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Charles Barkley says Americans who don’t like the NBA’s collusion with communist China are "idiots," admits it’s all about money

(Natural News) Former NBA player Charles Barkley has chimed in on the league’s controversial partnership with communist China, calling fans who are critical of this questionable relationship “idiots” and “jackasses.” Citing the “billions of dollars” that are at stake if the NBA in any way crosses communist China by supporting the freedom […]

Giuliani claims he has Ukrainian docs showing ‘collusion’ with top Dems

October 03, 2019 It is really a testimony to the pathetic state of the US media when one has to watch Foxnews to try to understand what is really going on.  In Russian we say, “when there is no fish, even a crab can be considered a fish”.  I think that this interview is such […]

DoJ Probes Automaker Collusion With California Officials Over Emissions-Standards

The Justice Department has started an antitrust investigation into Ford, Honda, BMW, and Volkswagen, aiming to determine if the automakers violated federal competition law by making an independent agreement with California on vehicle emissions standards. The investigation, preliminary in nature, is the latest salvo from a Trump administration that is intent on curbing California’s influence […]

It’s All Fake News: Collusion Between Government and Media Dilutes the News Product

Reprinted with permission from Ideally, the relationship between the political class and the media should be an adversarial one. Media, after all, likes to relish its role as “the fourth estate,” the group that exists in order to keep the politicians honest. A proper news media should be skeptical about what politicians […]

Geopolitical Collusion: Turkey and US Work to Control Northern Syria

Based on its own actions and irrational moves over the last 8 years, it has become more obvious that Turkey may be harboring secret territorial and energy extraction ambitions in Syria. Will they succeed? By Stephen Lendman Turkey’s fascist despot/wannabe sultan Recep Tayip Erdogan aims to annex northern Syrian territory, especially its oil-rich area. He […]

Seth Rich, Robert Mueller and The Russian Collusion Hoax

    by Patrick J. McShay *Democrats Lied about Russia. *Mueller lied about Russia. “The destruction of Hillary Clinton wasn’t a Russian job. It was a DNC insider who witnessed Clinton’s corruption first hand against Bernie Sanders. He decided to expose Clinton’s corruption. His name was Seth Rich.” — Kim Dotcom, Internet Entrepreneur and Political […]

MSM: Mueller Hired to Cover Up Collusion, Election Tampering

  Robert Mueller made a significant legal error and, based on the facts he found, he should have identified Trump campaign felonies. Mueller’s errors meant that, first, he failed to conclude that the Trump campaign criminally coordinated with Russia; second, he failed to indict campaign chairman Paul Manafort and his deputy Rick Gates for felony campaign […]

Electronic collusion: Facebook harvests your highly sensitive personal info with help from dozens of popular apps

(Natural News) At least eleven popular apps are working with Facebook to harvest your highly sensitive personal information. According to a Wall Street Journal investigation, this has been occurring covertly, without user consent. It has been happening to people who do not even have a Facebook account. According to the investigation, Facebook […]

‘Meathead’ Rob Reiner continues to beat the dead horse of ‘collusion’ despite all evidence to the contrary

   Hollywood is churning out all-star videos in order to try and convince Americans that Trump is guilty of “collusion.” For the last three months, there has been a bombshell story hiding in plain sight about an obscure government document that has been criminally under-reported by the establishment press. Thankfully, Hollywood is here to save […]

‘Meathead’ Rob Reiner beats the dead horse of ‘collusion’

For the last three months, there has been a bombshell story hiding in plain sight about an obscure government document that has been criminally under-reported by the establishment press. Thankfully, Hollywood is here to save the day and shed some much needed light on this ever-elusive information. The document I am referring to, of course, […]

The Hidden Reason The ‘Russia Collusion’ Investigation Ever Got Started

The Facts: While many have come to conclude that Donald Trump did not collude with Russia, there may be a deeper and darker explanation as to why the Russia Collusion probe started other than powerful people having a strong dislike for Donald Trump. Reflect On: Can we see the “Russia Collusion” probe as a form […]

The Flynn Conviction Clearly Proves Collusion with Israel, NOT Russia

  Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu meets with Jared Kushner in Jerusalem on June 21, 2017. Photo: Provided by Amos Ben Gershom/GPO/Anadolu Agency/Getty Images   Michael Flynn’s Indictment Exposes Trump Team’s Collusion With Israel, Not Russia But you wouldn’t know it from reading most mainstream coverage of the revealing affair MAX BLUMENTHAL AlterNet. When Congress […]

Democrats Attend ‘Russia Collusion’ Funeral; Read out Mueller Report to Empty Room

Democrats spent 12 hours publicly grieving the death of their Russian-collusion narrative on Thursday by reading out the entire Mueller report to an empty room. In a bizarre spectacle, Democrats took to an empty room somewhere in the Capitol to read aloud each of the 448 pages in the Mueller report. reports: It’s not […]

Reporter Reveals Trump-Russia Collusion Narrative Originated by Soros-Funded Ukrainian Group

The Trump-Russia collusion narrative originated with a Soros-funded group in Ukraine tasked with compiling opposition research on the Trump campaign. Several U.S. media outlets have reported on the Ukrainian origins of the Russiagate hoax, including Epoch Times, The Hill, News Punch and Gateway Pundit. reports: The Epoch Times reported on April 10, 2019, that the […]

After the FBI fabricated the Russia collusion hoax, does the agency have any credibility to accuse patriot group leader?

(Natural News) Throughout the “Spygate” scandal involving Deep State players loyal to ringleader Barack Obama, Americans were repeatedly told that ‘rank-and-file members’ of the FBI and Justice Department were solid, patriotic men and women who are dedicated to serving our country. The problem, we were told, was just a few bad apples […]

US-Russia Tensions Are Escalating Because of Collusion Fever

By Carey Wedler Establishment media and politicians began to sound the alarm on fake news after Donald Trump won the presidency in 2016, blaming deception and ignorance for his victory. But as much as they might worry about the spread of false narratives and disinformation, their thirst for stories about Russia colluding with then-candidate Trump […]

EXONERATED: No collusion, no obstruction… Trump cleared in bombshell Mueller report, exposing bald-faced LIES of the anti-Trump media

(Natural News) The media narrative has collapsed. The Trump / Russia collusion hoax has been exposed. The full report from Robert Mueller completely clears President Trump of both collusion and obstruction. This means it is now confirmed the media has been running a massive, coordinated, insidious disinformation campaign to misinform the American […]

The MUELLER REPORT: A Little Gossip, A Bit Of Palace Intrigue And Zero Collusion

    “The Mueller Report shows categorically that there was no basis for an investigation in the first place, and it is now abundantly clear that in order to restore the integrity at the DOJ and the FBI, there has to be a full-scale federal grand jury of the Obama DOJ, the FBI, the CIA […]

Once Turkey Aligned with Russia, the U.S. Commissions Exposés on Erdoğan’s Collusion with ISIS

    Erdogan worked “hand in glove” with ISIS in Syria, claims former emir ‘Islamic State’ terror group liaised directly with Turkish intelligence according to commander by Nafeez Ahmed Insurge Intelligence In an explosive interview, a former ISIS commander has claimed that the terror group cooperated directly with Turkish state intelligence agencies for years on […]

Trump: Obama Is Responsible for the Russian Collusion Delusion

President Trump has accused the Obama administration of orchestrating the Russian collusion hoax and attempting to unseat a Democratically elected President. On a short visit to the Capitol to meet with Republican lawmakers, Trump was asked by a reporter: “You’ve accused the people who launched the investigation into your campaign of ‘treasonous’ acts – how […]

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