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Netanyahu clashes with Arab MKs in Knesset, defends Gaza operation

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Wednesday clashed in the Knesset plenum with Arab lawmakers protesting the ongoing strikes on terror targets in the Gaza Strip, saying Israel has been taking care to avoid harming Palestinian civilians. Israel and Gazan terrorists have been exchanging heavy fire since Israel killed Palestinian Islamic Jihad terror chief Baha Abu […]

Funerals held for Iraqi protesters killed in clashes

Related Posts Iran: Dead Protesters, CIA Interference – What’s Going on? Derrick Broze deciphers the recent news relating to protests in Iran and what it means.Source:Iran’s Media Silent as Bolivia’s New Right-Wing Gov’t Massacres Indigenous Protesters Despite having been in power for only one week, the new Bolivian coup government of Hong Kong protesters hurl […]

Iranian MPs seek probe into violent clashes over uptick in HIV cases

TEHRAN, Iran — Dozens of Iranian lawmakers have demanded an investigation into violent protests in the central Iranian town of Lordegan. In a letter Sunday, the lawmakers demanded a “comprehensive report” on Saturday’s clashes, during which protesters attacked the local governor’s and health department’s offices claiming improper health care caused an increase in HIV infections […]

Portland Braces For Violent Clashes Between Antifa And Proud Boys; Trump Puts Mayor On Notice

Update: 2:30 EST – Things are starting to heat up as Antifa and Proud Boys fill the area. Police have already begun to restrain Antifa protesters who are trying to approach the Proud Boys. .@dcexaminer reporter @Julio_Rosas11 is confronted for wearing a shirt with an American flag on the sleeve. A […]

Clashes at Al-Aqsa mosque as Palestinian celebrations for Eid al-Adha coincide with Jewish holiday

Thousands of Palestinians gathered at the Al-Aqsa Mosque compound in East Jerusalem on Sunday to celebrate the first day of the Muslim holiday of Eid al-Adha clashed with Israeli police who fired tear gas, rubber bullets, and sound grenades fired into crowds of worshippers. Videos circulated on social media of Israeli police shoving and beating […]

Clashes in Nantes as French police use tear gas on protesters following silent march (VIDEO)

Protesters took to the streets for a ‘Justice for Steve’ march in Nantes city center on Saturday following the discovery of Steve Maia Canico’s body on Tuesday. As well as holding a silent vigil, the crowd also chanted slogans denouncing French President Emmanuel Macron. Tensions escalated during the march and the police used water cannon […]

Up to 49 Palestinians wounded in clashes at Gaza strip border

The clashes erupted during an anti-settlement protest at the eastern border of the Gaza strip. Thousands of Palestinians are said to have taken part in the demonstrations. Local media reported that up to 49 people had been wounded by Israeli Armed Forces, 19 of them allegedly by live fire. Also, eight volunteer health workers and one journalist […]

Syrian War Report – June 10, 2019: Militants Suffer Large Casualties In Clashes In Northern Hama

South Front Fierce clashes have been ongoing in northern Hama since June 6 when Hayat Tahrir al-Sham, Jaysh al-Izza, the Turkish-backed National Front for Liberation (NFL) and their allies launched an advance on Syrian Arab Army (SAA) positions there. Initially, militants seized several positions, including Jibeen and Tal Meleh, but then the SAA re-grouped and […]

Clashes between Israeli police & Palestinian protesters as Jews allowed entry to Al-Aqsa Mosque

Israelis are usually prevented from entering the holy site during the last 10 days of the Muslim holy month of Ramadan when worshippers stay inside the site. This is the first time in around 30 years that Israelis have been allowed inside the site they call Temple Mount during this period. Al Jazeera reports that […]

Syrian War Report – May 17, 2019: Syrian Army Eliminated 45 Militants In Recent Clashes

South Front The Syrian Arab Army (SAA) and its allies in northwestern Hama eliminated at least 45 militants during the past few days, according to pro-government sources. Lt. Col. Mohammed Mahmoud Al-Shamali of Jaysh al-Nasir, Captain Ahmed Ismail and Mohamad Najar of the Idlib Free Army and Mohammed Abdul Karim and Muayad al-Jasser of Jaysh […]

Algeria clashes leave 24 police officers injured

At least 24 police officers have been wounded in clashes with protesters rallying against unemployment in central Algeria, state media reported Wednesday. Demonstrators in the central Tinerkouk area have been blocking access to an oil company since mid-April, demanding jobs in the industry. The ongoing rally has largely paralyzed work at the site, according […]

Mourners hold funeral for Palestinian killed in Gaza border clashes

Mourners gathered on Saturday, May 11, for the funeral of a man shot dead by Israeli forces on Friday during weekly protests on the Gaza border. Health officials in Gaza said 30 other people were wounded by live gunfire during the protest, in which thousands participated, including the 24-year-old male fatality names as Abdullah Abdelal. […]

Video: Multiple Casualties Reported Amid Clashes in Northwestern Hama

On May 6, air defenses of Russia’s Hmeimim airbase in Syria repelled two militant rocket attacks intercepting at least 36 projectiles, the Russian Defense Ministry reported. According to the defense ministry, the attacks caused no damage or casualties. Militants had used a unmanned aerial vehicle to direct their fire. The shelling came from the Idlib […]

WATCH: Israel Said a Palestinian Was Killed in Clashes. A Video Shows He Was Shot in the Back

A 23-year-old disabled Palestinian man was shot dead in the back as he walked down the street. Israel claimed that this occurred during a “clash,” but a video has now surfaced belying the claim.   By Jack Khoury and Yaniv Kubovich, reposted from Ha’aretz: A video of the fatal shooting of a Palestinian shows that he […]

Scallop squabbling: French Navy may intervene if clashes continue with British fishermen

They’re one of the most boring creatures in the sea, but the two sides believe they’re worth fighting over. The Brits have accused the French of ramming their vessels and hurling projectiles, and the French say they’ve come under violent counter-attack. This is after the French chased their rivals out of the Baie de Seine […]

Seven Kashmiri fighters killed in clashes with Indian forces

Press TV – Fresh clashes have erupted in the Indian-controlled Kashmir overnight, leaving at least seven fighters and a member of Indian security forces dead.   Indian forces cordoned off a neighborhood in the suburbs of southern Shopian town overnight Friday. The move led to an exchange of fire in the area. The fighting triggered […]

Israeli police seal gates to Al-Aqsa Mosque after clashes with Muslim prayers (VIDEO)

Protests erupted on the Temple Mount, the location of Jerusalem’s most important mosque, on Friday. Israel police say that clashes started after someone attacked them with stones and fireworks, prompting the security forces to respond with grenades and stun grenades, Haaretz reports.  Blasts can be seen on footage that purportedly shows the clashes, while “Allahu […]

Armed Clashes in Iran as Giuliani Calls for Regime Change: ‘End Is Near’

Protests in the southern Iran city of Khorramshahr turned into an armed confrontation with security forces early Sunday, resulting in injuries among protesters and police, with conflicting reports that one or more demonstrators may have died. Iran’s state-run Islamic Republic News Agency (IRNA) confirmed the clashes in the historically restive Arab-majority city after large protests […]

Portland: Patriot Prayer group and Antifa clashes declared a riot by police

     After right-wing Patriot Prayer marchers clashed with local anti-fascist protesters in a violent brawl in downtown Portland, Oregon, local police have declared a riot. The rally, led by Patriot Prayer founder and Republican US Senate candidate Joey Gibson, drew more than 150 supporters near Schrunk Plaza on Saturday evening. Opposing protesters showed and soon-enough […]

The case against ‘clashes’: Misreporting israel’s massacre in Gaza

The case against ‘clashes’: Misreporting Israel’s massacre in Gaza The willingness of the mainstream media to transmit Israeli propaganda as credible information beautifully underscores the degenerate nature of the ‘news’ industry Everyone has heard the saying: “It’s like shooting fish in a barrel.” These days, it seems the expression was perhaps expressly designed to describe […]

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