News) A Michigan man facing charges for possessing child pornography defended himself by claiming he identifies as an eight-year-old girl and therefore should have his rights protected under the First Amendment. (Article by Adan Salazar republished from Police found child pornography at the Grand Rapids home of Joseph Gobrick, 45, […]

Gwyneth Paltrow is now selling candles that she claims smell like her crotch – what has happened to our world?

(Natural News) Would you buy a $75 scented “wellness product” that supposedly bears the essence of an annoying celebrity’s crotch? Fans of airhead actress Gwyneth Paltrow certainly are, as they recently bought out the supply of a new candle of hers called “This Smells Like My Vagina.” Goop, the “modern lifestyle brand” […]

Germany: Jewish Official Claims Germans of Every Political Party “Are Infected with Hatred of Jews”

Max Privorozki, who is clearly afraid to wear his distinctive Jewish headgear in public. “I WOULD NOT recommend to anyone to walk through wearing a kippah,” said Max Privorozki of Halle, Germany. All German political parties are infected with hatred of Jews, the chairman of the Jewish community in Halle, Germany, told the Bild newspaper. […]

BREAKING: Court filing claims Feds used FISA court powers to spy on businessman connected to Giuliani

(Natural News) Deep State opponents of President Donald Trump, as we’ve learned already, have gone all-out in their efforts to bring down his presidency. That has included an out-and-out effort to stage a soft coup using bogus allegations of “Russian collusion” — charging the president and his 2016 campaign with actively cooperating […]

Recently Retired USAF General Makes Eyebrow-Raising Claims About Advanced Space Technology | Zero Hedge — Military via Recently Retired USAF General Makes Eyebrow-Raising Claims About Advanced Space Technology | Zero Hedge — Military Source Article from Hits: 10

Boy Scout Organization is a Magnet for Tens of Thousands of Pedophiles, Lawsuit Claims

By Derrick Broze Lawyers for eight plaintiffs filed a lawsuit in federal court in Washington D.C. on Monday, demanding justice for victims of sexual abuse allegedly committed by leaders of the Boy Scouts of America (BSA). The lawsuit states that the organization failed to protect children who were entrusted to their adult scoutmasters and leaders. […]

US Soldiers Can Go Invisible ‘Area 51’ Scientist Claims

Translator Source Article from Hits: 8

Canada’s Trudeau claims ‘intel from multiple sources’ points at Iran shooting down Ukrainian Boeing, NYT claims to have footage

   Canadian PM Justin Trudeau has come out as the first world leader to directly accuse Iran of the “unintentional” shooting down of Ukrainian International Airlines’ flight 752 near Tehran, citing intelligence reports. “We have intelligence from multiple sources,” Trudeau said on Thursday. “The intelligence indicates that the plane was shot down by an Iranian […]

19yo Briton given suspended sentence for making up gang rape claims in Cyprus

The court sentence for the 19-year-old was suspended for three years, and she has been ordered to pay €148 in legal fees. The ruling, closely watched by women’s rights groups, brings good news for her family as it means that she can now return to the UK. She was given “a second chance” according to […]

Live Animal Key Chains Are Still Sold in China Amidst Claims of Animal Cruelty

(TT) — Chinese sellers are stuffing sea-animals like turtle and fish inside tiny plastic bags with water and selling these as key chains. And while various shopkeepers claim that it doesn’t hurt the animals, due to the oxidation of the nutrients and minerals present in the water, it doesn’t seem to be the case. Animal […]

Complete U-turn: Iraqi PMF militias retract claims of medics being targeted by US airstrike

In a new press release cited by several news agencies, the PMF leadership retracted their statement in which the group said their medics were hit by a US airstrike. This happened after Reuters cited Iraqi Army sources who said that six people were killed in a raid near Taji. The Iraqi Army, however, later denied […]

Fired Anti-Trump Agent Strzok Claims FBI, DOJ Violated His Free Speech, Privacy Rights

Authored by Sara Carter via, Fired FBI agent Peter Strzok – who played a central role into the now debunked investigation into President Donald Trump’s campaign and Russia – is now arguing that his politically charged anti-Trump text messages are protected under the First Amendment. This argument is so weak, considering his texts were mainly made […]

Impossible Burgers are LOADED with estrogen, claims researcher… but is it true?

(Natural News) Fast food chain Burger King has been widely promoting its new meatless “Impossible Whopper” as a “plant-based” alternative to traditional beef Whoppers. But Dr. James Stangle, a veterinary doctor, says that these 24-ingredient “artificial meat” patties are an estrogenic nightmare for the humans eating them. However, Dr. Stangle doesn’t link […]

Jeffrey Epstein Confessed He Was Mossad Spy, Former Partner Claims

Jeffrey Epstein confessed he was a top-level spy for Mossad to his fellow business partner Steven Hoffenberg, according to a report by Dylan Howard. Steven Hoffenberg was arrested by FBI agents in Arkansas in 1996, after officials accused him of defrauding investors. The former business partner of Jeffrey Epstein in Towers Financial spent 18 years […]

Estonia claims ‘foreign pressure’ won’t impact its push against Russian outlet Sputnik amid Moscow’s complaints

The Estonian government has demanded that all Estonian employees of Sputnik resign, saying otherwise they may be prosecuted for violating EU sanctions against Russia. Tallinn claims that individual sanctions against the head of Sputnik’s parent organization make any financial ties to the network illegal. Moscow sees the demand as an obvious attempt to silence Sputnik […]

LISTEN: Jews are a religion and a people — until the NYT claims Trump thinks so

At a December 11 White House Hanukkah party, US President Donald Trump signed an executive order that aims to fight anti-Semitism on university campuses through broadening the application of civil rights protections to Jews. Through a combination of cloudy media reporting and anti-Trump sentiment, liberal US Jewry took umbrage, claiming that the Jewish people could […]

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