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If you think yeshivas can follow COVID-19 guidelines, you’ve clearly never visited one

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Climate change ‘clearly played role’ in Australia’s severe fire season

The extreme bushfires experienced in the Australian state of New South Wales (NSW) in 2019-20 are likely to become “more frequent” an inquest has warned, pointing at climate change as one of the key drivers. “Climate change as a result of increased greenhouse gas emissions clearly played a role in the conditions that led up […]

Here you can clearly hear the Jets flying over head right before the last big explosion (Video)

Jovial mood between to Beirut residents becomes increasingly desperate as the explosion escalates. #BeirutBlast — Syrian Girl (@Partisangirl) August 5, 2020 Hits: 1

Enough is Enough: Why The U.S. Clearly Needs An Independent Vaccine Safety Organization

Next Story By the World Mercury Project Team Most Americans are oblivious to the huge annual burden of chronic illness, injuries and deaths linked to vaccines. Some of the blame for the public’s ignorance belongs to a complicit media that “pretends that vaccine-related injuries do not occur.” However, the lion’s share of culpability for the buried story likely rests with the two federal agencies […]

Ruth Bader Ginsburg clearly showing toxic effects of "chemo brain" … unable to think clearly, takes LONG pauses during conversations

(Natural News) No decent human being should get their kicks from taking pot shots at someone who has had to battle cancer, especially when the person in question is 84 years old. Nonetheless, when that person is an associate justice of the Supreme Court of the United States, and is clearly exhibiting […]

The government is clearly incompetent, so why do we want it to do more?

     The feds can’t pass a budget or do much very well, yet a record level of Americans want it more involved in our lives. That’s not as crazy as it seems. By now, you know the score: A couple of weeks have passed, so there’s a new deadline looming for a budget agreement to […]

‘Russian Olympic ban is clearly politically motivated’

The International Olympic Committee banned the Russian Winter Olympics team from competing at the 2018 Games. However, individual athletes that can prove they are clean will be allowed to participate under a neutral flag and named as ‘Olympic Athletes from Russia.’ Thomas Bach, the President of the International Olympic Committee, assured that “the IOC is […]

New Video Emerges Clearly Capturing Overlapping Gunfire at Las Vegas Concert

The following article written by Rachel Blevins was originally published by The Free Thought Project. Las Vegas, NV — A new video has emerged from the night of the Las Vegas shooting that appears to show overlapping gunfire coming from multiple locations, which clearly contradicts the mainstream narrative of what occurred on the night 59 […]

‘International law clearly on the side of Palestinians’

World Bulletin / News Desk A former United Nations human rights investigator and emeritus professor of international law at Princeton University in the U.S. said it was “clear that [on] all the major issues international law is strongly on the side of Palestinians”. “Looking at Israel-Palestine from the perspective of international law is interesting on […]

Physical Evidence Clearly Shows There’s A Huge Structure Buried Near The Egyptian Pyramids

Recent research clearly shows what most historians and archaeologists have known for thousands of years. Buried at least 5 meters under the sand, lies a vast structure that would make any modern day building pale in comparison to it. It is so big and complex that no man or expedition has been able to at […]

Corbyn clearly outshines Theresa May in British general election

     Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn’s impressive speech on foreign policy highlights how he has continuously outshone Prime Minister Theresa May in the British general election. British Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn’s impressive speech on foreign policy and the West’s failed “War on Terror” illustrates an unreported truth about the ongoing British general election: Jeremy Corby is […]

It’s Time for President Obama to Clearly Define Himself

BENEATH THE SPIN * ERIC L. WATTREE     The spontaneous demonstrations that are taking place on Wall Street and across the country should be seen as both good news, and bad news for President Obama. On the one hand, they indicate that the people are waking up to reality, but on the other, it […]

Investors In Asia Are Clearly Freaking Out About Something

Joe Weisenthal Business Insider October 5, 2011 We’ve been highlighting it the last couple of nights, but the action in Korea is pretty remarkably bad. Even the big US bounce yesterday (which has lead to a bit of a rally in Europe today) totally skipped over the KOSPI, which — after diving by about 3.6% […]

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